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The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure for the Whole Family

The Croods Movie: A Prehistoric Adventure for the Whole Family

Are you searching for a fun and exciting movie for the whole family to enjoy? Look no further than “The Croods” – a Dreamworks animated film that takes us back to the prehistoric age and follows the adventures of a family of cavemen.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plotline, introduce you to the cast of characters, give you some insight into the movie’s box office success, and finally, show you the games and apps available for fans of “The Croods.”

Plot Summary

“The Croods” follows the story of an overprotective caveman named Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage), who lives with his family within the confines of his cave. Grug’s daughter Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) longs for adventure and exploration, but is often prevented from doing so by her father’s constant warnings of danger.

One day, during a late-night escapade, Eep encounters a young man named Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds). She is immediately fascinated by his ability to create fire using a shell and follows him back to his home in a nearby tree.

When an earthquake destroys the Croods’ cave, the family sees this as an opportunity to explore their new surroundings. They travel with Guy and his pet sloth named Belt.

Along the way, they encounter strange animals and carnivorous plants, and they must traverse a dangerous mountain range. Grug, who is initially jealous of Guy’s intelligence and innovation, eventually has a change of heart and encourages his family to embrace their adventurous side as they search for a new place to call home.

Cast and Characters

“The Croods” boasts an all-star cast that lent their voices to the various characters of the prehistoric family. Nicolas Cage voices Grug, the protective yet stubborn father who is set in his ways.

Emma Stone shines as Eep, the curious and adventurous daughter who yearns for more than just the cave life. Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a young man with an inventive mind who introduces the family to the wonders of fire and the outside world.

Catherine Keener voices Ugga, Grug’s wife who also longs for a better life for her family. Cloris Leachman voices Gran, Grug’s mother-in-law, and Clark Duke plays Thunk, the hapless but charming adolescent son.

Chris Sanders and Randy Thom contribute additional voices to the film.

Box Office

“The Croods” was a major success upon its release in 2013, grossing over $587 million worldwide. Its popularity helped pave the way for a sequel, “The Croods: A New Age,” which was released in 2020 and followed the characters as they encounter another family with different customs and lifestyles.

Fans of the first movie were thrilled to see the family back in action, and the sequel earned over $165 million at the box office.

Games and Apps

If you’re a fan of “The Croods,” you’ll be happy to know that there are several games and apps that bring the characters to life. “The Croods: A New Age” app allows users to explore a virtual world and interact with the movie’s characters.

Several sticker packs featuring the characters are available for purchase on iMessage, perfect for adding some prehistoric flair to your messages. In conclusion, “The Croods” is a must-watch movie for families looking for a fun and exciting adventure.

With a star-studded cast, an engaging plotline, and plenty of memorable moments, this movie is sure to become a family favorite. Its success at the box office and the release of a sequel is a testament to its popularity, and fans of the movie can continue to enjoy the characters through various games and apps.

3) The Croods’ Quotes: Memorable Lines from The Prehistoric Family

“The Croods” is a movie that’s packed with memorable lines that stick with viewers long after the end credits. The characters often say things that are both hilarious and relatable, making it a joy to watch from start to finish.

In this section, we’ll highlight some of the most noteworthy quotes from the film. One of the most iconic lines from the movie occurs when Eep confronts her father, Grug, about his overprotective ways.

Eep tells him, “Three days is not forever,” in reference to her desire to explore the world beyond their cave. This statement beautifully sums up the idea that life is too short to live in fear and that sometimes, we must take risks to lead fulfilling lives.

Grug also has several memorable lines that encapsulate his character’s stubbornness and protectiveness. “Never not be afraid” is one of his most memorable quotes, expressing his belief that being afraid is the only way to stay alive.

Another notable line from Grug is when he tells his family, “I’m the leader, which means I know how to get us back to safety,” emphasizing his desire to take control of every situation. 4) The Croods’ Sticker App: Bringing the Stone Ages to Your Phone

If you can’t get enough of “The Croods,” then you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a sticker app based on the movie that allows you to add some Stone Age flair to your messages.

The app features static stickers that depict the various characters and moments from the film, allowing you to express yourself in a fun and unique way. The stickers depict the family getting into various shenanigans, with Eep and Guy often being the focus.

You can add stickers like Eep excitedly declaring “Whee!” as she flies through the air or Belt shouting “Da da da da!” as he charges towards a butterfly. There are also stickers of Grug and Ugga cuddling, Thunk holding a banana, and Gran with her walking stick.

Besides the individual characters, there are also stickers that depict scenes from the movie, such as the cave being destroyed by an earthquake or the family exploring the lush green lands beyond their home. All of these stickers allow fans to bring a little bit of the prehistoric world into their everyday conversations.

The app is available for free download on the Apple app store, and the stickers can be used on any messaging app that supports them. Simply download the app, select the sticker pack, and start expressing yourself in a uniquely Croods-esque way.

In conclusion, “The Croods” may be a movie from the Stone Ages, but its impact has lasted long into the present. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic quotes or the lovable characters, there’s no denying that this movie has left a lasting impression on audiences.

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