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Unraveling the Intricate Plot of Lucky Number Slevin

Lucky Number Slevin is a crime thriller movie that involves murder, mistaken identity, and revenge. This article provides a comprehensive synopsis of the movie that takes the readers through the movie’s plot, characters, themes, and overall storyline.

Lucky Number Slevin is a complex movie that requires close attention, but its storyline is engaging and captivating.


The movie begins with Slevin Kelevra (played by Josh Hartnett) arriving in New York to visit his friend Nick Fisher. However, he is mistaken for Nick, killed by two hitmen, and later discovered to be muddled into an ongoing dispute between two rival crime bosses.

Slevin finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between the two bosses, the Boss (Morgan Freeman) and the Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). To repay Nick’s gambling debt, he is forced to accept a job from the Boss; this keeps him alive and becomes his ticket to pursue revenge for Nick’s death.


The movie features dynamic characters that depict different sides of humanity. Slevin Kelevra, the protagonist, assumes the identity of Nick after mistakenly being taken for him and later embarks on a vengeance path that blurs the line between good and evil.

The two main crime bosses, the Boss and the Rabbi, are authoritative and ruthless yet use wits and intellect to plot their power moves. Lindsey, a neighbor played by Lucy Liu, adds spice to the story as she sympathizes with Slevin and develops a relationship with him as the story progresses.


Luck and fate are significant themes in the movie. The opening dialogue of the film, “Life is nothing but a series of coincidences,” sets the tone for the rest of the story.

The characters’ entangled lives are shaped by a series of coincidences and unfortunate events. The themes of vengeance, corruption, and power struggles are also well depicted in the movie.

The movie also delves into identity, how the characters identify themselves, and reveals their true identities in the end.

Overall Storyline

The storyline of Lucky Number Slevin is complex and riveting. The movie has many twists and turns that keep the viewers guessing till the end.

It is a film that requires close attention to the details, as the plot unfolds in multiple layers. The screenplay is well-written and showcases a dark yet witty narrative that is engaging.

The actors deliver excellent performances, and the director effectively creates a gloomy atmosphere that blends well with the plot.


Lucky Number Slevin is an exceptional movie that is worth watching. Its complex plot, witty dialogue, and engaging characters make it an exciting watch.

The themes suitably resonate with human experiences. The movie conveys the message that everything, even chaos, can be explained if viewed with a different perspective.

The movie adequately represents the consequences of greed, corruption, and revenge. It is an excellent example of how a well-created story can leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

Lucky Number Slevin is a movie that is not only complex and engaging but also delivers a suspense-filled storyline that keeps the viewers on edge. The movie begins with the arrival of Slevin Kelevra in New York.

Upon arrival, he is mistaken for his friend Nick Fisher and is thrust unwittingly into a dangerous world that he is ill-prepared for. The movie continually teases the audience with a series of mysterious and intriguing events, leaving the viewers to guess what will happen next.

As the storyline unfolds, the audience quickly realizes that nothing is quite what it seems to be, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the plot. The film exhibits a mastery of plot construction and twists that keep the moviegoers glued to their seats.

The movie creates and maintains suspense throughout its entirety, making it a thrilling and enjoyable ride. One of the critical elements of the storyline is the characters’ development.

From Slevin Kelevra, the eccentric and witty protagonist who transforms from an innocent victim to a calculating avenger, to the two main crime bosses, the Boss and the Rabbi, a remarkable character arc is evident. The character development showcases the themes of power, greed, and corruption in the characters, making them relatable to the audience.

Another integral aspect of the movie’s plot is the use of flashbacks. The flashbacks help in clarifying some ambiguous aspects of the movie, adding an extra layer of mystery to the plot.

These flashbacks add depth and relevance to the characters’ motivations, backstories, and decisions. The central theme in Lucky Number Slevin is luck and fate.

The ultimate irony of the movie is that while everything seems chaotic and random, it is all indeed a part of an intricate web of circumstances coming full circle. What appears to be chance and happenstance were all meticulously coordinated events, which hinge on an unseen force guiding the characters’ lives.

The incorporation of the themes of luck and fate adds an element of surprise to the storyline and highlights the unpredictability of life. One of the movies’ most surprising plot twists came when Slevin reveals his true identity to Lindsey, his quirky neighbor.

Lindsey is portrayed as an innocent and spunky girl who becomes a confidant to Slevin. Up until this point, there is little indication that Lindsey is more than an innocent neighbor.

However, Slevin’s revelation about Lindsey’s real identity is unexpected and adds an exciting and twisty element to the storyline. In the final act of the movie, the audience is treated to an enthralling display of Slevin putting his plan into action.

The intricate plan involving the Boss and the Rabbi, which comes full circle, is brilliantly constructed, and the audience is continuously shocked by the twists and turns. The movie’s thrilling climax delivers a satisfying ending that leaves the viewers content.

In summary, Lucky Number Slevin is a movie that exhibits a masterful plot construction, dynamic character development, and a suspense-filled storyline. Its themes of fate, luck, revenge, power and identity are skillfully interwoven into the plot.

The movie provides viewers with an exciting journey as the storyline progresses and ensures they stay engaged with the unfolding events. Lucky Number Slevin is an enjoyable and enthralling movie that remains a classic in the crime-thriller genre, watched and appreciated by movie enthusiasts even today.

The production of Lucky Number Slevin was a true collaborative effort that resulted in a phenomenal movie experience. The production process involved various professionals, including the director, cast, cinematographer, set designer, and music composer, all working together to bring the script to life.

The film was directed by Paul McGuigan, who has impressive experience working in the crime-thriller genre. His previous works, including Wicker Park and The Acid House, have enabled him to build a fantastic visual language that suits Lucky Number Slevin’s storyline.

Under his leadership, the film’s various aspects work together in harmony, resulting in a well-choreographed plot that leaves viewers enthralled. The cinematographer, Peter Sova, played an integral role in bringing the film’s atmosphere and mood to life.

His striking cinematography, which featured washed-out colors, low-key lighting, and framed shots, helped create a cold, dark, and dangerous mood throughout the movie. The cinematography’s effectiveness is evident in the opening sequence’s establishing shots of New York City, which set the somber and melancholic tone for the rest of the film.

The set designers who worked on the movie deserve special mention. They recreated New York City with authenticity, bringing the city to life on the set.

The set designers created a balance between the movie’s dark and gloomy themes and the bright and lively city of New York. The careful attention to detail in set design ensured that the mood of each scene was conveyed effectively.

The soundtrack of Lucky Number Slevin was composed by J. Ralph, who delivered an outstanding and diversified score.

The soundtrack’s melancholic and subtle tones add another dimension to the storyline, heightening the movie’s mood and atmosphere. The various instrumental themes used in the soundtrack are reflective of the movie’s overall themes and setting, and are instrumental in creating the suspenseful atmosphere that the film is recognized for.

The casting of the movie’s key characters was also essential to the success of the film. The cast was composed of talented and experienced actors who delivered powerful performances.

Josh Hartnett, who played the movie’s key protagonist, delivered an extraordinary and well-rounded portrayal of Slevin Kelevra. His deft combination of dry wit and dogged determination made his character relatable and enjoyable to watch.

The performances of the two main crime bosses, Boss and Rabbi, were also remarkable. Morgan Freeman’s subdued yet authoritative performance was impressive, while Ben Kingsley’s menacing and enigmatic character portrayal were a highlight of the movie.

On the set of Lucky Number Slevin, great attention was given to lighting, camera angles, sound, and choreography to ensure that every aspect of the film was captured impeccably. These efforts ensured that the mood, atmosphere, and overall aesthetics of the film were striking, bringing the film’s theme and storyline to life.

In conclusion, the production of Lucky Number Slevin was a collaborative effort that resulted in the creation of an exceptional film. The film’s director, cinematographer, set designers, music composer, and cast all worked together seamlessly to create an enchanting and suspenseful experience.

The various aspects of production, including the atmospheric and moody cinematography, the authentic set design, the well-choreographed soundtrack, and the remarkable cast performances, ensure that Lucky Number Slevin remains an excellent example of how skilled production can elevate a movie experience. The release of Lucky Number Slevin was highly anticipated by fans of the crime-thriller genre.

The movie was released on April 7, 2006, and grossed over $56 million worldwide at the box office, exceeding the studio’s expectations. The film’s success can be attributed to its well-written plot, engaging performances, and overall production quality, all of which contributed to building hype around the movie.

The movie’s marketing campaign was instrumental in ensuring its successful release. The movie’s trailer was released several months before the movie’s premiere and featured scenes of the many conflicts and complicated relationships between the movie’s characters.

The trailer’s soundtrack, which was a melodic and haunting mix of strings and piano, added an additional layer of suspense and intrigue, highlighting the movie’s tone and atmosphere. The movie premiered worldwide to positive reviews, with critics praising the film’s complex plot, well-delivered performances, and overall aesthetic.

The movie’s theme, tone, and general direction left a lasting impression, appealing not only to hard-core crime thriller aficionados but also to casual moviegoers.

The movie’s release was boosted by its prominent cast, featuring talented and well-known actors such as Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Lucy Liu.

Their individual and collective performances attracted fans to the cinema, ensuring a successful box office release. Lucky Number Slevin was also released on DVD and Blu-ray in September 2006 and was quickly recognized as a must-have for movie enthusiasts.

The movie’s DVD release included special features, such as a commentary by the director, deleted scenes, and behind-the-scenes footage, which further enhanced the movie’s viewing experience. In the years following the film’s release, Lucky Number Slevin has developed a cult following among viewers.

Its unique plot, dynamic characters, and highly stylized production design and execution all contributed to its appeal to fans of the genre.

The movie’s lasting popularity has led to its continued success across various streaming platforms, making it accessible to viewers worldwide.

Moreover, the continued positive attention from viewers has ensured its place in the pantheon of popular crime-thriller movies, affirming its status as an evergreen favorite of movie enthusiasts. In conclusion, Lucky Number Slevin’s release was highly successful owing to its well-executed marketing campaign, talented cast performances, and exceptional story development complimented with exquisite production technology.

The movie’s positive reception and longstanding popularity reflects its engaging plot, well-crafted characters, and thoughtfully designed presentation. The movie’s setting, characters, and engaging plot continue to be relevant and attractive to movie enthusiasts worldwide, cementing Lucky Number Slevin’s lasting legacy in crime-thriller film history.

The soundtrack of Lucky Number Slevin, composed by J. Ralph, was a standout feature of the movie.

The soundtrack, which was an orchestrated combination of piano, strings, and haunting vocals, added an extra layer of mood and atmosphere to the film’s various scenes, heightening the viewers’ overall experience. One of the most memorable tracks of the film was A Day In The Life by The Beatles.

This song featured heavily in the opening credits of the film, setting the tone for the rest of the movie. The song’s well-known melody was a suitable fit for the movie’s overall themes of luck, fate, and coincidence.

The movie’s score also prominently featured traditional Irish music. This music, which formed an integral part of the film, highlighted the movie’s gangster themes and the key characters’ backgrounds.

The inclusion of traditional Irish music in the soundtrack was a bold and inspired choice by the music composer, which added another layer to the movie’s tone and texture. The violin theme that featured throughout the movie was another notable aspect of the soundtrack.

This theme, which was used at key points in the story, helped build the movie’s suspenseful atmosphere, ensuring that the audience remained captivated throughout the film. The haunting violin notes were a perfect accompaniment to the film’s darker and grittier themes.

J. Ralph, in his composition of the film’s soundtrack, worked hand in hand with the director and producers to ensure that the music complemented and enhanced the film’s mood and atmosphere.

The use of the music was targeted to specific scenes to evoke a range of emotions that were within the movie’s tone and themes. This attention to detail in the composition of the music helped in creating congruency and prompting the movie’s shifts in moods from dark to light, without appearing out of place.

In addition to the movie’s traditional score, the soundtrack also featured original songs. The movie’s end credits featured the song Nat King Cole by J.

Ralph and Scarlett Johansson, which perfectly encapsulated and delivered the movie’s themes of chance and destiny through its melancholic rhythm and evocative lyrics. Overall, the soundtrack of Lucky Number Slevin played a significant role in enhancing the overall movie-watching experience.

The combination of traditional Irish music, suspenseful violin themes, and the haunting vocals of iconic bands like The Beatles, perfectly complemented the actors’ performances, the cinematography, and the storylines. The soundtrack served to establish the movie’s mood, creating a memorable atmosphere that added richness to the overall perception of the film for viewers.

The music’s high quality and the exceptional score composition were both key aspects that contributed to the artistic success of the film and ensured that the score of Lucky Number Slevin will remain a memorable and well-loved soundtrack for years to come. In conclusion, Lucky Number Slevin is an exceptional movie that seamlessly incorporates various elements, including its plot, character development, production, and soundtrack, into a fantastic crime-thriller movie experience.

The movie’s release and continued popularity with audiences worldwide are testament to its unique themes, style, and narrative. Key topics that have been extensively addressed in this article include its Synopsis,

Plot, Production, Release, and Soundtrack performances.

In addition to these topics, below are some FAQs designed to help readers better understand the film. FAQs:


Who played the lead role in Lucky Number Slevin? – Josh Hartnett played the lead role of Slevin Kelevra.

Q2. What genre is Lucky Number Slevin?

– Lucky Number Slevin is a crime-thriller movie. Q3.

When was the film released? – The movie was released on April 7, 2006.

Q4. Who composed the movie’s soundtrack?

– J. Ralph composed the movie’s soundtrack.

Q5. What themes does the movie address?

– The movie addresses themes such as luck, fate, revenge, power, corruption, and identity. Q6.

What is the critical response to the film? – The movie garnered positive critical reviews and has since gained a cult following among viewers.

Q7. What makes Lucky Number Slevin unique?

– The movie’s creative and effective use of plot construction, character development, production design, and music composition sets it apart from other crime-thriller films.


What special features are included in the DVD release of the movie? – The DVD release of the movie includes special features such as deleted scenes, commentary by the director, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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