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Unwrapping the Magic of Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

One of the most beloved Disney stories of all time is “Beauty and the Beast.” The enchanted castle, the talking furniture, and the unforgettable songs all make this a classic tale for all ages. In 1997, a special holiday-themed movie was released called “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.” This movie takes place during the time when Belle is still a prisoner in the Beast’s castle.

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The Plot:

“Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” takes place during the time when Belle is still a prisoner in the castle. As the holidays approach, the castle is filled with excitement and the enchantress who cursed the Prince places a few rules on everyone.

In order to break the curse, the Beast must learn to love and be loved in return before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose. During the holiday season, Belle tries to bring the spirit of Christmas to the castle.

She works with the talking furniture to decorate the castle and sings beautiful songs about the joy of the season. However, the Beast is not in the holiday spirit.

He has negative feelings about Christmas because it was the night that he was cursed. In the midst of all this, a new character is introduced named Forte.

Forte is a pipe organ who is very bitter and angry about being trapped in the castle and unable to leave. He tries to convince the Beast that love is a waste of time and that he should focus on his anger instead.

Meanwhile, Belle and the Beast continue to grow closer and share some touching moments together. The Songs:

One of the highlights of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is the music.

The movie features several original songs, including “As Long as There’s Christmas,” “Deck the Halls,” and “Stories.” Each song is beautifully sung and perfectly captures the magic of the holiday season. In addition to the new songs, a few familiar tunes from the original movie are also included, such as “Be Our Guest” and “The Enchanted Castle.” Fans of the original movie will be pleased to hear these classic songs once again.

The Lessons:

As with most Disney movies, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” has some important life lessons woven into the story. One of the main themes is the power of love.

Belle and the Beast learn that love can change everything and that it is worth taking a chance on. Another lesson is the importance of forgiveness.

The Beast is able to forgive the enchantress who cursed him and this leads to a happy ending for everyone. The movie also explores the idea of second chances and the possibility of redemption.


“Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is a heartwarming holiday movie that is sure to delight fans of the original movie. The story is filled with magic, music, and important life lessons that will stay with you long after the movie is over.

If you’re looking for a festive movie to watch with your family, be sure to check out this Disney classic. “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is not just a holiday-themed movie, but also a valuable extension of the original movie’s story.

The movie begins with a depiction of the Beast’s early days at the castle and how he was introduced to Christmas for the first time. However, instead of viewing the holiday as a time for family and joy, the Beast associates the occasion with the day he was cursed.

The audience sees the servants of the castle, who are now cursed as household objects, trying their best to bring the Christmas spirit to the castle. But the Beast’s melancholic attitude and bitterness towards the holiday season was proving to be an obstacle.

Belle, who loved Christmas, attempted to get the Beast enthused as she felt that the love and warmth of the season could cure his misery.

Belle, after multiple failed attempts, approaches the Beast’s head elf, Angelique, who helps with organizing the festivities.

Belle and Angelique devise a plan to create a Christmas invention which can fly and surprise the Beast. Francois, the castle’s chef coat rack, disapproves of this idea since he is still jaded about his lost identity.

In contrast, Cogsworth, the house’s clock, is skeptical of the plan’s practicality.

However, Belle and Angelique convince the Beast to join them in the celebration.

The Beast agrees as he has grown closer to Belle and decided to venture out of his solitary shell. Over time, Belle and the Beast experience the joy of the holiday season and bond together at a much deeper level.

It becomes apparent that having Belle by his side is essential for the Beast’s recovery from the curse. Meanwhile, Forte, the castle’s pipe organ, who was formerly the Beast’s music master, advises the Beast not to share Belle’s enthusiasm for the holiday as Forte feels the warmth of love will distract the Beast from his mission of breaking the curse to reclaim his rightful place as the ruler.

Forte manipulates the Beast into believing that if he succeeds in his mission to split Belle and him, he will be free of the curse. Forte feeds the Beast’s insecurity and fear that he will never be human again, as a way to make the Beast destroy the Christmas invention.

The Beast then falls into Forte’s manipulation after learning Belle wants to leave after the holidays. Tension continues to escalate when the Beast blunders due to his anger and attempts to confront Belle about her apparent betrayal.

It leads her to flee the castle, being chased by wolves until the Beast saves her, and both are forced to take shelter in an abandoned castle. It is here that the Beast embraces forgiveness and realizes that he was wrong to dismiss the holiday season and Belle’s feelings.

The Beast acknowledges that love is worth everything, and his memories are crucial to maintaining his humanity. The moral of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” has a significant influence on the characters’ growth and has a lasting message for viewers.

The audience has an opportunity to witness how the Beast’s ego and insecurity seek to overthrow his overall growth and development. It is through forgiveness, empathy, and self-reflection that enables the Beast to learn a vital lesson, that love sets him free.

Overall, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” sketches a fantastic sequel to the original movie by continuing the story arc of Belle and Beast, depicting the spirit of Christmas, redemption, and the importance of hope and love. Through their trials and tribulations, the characters learn the value of friendship, companionship, and how love can transform anything, and everything is possible with determination, diligence, and patience.

“Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” was released by Disney in 1997, and it was directed by Andy Knight. It is an animated musical movie that uses the voice talent of Paige O’Hara as Belle, Robby Benson as the Beast, Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth, Angela Lansbury as Mrs.

Potts, and Tim Curry as the villain, Forte.

The movie’s production department went all out to ensure that “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” had the perfect ambiance for the Christmas season, and they did not disappoint.

The development of the movie began in 1995, and working on it from scratch, as Disney’s Studio called upon many original creative and production personnel from the first movie, along with new staff and animators. From the beginning, the team members were keen on providing outstanding story development.

The story department paid immense attention to the screenplay, as the movie was set in the timeline of the first “Beauty and the Beast” movie, and they maintained the consistency in the storytelling. In parallel to the story development, the extensive visual development team was in charge of creating concepts, characters, and environments.

The animators used computer animation for certain scenes to maintain the classic hand-drawn animation look, with photorealistic backgrounds and traditional animation. It gave the movie a mixture of digital and traditional animation, providing a beautifully layered and enjoyable experience for all viewers.

The intricate details of character animation gave the movie more depth, and it made up for the absence of in-depth background animation in certain scenes. The music department was not left behind in the creative process, as they developed a series of original songs that harmonized the spirit of the holiday and the movie’s storyline.

The music directors and composers managed to capture a perfect blend of notes, making the music an integral part of the story progression. They paired the music with the visuals to create a unique and unforgettable immersive appeal.

Before the release of the movie, a holiday merchandise line was released, considering the movie’s intended audience. The merchandise ranged from toys, books, and Christmas ornaments, among other items, allowing Disney fans to own a piece of the film.

The movie was marketed under Disney’s Broadway and Hollywood promotional approach, using a combined 150 million dollars marketing budget. The promotional materials and trailers were hinting at viewers that the beloved characters are returning home just in time for the festive season, aiming to generate excitement among Disney lovers around the world.

The movie was released first in Canada on November 11th, followed by the United States on November 16th, before a DVD release on October 13, 1998. Despite its limited theatrical release, it was well-received by its audience, and it achieved its purpose of bringing the spirit of Christmas and good cheer to everyone who watched it.

In conclusion, a team of highly passionate individuals was involved in the making of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.” Combining the classic techniques of hand-drawn animation with computer animation, they achieved a vivid and immersive storyline that brought the much-needed festive cheer to viewers. The movie was the perfect example of how creativity, teamwork, and a vision can culminate in a masterpiece art crew that captures the audience’s attention and imagination.

The release of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” created quite a buzz at the time of its release in 1997, both for its storyline and its holiday theme. The movie was initially released as a direct-to-video sequel to the critically acclaimed “Beauty and the Beast.” Although it was not as widely promoted as the original film, it did not prevent it from becoming a popular holiday classic among fans of Disney animation.

The movie was first released in Canada on November 11, 1997, followed by the United States on November 16, 1997, just in time for the holiday season. The movie’s DVD release was on October 13, 1998, allowing it to be available to those who missed its brief theatrical release.

At the time of its release, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” received mixed reviews from the critics. Some praised the movie for its beautiful animation, creative storytelling, and the spirit of the holiday season, while others criticized it for its predictable storyline and the lack of groundbreaking content.

Nonetheless, the movie’s release was highly successful, grossing over $163 million worldwide, making it a commercial hit for its producers and Disney as well. Following its release, the movie was frequently aired on the Disney Channel during the holiday season in the United States, and it quickly gained popularity among children and families alike.

The songs from the movie, such as “As Long as There’s Christmas” and “Deck the Halls,” became holiday favorites and continue to be played on radio stations during the holiday season. Over the years, the movie has remained a popular holiday classic and has aired on various television networks worldwide.

Currently, it can be found on Disney+, a streaming platform by Disney, where fans can watch it anytime and anywhere. It is a perfect way for families to enjoy the holidays together, with its captivating storyline and memorable songs.

Besides the traditional viewing methods, the popularity of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” has also led to its merchandise, such as DVDs, holiday ornaments, and books, being sold worldwide. Fans of all ages can now own a piece of the beloved Disney classic.

In conclusion, the release of “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” has undoubtedly had a lasting impact on its fans since its release in 1997. The movie’s storyline, music, and its holiday setting make it a memorable viewing experience for all ages and a perfect reminder of what the holiday season is all about.

Despite being a direct-to-video sequel, the movie’s release was highly successful, and Disney has since released several other holiday-themed movies following “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”‘s successful formula. Overall, the movie’s release marked a monumental moment in the world of animated classics and remains a favorite among Disney lovers worldwide.

The soundtrack for “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” has an amazing collection of songs that perfectly set the tone for the holiday season. The original soundtrack was released on November 11, 1997, to coincide with the movie’s release in Canada, and it was composed by Rachel Portman, who has also composed music for other movies such as “Emma” and “The Cider House Rules.”

The soundtrack features many beautiful songs, including the opening song “Stories,” which begins with a gentle piano melody and slowly builds up to a powerful and emotional crescendo.

The song is a reflection on the memories that we share with our loved ones and how they shape who we are. One of the most popular songs from the soundtrack is “As Long as There’s Christmas,” performed by Paige O’Hara (the voice of Belle) and Jerry Orbach (the voice of Lumiere).

The song is a beautiful duet that captures the warmth and joy of the holiday season. The lyrics are simple yet effective in expressing the emotions of the characters and the spirit of the holiday season.

Another song from the soundtrack is “Deck the Halls,” which is a classic Christmas song that is synonymous with the holiday season. The song is reimagined with a special Beauty and the Beast twist, sung by the wooden toy soldiers and directed by Paige O’Hara.

Its arrangement conveys the excitement of decorating for the holiday, and it offers fans of the original Beauty and the Beast another beloved tune to embrace. Additionally, the song titled “Stories” is performed by Belle (Paige O’Hara) and expresses the importance of memories and stories being passed down through the generations.

It emphasizes that the season of giving is not just about the physical item, but the stories shared and memories made. What makes the soundtrack exceptional is its overall tone of the most culturally celebrated holiday season.

The songs all follow a theme of love, togetherness, and the overall magic of the holiday season that captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly. Overall, the soundtrack for “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is a memorable and delightful collection of songs that captures the spirit of the holiday season perfectly.

Each song is beautifully produced and perfectly captures the emotions of the characters and the story progression. The mix of new and classic Christmas songs provides the perfect atmosphere for the fans of the Disney franchise to enjoy during the holiday season.

The popular soundtrack also received an accolade for the Best Soundtrack in Television Animation at the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Awards in 1998. The appreciation for its songs and accompanying visuals offers insight into the outstanding talent of the production team and the delightful and lasting effect the movie and its soundtrack have had on fans of the Beauty and the Beast franchise.

In conclusion, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is a beloved holiday movie that continues to capture the hearts of viewers to this day. Its plot, exceptional animation, memorable soundtrack, and valuable life lessons make it an immersive holiday classic that is enjoyable for all ages.

Although the movie’s release was initially limited, it has remained a beloved holiday classic, thanks to its popular songs and the continued support of its loyal fanbase. This movie reminds us of the importance of forgiveness, second chances, and the magic of the holiday season.

Here are some FAQs to help answer questions and concerns that readers may have:


Q1. What is “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”?

A1. “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is a Disney animated musical movie that takes place during the holiday season, following the plot of the original “Beauty and the Beast” movie.

Q2. What is the movie’s message?

A2. The movie’s messages are about the power of love and the importance of forgiveness, second chances, and the magic of the holiday season.

Q3. How was the movie’s animation produced?

A3. The movie’s animation was produced using a combination of hand-drawn and computer animation techniques, resulting in a perfect blend of classic animation with modern computer-generated imagery.

Q4. What makes the movie’s soundtrack so special?

A4. The movie’s soundtrack is special because it features beautifully produced original and traditional Christmas songs that perfectly capture the holiday’s spirit, making it enjoyable for all ages.

Q5. Why is “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” important?

A5. The movie is essential because it contains valuable life lessons that are still relevant today, along with fantastic animation and memorable songs that have remained popular even over two decades since its release.

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