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Unwrapping the Heartwarming Story of Life-Size: Cast Plot and Production

Life-Size is a 2000 American television movie directed by Mark Rosman and produced by Disney Channel.

The film features Lindsay Lohan as a young girl and Tyra Banks as a doll that comes to life.

The plot revolves around a girl’s grieving process as she navigates adolescence. This article is an in-depth look into Life-Size, exploring the synopsis, plot, and cast.


The film starts with Casey Stuart, a young girl whose mom died, and she is struggling to cope with her loss. Casey’s dad (played by Jere Burns) is a busy businessman, and her older brother is away at college; Casey has no one around to talk to.

In an attempt to cope with her grief, Casey reads her mom’s journals.

One of the journals has instructions on how to bring a doll to life.

Casey decides to follow the instructions and accidentally brings the doll, Eve, to life.

The doll Eve (played by Tyra Banks) is programmed to be the perfect toy for young girls, but she is now alive and well.

Initially, Casey is taken aback and scared due to the appearance of Eve. But soon, she realizes that Eve can be her friend and guide.

Casey tries to teach Eve how to be human and experience emotions, while Eve teaches Casey valuable life lessons. Together they go through some life-changing experiences that help Casey to accept the loss of her mother and come to terms with her grief.


The plot of Life-Size revolves around Casey and Eve, who develop a bond that helps Casey to cope with the loss of her mother. Casey creates Eve with the intention of bringing her mother back to life; however, Eve is programmed to be the perfect toy for young girls.

When Casey activates the spell, her intention is realized, and Eve comes to life.

Initially, Casey is scared and unsure of how to deal with the talking, walking Eve.

But eventually, they start to develop a friendship. Casey helps Eve understand human emotions, while Eve becomes a positive influence on Casey’s life.

Casey and Eve face some difficult situations together. Casey’s dad is going to remarry, and she is not happy about it.

Eve helps her to deal with it and even dresses up as a lawyer to stop the wedding.

They also get involved in a catfishing scam, where they help a boy regain his confidence.


The main cast of Life-Size includes Lindsay Lohan as Casey, Tyra Banks as Eve, and Jere Burns as Casey’s dad.

Lohan plays Casey, a young girl dealing with the loss of her mother.

Lohan was already popular for her roles in

The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday and does a good job as a grieving daughter, trying to be strong for her family.

Tyra Banks plays Eve, the doll that comes to life.

Banks was known for her modelling career before Life-Size and was known for being silly and over-the-top. She brings the same energy and charm to Life-Size, making Eve a lovable character.

Jere Burns plays Casey’s dad, who is always busy with work and neglects his family. Burns does a good job of presenting a typical businessman trying to juggle work and family life, showing his love for his daughter in his own way.


Overall, Life-Size is a heartwarming story about the healing process that a young girl undergoes after losing her mother.

The film presents valuable life lessons about friendship and overcoming loss and grief.

The cast does a good job, and the film remains popular to this day. Life-Size is a film that deals with the issue of grief and how to overcome it.

The plot of the film is an emotionally complex one, which makes it an engaging watch.

The movie explores various themes such as friendship, family, and self-discovery, making it a well-rounded and complete story.

The film opens with Casey Stuart (Lindsay Lohan), a young girl who has lost her mother and struggles to come to terms with the loss. In an attempt to deal with her grief, she reads her mother’s journals and finds a spell that can bring a doll to life.

Casey follows the instructions and accidentally brings the doll, Eve, to life. This is where the story starts to get interesting.

At first, Casey is afraid of Eve and is uncertain about what to do with the living doll. However, things start to change as they get to know each other better.

Eve is programmed to behave like a perfect toy for young girls, and Casey starts teaching her about human emotions and the complexity of relationships. As the story progresses, Casey and Eve develop a close bond, which helps Casey deal with her grief.

Throughout the film, the characters face various challenges that test their bond. For instance, Casey’s dad (Jere Burns) is too busy with work and neglects his family.

Casey resents her father for this and Eve helps her see things from a different perspective. We also see Casey’s struggle to connect with her father and her gradual realization that he is trying his best, despite his faults.

In the end, Casey and her dad are able to come together as a family.

Additionally, we see Casey’s reluctance to accept her dad’s new fianc.

Casey sees her father’s new relationship as a betrayal to the memory of her mother. However, Eve helps Casey understand that her dad’s love for his new partner does not diminish the love he had for their mother.

This leads to Casey eventually accepting her dad’s new partner and learning to embrace change.

The film is not only about Casey’s journey, but also about Eve’s. Throughout the story, Eve is trying to understand her emotions and how to experience them.

She is not used to complex feelings and Casey teaches her how to deal with them. This sets up an interesting journey for Eve as she tries to understand human emotions and relationships.

In the end, Eve becomes a better toy due to her human experiences.

One of the standout scenes in the movie is when Casey and Eve participate in a catfishing scheme.

Casey uses her dad’s online dating profile to teach a boy in her school a lesson, who had been bullying her in the past. This prank leads to the boy gaining confidence and coming to terms with his own insecurities.

This shows how even small actions can have a positive impact on someone’s life.

In conclusion, Life-Size is a heartwarming movie that tells a relatable and emotionally complex story of grief, family, and friendship.

The movie’s central message is about being open to change, accepting new relationships, and embracing life. It explores the depths of human emotions through the eyes of its two main characters, Casey and Eve.

The film’s success is due to its relatable themes, engaging plot, and strong performances by the cast.

The movie is still popular to this day and remains a classic example of a perfect family movie.

Life-Size is a 2000 American television movie, directed by Mark Rosman and produced by Disney Channel.

The film is a cooperative effort by some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry.

The production process involved several aspects like casting, location, costume, and special effects, which made the film an enjoyable experience for the audience.


Casting is one of the most critical processes in the production of a movie.

The selection of the actors can either make or break the film.

In the case of Life-Size, the filmmakers had to make sure that they chose the right actors for the role of Casey and Eve.

They chose Lindsay Lohan for the role of Casey, who had already made a name for herself in previous films like

The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.

Lohan’s acting skills and her ability to connect with the audience made her ideal for the role of Casey. For the character of Eve, the filmmakers chose Tyra Banks, who had only a limited background in acting.

However, Banks’s modeling career and her previous work on

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air made her an ideal fit for the role of Eve. Location:

The location plays a crucial role in making the film more realistic and believable. In the case of Life-Size, most of the movie was shot in Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian province has a diverse landscape, which allowed the filmmakers to shoot several outdoor scenes in different locations. For instance, they shot Casey’s home scenes in Hamilton, a city in southern Ontario, while the beach scenes were shot in Wasaga Beach, located on the southern shores of Georgian Bay.

Moreover, the Malibu Dream House used in the film is a real house located in the state of California. Costume:

The costumes that the actors wear in a film serve various purposes, such as establishing character, setting the tone, and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. In the case of Life-Size, the costumes of Casey and Eve reflect their characters perfectly.

Casey is shown wearing comfortable and casual outfits throughout the movie, reflecting her uneasy state of mind. Eve’s costume, on the other hand, is designed to reflect the image of a perfect toy.

Her outfits are colorful and shiny, conveying the sense that she is a toy meant to appeal to young children.

Special Effects:

Another vital aspect of production is the use of special effects to make the film more realistic and exciting.

For instance, in Life-Size, the magic of Eve’s transformation from a toy to a real human is an essential effect.

The filmmakers created this effect using a combination of practical effects and CGI.

They also used computer-generated imagery in the scenes which required animation, such as when Eve is shown flying and when she transforms back into a toy. Soundtrack:

The soundtrack of Life-Size is another essential aspect of the production process.

The music of a film has the power to create an emotional connection between the audience and the film’s characters.

The film’s music is composed by Richard Marvin, who is known for his work on U-571 and

The Omen.

The soundtrack primarily featured pop songs, which helped to establish the film’s lighthearted tone.

In conclusion, Life-Size is an excellent example of a well-produced television movie, where each aspect of the production process plays a crucial role in making the film more relatable and enjoyable.

The careful selection of actors, the use of different locations, the costume, special effects and music all work together to create a cohesive and engaging film.

Life-Size is a classic example of how a movie can have the power to connect with its audience and leave a lasting impression. Life-Size was released on March 5th, 2000, on Disney Channel, making it the channel’s first original movie to be released.

The film was an instant success and quickly became one of the channel’s most-watched original movies, receiving positive reviews from both audiences and critics.

The film’s success was due to its engaging plot, relatable characters, and wholesome themes.

However, the release of the film did not go as smoothly as the filmmakers had hoped.

The film’s release date was postponed twice due to production delays.

The initial release date was set for 1999 but was moved to 2000.

However, even in 2000, the film still faced production setbacks, causing it to miss the initially promised February release date.

The delay in the release of the film caused some concern among fans, but when the movie finally premiered, it exceeded every expectation.

The movie’s release marked the beginning of a new era for the Disney Channel. With Life-Size, the channel proved that it could produce high-quality content that could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big studios in Hollywood.

The film’s success paved the way for a series of original movies that would make the Disney Channel a well-known name in the entertainment industry. Moreover, Life-Size was one of the earliest examples of a film that employed cross-promotion.

The film featured a cameo appearance by the boy band, “

The Backstreet Boys.” At the time of the movie’s release, they were already huge stars and had a massive fan following.

The appearance of the Backstreet Boys in the movie helped in drawing more attention to the film.

Music videos featuring the band were also shown in between commercial breaks of the movie’s premiere, to further promote its presence.

The success of Life-Size on television, prompted the Disney Channel to release it on VHS and DVD, which further solidified the film’s popularity.

The film was also broadcasted in a number of countries around the world, where it received similar acclaim as it did in the US.

Life-Size has since become a cult classic. Its been almost two decades since its release, but the film continues to have a large fanbase, with many still re-watching the movie and introducing it to their children.

In December 2018, a sequel, “Life-Size 2,” was released, bringing back Tyra Banks as Eve. As a part of the sequel’s promotion, the Disney Channel premiered the original movie on television once again.

This re-airing resulted in an uptick in views, with new fans getting introduced to the movie and older fans reliving their childhood memories. In conclusion, the release of Life-Size was a significant milestone for the Disney Channel, marking the beginning of their long-standing success in producing original movies.

Despite production delays, the movie was well-received by audiences around the world. It paved the way for more content on the channel, which included films like “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock.”

The film’s success continued even years after the initial release, and its legacy continues to live on.

The soundtrack of Life-Size played an integral part in the success of the film.

The film’s soundtrack showcases a blend of pop and R&B songs, which complement the storys feel-good theme.

The songs provide an emotional connection between the audience and the characters, bringing the movie’s emotions to life.

The soundtrack features ten songs, with the lead single being Be a Star, performed by Tyra Banks.

The song is one of the highlights of the album, with its catchy beat and optimistic lyrics which match the films message of positivity.

Banks also performed the song in the movie, which helps in reinforcing the core theme of the story. Another notable song on the soundtrack is You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, performed by Leo Sayer.

The song was released in 1976 and had already become a classic, but its inclusion in Life-Size helped to introduce it to a younger audience.

One of the most popular songs in the Life-Size soundtrack is Shine, performed by Wild Orchid.

The song plays during the film’s climactic moment when Casey and Eve save a boy from a catfishing scam.

The song’s upbeat tempo and motivating lyrics helped in heightening the scene’s emotional moment.

The soundtrack also features some other pop hits from the time like Cutie Pie by One Way, Electric by Lisa Scott-Lee, A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, and Magic by Pilot. Each song brings in a unique tone to the film – ranging from uplifting, lively, to romantic and emotional.

The films musical score was composed by Richard Marvin, who is known for his work on films such as U-571 and

The Omen.

The score played an integral role in bringing the movie’s emotions to life, creating a delightful viewing experience.

Additionally, the Life-Size soundtrack was released on CD, vinyl, and cassette tape, making it easy for fans to access the music outside of the film.

The CD release even included an additional track, a remix of Be A Star performed by Kai.

The release of the soundtrack helped solidify the movie’s popularity, and its catchy tunes invaded the airwaves through radio, positioning the film as a cultural phenomenon.

In conclusion, the Life-Size soundtrack is a perfect example of how music can elevate the film-watching experience.

The songs were well-chosen, matching the movie’s mood and theme. Each song added a unique tone to the plot, building the film’s emotional depth and connecting the audience to the characters and their emotions.

The musical score added an extra layer to the film, elevating the emotional synergy between the film and its audience.

The soundtracks popularity beyond the movie, with radio and chart success, reinforced the impact that it had on the audience and firmly places it as the foundation for the movie’s cult status.

In conclusion, “Life-Size” is a heartwarming and timeless film that has left a significant impact on audiences worldwide. Through the production, casting, plot, and soundtrack, the film has become a classic and is fondly remembered by fans of all ages.

Its success on the Disney Channel and beyond has paved the way for future original movies, establishing Disney Channel as a formidable presence in the entertainment industry. With its message of positivity, self-discovery and growth, “Life-Size” serves as a reminder of the power of art to entertain and inspire us.

Here are some FAQs that cover key topics of this article:

1. What is “Life-Size”?

“Life-Size” is a 2000 American television movie directed by Mark Rosman and produced by Disney Channel where a young girl brings a doll to life. 2.

Who stars in “Life-Size”?

The main cast of Life-Size includes Lindsay Lohan as Casey, Tyra Banks as Eve, and Jere Burns as Casey’s dad. 3.

What is the film’s theme?

The film’s themes focus on friendship, family, loss, acceptance, and self-discovery. 4.

Why was the soundtrack an important part of the movie?


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