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Unpacking the Emotional Power of Encanto’s ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ Song

Encanto’s Song ‘Waiting on a Miracle’: An Overview

The recent release of Disney’s ‘Encanto’ has been nothing short of a phenomenon. The heartwarming story and the catchy soundtrack have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

One song that has particularly stood out is ‘Waiting on a Miracle.’ This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the song, its lyrics, and its significance in the movie.

Description of the Song and its Significance in Encanto

‘Waiting on a Miracle’ is a song performed by Mirabel, the protagonist of the movie, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. In the movie, the Madrigal family has a unique gift handed down from generation to generation.

Each family member is blessed with a unique ability, except for Mirabel. She believes herself to be the odd one out and becomes very frustrated as she feels like she is not contributing to the family in any meaningful way.

The song, ‘Waiting on a Miracle,’ perfectly encapsulates Mirabel’s frustration. She sings about how she wishes she had a gift like the rest of her family members.

She sings about how she can’t move mountains or heal broken things, and how she can’t control the rain. This highlights her regret of not having a unique ability and how she believes that she is not good enough as she is.

However, the song takes on a hopeful tone in the chorus as Mirabel sings about how she’s “waiting on a miracle, something to change.” This showcases her desire to be a part of her family fully. She longs to shine and do something significant to make a difference.

Artists Involved in Creating the Song

The songwriters of ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ are Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco. Lin-Manuel Miranda is famous for his Broadway blockbuster hit ‘Hamilton’ and his contribution to the Moana soundtrack, among others.

Germaine Franco is well-known for her work on the Coco soundtrack, which won a Grammy in 2018. The music plays a significant role in the movie, and the songwriters have done an excellent job in creating a composition that is uplifting yet poignant.

Lyrics and its Meaning

The lyrics of ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ are powerful. They convey a sense of longing and regret, yet also hope and optimism.

The song starts with Mirabel talking about how she wishes she had a gift like the rest of her family. She sings, “I wish I had a family gift, something you can feel, something that’s real.”

The chorus is where the song takes a hopeful turn.

Mirabel sings about how she’s “waiting on a miracle, something to change.” This showcases her desire to be a part of her family, to shine, and make a difference. The song then takes on a reflective tone as Mirabel recognizes that her family members may have their unique abilities, but they are not perfect.

She sings about how even though she can’t control the rain in the morning, her family members can’t always fix everything, saying, “But they can’t heal broken things, can’t control the morning rain.”

Mirabel’s Desire to Shine and Make a Change

One of the key themes of ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ is Mirabel’s desire to shine and make a change. She believes that she is capable of doing something significant, but she has not found her unique ability yet.

She sings about how she longs to open her eyes and show her family something new. Her desire to stand out and be significant to her family is evident in the lyrics.

“I want to be seen, I want to be heard, don’t want to regret not trying,” she sings.


In conclusion, ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ is an integral part of Encanto’s soundtrack. The songwriters have done an excellent job in creating a composition that conveys Mirabel’s struggle and her hope for the future.

The lyrics are powerful and moving, and the performance by Stephanie Beatriz is outstanding. The song’s significance in the movie cannot be overstated, as it showcases Mirabel’s journey and her desire to be a part of her family in every way possible.

List of Encanto Songs: A Comprehensive Guide

Disney’s animated musical comedy, Encanto, features a collection of original songs that are catchy, fun, and full of heart. The movie’s soundtrack perfectly captures the movie’s essence, from the upbeat and playful tunes to the emotional numbers that tug at the heartstrings.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the complete list of Encanto songs, including ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ and how to access the song lyrics. Mentioning Waiting on a Miracle in Encanto’s Song List

‘Waiting on a Miracle’ is an exceptional song that has captured the hearts of people worldwide.

It is the most emotional and powerful song in the movie, and we discussed its significance in detail in a previous section. The song’s excellent composition and soulful lyrics make it stand out from the rest of the soundtrack.

The song is part of Encanto’s official soundtrack and is available on various platforms, including Spotify. If you want to listen to this song on Spotify, all you need to do is type in ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ in the search bar, and it will appear as the first result.

Listeners can enjoy the music and lyrics of this song without any interruptions and experience Mirabel’s struggle and hope in a more profound and unique way.

Promotion of Disney Song Lyrics List of Movies

Disney has always been on the front line of celebrating songs and music in their movies. With the increasing popularity of streaming services like Spotify, songs from Disney movies have been on the rise in recent years, introducing a new audience to these timeless tunes.

Along with the music comes the lyrics. Disney Song Lyrics provides a list of all the Disney movie songs with their lyrics for the audience.

The website has a vast collection of different animated Disney movies, including those that provide music to its viewers, such as Encanto. It’s a fun place for Disney music fans to hang out and explore features like fun videos, games, and other bonus content while enjoying the songs’ lyrics.

The website’s primary focus is to create a community of music lovers with a wide range of tastes in Disney music. The site also encourages music enthusiasts to write reviews and provide feedback on the songs and the lyrics, engaging them in a more interactive way.

Complete List of Encanto Songs

Encanto’s soundtrack includes ten original songs written by Academy Award-winning composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco. Here is an overview of all the songs in Encanto:


“Surface Pressure” – Performed by Stephanie Beatriz, portrays Mirabel’s struggle about being herself. 2.

“The Madrigal” – Performed by the full cast of Encanto and explains the Madrigal’s family’s gift. 3.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” – The Villains song, performed by the full cast, questions the betrayal of a family member. 4.

“Cecilia y Abel” – Narrated by Cecilia to her husband, portrays their love for each other and their family. 5.

“Dos Oruguitas” – Sung by Bruno and Antonio while playing in the garden. 6.

“Keep the Beat” – Sung by Pepa and Alma, portrays the importance of family values and how they hold them together. 7.

“Shotgun” – Sung by Luisa Madrigal, explains her personality, as she likes speed and adventure. 8.

“We’re Here and We’re Descendants” – Sung by Zulma, the Guardian of the Miragical World, explains their existence and how much they worth. 9.

“All of You” – Sung by Mariano the living toucan and explains that family is much bigger than the Madrigal family. 10.

“Waiting on a Miracle” – Performed by Mirabel, waiting for her unique gift to get discovered. In


Encanto’s soundtrack is an excellent addition to the already extensive Disney music collection.

The list of the movie’s songs, including ‘Waiting on a Miracle,’ is available on various platforms for music enthusiasts worldwide. Disney Song Lyrics provides Disney music fans with the lyrics to all the songs, making it a fun and interactive space to enjoy the music and connect with other music lovers.

Encanto’s soundtrack is a perfect mix of emotions, fun, and values that make it enjoyable for everyone who loves music and values family. In conclusion, the article provided a detailed overview of ‘Waiting on a Miracle,’ its lyrics, and significance in Encanto.

It also presented a comprehensive list of Encanto songs and information about accessing their lyrics. This article aimed to educate readers about the music in Encanto and promote Disney Song Lyrics, where fans can find lyrics to their favorite Disney songs.

With this information, readers can appreciate and enjoy the soundtrack of Encanto and all of its highly regarded original songs. FAQs:


What is ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ in Encanto? ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ is a song performed by Mirabel in Encanto that showcases her desire to be a part of her family.

2. Who wrote the Encanto soundtrack?

The Encanto soundtrack was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco. 3.

Where can I find Encanto’s lyrics? You can find lyrics to Encanto songs on streaming services such as Spotify or explore Disney Song Lyrics for a one-stop source of lyrics to your favorite Disney songs.

4. How many original songs are there in the Encanto soundtrack?

There are ten original songs in the Encanto soundtrack, including ‘Waiting on a Miracle.’

5. What is the primary theme in Encanto’s music?

The primary theme in Encanto’s music is family values and the importance of being yourself.

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