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Unlocking the Power and Intrigue of Marvel’s Inhumans Series

Inhumans: A Synopsis

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated audiences with its multifarious superhero adventures for over a decade. The Inhumans are a lesser-known but equally fascinating subset of this universe.

Based on the comic book series with the same name, Inhumans is a television series, introduced in September 2017. In this article, we provide a brief overview of the series, its plot, and the characters that fill the screen.


The Inhumans story is set on the moon and revolves around a group of genetically modified humans with superhuman strength and other abilities. Their kingdom is in turmoil as the Royal Family faces the threat of a coup d’etat by Maximus, who seeks to rule Attilan (the city on the moon) and exile the Royal Family to Earth.

The plot unfolds as the royals escape from Attilan to Hawaii, where they start living in hiding and planning their return to their homeland.


Black Bolt, the leader of the Royal Family, is the most powerful Inhuman. His voice has the power to destroy cities, so he communicates via sign language to avoid such a catastrophe.

Medusa, his queen and a close advisor, has prehensile hair that she can control with her mind. Gorgon, the cousin of Black Bolt, has goat legs and super-strength.

He is responsible for the Royal Guards. Karnak, an expert martial artist and strategist, has the ability to perceive the weakness in anything, living or non-living.

Crystal, the sister of Medusa, has the ability to control the elements and has a giant teleporting dog, named Lockjaw. Maximus, King Black Bolts younger brother, is the essential villain for the series.

Maximus is not an Inhuman, but he is highly skilled in computer engineering and has always been envious of his brother’s power. He leads a rebellion against Black Bolt, which dates back to their childhood.

Auran, an Inhuman, is Maximuss loyal enforcer, who is responsible for carrying out his orders. Other notable characters include Louise, a human scientist living in Hawaii, who assists the Royal Family and Black Bolts advisor, and Sam Huidacko, Medusas human love interest.


Inhumans is an action-packed, adventure-filled series that draws on the themes of power, loyalty, and betrayal, with a sci-fi twist. It is a compelling drama about a family facing a crisis at the hands of their own family member.

While it did not resonate with audiences and critics alike, it remains a fascinating sci-fi series that explores the complex dynamics of a group of people with superhuman abilities navigating political turmoil and familial strife. When Inhumans was announced as a television series in 2017, fans were excited to see this lesser-known race of super-powered humans come to life on screen.

However, upon its release, it received mixed reviews and disappointing ratings. Despite its poor reception, Inhumans has a unique and intriguing plot that engages viewers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the series is the conflict between brothers Black Bolt and Maximus. Black Bolt is the reigning king of the Inhumans, and Maximus is his younger brother who has always felt overshadowed by his sibling’s power.

This sibling rivalry drives the story, as Maximus chooses to lead a rebellion against Black Bolt and the Royal Family to take control of Attilan. Through Maximus, there is a fascinating exploration of power and the lengths some people will go to attain it.

Maximus has always been jealous of his brother’s power and status as king, which has driven him to extremes. This obsession with power causes him to manipulate others, leading to a breakdown in trust and loyalty among the Inhumans.

Another essential aspect of the plot is the Royal Family’s decision to flee Attilan and go into hiding in Hawaii. This decision is made after Maximus stages a coup against Black Bolt, making Attilan an unsafe place for the Royal Family to remain.

Seeing the Royal Family out of their comfort zone and adapting to life on Earth adds a new dimension to the show and provides new opportunities for character development. As the Royal Family adjust to their new life, they encounter a scientist named Louise, who becomes a valuable ally in helping them navigate their new environment.

This interaction between humans and Inhumans is an interesting dynamic that explores the theme of differences and finding common ground. As the series unfolds, the stakes continue to rise, with fights breaking out between the Royal Family and Maximus’s supporters.

This culminates in a final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus. The battle between the brothers is thrilling, with Black Bolt finally revealing the full extent of his powers, which he had kept hidden for most of the show.

Inhumans also touches on the idea of duty and responsibility to one’s people. As the Royal Family struggles with their exile and decision to return to Attilan, they must weigh their personal safety and desires against their responsibility to govern the Inhuman people and protect their legacy.

Overall, Inhumans may have its flaws, but its plot is engaging and offers plenty of exciting twists and turns. The show explores themes of power, loyalty, responsibility, and family dynamics that add depth and complexity to the story.

While it may not have resonated with audiences as much as other Marvel shows, Inhumans is still worth watching for its unique take on the superhero genre and its exploration of the Inhumans’ world. Behind every successful television series is a dedicated production team.

In the case of Inhumans, the series’ production was just as tumultuous as the plot itself. Despite its rocky start, the team behind Inhumans managed to create a visually stunning and immersive world that captured the essence of the comic book series.

One of the biggest challenges the production team faced was creating the world of Attilan. Attilan is a city on the moon, and as such, presented unique challenges for the team.

They had to create a world that was both futuristic and otherworldly while also making it feel grounded and relatable to audiences. To accomplish this, the production team used various techniques, including CGI, practical effects, and set design, to create a fully realized world.

The CGI used in the series is impressive, particularly in the depiction of Medusas hair, which she uses as a weapon and for other purposes. With practical effects proving to be ineffective, the creators turned to CGI to bring this vital aspect of Medusa’s character to life.

The result is an impressive display of visual effects that make her hair look and move realistically. In addition to CGI, the set design was also a critical aspect of creating the world of Attilan.

The production team designed a set that was both functional and visually stunning. They used clean lines and bold colors to create a futuristic aesthetic that fit the Inhumans’ advanced society.

At the same time, they incorporated natural elements and materials to ground the world and make it feel relatable. The intricate designs of the architecture and costumes were also crucial in conveying their society’s technological advancement.

Another crucial aspect of Inhumans’ production was the casting of the show. The show’s creators chose not to cast big-name actors, instead opting for a mix of newcomers and lesser-known actors, which included Iwan Rheon as Maximus and Anson Mount as Black Bolt.

The choice to cast lesser-known but talented actors proved to be a risk, but it paid off, with performances that felt authentic and sincere. The production team also had to overcome significant obstacles during the filming process.

Filming on location in Hawaii presented unique challenges, with weather and natural terrain wreaking havoc on the set and production schedule. In addition, the show’s budget was smaller than other Marvel series at the time, making it a significant challenge for the production team to create the immersive world that fans were accustomed to seeing.

Despite these challenges, the creators of Inhumans still managed to create a visually stunning series that was immersive and engaging. The use of CGI, practical effects, and set design all combined to create a world that felt authentic and believable, while the casting of lesser-known actors added an element of sincerity to the performances.

While production difficulties likely contributed to the series’ poor reception, the production team’s dedication and hard work resulted in a series that is still worth watching for fans of the Marvel universe. The release of Inhumans in September 2017 was highly anticipated by Marvel fans, but the excitement quickly turned to disappointment once the show aired.

Poor critical reception and low ratings contributed to the show’s cancellation after only one season. Despite its shortcomings, the release of Inhumans still holds important significance for the Marvel universe.

One of the most significant impacts of Inhumans’ release was the introduction of a new group of characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the Inhumans comic book series has been around for decades, the show’s release provided the opportunity for a new generation of fans to learn about these unique and powerful characters.

The release of Inhumans also impacted Marvel’s plans for the future of the Cinematic Universe. The show was initially conceived as Marvel’s answer to the X-Men franchise, which was owned by 20th Century Fox at the time.

Inhumans were introduced as a means to fill the void left by the absence of X-Men characters in the MCU. However, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, the X-Men are now back under the Marvel umbrella.

The introduction of the Inhumans may have been a missed opportunity for Marvel at the time, but it still provided a glimpse into what the future of the MCU could have been. The lackluster reception to Inhumans’ release also had a significant impact on Marvel’s television plans.

Prior to Inhumans, Marvel had been working with Netflix to produce several successful projects such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. However, the failure of Inhumans, coupled with the cancellation of other Marvel shows such as Iron Fist and The Defenders, prompted Marvel to re-evaluate its television strategy.

Marvel has since shifted its focus to producing shows for Disney+, with series such as WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier garnering critical and commercial success. Finally, the poor reception to Inhumans’ release also highlights the importance of quality control for Marvel.

While Marvel has had several smash hits, such as the Avengers franchise, the release of Inhumans shows that not every product can be a success. The poor reception underscored the importance of ensuring that every project matches Marvel’s standard of quality and maintains the high level of excitement and anticipation for future Marvel projects.

Despite its shortcomings, the release of Inhumans was an essential chapter in the Marvel story. It offered an introduction to a new group of characters and brought them to the forefront of the MCU.

It also impacted Marvel’s future plans for the MCU and their television strategy while highlighting the importance of maintaining quality control across all projects. Inhumans may not have been a success in its own right, but it has impacted the Marvel universe in significant ways, making it an essential piece of the Marvel story.

A compelling soundtrack can have a significant impact on a TV show’s atmosphere and emotional impact. Inhumans’ soundtrack, composed by Sean Callery, does just that.

Callery’s score for the series captures the otherworldly essence of the Inhumans and adds an element of grandeur to the production. In creating the score for Inhumans, Callery drew inspiration from various sources.

He revealed that he used a mix of orchestral and synth elements to create the unique sound of Attilan and the Inhumans. In an interview, Callery stated that his goal was to create a sound that was futuristic and otherworldly.

Through his composition, Callery achieved this goal, creating soundscapes that were both grand and technological. One of the standout pieces of music in the series is the main theme, which is played during the show’s opening credits.

The theme evokes a sense of grandeur with its sweeping orchestral elements and epic horn sections. The theme’s introduction features the Inhumans’ royal insignia, which then transitions to the show’s title card, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for what’s to come.

Another excellent use of music in Inhumans was the incorporation of pop music to contrast the show’s otherworldly sound. The Inhumans’ stay in Hawaii gives the show the opportunity to incorporate a decidedly down-to-earth sound into the show.

During the show’s first season, there were several moments where pop tracks were effectively utilized for comedic effect. For instance, there is a scene where Gorgon, one of the Inhumans, becomes fascinated with French music and begins dancing to its rhythm.

Callery’s use of music also adds emotional depth to the series. In particular, he manages to capture the show’s intense moments, such as the scenes during which the Inhumans are in danger or fighting.

Often, the music is intense and dramatic, further emphasizing the scene’s emotional impact. Callery’s score also adds complexity to the characters, with each one having a musical theme that reflects their personality and actions.

Overall, the soundtrack of Inhumans is an essential aspect of the series, as it adds a layer of depth to the production. Callery’s composition skillfully blends orchestral and synth elements to create a sound that feels futuristic and otherworldly.

The use of pop music, in contrast, adds moments of lightness and humor to the show. The score’s emotional impact is underscored by the intense and dramatic music that accompanies key moments in the series.

In all, the soundtrack of Inhumans is a lovely and effective addition to the show, adding to its otherworldly feel and drawing the audience into the series’ world. In conclusion, Inhumans may not have been as well-received as other Marvel shows, but it still holds an important place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The show’s unique plot, impressive production, and captivating soundtrack all added to the series’ otherworldly feel and drew viewers into the world of the Inhumans. Additionally, the show’s release had a significant impact on Marvel’s future plans for the MCU and their approach to television.

Through its successes and shortcomings, Inhumans remains a fascinating exploration of power, loyalty, and family dynamics – one that Marvel fans can immerse themselves in.


Q: What is Inhumans?

A: Inhumans is a television series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, based on a comic book series of the same name, that focuses on a group of genetically modified humans with superhuman abilities living on the moon.

Q: What is the plot of Inhumans?

A: The show revolves around the Attilan Royal Family, who rule the Inhumans on the moon. After a coup attempt, the Royal Family must flee to Earth, where they must adapt to life in hiding while planning their return to Attilan.

Q: How was the soundtrack for Inhumans?

A: The soundtrack for Inhumans was composed by Sean Callery and featured a mix of orchestral and synth elements to create a futuristic and otherworldly sound.

It was also notable for incorporating pop music to give the show a more grounded feel in its Earth scenes. Q: Was Inhumans well-received?

A: Unfortunately, Inhumans was not well-received by audiences or critics and was canceled after one season.

Q: How did Inhumans impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A: Inhumans introduced a new group of characters to the MCU, which impacted Marvel’s future plans for the Cinematic Universe. Additionally, it provided an opportunity for Marvel to fill the void left by the X-Men franchise and introduced Marvel’s answer to the X-Men.

Q: What challenges did the production team face during filming?

A: The production team faced unique challenges in creating the world of Attilan on the moon, in addition to filming on location in Hawaii.

The production budget was also smaller compared to other Marvel shows at the time.

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