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Unleashing Your True Purpose: A Journey Into the World of Disney and Pixar’s Soul

Soul is an animated movie that was released by Disney and Pixar in December 2020. It was directed by Pete Docter and is set in New York City.

The movie revolves around Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher who sets out to achieve his lifelong dream of performing jazz on stage. However, an unexpected incident causes him to journey to a world beyond Earth, where he finds himself confronted with some significant questions about his life and purpose.

In this article, we will provide a synopsis of Soul, a movie that has been praised for its animation style and the beauty of its storytelling.

The Plot

Soul is a movie that explores the concept of what makes us who we are and why we exist. The movie opens by introducing Joe Gardner, a passionate jazz musician who earns his living as a middle school music teacher.

Despite his talent, Joe has never been able to achieve his dream of playing jazz on stage. One day, he gets a call to audition for a jazz band led by the legendary Dorothea Williams.

Joe’s audition is a success, and he is thrilled that his dream is finally within reach. However, as he walks back home from the audition, Joe falls down an open manhole and lands in a coma.

His soul is separated from his body and transported to the “Great Before,” where souls are assigned personalities, interests, and passions before they are sent to Earth. Joe meets 22, a soul who has been stuck in the Great Before and refuses to find her spark that will give her a personality.

Joe convinces 22 to return to Earth with him, but they accidentally end up in the wrong body. As Joe tries to find a way to return to his body before the jazz performance, he mentors 22, showing her the joys of life on Earth and the importance of finding one’s purpose.

As their journey progresses, Joe realizes that his true passion is not just playing jazz, but in helping others pursue their dreams and passions, eventually giving 22 her own spark so that she could find her way back to Earth.

The Characters

Soul features some memorable characters, including Joe Gardner, an average middle school music teacher with an unparalleled love for jazz and performing on stage. 22 is another unforgettable character, who is shown as tough to handle, with no interest in assigned responsibilities in the Great Before.

Dorothea Williams, the legendary jazz musician who hires Joe for a gig, is another character that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. She represents someone Joe has always dreamt of becoming, playing jazz with grace and flair while commanding an audience’s attention.

We also meet a character called Moonwind, who is a spiritual sign spinner that Joe meets after getting lost in the Great Before.


Soul is a movie that leaves a profound impact on its audience, with its engaging storyline and well-developed characters. It’s a movie that will touch people’s hearts and challenge them to think about who they are, their passions, and their purpose in life.

This movie is not just for kids but also for adults who have experienced the uncertainty and joy of the journey of life. Soul is a reminder to everyone that the journey is essential to growth, and the most successful people have one common trait- a relentless passion and dedication to their dreams.

Soul is a beautifully crafted movie that explores some of the most profound questions about human existence. The plot is thought-provoking, and it keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.

The plot of Soul is high-concept, ambitious, and well-executed. As such, it has been widely acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

The movie’s storyline is intricately woven, with different elements and themes moving simultaneously, yet seamlessly. Throughout the movie, we see Joe battling with the idea that he wants to pursue his passion for music, but doesn’t want to lose himself in the process.

He is struggling to balance his dreams with the reality of life, and the journey of self-discovery which takes him to the Great Before illuminates these challenges. A significant element of the plot is the exploration of what it means to live a meaningful life.

The movie shows that the key to living a fulfilled life is discovering ones true purpose. Joe has always been passionate about jazz music, but it is not until he becomes a mentor to 22 that he understands that his purpose lies not just in playing jazz but also helping others pursue their dreams and passion.

Through Joe, the movie encourages us to look beyond our personal desires and to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in. The theme of perseverance is also explored in Soul.

Joe’s journey is not an easy one, and the path to discovering his true calling is fraught with challenges and setbacks. Despite facing many obstacles, Joe manages to keep his faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

This theme of perseverance is a powerful message to viewers to never give up, even when the going gets tough. The plot of the movie is a metaphor for the human experience a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-improvement.

Joe’s experiences in the Great Before, where he mentors an obstinate 22, represent the struggles most people face when trying to find their purpose in life. When we are unsure of our purpose, we can feel lost and frustrated, like 22 in the Great Before.

However, through perseverance and mentorship, we can find our spark and live a fulfilling life, just like Joe and 22. The use of music is another element that enriches the plot of the movie.

Music is life for Joe, and his passion for it permeates every aspect of his existence, making it a vital part of the movie. The soundtrack to the movie, composed by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Jon Batiste, is an excellent complement to the movie’s storyline.

The music helps to enhance the emotional impact and draw the audience deeper into the journey of self-discovery. Another essential aspect of the plot is the animation style employed by the movie.

The animation is exceptional, and the attention to detail is impressive. The animation style is hand-drawn and resembles real-life New York City, particularly the vibrant jazz scene that Joe is a part of.

The animation also manages to convey the movie’s complex themes and emotions in a way that is accessible to viewers of all ages. In conclusion, the plot of Soul is a triumph, a beautifully woven tale of self-discovery, perseverance, passion, and mentorship.

It transcends age and genre, and sends a message that is universally relatable. With its high-quality animation and soundtrack, Soul is a must-watch movie for everyone, and its no wonder that it received critical acclaim and numerous awards.

The complex themes of the movie align with the human experience and serves as a reminder that there is always a spark within us that can guide us to our true purpose in life. The production of Soul is a testament to the exceptional artistry and precision of Disney and Pixar.

The movie features some of the industry’s most talented animators, composers, and directors who worked tirelessly to bring the story to life. The production process took several years to complete, and it involved meticulous planning, attention to detail, and collaboration between the various departments.

The animation style of Soul is exceptional, and the quality achieved is thanks to the technical expertise and talent of the animators. The movie employed a unique animation style that incorporated elements of realism and abstraction, resulting in a visual style that is both timeless and breathtaking.

The animation is hand-drawn and resembles real-life New York City, particularly the vibrant jazz scene that Joe is a part of. The attention to detail in the animation is incredible, with each scene perfectly capturing the mood and atmosphere of the story.

In addition to the animation, the movies soundtrack is also noteworthy. The film features original jazz compositions by Jon Batiste along with music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

The music is an integral part of the movie, and it perfectly complements the visuals and storyline, conveying the themes and emotions of the movie. The music is upbeat, and it fills the movie with a sense of joy, hope, and wonder.

The production process also incorporated cutting-edge technics that allowed access to previously impossible scenarios. For instance, the animators utilized custom software tools to create realistic lighting and textures in the movie.

This technology helped to create a sense of depth and realism in the animation, giving the movie a distinctive and memorable look. The production crew also used in-depth research to bring the movie to life.

The team studied different elements of jazz music for authenticity and accuracy. They also consulted with real musicians from the jazz scene, taking inspiration from their performances, and incorporating them into the movie’s soundtrack.

By studying the different aspects of jazz music and combining them with the animations precision, the production team managed to create a movie that felt authentic and genuine. The movie’s production process was a collaborative effort.

The crew consisted of writers, artists, animators, technical support, and many other experts who worked together to bring the story to life. This collaborative approach ensured that the movie had a cohesive vision from inception to delivery.

Additionally, the animation team had to work in tandem with the music team to create an integrated product. The process of making the movie also included research, testing, and development stages.

The animators experimented with different animation styles and techniques to achieve the unique look and feel of the movie. They also tested the characters and scenes repeatedly to ensure that they moved fluidly and felt authentic.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the production is the directors’ ability to incorporate the complex themes and messages of the movie into the storyline seamlessly. The plot, characters, and music all work together to convey a powerful message of self-discovery, perseverance, and passion.

In conclusion, the production team behind Soul has done an exceptional job of bringing the movie to life. The animation, music, and storyline have all been crafted with care, precision, and creativity.

The movie is a testament to the artistry of Disney and Pixar and the dedication and talent of the filmmakers and production crew. The result is a movie that is visually stunning, emotionally resonant, and thought-provoking, and it will always be remembered as a masterpiece of animation.

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