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Unleashing the Inspiring Messages in Moana Songs

Exploring the Inspiring Moana Songs

Moana is a Disney animated film that touched the world with its inspiring story and unforgettable soundtrack. The movie features several songs that narrate Moana’s journey as she follows her heart and discovers her true identity.

Fans have come to love these songs, and they have become highly popular even years after the movie’s release. In this article, we will explore some of the most inspiring Moana songs and the messages they contain.

I Am Moana Song

One of the most popular songs in the Moana series is “I Am Moana.” This song marks the decisive moment when Moana decides to leave her island and face the ocean’s dangers to save her people. Gramma Tala appears in the song to encourage Moana and remind her of her ancestors’ voyages.

The song starts with Moana singing, “I have journeyed farther, I am everything I’ve learned and more” as she embraces her identity and realizes she is up to the task. Gramma Tala follows up with “We know the way” to tell Moana that her ancestors have navigated these waters before, and she can too.

The stirring lyrics inspire the listener to find the strength to pursue their dreams even when they seem unattainable.

List of Moana Songs

The Moana soundtrack features several other popular songs that carry essential messages. These include “How Far I’ll Go,” “Know Who You Are,” “Shiny,” “We Know the Way,” “Where You Are,” and “You’re Welcome.” Each song speaks to deeper themes and teaches valuable life lessons.

“How Far I’ll Go” is a song that reminds us that we are capable of achieving our dreams, no matter how far they seem. “Know Who You Are” encourages us to trust ourselves and remain grounded in our identity, even amid external pressures.

“Shiny” is a catchy and humorous tune that warns us about being attracted to shiny things, which is a metaphor for the pitfalls of greed. “We Know the Way” is a song that speaks to our explorative spirit and encourages us to rediscover our roots.

“Where You Are” reminds us of the importance of family and community, whereas “You’re Welcome” reiterates the importance of thanking others who help us in our life journey. Individually, each song is a masterpiece and collectively, they form a story that engages listeners and teaches meaningful life lessons.

Gramma Tala’s Encouragement

One of our favourite parts of “I Am Moana” is when Gramma Tala tells Moana, “We’ve come to let you know, we know where you’ve been, we can see where you’re going and you don’t have to feel like you’re on your own.” These wise words remind us of the guidance and support we can receive from our elders and ancestors. Even though Gramma Tala is no longer alive, she speaks to Moana, guiding her through the difficulties of her journey.

This is symbolic of how our elders’ wisdom can guide us, even when they are physically absent from our lives. The following verse that Moana sings highlights the importance of embracing who we are fully and celebrating our brilliant qualities: “I am the daughter of the village chief, we are descended from voyagers, who found their way across the world of water.” It’s essential to embrace our roots and heritage fully, so we can celebrate our unique journey in life.

Moana’s Self-Discovery

The journey of self-discovery can take a lifetime, but fortunately for us, Moana provides some valuable insights on how to navigate it. In “I Am Moana,” Moana reflects on her innermost desires and calls to the sea, “See the line where the sky meets the sea?

It calls me, and no one knows how far it goes.”

The lyrics remind us to trust our instincts and listen to the call that comes from within. There may be many distractions on our journey, but if we remain true to ourselves, we will eventually find our way and reach our destination.

Besides, the song reflects on the importance of embracing courage and facing the challenges that come our way. Moana sings, “The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me, like the tide always falling and rising.” This verse reminds us that the power to overcome obstacles lies within us, and we can always tap into it to do and be better.


In conclusion, the Moana soundtrack is a masterpiece that can inspire and empower listeners of all ages. From the captivating voice of Aulii Cravalho to Rachel House’s enchanting voice, the music carries essential life lessons and empowering messages.

It shows how a princess can become a leader, a woman can follow her heart and change the world. The songs remind us to embrace our true identity, trust our intuition, and stay courageous in the face of life’s challenges.

Moana’s Record-Breaking Soundtrack

Moana’s soundtrack by Walt Disney Animation Studios has broken many records since its release in 2016. The music album, which was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina, was an instant hit, and its songs have stayed with fans long after the movie’s release.

The following are some of the achievements that Moana’s soundtrack has accomplished.

Billboards Article

According to Billboard, Moana’s soundtrack stayed at the top of the billboard 200 charts for several weeks, which is an impressive feat for a Disney children’s soundtrack. The album became one of the highest-selling soundtracks of 2017, with over 500,000 copies sold in the United States.

Moreover, the music album spawned a number one hit single in the form of “How Far I’ll Go,” which stayed on the charts for 33 weeks! This is longer than any other song in the Disney song library, showing the immense love that fans have for Moana’s music. In 2018, the Moana soundtrack was nominated for two Grammy Awards in the Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written For Visual Media categories.

The album has also been certified as Double Platinum in the United States and Australia, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide. All these impressive accomplishments demonstrate the critical role that the Moana soundtrack has played in the music industry and how it has touched many people around the world.

Fun Videos and Lyrics

Moana’s soundtrack has not only been a commercial success but also a source of entertainment for fans worldwide. Many social media platforms feature videos of enthusiasts performing their favourite Moana songs, complete with custom-made costumes and lip-syncing performances.

Disney Song Lyrics list is also an excellent resource for fans who want to sing along to their favourite Moana songs. It provides fun and interactive videos that include the lyrics of each Moana song.

On this site, fans can watch videos that showcase the best moments from the movie and use the song lyrics to sing along. Moreover, many videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feature fans performing a cover of their favourite Moana songs.

These videos have garnered millions of views and show how Moana music is a source of inspiration for people of all ages. In addition, the soundtrack features familiar voices from the movie, including Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced Moana; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who voiced Maui; and Jemaine Clement, who voiced Tamatoa.

The lyrics and music compositions are catchy and memorable, making it easy for fans to sing the songs and remember the lyrics for years.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Moana’s music has touched many hearts worldwide and continues to inspire and impact people of all ages with its timeless messages. The soundtrack’s incredible success shows how music can transcend cultural barriers and touch people from all corners of the globe.

The fun lyrics, music videos, and performances of Moana songs have created a culture of fan support that celebrates the movie and its music. The Moana soundtrack has broken records and altered the trajectory of Disney’s music landscape, proving that a children’s movie soundtrack can go beyond the box office and be cherished for years after its release.

In summary, Moana’s soundtrack has made an indelible impact on pop culture and the music industry, breaking records and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. This Disney soundtrack’s combination of inspiring messages and catchy tunes has left a lasting impression, proving the enduring power of music in storytelling.


Q: Who composed the Moana soundtrack? A: The Moana soundtrack was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina.

Q: How successful was the Moana soundtrack? A: The Moana soundtrack was highly successful and stayed at the top of the Billboard 200 charts for several weeks.

It has also been certified as Double Platinum in the United States and Australia, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide. Q: What are some of the popular Moana songs?

A: Some of the popular Moana songs include “How Far I’ll Go”, “You’re Welcome”, “Shiny”, and “We Know the Way”. Q: Who are some of the voices behind the Moana songs?

A: The Moana soundtrack features the voices of Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jemaine Clement, among others. Q: How has the Moana soundtrack impacted pop culture?

A: The Moana soundtrack has created a culture of fan support that celebrates the movie and its music, showing how music can transcend cultural barriers and touch people from all corners of the globe.

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