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Unleashing the Devious and Cunning Creeper: Exploring Yzma’s Loyal Henchman


Creeper is a Disney character that is known for his devious and cunning nature. He is a loyal henchman of Yzma from “The Emperor’s New Groove”.

Creeper is often seen using his intelligence to execute Yzma’s plans and make sure that Kronk, Yzma’s other henchman, stays on task. He is quite sly and can manipulate situations in Yzma’s favor.

Even though he is a villain, Creeper’s intelligence and cleverness make him a captivating character. Appearance:

Creeper is a tall, lean character that wears a red hat and a green coat.

He has black hair that peaks through his hat and black shoes. His nose is pointy and his chin is angular, which adds to his devious appearance.

Creeper’s long, slender arms and fingers only enhance his sinister appearance further. His eyes are yellow and are often narrowed, conveying his cunning nature.

Creeper’s clothing is a reflection of his personality, as it is sharp and form-fitting, allowing him to move quickly and covertly. Although his appearance is a little intimidating, he is an important part of the Yzma’s scheme and an essential character in the film.

Feature Films or Shows:

Creeper is primarily known for his appearance in the 2000 Disney animated film, “The Emperor’s New Groove”. However, he also featured in the 2005 spin-off television series titled “The Emperor’s New School”.

Creeper remained Yzma’s assistant in the series, and his scenes were always full of wit and humor. Despite his villainous role, Creeper played a valuable comedic part in both the film and TV show.


Creeper’s primary occupation is being Yzma’s assistant and henchman. His intelligence and cunning nature are valuable assets to Yzma, and he uses them accordingly.

He is always working behind the scenes, creating schemes that will benefit Yzma’s plans. Creeper is a master of disguise, often in the background, watching his master’s back.

Likes and Dislikes:

Creeper’s likes and dislikes are not well defined in the film or series. However, it can be assumed that he enjoys using his intelligence and cleverness to aid Yzma and thwart the Emperor’s plans.

He is known to dislike anyone who challenges Yzma’s authority and poses a threat to her plans. Creeper’s loyalty to Yzma is unwavering, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure that Yzma’s plans come to fruition, regardless of the consequences.

In conclusion, Creeper’s personality, appearance, occupation, likes, and dislikes are a reflection of his role as a loyal henchman. Even though he is not the main antagonist, his character has added depth and humor to “The Emperor’s New Groove” and its spin-off series.

Creeper’s intelligence and cunning nature make him a captivating character that keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout the story. To recap, Creeper is known for his devious nature and intelligence as Yzma’s henchman in “The Emperor’s New Groove” and its spin-off series.

His cunning nature and loyalty add depth and humor to the story, and his appearance reflects his personality. Creeper’s presence in the film and series is essential, making him a captivating character in Disney history.


1. What is Creeper’s role in “The Emperor’s New Groove”?

Creeper is Yzma’s assistant and henchman, loyal to her plans and using his intelligence to ensure her success. 2.

What is Creeper’s appearance? Creeper wears a red hat, green coat, and black shoes, with angular features and yellow eyes.

3. What is Creeper’s personality?

Creeper is devious and cunning, but also serves as a comedic relief in the film and series. 4.

Does Creeper appear in any other Disney movies or shows? Creeper only appears in “The Emperor’s New Groove” and its spin-off series, “The Emperor’s New School”.

5. What are Creeper’s likes and dislikes?

Creeper’s likes and dislikes are not well defined, but he enjoys aiding Yzma and dislikes anyone who challenges her authority.

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