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Unleashing the BOOgeyman: Don’t Look Under the Bed

Are you a fan of scary movies? Do you enjoy a good scream every now and then?

If you’re looking for a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Don’t Look Under the Bed. This Disney Channel Original Movie will give you just the right amount of chills and thrills, without going too far.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief synopsis of the movie, as well as some fun facts about the production. So turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, and settle in for a spooky ride.


Don’t Look Under the Bed tells the story of a teenager named Frances who begins to experience strange occurrences in her town. Shoes are found scattered around in bizarre patterns, and people’s belongings are going missing.

Things only get weirder when Frances meets a mysterious figure named Larry Houdini, who claims to be a “BOOgeyman” – a supernatural creature who helps prevent kids from becoming “unimaginative.”

Frances initially dismisses Larry as crazy, until she discovers that her little brother has been accused of stealing. She begins to believe that Larry might actually be telling the truth, and she recruits his help to track down the real culprit.

Together, Frances and Larry must navigate the world of imaginary friends and confront the evil force behind the chaos. As the movie progresses, Frances learns more about the power of imagination and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Along the way, she makes new friends and learns to let go of her fears. But it’s not all happy endings, as Frances and Larry face some truly terrifying challenges before the movie’s climactic finale.

Production Facts:

Don’t Look Under the Bed was released on October 9, 1999, and marked the first Disney Channel Original Movie to receive a TV-PG rating. The movie was directed by Kenneth Johnson, who had previously worked on shows like The Bionic Woman and Alien Nation.

The screenplay was written by Mark Edward Edens, who had written for popular animated shows like X-Men and Gargoyles. The movie was shot in Toronto, Canada, and featured a cast of up-and-coming actors.

Erin Chambers, who played Frances, later went on to star in General Hospital. Eric “Ty” Hodges II, who played Frances’s brother Harry, would later appear in shows like Law & Order: SVU and The Flash.

One fun fact about the movie is that it almost didn’t get made. Test screenings initially received negative reactions from kids, who found the movie too scary.

However, Disney executives decided to air it as planned and it went on to become one of the most popular Disney Channel Original Movies of its time. Conclusion:

Overall, Don’t Look Under the Bed is a classic example of a spooky family movie.

It balances jump scares with heartwarming moments, and delivers a message about the power of imagination. If you’re a fan of horror movies, or just looking for a fun Halloween-themed flick, then this is one movie that you don’t want to miss.


Don’t Look Under the Bed is a thrilling and exhilarating tale, aimed primarily at children and young teenagers. The movie is full of fantastic moments and supernatural occurrences that provide an equal sense of horror and drama.

We start the movie with Frances (Erin Chambers), who returns home from summer break to discover that her little brother Harry (Eric “Ty” Hodges II) is the prime suspect in a string of inexplicable pranks plaguing their town. The pranks include strange and scary messes, surreal shoe sculptures and clocks that run backward.

When Frances and Harry’s lifelong neighbor, Joanne (Robin Riker), confronts them about the incidents, they’re taken aback and become determined to clear Harry’s name. In the hopes of discovering who’s responsible for the happenings, Frances peeks under Harry’s mattress, where she finds a strange powder, a heart-shaped note, and a broken alarm clock.

She believes it to be the work of an imaginary friend, but to her surprise, the heart-shaped note gives off a powerful and sinister vibe. As Frances believes that her brother’s imaginary friend is messing up their town, she must team up with an unlikely ally: the recurring figure of Larry Houdini (Tyra Banks), a “BOOgeyman” who comes with a duffel bag full of a variety of freaky tools and tells Frances that the two need to work together to retrieve the elements and stop the entity behind the incidents.

Frances is a young girl who is always known to be tidy, organized and rule-following. Slowly over time, when she meets Larry Houdini and goes on the adventures to solve the imaginary crimes, she learns to think outside the box and to bend the rules.

She rapidly develops a healthy respect for Larry, who reawakens Frances’s sense of wonder and magic. Larry has also taught her to appreciate the warmth and charm of an untidy and imaginative life.

As the plot unfolds, Frances becomes intimately linked with both the world of imaginary friends and loves a heartwarming romance with a new boy in town, Darwin (Alex Vincent). Together they struggle against irrational beliefs, supernatural occurrences, conspiracies and much more, which made the crux of the movie’s plot.

The film is about overcoming fear, believing in yourself, and, above all, having faith in those who have your best interests at heart. The story of Don’t Look Under the Bed revolves around the idea that sometimes imaginative beings need our support, too.

At the movie’s climax, the enemy makes its final appearance, and Harry faces the ultimate litmus test of Frances’s growth and his moral fiber, resulting in an epic confrontation. Ultimately, both Frances and her brother persevere and defeat the entity behind the pranks, saving both their town and its imaginary inhabitants from decay and ruin.

In conclusion, Don’t Look Under the Bed is a rare Disney Channel movie that unifies the themes of magic, imagination, and horror into a beautifully rich and varied picture. The film represents a fun, whimsical, yet distinctly scary adventure for younger kids, yet a severe nostalgia trip for adults.

Through its heartwarming story, iconic characters, and memorable plot, Don’t Look Under the Bed remains one of the best canonical reminders of the appeal and merit of imaginative storylines. Production:

Don’t Look Under the Bed was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to receive the TV-PG rating, which at the time raised a few eyebrows.

At its first screening, the film was deemed too scary for the typical Disney Channel audience. However, Disney decided to air the movie as planned, and it went on to receive significant acclaim from audiences of all ages.

At the center of the movie’s success was the collaboration between director Kenneth Johnson and screenwriter Mark Edward Edens. Johnson, who was known for his superlative work on TV series such as V, Alien Nation, and The Bionic Woman, brought his imaginative and unencumbered vision of horror and science fiction to the production.

Johnson’s direction, coupled with Edens’s epic script, set a strong foundation for the film and its characters. One of the fascinating aspects of Don’t Look Under the Bed was the selection of the actors.

Erin Chambers, who played the lead role of Frances, went to audition for the role of Harry. After the producers witnessed her first audition, she was asked to read for the role of Frances instead.

The executive producer even mentioned that Chambers was so perfect for the role that he couldn’t see anyone else doing it. The role of Larry Houdini – the star of the show – was portrayed by Tyra Banks, who was mostly known for being a supermodel during that time.

According to director Johnson, Banks was a natural fit for the role and brought a unique sense of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm to the set. They’d often have to hold shooting because the cast members couldn’t keep their laughter behind the scenes.

In one instance, Johnson recollects that Banks sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” during the final scene of the movie, which eventually became the most humorous moment of the movie. One of the most notable aspects of the production of Don’t Look Under the Bed was its filming location.

Several of the sets, such as the Houdini’s house and the school playground, were built in a massive warehouse in Toronto. The remarkable open space helped Johnson focus on elements he wanted on the set.

Elements, like a high ceiling and wall textures, provided ample space for imaginative sketches, concept art, and artistic designs. One of the most surprising facts about the production of this movie was the creation of the Boogey-Man’s duffle bag, where Banks’s character Larry kept his special tools to catch mischievous humanoids.

According to sources, the production team suggested to Johnson and Edens that they needed to provide a bag of items that would make Larry more exciting and creative to the audience. They had suggested an array of items, including a baseball bat, stapler gun, rubber band gun, and other gadgets.

The original idea was to make sure every Boogeyman has their own special set of tools to catch their assigned humanoids. This decision helped introduce never-before-seen novel tools that young viewers related to on various levels.

In conclusion, with set-making and casting, the production team behind Don’t Look Under the Bed put together a movie that became an instant classic. Johnson’s imaginative and offbeat vision, Edens’s brilliant writing, the cast’s solid performances, along with haunting and iconic sets, have all contributed to the movie’s popularity and cultural significance.

Don’t Look Under the Bed remains a movie that generations of Disney Channel viewers can enjoy. Release:

Don’t Look Under the Bed was released on October 9, 1999, on Disney Channel, and it remains one of the most beloved Disney Channel Original Movies of all time.

After its initial release, the movie was broadcast several times during Halloween seasonal lineups, and it became a regular fixture on the channel. This movie’s legacy continues through streaming services such as Disney+, making it accessible to a new generation of viewers.

The popularity of the movie was partly due to its impressive promotional campaign. Disney utilized a mix of print media, television, and online advertisements to promote the movie before its release.

Posters and billboards were plastered around the nation, and the movie’s trailer was broadcast on Disney Channel’s commercial breaks. The marketing push introduced the film’s characters, skillfully setting the tone and piquing the viewers’ interest.

Don’t Look Under the Bed premiered on Disney Channel on a Saturday night, just one week before Halloween. It went on to become one of the most-watched Disney Channel Original Movies of all time.

After it gained massive popularity, the film was distributed on VHS and DVD in various parts of the world. Disney’s efforts to distribute the film also included a book adaptation of the movie.

The book’s storyline followed the film’s plot and was targeted towards younger viewers. The book was published after the movie was released and served as a great way to keep reminding people of the story and its message.

Interestingly, the movie’s TV-PG rating did cause some controversy among the audience. The movie was deemed too scary for its intended audience of children and was never re-run again on Disney Channel until later years.

Despite the mixed reception, Don’t Look Under the Bed quickly became a cult classic. Some have gone to proclaim it one of the best Halloween movies ever made.

Fans continue to sing praises of the movie’s delightful plot, excellent performances, and exquisite production. It’s been over two decades since it aired on TV, and its nostalgic value continues to rally a significant fan base.

The movie has even become iconic to younger generations who were not fortunate enough to see the movie on its original release. Disney’s decision to host the original films on its new streaming service Disney+ has helped to bring the movie’s legacy to a new generation of viewers.

In conclusion, Don’t Look Under the Bed has lasted over the years due to various factors. The movie’s promotional campaign, alongside its gripping storyline, cast performances, and unforgettable production, have all contributed to its continued popularity among viewers.

As the decades roll by, the film remains a definitive staple of the Halloween season genre and stands as a testament to what Disney Channel Original Movies can be. Soundtrack:

In addition to its gripping storyline, Don’t Look Under the Bed also stands out for its fabulous soundtrack.

The movie’s score was composed by Phil Marshall, who has worked on other popular Disney Channel Original Movies, such as Smart House and The Lion King 1. The movie’s soundtrack included eleven songs, ranging from pop hits to classical arrangements.

One of the most iconic and popular songs from the movie was “Don’t Look Under The Bed,” performed by pop sensation Hilary Duff. The song became phenomenally popular, with some listeners discovering the song many years after the movie’s release.

The opening sequence of the movie featured a popular song that immediately captured the attention of the audience. The sequence, set to the tune of “It’s all Right” by the Impressions, comprised a haunting melody that set the tone for the movie.

The opening scene’s eerie nature, combined with the orchestral and rhythmic arrangement of the music, effectively served as an introduction to the film’s supernatural elements. Additionally, the movie’s soundtrack featured standout pieces like “Expose Yourself” by Motown legends The Temptations, “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band, and “Just For You” by Keith John.

These tracks were strategically placed in the film’s scenes to create an appropriate emotional tone or to enhance the overall mood. Overall, the music selection for the movie cleverly helped to balance the story’s suspense, humor, and drama.

Besides, it was an excellent way to make the movie more accessible and relatable to younger viewers. Another standout aspect of the movie’s soundtrack was its original score.

The film’s score relied heavily on orchestral and choral arrangements, with the music primarily comprising haunting strings and dramatic horns. The music set the mood for each scene, heightening the viewer’s senses, making the terrifying elements even more impactful.

The soundtrack of Don’t Look Under the Bed was also noted for its highlights during the movie’s climactic final scenes. With rising tension and explosive action on-screen, the score increasingly became more dramatic in its pace and composition, becoming grander and grander until it reaches an emotional and thrilling conclusion.

The music helped the viewers to feel the plot’s intensity, amplifying the emotional impact of the various scenes, thus making it a standout feature of the movie. In conclusion, the soundtrack of Don’t Look Under the Bed served as a masterful touch to the movie’s overall production value.

Its clever composition, choice of tracks, and placement in the scenes created a memorable experience for the viewer, adding a layer of emotional depth and drama to the story. The music helped viewers to better connect emotionally with the story’s main theme; bravery, togetherness, and humor in the face of adversity, making it a cult classic that viewers still hold dear to this day.

In conclusion, Don’t Look Under the Bed is a beloved Disney Channel Original Movie that has achieved classic status due to its enthralling plot, great characters, production value, and an unforgettable soundtrack. Its impact remains strong decades later, with its effects visible in popular culture and its steady streaming on Disney Plus.

The article has covered the plot. The production and release of the movie in detail, along with a highlight on the soundtrack.

Here is a list of a few frequently asked questions. FAQs:


What is the movie Don’t Look Under the Bed about? Ans: The movie is about a teenager, Frances, who enlists the help of an imaginary friend, Larry Houdini, to solve a series of supernatural occurrences in her town.

2. Who directed the movie?

Ans: Kenneth Johnson directed the Disney Channel Original Movie Don’t Look Under the Bed. 3.

When was the movie released? Ans: The movie was released on October 9, 1999.

4. Who composed the soundtrack of Don’t Look Under the Bed?

Ans: The movie’s score was composed by Phil Marshall. 5.

What is the MPAA rating for the movie? Ans: The movie was the first Disney Channel original movie to earn a TV-PG rating.

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