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Unearthing the Allure of Bride of Boogedy: A Classic Halloween Movie

Bride of Boogedy is a 1987 television movie that tells the story of a family that moves to the small town of Lucifer Falls. However, they soon discover that the town is haunted by Boogedy, a ghost who terrorizes its residents.

In this article, we’ll dive into the synopsis of the movie, exploring its characters, plot, and themes.


The main characters in Bride of Boogedy are the Davis family, consisting of father Carlton, mother Eloise, daughter Jennifer, and son Corwin. The family moves to Lucifer Falls hoping for a fresh start, but Boogedy’s presence soon makes them regret their decision.

The movie also introduces a few other characters, such as Neil Witherspoon, the town’s historian, and William Hanover, the town mayor, who prove central to the plot and the resolution of the story.


The movie opens in 1936 when Boogedy, a wealthy man, falls in love with a woman named Marion, who is not interested in him. Boogedy becomes obsessed with her and eventually dies of a broken heart.

His ghost haunts the town of Lucifer Falls, and the residents live in fear of Boogedy. In the present day, the Davis family moves to Lucifer Falls and quickly learns of Boogedy’s presence.

Jennifer becomes fascinated with the ghost and starts investigating his story. Along with her brother, Corwin, and their new friend, Tim, Jennifer discovers that Boogedy’s one true love was Marion, who regretted rejecting him after his death.

The Davis family, along with Neil Witherspoon, decides to help Boogedy reunite with Marion’s spirit to break his curse and end his haunting of Lucifer Falls. They plan a ceremony on Halloween, during which Boogedy proposes to Marion, and she accepts.

Boogedy’s ghost disappears, and the town is rid of his presence forever.


Bride of Boogedy explores a few themes, such as the power of forgiveness, the importance of family, and the consequences of obsession. Through Boogedy’s story and his curse, the movie shows how holding onto grudges and resentment can lead to a lonely and unfulfilled life.

The Davis family also learns the importance of working together and supporting one another in times of hardships. Jennifer’s curiosity and determination, Corwin’s bravery, and Eloise’s creativity and resourcefulness all prove necessary to break Boogedy’s curse.


In conclusion, Bride of Boogedy is a captivating and spooky movie that engages its audience with its charming characters, intriguing plot, and haunting theme. Through its story, the movie teaches its viewers important life lessons about family, forgiveness, and the supernatural.

If you’re a fan of Halloween movies and are looking for a trip down memory lane, you can’t go wrong with Bride of Boogedy. Bride of Boogedy, a Halloween-themed television movie, tells the story of the Davis family who relocates to the small town of Lucifer Falls in hopes of a fresh start.

Unfortunately, they soon realize that the town is plagued with a curse, and Boogedy’s ghost haunts the town. Boogedy, who was a wealthy man in life, fell in love with a woman named Marion but was rejected.

Boogedy’s love for Marion and his rejection by her eventually leads him to his death, and his ghost impishly terrorizes the town ever since. The movie’s plot is driven by the curiosity of Jennifer, the Davis family’s daughter.

Jennifer, who is intrigued by the haunting figure of Boogedy, starts to investigate his story along with her younger brother, Corwin, and new friend, Tim. They uncover the story of Boogedy’s undying love for Marion, who lived in Lucifer Falls at the time.

Jennifer’s investigation takes a turn when she discovers Boogedy’s magical cloak, which she believes holds his curse. After accidentally donning the cloak, Jennifer finds herself possessed by Boogedy’s spirit and becomes a threat to herself and those around her.

The scene where Jennifer’s possession terrifies Corwin is one of the many bone-chilling moments in the film. In the climax of the film, Jennifer is freed from Boogedy’s possession, and the Davis family, along with the town historian, Neil Witherspoon, decide to help Boogedy reunite with Marion’s spirit to break his curse and end his haunting of Lucifer Falls.

They conduct a sance in which Boogedy proposes to Marion, and she accepts. Boogedy’s ghost disappears, and the town is rid of his presence forever.

The resolution of the plot delivers an endearing message of love and closure, and the well-executed climax adds to the overall quality of the film. Throughout the movie, the characters are developed in a way that makes the audience care about their lives.

The quirky and idiosyncratic characters in the film add to its charm and keep the audience engaged. Carlton, the father, is a serious and practical person who, despite being extremely skeptical, becomes willing to help Jennifer.

His wife, the creative Eloise, develops a plan to help Boogedy using her love for arts and craft. Jennifer, the leading lady of the film, is a curious young girl determined to uncover the town’s secrets and free Boogedy of his curse.

Her brother, Corwin, compliments her with his bravery and is ready to protect his family from harm’s way. Bride of Boogedy utilizes the concept of possession in a creative way to give it an interesting twist.

The film revolves around love, obsession, and forgiveness, with the theme of the consequences of obsession central to the plot. Boogedy’s obsession with Marion ultimately leads to his death, his curse, and the residents of Lucifer Falls’ fear of him and his impish ideas.

The movie also shows how holding onto grudges ultimately leads to an unfulfilling and isolated life. In conclusion, the Bride of Boogedy has rightfully earned its place as a classic Halloween movie that has stood the test of time.

From its well-crafted plot and developed characters to its message of forgiveness and love, there is something every viewer can enjoy. The film’s spooky atmosphere is enough to make anyone jump, and its nostalgic appeal is sure to captivate people from all age groups.

All in all, this movie is simply a must-watch for any fan of Halloween or horror films. Bride of Boogedy is a 1987 television movie produced by Disney that has become a classic Halloween film since its release.

The movie was directed by Oz Scott, who has a long history in producing and directing television series and movies. The movie’s production history is an interesting one, from its conception to its release, and is a testament to how the right combination of talent and vision can produce an iconic movie.

The idea for Bride of Boogedy originated with Michael Janover, who had previously worked on the 1986 supernatural television movie Mr. Boogedy, which served as a precursor to Bride of Boogedy. Both movies were produced under the banner of Disney Sunday Movie, the movie division of Disney’s TV network.

Janover pitched the concept for Bride of Boogedy, which the producers eventually greenlit. The production team spent several weeks scouting for locations before finally settling on the small town of Ferndale, California, as the filming location.

The town’s picturesque main street and old Victorian-style houses were perfect for the movie’s setting, and the crew spent three months shooting the film in the town. The movie’s music, which plays an essential part in creating a spooky atmosphere, was composed by John Morris, who has an extensive background in scoring music for film and television.

His music for Bride of Boogedy is a gently eerie score that makes the film feel more alive. The music enhances the movie’s suspense and allows the audience to get a sense of the tension.

The production and visual effects team worked together to create a terrifying atmosphere, and it shows in the final movie. The town sets and buildings were spooky enough to create a haunted house feel.

Boogedy’s ghost costume was particularly memorable, with its glowing green light and ghostly appearance creating a lasting impression. The cast of the movie also deserves credit for bringing their best performances to the screen.

Richard Masur, who played Carlton Davis, brought his on-screen gravitas to the character of the responsible father. Mimi Kennedy’s portrayal of Eloise Davis as a creative and resourceful mother was engaging and facilitated the movie’s plot.

David Faustino, as Corwin Davis and Tammy Lauren, as Jennifer Davis, both played their parts excellently and conveyed their youthful curiosity effectively.

The movie’s production team managed to create a horror-themed film that didn’t cross the line of being too terrifying.

The team used cartoonish sound effects and visual gags to disarm the viewer’s fears, making the movie less scary and more of a comedic horror movie. The clever use of suspense, the spooky atmosphere, and the cast’s stupendous performances combined made Bride of Boogedy a classic in its genre.

In conclusion, Bride of Boogedy is a well-produced movie, with great visuals, sound, and acting performances. The movie production captures the spirit of Halloween, and the result is a spooky comedy that delivers an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Its production quality is a testament to how the right combination of talent and vision can create memorable and endearing movies, even when working within a limited budget. With its enduring appeal and staying power, Bride of Boogedy is a classic Halloween movie that’s sure to delight movie lovers for years to come.

Bride of Boogedy, a Halloween-themed movie produced by Disney, aired on television in 1987, and soon after its release, the movie became a classic in the genre. The movie’s release was an unforgettable part of its legacy, from its original broadcast to its later re-releases on DVD.

Upon its release, Bride of Boogedy aired in prime time on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network’s “The Disney Sunday Movie” on April 12th, 1987. The network marketed the movie as a family-oriented, spooky comedy, and its scheduling on a Sunday evening allowed the movie to be viewed by a broad audience.

After its initial broadcast, Bride of Boogedy became a cult classic, mostly for fans of the horror-comedy genre. The movie’s central plot and idiosyncratic characters made it appealing to audiences beyond the Halloween season.

Bride of Boogedy was also considered appropriate entertainment for children, which made it a well-received Halloween movie for family viewing. In 2007, the movie was released on DVD, 20 years following its premier.

The DVD re-release featured a newly remastered version of the movie and bonus features like a making-of documentary and commentary by Oz Scott, the movie’s director. The re-release served as a testament to the movie’s staying power and garnered the viewership of a new generation who got to experience the spooky world of Boogedy.

In 2021, the movie makes a comeback as it becomes available for streaming on Disney+. The digital release of the movie opens another door for new viewership, with the new generation who prefers on-demand streaming services.

The new platform means that viewers from anywhere in the world could watch, re-watch and share about the movie, making it easier for a broader audience to enjoy. The release of the movie on newer platforms allows for easier accessibility for people worldwide, regardless of when or where the movie was produced.

The movie’s release on Disney+ means a new audience and those who wished to relive its charm, can find it arranged under its themes for easy discovery. With its legacy as a classic Halloween favorite, its release on a popular streaming platform brings it back to the mainstream, keeping it relevant for years to come.

In conclusion, the release of Bride of Boogedy on television, DVD, and Disney+ has cemented its reputation as a classic movie. The original network airing of the film, its subsequent DVD release, and its digital release give the movie enduring appeal.

Its availability on streaming platforms has ensured that it reaches a broader audience who wants to connect with family-friendly Halloween content. Whether the movie brought memories of childhood, or one that was found by chance on streaming, the allure of the movie remains present.

Bride of Boogedy has, and will continue to resonate, for years to come, all thanks to its rich legacy tied to its unique release. The memorable soundtrack of Bride of Boogedy played a critical role in creating an atmosphere that perfectly fit the movie’s scary yet comedic tone.

The film’s score, created by John Morris, is a blend of suspenseful and eerie tunes that evoke a spooky atmosphere, bringing to life Boogedy’s ghostly character and the small-town setting of Lucifer Falls. From the opening credits, the movie’s synthesizer-heavy music sets the stage of suspense and hints at the supernatural themes that the film incorporates.

Morris’s sound direction is superb in building the movie’s atmosphere, using soundscapes and eerie sound effects to create a haunting ambiance as Boogedy appears on-screen, emerging from the shadows. The music underscores the audience’s fear of the ghost without making the movie too scary for younger audiences.

The memorable opening song, “Boogedy Boogedy,” sung by actress Tammy Lauren, who played Jennifer Davis in the movie, became one of the most memorable tunes within the movie. The young actress’s voice delivered a catchy song that delighted the audience while introducing the spooky Boogedy character.

The soundtrack’s eerie music is most apparent during the numerous suspenseful moments in the film. The sinister tunes capture both the ghostly sounds and the supernatural environment of the film’s small-town setting, raising the suspense as the story unfolds.

Morris ensconces the film’s themes at the heart of the majority of the music as it sets the tone for every scene in the movie. The soundtrack also captures the playful vibe of the movie, blending in comedic soundscapes, such as when Boogedy creates mischief, or the kids engage in their exploration of the cursed town.

The playful jingles were in contrast to the haunting tunes Boogedy’s and the older characters’ more serious scenes, adding to the overall balance of the film. The music also complemented the movie’s themes of forgiveness, love, and family, emphasizing the relationships between the characters.

Morris cleverly integrates the haunting music with a softer, more tender melody that plays during the resolution scene, emphasizing the triumph over the haunting specter and the importance of love and family in breaking the curse and defeating Boogedy. In conclusion, the soundtrack of Bride of Boogedy is an integral part of the movie, designed to evoke the fear and comedy themes underlying the film.

From the memorable opening song to the superbly composed score, the soundtrack adds tremendous value to the overall viewing experience of the movie. Morris’s music underlines the film’s themes and brings the haunting world of Lucifer Falls and Boogedy’s spooky advent to life.

The soundtrack is a testament to Morris’s talent as a composer and his ability to synthesize sounds to create a rich and memorable score that has stood the test of time. In conclusion, Bride of Boogedy is a must-watch for anyone searching for a classic Halloween movie that combines suspense and comedy.

The movie’s plot, production, soundtrack, and release contribute to its status as a beloved classic that continues to captivate audiences even years after its release. The movie presents relatable themes such as forgiveness, love, and family, helping it become a timeless classic.


1. What is Bride of Boogedy about?

Bride of Boogedy tells the story of a family that moves to Lucifer Falls and discovers that the town is haunted by a ghost named Boogedy. 2.

Who directed Bride of Boogedy? The movie was directed by Oz Scott, who has a long history in producing and directing television series and movies.

3. Is Bride of Boogedy a scary movie?

Bride of Boogedy is a horror-comedy movie, so while it has some scary moments, it’s not too terrifying for most viewers. 4.

What is the significance of the movie’s soundtrack? The movie’s soundtrack complements the eerie atmosphere and comedy of the film, adding value and balance to the viewing experience.

5. When was Bride of Boogedy released, and on what platform is it currently available?

Bride of Boogedy was released on television in 1987, and the DVD re-release in 2007. Currently, you can stream it on Disney+.

6. What themes does Bride of Boogedy explore?

Bride of Boogedy explores themes of family, love, forgiveness, and the consequences of obsession. 7.

Should I watch Bride of Boogedy? Absolutely! The movie has become a cult classic in the horror/comedy genre and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a fun Halloween movie with a memorable twist.

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