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Unconventional Hero: Exploring Fagin’s Character in Oliver & Company

Disney Character: Fagin

Fagin is a well-known Disney character who appeared in the animated movie “Oliver & Company” in 1988. He is a charismatic leader and an interesting character with a lot of layers to his personality.

Topic 1: Personality

Fagin is a kind-hearted character who has a soft corner for all the orphaned animals. He acts as a kind of father figure to all of them.

He is also a great leader, as he sends his gang out to work together to accomplish goals. Fagin is often depicted as paranoid and nervous, as he fears for the safety of his friends.

He is a bit obsessed with money, as he struggles to keep his gang fed and safe from danger. He is also shown to be cunning and clever as he comes up with a plan to rescue Oliver when he gets kidnapped.

Fagin is also a bit sentimental, as he holds onto a photo of his mother, reminding him of a happier time in his life. Topic 2: Appearance

Fagin is portrayed as a tall, thin man with unkempt grey hair and a beard.

He wears a brown hat and jacket, complete with blue jeans and sneakers. He has a large nose and somewhat droopy eyes that give him a tired appearance.

He also wears a red scarf around his neck and has a scruffy appearance overall. In conclusion, Fagin is a multifaceted character who has a lot of personality and adds depth to the story.

His appearance further emphasizes his rough exterior, making him an endearing and relatable character that audiences can root for. Disney Character: Fagin

Fagin is a crucial character in the Disney movie, “Oliver & Company.” He is an essential part of the plot because he is the reason why Oliver the cat becomes a part of his gang.

Fagin provides a crucial lifeline and support system for these abandoned animals. Fagin’s occupation is an interesting one.

He is known for being a petty thief, but his gang comprises abandoned animals that he has taken under his wing. Fagin’s kind-hearted nature makes the audience root for him despite his occupation.

Topic 3: Feature Films or Shows

Fagin has only appeared in “Oliver & Company,” which is a part of Disney’s classic collection. This heart-warming movie follows a gang of dogs and one cat who work together to survive on the streets of New York.

Fagin is a crucial part of the story as he provides a home for these animals who have nowhere else to go. His character serves as one of the main driving forces behind the plot.

Topic 4: Occupation

Fagin’s job is unclear as he appears to be a petty thief. However, his love for his gang and their well-being make him into more of a parent figure rather than a criminal mastermind.

He takes care of all of his gang members, feeds them, provides them with shelter and even spends time teaching them how to survive and fend for themselves. Topic 5: Likes and Dislikes

Fagin is shown to have a love for money, food, and music.

His fondness for music is shown throughout the film, as he plays the accordion and sings to his gang to lift their spirits. However, Fagin is shown to deeply despise Sykes, a powerful criminal who threatens him into repaying a large sum of debt.

Overall, Fagin’s character in “Oliver & Company” adds a level of depth and complexity to the story that would be hard to match without him. The humble background of being a petty thief was transformed into a heart-warming leader who took in abandoned animals and provided them with a loving home.

In conclusion, Fagin is a well-loved character in the Disney collection, known for his kind-hearted nature and his unconventional occupation. His appearance and personality are multifaceted, and he adds depth to the story, providing a loving home for Oliver and his gang.

Fagin’s character serves as a reminder that true goodness comes from within and that even unlikely heroes can transform lives for the better. Check out some frequently asked questions below to learn more about Fagin.


Q: Which movie or show does Fagin appear in? A: Fagin appears in the Disney movie, “Oliver & Company.”

Q: What is Fagin’s occupation?

A: Fagin is known for being a petty thief, but he is more of a parent figure than a criminal mastermind. Q: What are Fagin’s likes and dislikes?

A: Fagin loves music, money, and food. He deeply dislikes Sykes, a powerful criminal who threatens him with debt.

Q: Who is Fagin to his gang? A: Fagin serves as a father figure to all the abandoned animals in his gang, providing them with shelter, food, and a loving home.

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