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Time-Traveling Medieval Knights Cause Chaos in Modern-Day Chicago: Just Visiting

Just Visiting: A Time-Travel Comedy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? Just imagine stepping into a time machine and being transported back to the medieval times.

Thats exactly what happens in the 2001 comedy movie, Just Visiting. Director Jean-Marie Poire takes us on an exciting journey filled with humor, love, and adventure.

The movie follows the story of a powerful knight, Count Thibault (Jean Reno) and his loyal servant, Andre (Christian Clavier) who are transported from 12th century France to present-day Chicago. The time machine, built by the Counts wizard, malfunctioned, and instead of bringing them back home, they find themselves in modern times.

At first, the Count and Andre are overwhelmed by the new world they find themselves in. They encounter cars, telephones, and even fast food.

As they try to find their way home, they cause a stir everywhere they go. They visit a museum and see their own armor on display, mistake a car for the devil before eventually being arrested by the police.

Their troubles dont just end with getting arrested. The Count is engaged to Lady Rosalind (Christina Applegate) back in the 12th century, and she will not be happy if he does not return.

Meanwhile, Andre falls in love with a museum curator, Angelique (Tara Reid), who helps them navigate the modern world and find a way back home. As they try to find a way back home, the Count and Andre cause chaos everywhere they go, even accidentally starting a fire in a supermarket.

Despite their bumbling, they manage to win the hearts of those around them, including Angeliques grandmother, who mistakes the Count for a holy man. One of the highlights of the movie is the dynamic between the Count and Andre.

The Count is a stern, no-nonsense person who struggles to adapt to the modern world. Meanwhile, Andre is a bumbling and hilarious character, whose antics and slapstick comedy sparks laughter throughout the movie.

Just Visiting is a light-hearted comedy that blends time travel, romance, and adventure. Its the perfect movie for anyone who enjoys laughing and enjoys watching two bumbling medieval men trying to navigate the modern world.

In conclusion, Just Visiting is a timeless comedy that will have you laughing from start to finish. From the moment the Count and Andre find themselves in modern-day Chicago to the unexpected twist at the end, this movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves time-travel movies.

So, get ready to travel back in time with Count Thibault and Andre and enjoy the ride!

Just Visiting is one of those movies that promises a great time to its audience with its unique approach to time-traveling. The plotline of the movie is captivating and provides a good balance between humor and adventure.

When Count Thibault and Andre find themselves stranded in modern-day Chicago, they soon realize that they will need to find a way back to their own time. The duo embarks on a mission to find a wizard who can help them return to their era.

They soon discover that his descendants are living in town, which leads them to the journey of meeting a psychic descendant of the wizard named Julia (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras). The duo convinces Julia to help them, but things quickly get complicated when they realize that she has her own agenda.

Julia wants to use the Count’s ring, which has magical powers, for her own gain. She insists that if they want her assistance, they must help her retrieve a valuable diamond ring in return.

Julia leads them to a mansion, where they are meant to steal the diamond ring. The Count and Andre struggle with the notion of stealing, but as they attempt to retrieve it, they are met with the property’s security guards.

A chaos ensues, resulting in the duo’s capture. While the Count and Andre are held in jail, the engagement ring, which the Count brought with him to return to Lady Rosalind, is taken from them.

The ring exchanged for the stolen diamond ring. Julia leaves the duo in jail, but Angelique bails them out.

Julia and the Count eventually come face-to-face, and the truth is revealed. In addition, Lady Rosalind arrives in Chicago, with the hope of finally being reunited with the Count.

However, she soon finds out that Julia had been posing as her, with the determination to marry the Count, taking the ring and abandoning the mission of helping the duo return home. The Count must sort through his love interests, and his sense of duty to Lady Rosalind while discovering his feelings for Angelique.

The film concludes with the Count and Andre successfully returning to their era, with Andre taking Angelique with him, and the Count marrying Lady Rosalind. Just Visiting is a hilariously wrought journey filled with quirky characters, unlikely scenarios, and the true sense of adventure that time-traveling can evoke.

The comedy is feel-good and cheerful, and the plotline is an enjoyable one that leaves many viewers content. In conclusion, the plot of Just Visiting is a wild ride that manages to strike a great balance between comedy, adventure, and romance with its unique twists and turns.

The story is one of discovery and self-realization, where the main character, Count Thibault, learns the value of love, friendship, and trust, while navigating a strange world. The combination of great comedic timing, slapstick humor, and a heartwarming storyline makes this movie an enjoyable one for viewers of all ages.

Just Visiting, directed by Jean-Marie Poire, is a 2001 time-travel comedy movie that was produced by the French film company, Gaumont. The film’s production was handled by a team of skilled professionals, including talented actors, producers, writers, and creative crew members.

The movie was filmed in several locations in Paris, France, and in Chicago, Illinois. The shots used in the film showcased some of Paris most iconic locations, including the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The crew also scouted for the perfect setting for the mansion scene, which was filmed in a historic Chicago home. Moreover, the team ensured that the scenes in both eras were well-constructed to look as authentic as possible.

The lead roles of Count Thibault and Andre were played by Jean Reno and Christian Clavier, respectively. The duo was perfectly cast, and they brought their years of talent to full use in portraying their respective characters.

Tara Reid and Christina Applegate played the roles of Angelique and Lady Rosalind, respectively, making the film’s cast an ensemble of talented actors. The film’s screenplay was written by the film’s director, Jean-Marie Poire, and its producers, Christian Clavier and Jean-Marie Poire.

The script was witty and well-written, using modern era references that allowed a humorous and interesting contrast with the old French times. The movie’s soundtrack was composed by John Powell, who created a beautiful score that added a magical touch to the time-traveling storyline.

Powell is an accomplished composer known for his participation in soundtracks for popular movies like Shrek and The Martian. In addition, the production design team helped capture the essence of the medieval era and modern times by creating authentic costumes for the characters, set designs, and props.

The art director was responsible for the majesty of the Count’s castle, which was seen immensely in the opening scenes, and the museum was perfectly styled with artifacts and interactive exhibits. Furthermore, Julias modern-day apartment was a perfect example of how a psychic wizard’s residence would look in someones interpretation.

Finally, Just Visiting’s post-production was as significant as its production. The film’s editors, Catherine Kelber, and Pauline Cassone had to create a seamless transition between the 12th century and present-day Chicago.

They also had to ensure that viewers could follow the complexities of the story without losing its comedy appeal. In conclusion, Just Visiting is a prime example of what teamwork, creativity, and excellent acting can accomplish in creating a unique, humorous storyline.

The movie’s production was handled by a skilled team, and its success lies in the choices made by the film’s producers, writers, actors, and crew. The production design elements, authentic costumes, well-written screenplay, and quality post-production efforts were all expertly handled to create a film with a lasting impact.

The final production of Just Visiting is a testimony to what can be achieved when the various elements of filmmaking are done expertly, and everyone is working towards a common goal. Just Visiting was released in the U.S. on April 6th, 2001, by Hollywood Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

The movie was released as a PG-13 film due to some sexual references and language. It received a mixed reception and grossed around $16 million in the box office which did not cover its production budget, which was approximately $40 million.

The film received mixed reviews, with some critics praising the unique concept, humor, and performances by the cast, while others found the storyline weak and failed to resonate with viewers. Nevertheless, Just Visiting remains a comedy favorite for a robust cult following to date.

Marketing and promotion strategies used for the film included trailers, posters, and print advertising in magazines and newspapers. Furthermore, a press tour was done by the cast to promote the movie, including interviews on TV talk shows.

Although it did not hit the box office as expected, it went on to find a new audience through its home video and DVD release. The film’s eventual success was in home rentals and DVD sales, and it became a cult classic among fans of time-travel comedies.

The movie’s success after its release corroborates the adage, slow and steady wins the race. The movie’s DVD was released on October 16th, 2001, and it was a commercial success.

The DVD includes bonus content such as behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, and the movie’s trailer. It was also released on VHS.

Just Visiting was later adapted into a television series titled, ‘Les Visiteurs: La Revolution.’ This series was produced by Gaumont Television for French TV and had a new set of actors who played the main characters. It was then available in the US for DVD purchase or rental.

In 2020, there were reports that Just Visiting will be remade with a new cast, with a script by Scot Armstrong and Ryan Engle. The movie is set to be released by Lionsgate Motion Pictures, but news of its release date remains unknown.

In conclusion, Just Visiting may not have been a box office hit, but it has stood the test of time and has made its way into cult status. The movie’s DVD and home video release gained popularity over time, eventually making its mark among time-travel comedy viewers.

The film was able to find its audience and become a fan favorite after its release. Just Visiting’s possible remake by Lionsgate is something fans are eagerly anticipating, suggesting that the movie lives on, continuing to capture the hearts of viewers.

The Just Visiting soundtrack was composed by John Powell, who is also known for his work in the soundtracks of other renowned movies such as Shrek and The Bourne Identity. The soundtrack is an essential element of the movie, playing a pivotal role in creating the right mood and tone for the story.

The Just Visiting soundtrack features a blend of medieval and modern music that represents the contrasts between the respective eras. The soundtrack features classical music from the 12th century such as “In Seculum” by Hildegard of Bingen and Gregorian chants like “Nunc Dimittis.” These songs were arranged by Powell and played by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Additionally, modern music from various artists such as Smash Mouth, The Wiseguys, and Vitamin C were included.

The memorable use of the song “Out of Control” by Hoobastank in the scene where the Count drives a car for the first time, added humor, and perfectly matched the scene.

In contrast, the classical music in other scenes helped convey the mood of the medieval era, creating an atmosphere that immersed the viewers into the story. Powell created a score that utilized various sounds to perfectly suit the film.

He used a wide range of instruments, including brass, string, percussion, and woodwind, to create a sound that was lively, whimsical and, at times, epic. The soundtrack’s medieval music element consists of synthesized organs and strings, which add authenticity to the sound, capturing the essence of a medieval world.

The opening of the score features a powerful and epic orchestral composition that establishes the medieval France scene. The music’s grandeur effectively portrays the Count’s status and importance, while the use of a choir helps to add emotion to the scene.

The soundtrack of Just Visiting plays an essential role in enhancing the underlying theme of the story. The double identity of the Count and Julia’s roles and their roles is presented in different styles of music.

Julia’s character is represented in a fast-paced and synthetic-based beat, while the Count’s character has slow-paced classical music. The combination of the two music genres creates a fantastic contrast between the modern era and the medieval era.

In conclusion, the Just Visiting soundtrack is a masterpiece, expertly tailored to the film’s storyline, conveying the perfect musical essence for both the medieval and present-day eras. The combination of classical and modern music creates a beautiful contrast that is unique and refreshing.

John Powell’s exceptional music arrangements and his inspiration from medieval and modern beats make the soundtrack stand out. The score evokes the right emotions and perfectly captures the essence of the movie.

The Just Visiting soundtrack is an example of when the right music blends with the film’s themes and makes the movie more impactful. In conclusion, Just Visiting is a cult classic that has stood the test of time.

The movie’s unique storyline, combined with great performances, creative production design, and an amazing soundtrack, make it an entertainer that has garnered a dedicated fan following. The story of two medieval men finding themselves in a modern world is both hilarious and heartwarming, with the film demonstrating that a movie does not have to be a box office hit to remain significant.

Here are some FAQs to address commonly discussed topics about the movie. FAQs:

Q: Who played the lead roles in Just Visiting?

A: Jean Reno played Count Thibault, and Christian Clavier played Andre, his loyal servant. Q: Who directed Just Visiting?

A: Jean-Marie Poire directed the movie. Q: What is the film’s genre?

A: Just Visiting is a time-travel comedy movie. Q: When was the movie released?

A: Just Visiting was released in the U.S. on April 6th, 2001. Q: Was Just Visiting successful commercially?

A: The movie was not a commercial success during its theatrical release; however, it later became a cult classic through home video and DVD sales. Q: Who composed the soundtrack of the movie?

A: John Powell composed the soundtrack of Just Visiting. Q: Is there a remake of Just Visiting in the works?

A: Yes, there are reports of a Just Visiting remake in progress by Lionsgate Motion Pictures.

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