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The Young Loner: Finding Belonging Through Skateboarding

The Young Loner is a movie that tells the story of a high school student named Travis who is a bit of an outcast. He has no friends and no social life outside of school, and he spends most of his time alone.

But when he discovers a love for skateboarding, he finds a way to connect with other people and finally starts to feel like he belongs. In this article, we’ll explore the plot of The Young Loner and why it’s worth watching.


The movie opens with Travis (played by Sawyer Barth) walking alone to school. He doesn’t interact with anyone on the way, and when he gets to school, he’s ignored by his classmates.

During lunch, he sits alone and draws in his sketchbook. After school, he goes home to his single mother, who is usually too busy working to spend much time with him.

One day, while walking home from school, Travis sees a group of skateboarders in a nearby park. He’s intrigued by their skill and the freedom they seem to have while skating.

He goes home and watches videos of skateboarding on the internet, and soon he’s hooked. He buys a skateboard and starts practicing, falling down repeatedly at first but gradually getting better.

While skating in the park one day, Travis meets a girl named Robin (played by Sofia Happonen) who also loves to skate. She’s friendly and inclusive, and she introduces Travis to the other skaters in the group.

At first, Travis is nervous about hanging out with them, but he soon realizes that they accept him for who he is. They teach him new skating tricks, and he starts to feel like he belongs.

One day, the group decides to enter a skateboarding competition. Travis is hesitant at first, but with the encouragement of his new friends, he agrees to compete.

The competition is intense, but Travis puts on an impressive performance, impressing the judges and his fellow skaters. He realizes that he’s finally found something he’s good at, and he’s proud of himself for the first time in a long time.


The Young Loner touches on a number of important themes, including the importance of finding your passion, the power of friendship, and the struggle to fit in. Travis feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere, but when he discovers skateboarding, he finds a community that accepts him for who he is.

This is a powerful message for young people who may feel like outcasts in their own lives. The movie also explores the idea that everyone has something they’re good at, even if they don’t know it yet.

Travis never thought of himself as a skilled athlete, but when he discovers skateboarding, he finds a talent he never knew he had. This is a reminder that it’s important to keep trying new things and exploring new interests.


Overall, The Young Loner is a moving and inspiring movie that is well worth watching. It tells a universal story of finding your place in the world and discovering what you’re capable of.

For anyone who has ever felt like an outcast, this movie is a powerful reminder that there is always a community out there waiting to welcome you. The Young Loner is a movie about self-discovery and overcoming the feeling of being an outsider.

Travis has always struggled to fit in and make friends, but his love for skateboarding provides him with a sense of purpose and belonging. The plot of the movie follows Travis on his journey of self-discovery and the obstacles he faces along the way.

One of the primary obstacles that Travis faces is the disapproval of his mother. She sees skateboarding as a dangerous and reckless activity and doesn’t understand why Travis is so passionate about it.

Travis’s relationship with his mother is strained and they struggle to communicate effectively. This creates a sense of isolation for Travis, as he feels like he can’t share his interests and passions with the one person who should be there to support him.

Another obstacle that Travis faces is the pressure to conform to social norms. In high school, there is an unspoken hierarchy of popularity, with certain groups of people considered cooler and more desirable to be friends with.

Travis never quite fits in with any of these groups, which only amplifies his feelings of isolation and loneliness. However, when he starts skating with Robin and the other skaters, he begins to realize that he doesn’t need to conform to anyone else’s standards.

He can be himself, and that’s enough. Throughout the movie, Travis’s relationship with Robin evolves from a skating buddy to a close friend.

Robin is an important figure in Travis’s life because she is the one who introduces him to the world of skateboarding. She’s also the first person who genuinely accepts him for who he is and doesn’t judge him.

When Travis is hesitant to enter the skateboarding competition, Robin helps him believe in himself and his abilities. Their friendship is a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is one person to make a difference in our lives.

The skateboarding competition is a pivotal moment in the movie. Travis has never competed before, and he’s nervous about whether he’ll do well or not.

However, when he steps onto the course, he channels all of his energy and passion into his skating and gives a performance that impresses the judges and his fellow skaters. For the first time, Travis feels proud of himself and his abilities.

The skateboarding competition is a metaphor for the power of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. The ending of the movie is bittersweet.

Travis finally feels like he belongs somewhere, and he has genuine connections with people who accept him. However, he knows that he will soon be leaving for college, and he may not see these people again.

Despite this, Travis has a newfound sense of confidence and self-esteem that will stay with him for the rest of his life. The ending of the movie is a reminder that sometimes, the most meaningful connections are fleeting, but the experiences we have with others can shape us in profound ways.

In conclusion, The Young Loner is a coming-of-age movie that explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and overcoming obstacles. The plot follows Travis on his journey of finding his passion for skateboarding and the sense of belonging that comes with it.

The obstacles he faces, such as disapproval from his mother and pressure to conform to social norms, ultimately make his journey more meaningful. His relationship with Robin and his success in the skateboarding competition are powerful moments that illustrate the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and believing in yourself.

Though the movie’s ending is bittersweet, the lessons that Travis learns throughout the movie will stay with him for the rest of his life. The production of The Young Loner is an impressive feat, particularly considering that it is an independent movie with a relatively low budget.

Despite these limitations, the movie manages to create a compelling and immersive world that draws the audience in and keeps them engaged throughout. One of the most impressive aspects of the production is the use of skateboarding as a central theme.

Skating scenes are shot to create an adrenaline-fuelled effect that places audiences inside the world of skateboarding while providing the viewer with a sensory experience. The camera angles are cleverly placed to capture the movement of the skateboard, as well as the skill and technique of the actors.

The camera movement during these scenes is also impressive, with steady cams and slow-motion shots that highlight the skill of Travis and the other skaters. As these shots are part of the main story, they help to make the skating more than just a setting of a teen movie.

In addition to the skating scenes, the film also uses a range of visual techniques to convey the protagonist’s emotions. For instance, the camera is used to reflect Travis’s alienation.

The camera remains static on him, creating a sense of isolation and underscoring his feelings of detachment from the world around him. Similarly, the film uses colour to create specific moods.

When Travis is alone, the color scheme of the film’s environments are monochromatic, symbolizing his lack of connection with the world. When he is with the other skaters, the colour scheme becomes more lively, conveying the sense of renewal he feels when he’s with them.

These visual techniques work to reinforce the themes of the movie, adding depth and meaning to the overall experience. The acting in The Young Loner is also particularly strong.

Sawyer Barth gives an outstanding performance as Travis, portraying the character’s emotional complexity with sensitivity and authenticity. His acting style accurately captures the psyche of a teenager struggling to find his place in the world.

Sofia Happonen, who plays Robin, also gives a great performance, presenting a girl who sees the heart that Travis possesses behind his cold exterior. The dialogue in the film is well-written, particularly the interactions between Travis and his mother.

The script is realistic, nailing the conversational nuances of a parent-child relationship and other social encounters. Despite its low budget, The Young Loner features a great soundtrack that perfectly complements the movie’s themes.

The music is energetic and captures the adolescent spirit of the film. Notably, some of the music is even performed by the actors themselves, adding an additional level of authenticity.

In conclusion, The Young Loner is an inspiring and well-produced independent film that effectively captures the adolescent experience. The production team does an excellent job of creating an immersive world that places the audience directly inside the story.

The visual techniques, music, and acting add to the realism of the story, driving home the themes of self-discovery, friendship, and overcoming obstacles that are so central to the movie’s story. In combination, these production elements make The Young Loner more than just another teen movie; they make it a genuine cinematic experience.

The Young Loner was released in 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Despite its small budget and independent production, the film received a great deal of attention, both for its message and the quality of its production.

The release of The Young Loner took place in a somewhat unconventional environment, but this context seemed to make the movie even more poignant and resonant with audiences in a time of social isolation. The release of the film was disrupted, however, as theaters around the world were closed or under-utilized due to public safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Consequently, The Young Loner was released online as a streaming video. This move brought the film to the homes of individuals and families who were unable to leave their homes during quarantine.

The film took on a new meaning, telling a story of the powerful yearning we have to be connected to others during a time when this was not possible. Despite all the restrictions due to Covid-19, The Young Loner’s online release was a big success.

It was available across several online streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play, making it easily accessible for millions of people around the world. This catapulted a relatively unknown independent film into the spotlight, becoming one of the most popular films during the pandemic.

One of the key reasons for the film’s success was the relevance of the story and the message in the time of social isolation and disconnection. Teenagers around the world could resonate with the story of Travis, a young man who could not find a place in society.

By discovering his love for skateboarding, Travis finds a group of people who accept him for who he is. The film underscores the importance of human connection and the role that friendships play in our lives.

Not only did the film provide a source of excitement for teenagers stuck at home, but it gave many viewers a renewed appreciation for personal connections, serving as a positive reminder of the importance of these connections when we can’t enjoy them. The lack of a theatrical release appears to have made little difference to the film’s success in reach and impact.

The Young Loner premiered online as a non-theatrical release but garnered attention and praise from critics and audiences worldwide. In conclusion, despite the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the release of The Young Loner managed to capture a moment in time where the value of human connections became more apparent than ever.

The film’s release and surge in popularity online introduced the story and its message to a wider audience. Though operating outside the traditional distribution channels may have been viewed as a disadvantage, the compelling and relevant story of The Young Loner resonated with audiences around the world.

Despite being an independent production, the powerful message of the film and the quality of its production ensured that it was seen, discussed, and appreciated by thousands of viewers worldwide. The Young Loner’s soundtrack is a notable feature of the film, and it’s worthy of discussion on its own.

The soundtrack authentically captures the spirit of the rebellious youth, creating a frenetic and energetic atmosphere that perfectly complements the film’s themes. The soundtrack features songs from a range of contemporary artists, with an emphasis on punk and indie rock.

Songs such as “Watch Me” by Bella Thorne and “Twenty Below” by Tiny Moving Parts, provide a rocking backdrop for Travis’s skateboarding scenes, serving to pump up the energy and excitement of the film. One of the most notable aspects of The Young Loner’s soundtrack is the use of original music composed by Mathew F.

Leonetti Jr and Hayden J. Frank.

These tracks add depth and authenticity to the film, giving the score a distinctly punk rock feel that is evocative of the film’s themes and settings. The use of original music is particularly effective when it comes to illustrating the emotional struggles of the protagonist as he tries to find his place in the world.

Some of the original songs in the soundtrack are the Emo-punk Dont be That Way by Adventure Set and Waste of Time by Taylor Janzen, a rock anthem of self-discovery that emphasizes the importance of finding one’s path in life. These original songs complement the film’s themes of finding oneself, exploring one’s passion and purpose, and finding one’s place in the world.

One of the highlights of the film’s musical score is its instrumentals. The percussion and electric guitar pick notes resonate with the audience, making them feel like they are becoming a part of the movie’s vibrant energy every time they watch the film.

For instance, the score’s opening music conveys a sense of isolation before giving way to fast-paced music once the skateboarding scenes start. The crashing of the drums and the electric guitar riffs summarize the film’s very essence, bringing Travis and his skateboarding skills to life.

Overall, the soundtrack of The Young Loner is a strong feature of the film, capturing the rebellious youth culture and the punk rock sounds that accompany it. The soundtrack, in combination with the visuals, acting, and storytelling, presents a powerful coming-of-age story that appeals to a wide audience.

The decision to include original music speaks of the production team’s commitment to providing an authentic punk rock atmosphere. The music adds depth to the film, creating a sense of emotional resonance that is integral to the story being told.

The music is one of the many reasons why the film stands out among other teen films, and it is a testament to the thought and care that went into its production. In conclusion, The Young Loner is a powerful, coming-of-age film that is more than just another teen movie.

It authentically captures the struggles of adolescence and the importance of finding oneself and forging meaningful friendships. The production was impressive given the films budget, featuring skilled acting, effective visual techniques, and a rocking soundtrack.

Despite an unconventional release in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the film’s message and relevance resonated with viewers worldwide. Ultimately, The Young Loner serves as a testament to the power of human connection, the importance of finding one’s place, and the beauty of self-discovery.


Q: What is the plot of The Young Loner? A: The movie tells the story of an isolated high school student named Travis who, after discovering his love for skateboarding, finds a community that accepts him and learns to believe in himself.

Q: What themes are explored in the film? A: The Young Loner explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, belonging, and overcoming obstacles.

Q: What is significant about the film’s production? A: Despite its small budget, the film’s production features impressive visual techniques, rocking soundtrack, and skilled acting.

Q: What is unique about the film’s soundtrack? A: The soundtrack authentically captures the spirit of rebellious youth, containing both original compositions and contemporary punk and indie rock tracks.

Q: How was The Young Loner released? A: The film was released online as a streaming video, making it easily accessible to people around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q: Why has The Young Loner garnered attention? A: The film has garnered widespread attention due to its powerful message, successful production, and its relevance in the current moment of lockdowns and social distancing, when human connection is more important than ever.

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