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The Timeless Classic: The Hockey Champ – An Animated Gem

Hockey has always been a beloved sport among Canadians, and for good reasons. It is fast-paced, full of action and passion and requires a great deal of athleticism.

However, hockey is more than just a sport. It is a symbol of national pride and a way of life.

That is why movies about hockey are so important to the Canadian film industry. One such movie is the Hockey Champ.


The Hockey Champ is a short animated movie released in 1939, directed by Jack King and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The movie follows the story of Goofy as he tries to score a goal against his longtime rival, the brutish Black Pete.

The movie begins with Goofy and Pete participating in a pickup hockey game. Goofy, being a bit clumsy and awkward on the ice, is having a hard time keeping up with the other players.

But he is determined to improve his skating skill and prove himself to be a viable player. The story then takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of slapstick humour as Goofy tries to hone his skills, becoming the team’s unlikely hero in the end.

Along with the fun-ride, the movie also infuses some values and life lessons like the importance of persistence and sportsmanship. Throughout the movie, both Goofy and Pete display their contrasting personalities.

While Goofy is a down-to-earth and good-hearted player who gives the game his all, Pete is a bully who tries to cheat his way to the top. It’s a classic story of good versus evil but with a hockey twist.

The animation style used in the Hockey Champ is clean and simple, yet manages to convey a lot. The character designs are top-notch, with Goofy’s signature buck teeth and Pete’s muscular frame lending themselves well to their respective personalities.


In conclusion, the Hockey Champ is a well-crafted movie that showcases the sport of hockey in an engaging, light-hearted manner. It’s a perfect example of how sports movies can convey important values with a touch of humour.

The movie’s legacy has continued to this day, with Goofy’s character being used as a mascot by various hockey teams worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of hockey or not, the Hockey Champ is a movie that’s worth watching.

The Hockey Champ is a classic animated short that tells the story of Goofy, a lovable but clumsy character who is determined to become a hockey champion. Although the movie is only a little over seven minutes long, it packs a lot of action, humour, and heart into its brief runtime.

The movies plot revolve around Goofy and his rival, Black Pete, who are both part of a hockey team that competes in amateur games. Goofy is eager to become a star player, but he has a few obstacles to overcome.

For one, he is not a particularly skilled skater, and he frequently falls or collides with other players. Additionally, he has to contend with Black Pete, who is a physically imposing and aggressive player that often tries to bully Goofy.

Despite these challenges, Goofy is determined to succeed. He spends hours practicing his skating and puck handling skills, often with hilarious results.

For instance, he tries to glide like a figure skater and ends up spinning out of control. He also tries to learn how to stop on the ice, but he repeatedly crashes into the boards.

However, Goofy doesnt give up, and his perseverance eventually pays off when he discovers a hidden talent. One day, during a game against a rival team, Goofy unwittingly becomes the teams secret weapon.

As he chases after the puck, he accidentally knocks several opposing players out of the way with his clumsy flailing. Eventually, he barrels into the goalie and knocks the entire net off its moorings, scoring a goal in the process.

The crowd goes wild, and Black Pete begrudgingly admits that Goofy has become a hockey champ. The Hockey Champ has many qualities that make it a timeless classic.

For one, it has a universal appeal that transcends age and cultural barriers. The movies slapstick humour and physical comedy are accessible to all audiences, regardless of their background or language.

Moreover, the characters of Goofy and Black Pete are instantly recognizable and relatable. Nearly everyone has felt like an underdog at some point in their lives, and nearly everyone has encountered a bully like Black Pete.

The movies animation is also noteworthy, featuring clean lines and expressive movements that bring the characters to life. Each character has a unique silhouette and a distinct way of moving that reflects their personality.

For instance, Goofys slouching posture and flailing limbs convey his awkwardness and lack of confidence, while Black Petes hulking frame and aggressive gestures convey his dominance and intimidation. Finally, The Hockey Champ has a clear moral lesson that is conveyed subtly but effectively.

The movie encourages viewers to persevere, work hard, and believe in themselves, even when facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Additionally, it shows the importance of sportsmanship and fair play, as exemplified by Goofys refusal to cheat or play dirty, even when facing a tough opponent like Black Pete.

In conclusion, The Hockey Champ is a delightful animated short that celebrates the joy of hockey and the triumph of the underdog. Through its lovable characters, hilarious comedy, and inspiring message, the movie has resonated with audiences for generations.

It is a testament to the power of animation to touch the hearts and minds of people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether youre a fan of hockey or just love great storytelling, The Hockey Champ is a movie thats sure to score a goal in your heart.

The Hockey Champ, a classic animated short film released in 1939, was a product of the creative geniuses at Walt Disney Productions. The film was directed by Jack King, who was known for his keen eye for comedic timing and characterization.

The main character, Goofy, had already become a popular character in other short films for the studio, and his burgeoning popularity led to the film’s production. The production of the Hockey Champ was a combination of traditional animation techniques and innovative new technologies.

The animators started by sketching out the storyboard, which was then refined into an animatic, which is simply a rough version of the movie that shows the scenes in sequence with simple animated movements. This enabled the animators and directors to evaluate the pacing and structure of the story before committing to final animation.

Once the animatic was completed, the actual animation process began. Animators hand-drew each frame of the animation, which was then traced onto cel sheets and painted.

The cel sheets were then placed in front of a background painting, creating a multiplane effect that added depth and dimension to each shot. The animation team also used a “rotoscope” technique for some shots that involved tracing live-action footage to achieve more realistic movement in specific scenes.

A lot of innovative techniques were also used in filming the on-ice action. While most of the movie’s shots were hand-drawn, the film’s opening sequence made extensive use of rotoscoping.

This technique allowed the animators to trace live-action skating and the resulting movement onto cel sheets. The combination of the hand-drawn and rotoscoped animation gave the opening sequence a realistic and exciting feel.

The sound and music of the Hockey Champ were critical to its success. The famous music composer, Leigh Harline, created an energetic score for the film.

The music was composed with the on-screen action in mind and added to the overall excitement and fun of the film. The sound effects were also carefully crafted to match the skating and puck movements, creating a sense of realism that added to the immersion of the film.

Overall, the production of the Hockey Champ was a challenging and complex process, but one that the animators at Walt Disney did with expert mastery. It is no small feat to create a classic film that is so beloved by viewers all over the world, and its lasting legacy speaks to the talent and dedication of the creative team that brought it to life.

In conclusion, The Hockey Champ is a gem of a production from the Walt Disney studios. The level of detail and commitment that went into its creation is a testament to the creativity and skill of the team that brought it to fruition.

The innovative techniques and methods used in the film’s production showcase the technical innovation and mastery of the animation industry at the time. Today, The Hockey Champ continues to be a timeless classic, with an enduring appeal that has stood the test of time.

It is a shining example of what is possible when creativity and technical expertise come together in perfect harmony. The Hockey Champ was released on May 12, 1939, in theaters across the United States.

The film was met with critical acclaim and enthusiastically received by audiences, becoming an instant success. One of the reasons for its success was the perfect timing of its release.

Hockey was a sport very much on the rise in the late 1930s, and the Hockey Champ’s engaging depiction of the game helped fuel the public’s growing interest in it. The popularity of the sport helped attract audiences to the film, especially in Canada, where hockey was already a national obsession.

Moreover, the release of the film also coincided with the end of the Great Depression, a time of crisis, and uncertainty. The Hockey Champ’s message of perseverance, hard work, and fair play was not just inspiring but also relevant to the struggles of its audiences.

Its themes of persistence and sportsmanship resonated with viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The release of the Hockey Champ also marked a significant milestone in the history of animated short films.

At the time, animated shorts were often shown before full-length feature films, but the Hockey Champ was one of the first animated shorts to receive a full theatrical run. Its success paved the way for more animated films released in theaters, giving a platform for more short films to reach the masses.

Moreover, the Hockey Champ was a part of a broader trend of animated shorts that were produced with the quality and artistry that rivaled those of feature films. Walt Disney was at the forefront of this movement, investing heavily in animation techniques and technology, and hiring some of the most talented animators in the industry.

The movie industry and critics alike took notice of the high production value and quality of animated shorts such as the Hockey Champ, giving them the recognition and respect they deserve. Lastly, the success of the Hockey Champ led to more Goofy-centric shorts, cementing his status as one of the most beloved Disney characters.

The Goofy character became a staple at Disney Studios, with his hijinks and slapstick humor continuing to entertain audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, The Hockey Champ’s release was a crucial moment in the history of animated short films, with its blend of humor, action, and moral values appealing to audiences everywhere.

Its timing, coinciding with the rise of hockey’s popularity and the end of the Great Depression, helped make it an instant hit with audiences of all ages. Its success also paved the way for more animated shorts to be released in theaters, and cemented Goofy’s status as a beloved Disney character.

Today, the Hockey Champ continues to be a timeless classic and a testament to the enduring appeal of animated films. The Hockey Champ is known not only for its charming animation and engaging story, but also for its iconic soundtrack.

The film’s score was composed by Leigh Harline, a notable composer of music for animated movies. Harline’s music for the Hockey Champ is a lively, exciting accompaniment to the action on screen, perfectly capturing the energetic and frenetic pace of a hockey game.

The film’s opening sequence features Harline’s music accompanied by a montage of Goofy and his teammates preparing for a game. As the music swells, Goofy and company lace up their skates and don their uniforms, showing off some of their skating skills and competing in an inter-squad scrimmage.

The music helps to establish the tone of the movie and prepares the viewer for the exciting action to come. Throughout the film, Harline’s music helps accentuate the on-screen action, heightening the tension and excitement of each play.

Whether Goofy is clumsily flailing around on the ice or deftly maneuvering the puck into the opposing team’s zone, the music keeps the viewer engaged and rooting for our underdog hero. Harline’s score also includes several memorable themes that are still widely recognized today.

The “Goofy Theme,” which features a cheerful, bouncy melody, is a catchy tune that accompanies Goofy throughout the movie. It’s a simple but memorable melody that captures Goofy’s likeable personality and becomes even more endearing through repetition.

Another standout theme in the score is “The Big Game,” which occurs during the climactic moments of the movie when Goofy scores the game-winning goal. Harline’s music helps to build the tension as Goofy rushes towards the net with the puck, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation in the viewer.

When Goofy finally scores, the music erupts in a triumphant burst of horns and fanfare, perfectly capturing the relieved joy and exhilaration of the moment. Overall, Harline’s score for the Hockey Champ is a masterful piece of music that perfectly complements the on-screen action.

It’s a testament to the importance of music in movies, especially in animated films where the use of music can help bring the characters and story to life. Harline’s use of melody, rhythm, and instruments helps create a dynamic musical experience that remains enjoyable even today.

In conclusion, The Hockey Champ’s soundtrack is an essential component of the film’s enduring appeal. Leigh Harline’s music perfectly captures the tone and energy of a hockey game, and the use of memorable themes like the “Goofy Theme” and “The Big Game” help elevate the movie to a level of greatness.

The soundtrack’s enduring popularity is proof of its timelessness, and it remains a testament to the importance of music in movies. The Hockey Champ is a timeless classic that has left an indelible mark on the world of animated short films.

Its engaging story, charming animation, iconic soundtrack, and inspiring message continue to resonate with audiences today. The film’s legacy is a testament to the creativity, technical expertise, and artistic vision of its creators, and a reminder of the enduring power of animation to touch the hearts and minds of people of all ages.


Q: When was The Hockey Champ released? A: The Hockey Champ was released in 1939.

Q: Who directed The Hockey Champ? A: The film was directed by Jack King.

Q: What is the main character’s name? A: The protagonist of the movie is Goofy.

Q: What is the movie about? A: The Hockey Champ tells the story of Goofy, who is determined to become a hockey champion, despite his clumsiness and the presence of his rival, Black Pete.

Q: Why is the music in The Hockey Champ significant? A: The music, composed by Leigh Harline, perfectly complements the film’s action, heightening the tension and excitement of each play, and creating memorable themes that remain popular today.

Q: What is the main message of the film? A: The film’s message is one of perseverance, hard work, and fair play, inspiring viewers to believe in themselves and to never give up on their dreams.

Q: Why is The Hockey Champ a timeless classic? A: The Hockey Champ appeals to audiences of all ages, from different backgrounds and cultures.

It is a perfect example of how animation can convey important values with a touch of humour. Q: How was The Hockey Champ produced?

A: The production of the Hockey Champ was a combination of traditional animation techniques and innovative new technologies, involving hand-drawn animation, rotoscope, multiplane camera, and sound effects. Q: Why was The Hockey Champ an instant success?

A: The film was released at a time when hockey was becoming more popular and was well-timed with the ending of the Great Depression, and had a universal appeal that transcended age and cultural barriers. Q: Who was the producer of The Hockey Champ?

A: The Hockey Champ was produced by Walt Disney Productions.

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