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The Timeless Adventure and Humor of Good Scouts

Good Scouts is a comedy film that parodies the boy scouts, directed by Charles Reisner. This article provides a synopsis of the movie, highlighting the plot, notable characters, and key themes.


The movie begins with the boy scouts, including Mickey (Mickey Rooney), and his friend, Donald (Donald Haines), embarking on a camping trip. The scouts are instructed to find a girl scout troop to help them pitch their tents, but instead stumble upon a group of bootleggers.

The bootleggers capture the scouts and hold them captive in their cabin.

The scouts manage to break free and flee into the wilderness.

They encounter a runaway heiress, Betty (Betty Jane Graham), who joins them on their adventure. The group gets lost in the woods and runs into a native tribe who mistake them for enemy scouts.

The scouts manage to escape from the tribe and eventually reach the safety of their campsite. In the meantime, Bettys father, who is concerned for her safety, has sent a search party consisting of their chauffeur and a detective.

The search party and the scouts leaders eventually find the scouts and Betty. The movie ends with the scouts being hailed as heroes and Betty being reunited with her father.

Notable Characters

Mickey is the leader of the scouts and the protagonist of the film. He is brave and resourceful, always coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Donald, Mickeys best friend, is the scouts medical expert, although hes not very good at it. Betty is the heiress who joins the scouts on their journey.

She is outspoken and independent, but also caring and kind-hearted.


The movie explores several themes, including teamwork, adventure, and bravery. The scouts band together to overcome challenges and save one another.

They learn to work together effectively and become better leaders in the process. The movie also touches on loyalty and the importance of staying true to your friends.

Mickey and Donald never abandon their scouts even in the face of danger and adversity. The film also explores the theme of coming of age.

The scouts have to navigate the wilderness with no adult supervision, learning important life skills along the way. They learn how to make a fire, set up camp, and fend for themselves, which ultimately helps them to become more independent and self-reliant.


Good Scouts is a classic comedy film that is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Its adventurous plot, witty humor, and heartwarming characters make it a timeless favorite.

The movie reminds us of the importance of teamwork, loyalty, and bravery and is a great reminder of the joys of outdoor adventure. Good Scouts is a comedy film that was released in 1938.

The movie is directed by Charles Reisner and is a parody of the boy scouts, which was popular during that time. The movie is filled with adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments, which made it a favorite among audiences of all ages.

The plot of Good Scouts revolves around a group of boy scouts who embark on a camping trip in the wilderness. Mickey (Mickey Rooney) is the leader of the scout’s group, and Donald (Donald Haines) is his loyal friend and assistant.

The scouts were instructed to find a girl scout troop to help them pitch their tents, but instead, they stumbled upon a group of bootleggers who capture them and lock them in their cabin. The bootleggers are a group of criminals who use the cabin as a hideout to make and distribute illegal alcohol.

The scouts are quick to notice this and decide to take matters into their own hands. They use their scouting skills and come up with a plan to escape.

The scouts manage to escape from the cabin and aim to find their way back to their campsite. However, they get lost in the wilderness, and it gets dark.

All is not lost when they stumble upon a runaway heiress named Betty (Betty Jane Graham), who also got lost in the woods. Together, they form a unique team and navigate the dangerous, wild landscape.

The group’s trek through the wilderness is filled with adventure, which includes coming across a group of Native Americans who mistake them for enemy scouts. The scouts’ quick thinking and knowledge of scout tactics prove useful in this encounter, and they manage to escape unharmed.

In the meantime, Betty’s wealthy father, who’s concerned for her safety, hires a detective and their chauffeur to search for her. The search party, along with the scouts’ leaders, search all over the wilderness to find the scouts, who have now been missing for a while.

After several days of being lost in the wilderness, the scouts finally find their way back to their campsite with Betty’s help. They are soon reunited with their leaders, who are relieved to see them safe and sound.

Betty’s father also gets wind of the news and rushes to the campsite to retrieve his daughter. When the searchers and Betty’s father finally arrive at the campsite, they are met with applause and cheers from the scouts.

The boys are hailed as heroes because of their bravery and clever tactics to evade danger. In conclusion, Good Scouts is an exciting adventure-comedy movie that is guaranteed to entertain everyone.

The movie is filled with witty humor, lovable characters, and life lessons that will stay with viewers long after the screen fades to black. It is a movie that inspires teamwork, bravery, and curiosity, which are important traits that every scout should have.

The concept of exploring the wilderness and learning life skills along the way is something that every scout can relate to, and this movie captures that essence perfectly. Good Scouts is a comedy film released in 1938, directed by Charles Reisner, and starring Mickey Rooney, Donald Haines, and Betty Jane Graham.

The film was produced by Joseph M. Schenck, a renowned producer during the golden age of Hollywood.

The movie’s production was quite an adventure, just like the film itself. To begin with, the outdoor scene was shot in a location called Kanab, Utah, which was situated 400 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Shooting in Utah wasn’t easy the cast and crew had to withstand harsh weather conditions that included intense heat, cold, and strong winds. Furthermore, one specific scene in which the cast travels through a river became more significant than anticipated after a scorpion stung Rooney in his ear while he was filming.

According to him, it was a scary moment because of the venomous scorpion. They had to stop filming for a while and call in a doctor who administered treatment, and eventually, he recovered.

The production team also had to create various sets, including the cabin used by the bootleggers and the scout’s campsite. The set design was elaborate, and the cabin where the bootleggers kept the scouts was built-in detail, including a fake still, roof ventilation, and other accessories used by the bootleggers.

The props in the film were small, but they added character to the plot. For instance, the scouts’ troop flag, the whistle used to signal the scouts’ group, the cigarettes used by Betty and Mickey, and the meager equipment used by the scouts on their journey were all created to complement the story.

The film’s music was also an essential aspect of the production. Samuel Kaylin composed the soundtrack, which was light-hearted and fun, making it easy for viewers to follow the mood of the film.

The songs incorporated sounds that complemented some of the scenes, which makes it easier for all to understand the plot of the film. Another fun fact about the production is that Rooney was a boy scout in real life, and he used to love camping trips, so this role was close to his heart.

He exudes comfort in his character and helped in lending an air of authenticity to the film. The Director, Reisner, was a well-known comedy film director, having worked with renowned artists such as Buster Keaton.

In conclusion, Good Scouts is an exciting comedy film that was produced with a lot of work, mainly because of the film’s outdoor setting. The cast and crew had to withstand harsh weather conditions, and in one instance, Rooney was stung by a scorpion.

Despite this, the production team moved forward and created fantastic sets, props, and music that complemented the movie and helped bring it to life. The authenticity of the movie is shown through Rooney’s role as a former scout member, adding to the belief that hard work, comedy, excitement, and adventure can all be encompassed in a single film.

The movie’s production is proof that through hard work, any story can be brought to life, irrespective of the challenges encountered in the process. Good Scouts is a comedy film directed by Charles Reisner and produced by Joseph M.

Schenck. The movie was released on July 15, 1938, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

The film was initially released in the United States, where it became a massive hit, with the box office grossing over $1.3 million. The movie’s success can be attributed to its fun and adventurous storyline, an excellent performance by its cast members, and its lighthearted humor.

The movie was able to capture the heart and soul of its audience and provided a great chance for them to escape their daily routine and have a good laugh.

The film also received critical acclaim, with critics praising its humor, energy, and creativity.

Many critics highlighted the performances of the cast as being outstanding, with Mickey Rooney’s performance being singled out for his captivating portrayal of Mickey, the lead character in the movie. Good Scouts, after its successful release in America, was later released in other countries, making it an international movie.

The movie’s international release was also a success, and it gained a significant following in various countries worldwide.

The film was eventually released on DVD, and it’s now available for streaming online.

This release has given new life to the movie, as it has allowed a younger generation of movie watchers to experience the movie’s blend of humor and adventure. The movie helped in establishing a foundation for future movies to come and established a type of comedy that only directors and producers of the time mastered.

With advances in technology, the movie has also been re-mastered several times, giving it a better and clearer picture and sound quality for the audience to appreciate. The movie continues to be a favorite among families, scout members, and enthusiasts from around the world, which has cemented its place as a timeless masterpiece.

In contemporary times, the film is still being considered as a gem in its own right and is being appreciated on streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Disney+ that introduced it to a new audience. Good Scouts helps viewers to understand what comedy was back in that era, which can be seen as something we do not normally experience today.

However, it still maintains a strong sense of humor that is timeless and delighting in its own right

In conclusion, Good Scouts is a fantastic comedy film that achieved massive success when it was released in 1938. Its success was due to its witty humor, adventurous storyline, and a great performance by its cast members.

The movie’s release went down in history, as it became a massive hit and established itself as a classic movie. The film’s re-releases have allowed for younger generations to appreciate the storyline, and it continues to cement its place as a timeless masterpiece.

The movie serves as an excellent example of what can be achieved with good storytelling, teamwork, and a lot of hard work. Good Scouts is a classic comedy film released in 1938 that has become a well-known masterpiece.

The movie’s soundtrack plays a significant role in bringing the film to life by enhancing the scenes’ emotions and creating an entertainment factor tied to its audience.

Samuel Kaylin was responsible for the movie’s soundtrack, and his use of lively and catchy tunes enhanced the comedy of the film and the adventurous theme interwoven throughout.

The music included in the film was played by a full orchestra, providing an authentic and exciting feel to the scenes where the music was used.

The opening soundtrack used at the start of the movie provides a playful and adventurous tone to the film.

The tune repeats multiple times throughout the movie, bringing the audience back to the movie’s core tone. Since the movie was set to take place in the great outdoors, the soundtrack’s composer heavily relied on creating a sound that was harmonious to scenes where the characters are in the wilderness.

The music was essential in creating a relaxing, comfortable environment in which the scouts’ outdoor adventures blended in naturally with members of their surroundings.

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie was when the scouts were traveling across a pond, and the song, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat, begins.

It’s a scene that many viewers may chuckle about because of the reference made by the tune. The song is also fitting because it shows how teamwork is essential and acting promptly during an emergency could lead to swift accomplishment.

The movies soundtrack provided another interesting dynamic by introducing a musical number at the film’s conclusion, thereby highlighting the diverse range of music Kaylin was capable of creating. The song, “One, Two, Three, sings the praises of the scouts’ efforts during their journey, and the accompanying music is both catchy and celebratory.

The movie’s soundtrack complements the film’s humorous and adventurous storyline. The music enhances the film with the emotional weight of each scene using background tracks that reflect the storyline’s mood and nature.

From cheerful tunes to solemn hymns that matched the wilderness camping environment, the music played an integral part in making the movie come together.

The music’s revival happened with the release of the film on DVD, where it was praised for the way the music’s restoration brought the original sounds into modern times.

Also, the music’s success led to the use of classic songs in the production of future comedy movies. In conclusion, Good Scouts is a classic movie that is popular among families and comedy fans alike.

The soundtrack of the movie was a standout success and boosted the success Glen MacDonough’s storyline productions. The adventurous spontaneity, humor, and exciting feel of the movie were perfectly reflected in the music composed by Samuel Kaylin, which made it an integral part of the movie.

The soundtrack serves as an excellent reminder of the power of soundtrack music in movies and to show the advancements in technology that have led the restoration of music in classic films. The soundtrack and the whole movie show how entertaining art can continually evolve and bring out exceptional innovation when done correctly.

In conclusion, Good Scouts is a timeless comedy film that continues to delight audiences with its adventurous storyline, witty humor, and memorable characters. The article has provided an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the movie, covering its synopsis, notable characters, themes, production, release, and soundtrack.

The film’s success can be attributed to its captivating storyline, the excellent production team, and its perfect blend of humor and adventure that continues to capture the hearts of viewers of all ages. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

– What is Good Scouts all about?

Good Scouts is a comedy film that parodies the boy scouts, following a group’s adventure in the wilderness. – Who are the main characters in the movie?

The main characters in the film include Mickey, Donald, and Betty, whose performances are outstanding. – What are some of the key themes in Good Scouts?

The movie explores themes such as teamwork, bravery, independence, and loyalty. – Who directed the movie and who was the producer?

Charles Reisner was the director of the film, while Joseph M. Schenck was the producer.

– What kind of soundtrack does the movie have? The movie’s soundtrack, composed by Samuel Kaylin, is lively and catchy, and it adds to the humor and adventurous tone of the film.

– When was Good Scouts released? The movie was first released in 1938 and was initially screened in the United States, where it became a massive hit, grossing over $1.3 million.

– Is Good Scouts still relevant today? Yes, the movie remains relevant and continues to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

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