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The Strong and Disciplined Personality of Colonel William Prescott in Disney’s Tangled


Colonel William Prescott, a character in Disney’s animated movie ‘Tangled’ is known for his courageous, stern, and disciplined personality. He is a highly trained military officer who has a deep sense of duty and patriotism.

Despite being serious and tough, he genuinely cares for his soldiers and looks up to them. He values discipline and is never afraid to make tough decisions for the greater good.


Colonel Prescott appears in the movie as a tall, stout, and muscular man with a square jaw and short hair. He always wears his military uniform, which is adorned with badges and medals, indicating his rank and experience.

His uniform is always crisp, clean, and well-maintained, showing his attention to detail. His face is stern and serious, reflecting the authority that he carries.

Overall, Colonel William Prescott is a perfect example of a strong and disciplined military figure. His appearance and personality reflect his dedication to his duty and the values that he upholds.

He is a respected leader in his field and an inspiration to many. Feature Films or Shows:

Colonel William Prescott is a character that was introduced in Disney’s 2010 animated feature film Tangled.

The film follows the story of a spirited young girl, Rapunzel, who has been trapped inside a tower by an evil witch for her entire life. After meeting a charming and adventurous thief, Flynn Rider, she embarks on a journey to discover the truth about her past and to find the courage to pursue her dreams.

Colonel Prescott appears in the movie as the captain of the guards for the kingdom where Rapunzel lives.


Colonel Prescott’s occupation is a military officer and the captain of the guards for the kingdom.

He is a well-respected and experienced leader who takes his responsibility for protecting the kingdom very seriously. Throughout the movie, he is tasked with capturing Flynn Rider, who is a notorious thief and has been causing trouble within the kingdom.

Colonel Prescott carries out this task with great efficiency and determination, showing his unwavering commitment to his job. Likes and Dislikes:

Although Colonel Prescott’s likes and dislikes are not specifically stated in the movie, his personality and actions give us some insight into his values.

For example, he places a high value on discipline and order, which suggests that he may dislike chaos and disorder. He also shows a great deal of respect for Rapunzel, the kingdom’s royal family, and the soldiers under his command, showing that he has a deep appreciation for tradition and hierarchy.

It is clear that Colonel Prescott takes great pride in his job and that he is fiercely loyal to the kingdom and its people. In conclusion, Colonel William Prescott is a strong, disciplined, and respected military figure introduced in Disney’s animated movie Tangled.

He represents the values of duty, loyalty, and honor and is an inspiration to many. Colonel Prescott’s appearance, personality, occupation, and role in the movie show the importance of discipline, responsibility, and leadership in both personal and professional life.

FAQ: Who is Colonel William Prescott? – Colonel William Prescott is a character in Disney’s animated movie Tangled who is the captain of the guards and a military officer.

What is Colonel Prescott’s personality like? – He is stern, disciplined, and courageous with a deep sense of duty and patriotism.

What does Colonel Prescott look like? – He is tall, muscular, with a square jaw, short hair, and always wears his military uniform.

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