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The Regal Charm of Lady Waltham: A Sophisticated Character Analysis

Lady Waltham is a regal and dignified character from Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound 2”. She is a glamorous and sophisticated aristocrat dog belonging to a wealthy family who prides herself on her poise and breeding.

Lady Waltham is a firm believer in traditional values, and she is always gracious and polite to those around her. In terms of appearance, Lady Waltham is a graceful greyhound with jet black fur and big blue eyes.

She has an elegant and refined look and is always impeccably groomed with a dazzling pink collar around her neck. True to her posh personality, Lady Waltham is reserved and elegant in her mannerisms.

She speaks in a cultured tone and is deliberate in her movements. She always moves with poise and grace, whether she is walking or sitting.

Despite her high status and air of sophistication, Lady Waltham is not immune to a little mischief. She is seen in the film stealing a sausage from the local fair, and she enjoys getting into playful shenanigans with her fellow aristocratic friends.

In summary, Lady Waltham is a refined and polished character who values tradition and manners. Her sleek appearance and dignified demeanor make her a standout member of the cast of “The Fox and the Hound 2”.

Lady Waltham is prominently featured in the Disney film “The Fox and the Hound 2”. In the movie, she is introduced as one of the aristocratic dogs gathered for a performance by the band “Doggy Biscuitz”.

Lady Waltham occupies a prominent seat, emphasizing her importance and high status among the other dogs. While Lady Waltham’s exact occupation is not specified, she is a wealthy aristocratic dog that enjoys the luxuries of a privileged life.

Her days are filled with leisurely pursuits such as socializing, attending events, and being pampered. Lady Waltham is a complex character with an interesting set of likes and dislikes.

As a classy dog with refined tastes, she enjoys the finer things in life such as gourmet meals and being waited on hand and foot. Lady Waltham is also quite fond of her fellow aristocratic companions, who share her elegant and polished personality.

However, Lady Waltham’s disdain for anything less than upper-class status can also be a major flaw. She disapproves of the band “Doggy Biscuitz” and their rock ‘n’ roll music, which she considers lowbrow and beneath her.

Her snobbish attitude towards those who she considers inferior often causes friction with other characters in the film. In conclusion, Lady Waltham is an intriguing character that adds depth to the cast of “The Fox and the Hound 2”.

Her refined personality, sophisticated appearance, and complex set of likes and dislikes make her a fascinating character to watch. In summary, Lady Waltham is an elegant and sophisticated character in “The Fox and the Hound 2”.

Her admirable poise and regality are combined with a hint of mischief and complexity, making her an intriguing character to watch. Lady Waltham’s likes and dislikes add to her multifaceted personality, which is a contributing factor to the film’s success.

Therefore, Lady Waltham is an essential character in the Disney classic, making her unforgettable. FAQs:


What breed is Lady Waltham? Lady Waltham is a regal greyhound with jet black fur.

2. What is Lady Waltham’s occupation?

Lady Waltham is a wealthy aristocratic dog who occupies her days with socializing, attending events, and pampering. 3.

What is Lady Waltham’s personality? Lady Waltham has a sophisticated, polished, and refined personality coupled with a hint of mischief and complexity.

4. What are Lady Waltham’s likes and dislikes?

Lady Waltham enjoys gourmet meals, the finer things in life, and spending time with her fellow aristocratic companions. Lady Waltham disapproves of anything that she considers beneath her status, such as rock ‘n’ roll music.

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