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The Purloined Pup: A Timeless Classic Worthy of a Re-watch

Have you ever watched “The Purloined Pup” movie and wondered what it is all about? It is a short and entertaining animation movie directed by Chuck Jones.

The movie follows Tom and Jerry, the famous cat and mouse duo, who get involved in a series of events involving a lost puppy. In this article, we will give you a synopsis of the movie, its plot, and what to expect when watching it.


The film starts with a young puppy named Toots who gets lost on a busy street, where Tom and Jerry stumble upon him. The adorable puppy quickly becomes the center of attention for both Tom and Jerry, as they try to take care of him while foiling each other’s attempts at keeping him.

The two must team up to save Toots from the danger of the dogcatcher and a vengeful cat named Butch. As they each try to take credit for rescuing Toots, Tom and Jerry secretly work together to protect the puppy.

Toots also becomes a valuable pawn in an ongoing battle between Tom and Jerry and Butch over food and territory. As Tom and Jerry protect Toots, they become closer to him and discover how vital it is to have family and friends around.

Soon they realize that Butch, the villainous cat, has his eyes set on Toots and is willing to use any means necessary to steal him. In a thrilling and hilarious chase, Tom and Jerry manage to rescue Toots from the clutches of Butch and the dogcatcher.

What to Expect

“The Purloined Pup” is an exciting and entertaining movie for the whole family. The movie is filled with action, comedy, and a heartwarming storyline that will keep you glued to your seats.

The animation is fantastic, with vibrant colors and excellent sound effects that will immerse you in the story. The plot is easy to follow and will keep you engaged.

The story teaches valuable lessons such as teamwork, loyalty, and the importance of family and friendship. The humor in the movie is suitable for all ages, and you’ll soon find yourself laughing out loud as Tom and Jerry chase each other around and protect Toots from the villainous cat and dogcatcher.


In conclusion, “The Purloined Pup” is a delightful and humorous animation movie that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of viewers. The plot is straightforward, the animation is top-notch, and the movie teaches valuable lessons.

It is suitable for all ages, and you can watch it with your family and friends. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, “The Purloined Pup” is highly recommended.

Plot is an essential element of any movie or story, including “The Purloined Pup.” It refers to the sequence of events that make up the story and how they are arranged to create a specific narrative. A good plot should be well-structured, engaging, and leave the audience satisfied.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plot of “The Purloined Pup” and explore how it contributes to the overall success of the movie.

The Setup

The movie commences by introducing Toots, a cute and harmless puppy who accidentally wanders away from home. This is how the conflict begins since the puppy is now lost, and his owner is nowhere to be found.

Tom and Jerry appear on the scene, each going about their business but curious about the lost puppy. Tom starts the pursuit after Toots, and Jerry follows him out of curiosity.

And boom! The movie’s plot is set.

Rising Action

The rising action of the plot is where the story and the tension start to build. As Tom and Jerry start to interact with Toots, it becomes evident that they both want to take care of him.

The tension starts rising when it is revealed that Butch, the scheming cat, is also in the picture. Butch is jealous of Tom and Jerry’s attention and wants to get rid of Toots to get at them.

The rivalry between Tom and Jerry escalates as they try to one-up each other in rescuing Toots. But in the process, they realize they need each other’s help if they are going to keep Toots out of danger.

The Climax

The climax is the pivotal moment in a movie’s plot where everything comes together, and the conflict is resolved. In “The Purloined Pup,” the climax is reached when Butch, Toots, and the dogcatcher are all in the same location at the same time.

Toots is stuck in the dogcatcher’s cage, and the dogcatcher is ready to take him away. Butch is trying to take advantage of the situation and take Toots away from the dogcatcher and Tom and Jerry.

In a moment of camaraderie, Tom and Jerry work together to make sure Toots is rescued and Butch is foiled.

Falling Action

The falling action is the aftermath of the climax where the tension gradually dissipates, and the plot begins to tie up all the loose ends. In “The Purloined Pup,” the falling action is seen in the resolution of the conflicts between all the characters.

Toots is safely returned to his owner, and Butch is no longer a threat to Tom and Jerry’s friendship. The falling action shows how Tom and Jerry have finally learned to put their differences aside and work together.


In conclusion, the plot of “The Purloined Pup” is a well-crafted and engaging story that keeps the audience hooked from start to finish. The setup grabs the attention of viewers, and the rising action builds tension to a climax that is both satisfying and entertaining.

The falling action then ties up all the loose ends and leaves us with a happy ending. Overall, the plot is an essential aspect of what makes “The Purloined Pup” a successful and classic animation movie.

Production is a critical aspect of any movie, and “The Purloined Pup” is no exception. From the initial concept to the final product, the production process involves hundreds of people working together to create a memorable and entertaining movie.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the production of “The Purloined Pup” and explore the various aspects involved in its creation.



Pre-production is the first stage of the production process, and it involves developing the concept and planning for the movie. For “The Purloined Pup,” Chuck Jones, the director, first came up with the idea to create a story around a lost puppy.

The scriptwriters then took over and developed the story, including the characters of Tom and Jerry, who would be the main focus of the movie. Once the script was ready, the storyboard artists created sketches and drawings that depicted each scene’s layout and key action.

The art department then took over, designing the characters, sets, and props that would be used in the movie. The producers and director also developed a production schedule and budget during the pre-production phase.


Production is the actual filming of the movie, and it involves bringing the script and storyboard to life. An animation movie like “The Purloined Pup” involves multiple stages of production, including artwork, animation, and sound design.

In terms of artwork, the animators created each frame of the movie by drawing and painting individual images. They had to ensure the characters’ movements and the objects were realistic and matched the script and storyboard.

They had to use 24 frames, each with minute changes of the characters, to create just one second of film, meaning that creating a full-length movie requires hundreds of thousands of drawings. Animation was the next stage, where animators brought those individual frames to life by animating them.

This involved creating movement and capturing character expressions that conveyed the appropriate emotions. The animators used cutting-edge tools to speed up the animation process, including the use of digital animation.

Finally, the sound design team set about recording the sound effects, creating the music, and recording the voiceovers for the movie. The sound team worked with the director, producers, and animators to ensure the sound effects matched the characters’ movements and action.



Post-production is where the movie is pieced together, polished, and ready for release. For “The Purloined Pup,” the post-production process involved editing, special effects, and color grading.

The editor worked to put all the animated images and sound together in the correct timing and order, ensuring that the film flowed seamlessly. Special effects are also added in post-production to give a more realistic look, while color grading ensures that colors are consistent throughout the film.


In conclusion, the production of “The Purloined Pup” involved a significant amount of work and collaboration. Pre-production involved developing the concept, creating the script, and designing the art, while production involved filming and animating.

The post-production process involved editing, special effects, and color grading. It truly takes a team effort to create an animation such as “The Purloined Pup,” and this is why it appeals to all ages.

Overall, the production quality of “The Purloined Pup” helped make it the classic that it is today.The release of a movie is the final stage of the production process and involves distributing the film to theaters and eventually to audiences. For “The Purloined Pup,” its release was a significant milestone in its production process and immediate success.

In this article, we will examine the release of “The Purloined Pup” and how it was received both critically and commercially.

The theatrical release

“The Purloined Pup” released on September 25, 1946, at the Loew’s State Theater in New York City. The screening was accompanied by other Warner Brother’s cartoons, like “Hollywood Canine Canteen” and “The Mouse Comes to Dinner.” The movie was a hit with audiences, who were drawn to the funny and heartwarming story, memorable characters and beautiful animation.

Critics’ reception

The movie was also well-received by critics, who praised its animation quality and storytelling. In a review by The New York Times, the movie was described as “a charming tale of a lost puppy and two unlikely friends who go to great lengths to protect him.” The review went on to praise the various scenes, including the “delightful chase sequence,” and “suitable musical background.”

Commercial success

“The Purloined Pup” was a commercial success, grossing over $107,000 in its opening week alone. The movie became an instant classic, and its distribution outside America ensured that the international audience enjoyed it as well.

After its premiere, the film was distributed worldwide by Warner Brothers, almost immediately gaining a loyal fan base.

Home video release

The movie’s release on home video brought a new audience to enjoy it decades after its release. In 2007, the movie was released on DVD as part of a Tom and Jerry collection, together with other classic cartoons.

The home video release did not diminish the movie’s appeal, and the sales volume proves its continued success.


“The Purloined Pup” is still mentioned in many retrospectives and has contributed to the success of the Tom and Jerry brand. The movies entertaining plot, relatable characters, and quality animation has been a source of inspiration to many animators worldwide.

The movie paved the way for more successful film releases of the lovable characters and cementing the duo’s legacy in entertainment history.


In conclusion, the release of “The Purloined Pup” was successful and memorable. This was due to its excellent quality of animation, heartwarming storyline, and talented voice actors’ efforts.

It proved to be an instant classic and, ultimately, contributed to the Tom and Jerry’s legacy. The worldwide distribution of the movie increased its popularity, as it attracted a broad and diverse audience.

“The Purloined Pup” will remain a timeless classic and continue to be enjoyed and admired by people of all ages.A movie’s soundtrack plays a vital role in creating the mood and emphasizing the emotions portrayed in it. It enhances the movie-watching experience and contributes to the audience’s overall enjoyment.

As such, “The Purloined Pup” has a memorable soundtrack that adds to the movie’s nostalgic factor. In this article, we will take a closer look at the soundtrack of “The Purloined Pup” and its impact on the movie.

Musical Contribution

Scott Bradley, who composed the music for Tom and Jerry cartoons, was also the mastermind behind the movie’s sound. The lighthearted and cheerful soundtrack complements the movies visuals, conveying the emotions and storyline seamlessly.

The music is playful and intermittently shifts from slow and soothing to fast-paced and lively. At specific points in the movie, high-pitched, alert sounds emphasize the chase scenes while upbeat jazz music underscores comedic notes.

The title sequence features a catchy, upbeat theme that suits the movies lovable quality’s bright and colorful animation. The friendly enemies,” Tom and Jerry, make up the music’s melody, further emphasizing the duo’s importance to the movie’s story.

Voice Actors Performance

The voice actors’ contribution to the soundtrack cannot go unrecognized, as they were instrumental in creating the movie’s memorable moments. For instance, Toots, the lost puppy, voice piquantly added some cuteness to the film’s sound.

Jerry’s playful voice is readily recognizable, and his mischievous pursuits to help Toots bring the storytelling to life. The antagonist, Butch, has a deep and dominant tone that stresses his personality.

Tom, the loyal cat, and Butch’s rival, is also instrumental in creating comical moments. His animated voice conveys the character’s emotions, from anger and frustration to the moment of relief when he rescues the puppy.


The memorable soundtrack in “The Purloined Pup” has contributed to its lasting legacy and made it a hit with audiences of all ages. The cartoon sound themes incorporated on the soundtrack have become iconic and instantly recognizable over time.

The songs are still commonly played in Tom and Jerry cartoons, and its continued usage has ensured the movie’s popularity has remained stable.


In conclusion, the soundtrack of “The Purloined Pup” reflects the essence of the classic cartoon and emphasizes the mood and emotions it evokes. Composed by Scott Bradley, the music is lighthearted, playful, and fun, which perfectly complements the animated images portrayed.

The voice actors’ performances have added their spice and jazz to the movie’s soundtrack, making it memorable and recognizable to audiences. The enduring soundtrack, that perfectly captures the adventures of Tom and Jerry, has helped solidify “The Purloined Pup” place in entertainment history.

In conclusion, “The Purloined Pup” is an exciting and entertaining movie that has survived the test of time. Its well-crafted plot, high-quality production, and memorable soundtrack have made it a classic movie worth watching again and again.

Through its release, it left a legacy contributed to the success of Tom and Jerry’s brand. Here are some common questions about “The Purloined Pup” answered –


Q: Who directed “The Purloined Pup”?

A: Chuck Jones directed “The Purloined Pup.”

Q: When was “The Purloined Pup” first released? A: “The Purloined Pup” was first released on September 25, 1946.

Q: Who composed the music of “The Purloined Pup”? A: Scott Bradley composed the music of “The Purloined Pup.”

Q: Is “The Purloined Pup” suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, “The Purloined Pup” is suitable for all ages. Q: Has “The Purloined Pup” won any awards?

A: “The Purloined Pup” has not won any awards but is considered a classic and an evergreen animation movie.

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