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The Million Dollar Duck: A Classic Family Movie That Teaches Valuable Lessons

The Million Dollar Duck: A Synopsis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a duck that lays golden eggs? Well, thats precisely what the movie The Million Dollar Duck is all about.

This family movie directed by Vincent McEveety and produced by Walt Disney Productions was released in 1971 and is an all-time favorite. The movie revolves around a drake duck that was accidentally fed some experimental pills developed by a scientist to increase the egg-laying capacity of his hens.

Its a comical ride thats sure to have you laughing and entertained for its entire duration.

The Plot

The story takes place in a small Californian town, where a scientist named Albert Dooley (played by Dean Jones) works for a chicken feed company. One day, his son Jimmy (Lee Montgomery) brings home a duck as a pet.

But to their surprise, they realize that the duck is laying golden eggs. As they investigate, they discover that the duck had consumed some experimental pills that the scientist had accidentally left behind.

On realizing the prospect of making millions, and becoming the envy of everyone in town, the family decided to keep the duck. But as the ducks fame spreads, they attract the attention of the government, who believe that the Dooleys should pay taxes on the ducks profits.

However, they cant seem to figure out how to value the eggs, and the situation becomes complicated. Even the media is on their case, which prompts them to seek a business partner to help them navigate the situation.

The movies humor and subtle lessons are on full display as they encounter a series of issues and misadventures while trying to monetize the ducks eggs. Eventually, they realize that money isnt everything, and they let the duck go back to being a duck.

The Cast

The cast of the movie is a collection of seasoned actors. Dean Jones, who plays Albert Dooley, has an incredible acting range, and his performance keeps the audience engaged.

The child actor, Lee Montgomery, who plays Jimmy Dooley, is captivating, and his scenes with the duck are endearing to watch. The movie also features a few other prominent movie stars of the era, including Sandy Duncan, Joe Flynn, and Tony Roberts, who all played their respective roles perfectly.


The Million Dollar Duck is an entertaining movie for the whole family. The comical situations keep the story lighthearted, while still being informative.

The movie teaches the value of ethics, family values, and the importance of not letting money define you. If you havent already watched the movie, its worth a watch.

Even if you have, a re-watch will still have you giggling at the antics of the Dooley family. Overall, it is a classic film that has stood the test of time and is a must-watch for any movie lover.

The plot of the movie “The Million Dollar Duck” is an exciting and entertaining tale that follows the Dooley family and their pet duck. The story begins with Albert Dooley, a scientist working for a chicken feed company, bringing home a duck for his son Jimmy.

To their surprise, the duck begins to lay golden eggs, making the Dooley family famous and wealthy. As news of the egg-laying duck spreads, the Dooley family comes under the scrutiny of the government.

The government officials believe that the Dooley family should pay taxes on the duck’s profits. However, they can’t figure out how to value the eggs as they are different from any other egg.

The Dooley family hires a tax accountant and business manager, Mr. Amos (played by Joe Flynn), to help them navigate the complicated tax situation. Mr. Amos helps the family set up a corporation, and they start selling shares to investors.

With the corporation set up, the Dooley family starts making progress, but they encounter more problems. Investors become greedy and want a bigger stake in the company.

The media coverage of the duck continues to escalate, causing even more problems for the family. However, the duck’s fame attracts the interest of the government’s tax collector, who views the eggs as taxable income.

The Dooley family is inundated with calls from the media, and they encounter even more problems when a criminal gang tries to steal the duck. But with the help of their dog, the family manages to thwart the attempted heist.

As the problems mount, the Dooley family starts to realize that their wealth and success have come at a cost. They begin to miss the simple life they had before the duck.

To make matters worse, they discover that the duck’s eggs have become worthless because they cannot be consumed like regular eggs. The Dooley family faces the realization that everything they had built their lives around was nothing more than a game of chance and that they had given up the things that mattered most to them.

Despite the disappointment, the family learns a valuable lesson and decides to let go of the duck and embrace a simpler life. In conclusion, “The Million Dollar Duck” is an enjoyable movie that tells a comical and entertaining story while also teaching valuable lessons about the importance of family and the emptiness of material wealth.

The story is well-written, and the performances by the cast are excellent, making the movie a classic that has stood the test of time. The movie has a relatable plot that draws in viewers, and the characters are likable, making it easy to root for them.

The story incorporates humor and moral lessons, making it an ideal film for a family movie night. The movie deserves a spot on everyone’s must-watch list.

The production of the movie “The Million Dollar Duck” was a fascinating process that involved skillful directing, creative screenwriting, and meticulous set design and cinematography. Directed by Vincent McEveety, the movie was produced by Walt Disney Productions and was released in 1971.

It was based on a screenplay by Roswell Rogers, who adapted it from a story by Ted Key. The film was a mixture of live-action and animation, and it showcased the technical excellence of Disney’s animation team.

The movie’s set design was meticulously crafted, with intricate details and vivid colors that brought the story to life. The animal characters, including the duck and the dog, were trained by a professional animal trainer and were vital to the movie’s success.

The animation team worked on the duck’s movements and expressions, making it seem real and believable, despite its incredible ability to lay golden eggs. The team also created the sequence where the duck lays an egg while flying, which was a remarkable feat of animation at the time.

Additionally, the movie’s background score, composed by the legendary composer Robert F. Brunner, added another layer to the film’s production value.

The music was thematic and incorporated different tones and styles for different scenes, enhancing the story’s emotional impact. One of the challenges the production team faced was filming the scenes with the live ducks and animals.

The team had to work with trained ducks and coordinate their movements and reactions with the actors. They also had to create special effects to show the duck laying golden eggs and ensure that they looked real and believable.

The scenes that featured the duck flying were filmed using special effects, which made the duck appear to be flying without actually endangering any real ducks. The special effects were also used to show other animals interacting with the characters, such as the criminal gang’s dog that chases the Dooley family’s dog.

The production team also had to create a massive golden egg that was used as the plot’s pivotal symbol. The egg was eight feet tall and weighed close to 500 pounds.

The team had to transport it to various filming locations and ensure that it was safe and secure. Finally, the movie’s post-production was done with great care and attention to detail.

The editing, sound mixing, and color grading were done to perfection, adding to the movie’s overall appeal. In conclusion, the production of “The Million Dollar Duck” was an incredible achievement that brought a unique tale to life.

The skillful directing, creative screenwriting, and meticulous set design and cinematography were a testament to the talent and dedication of the crew and cast. The movie’s technical excellence, background score, and special effects were also noteworthy, bringing the story to life and adding to its overall appeal.

The film achieved commercial and critical success and is now regarded as a classic family movie that appeals to viewers of all ages.

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