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The Martins and the Coys: A Classic Tale of Comedy and Feud

The Martins and the Coys is a charming classic movie that has warmed the hearts of many generation of viewers since its release in 1931. Set in the American Wild West, the movie tells the story of two feuding families- the Martins and the Coys- who have been at war with each other for generations.

The movie is a comical take on the age-old feud between two families and is filled with humorous incidents and witty one-liners. In this article, we will be discussing the synopsis of this movie and highlighting its key moments.

The Storyline:

The movie begins with the feud of the Martins and the Coys, two families who have been at loggerheads with each other for over 60 years. The Martins( played by the famous comedy team Laurel and Hardy) are a peaceful, music-loving family, while the Coys( played by the equally hilarious team of Charlie Chase and the Fregoli Trio) are rough, tough and always on the lookout for a fight.

The two families share a plot of land, and they are constantly bickering over the inherited land border. The feud between the two families takes a turn when the Martins’ patriarch dies and leaves his entire fortune in the hands of his estranged nephew, Vance( played by James Finlayson).

Vance arrives in town to claim his inheritance but finds himself caught in the middle of the war between the two families. To make matters worse, Vance falls in love with one of the Coy’s daughters, and the couple hatches a plan to end the feud between their families.

Key Scenes:

The Martins and the Coys is filled with amusing and memorable scenes that have stood the test of time. Some of the most noteworthy moments of the movie include:

The Lonesome Polecat: In this scene, the Martin family teaches Vance the song of the Lonesome Polecat.

Despite his initial reluctance, Vance has the song stuck in his head and ends up singing it at the most inappropriate moments. The Picnic: To help the two families reconcile, Vance plans a picnic, which quickly turns into a comic disaster.

The families end up fighting over a single chicken, and the rivalry between them is far from over. The Fake Wedding: In a bid to end the feud between the two families, Vance and the Coy’s daughter stage a fake wedding.

The plan backfires when both families arrive armed with guns and ready to fight. Conclusion:

The Martins and the Coys is a classic movie that has been entertaining audiences for generations.

The humorous take on the age-old feud between two families is both amusing and heart-warming. With a stellar cast of comedians and memorable scenes, the movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves good old-fashioned comedy.

The plot of The Martins and the Coys is a classic tale of two families who are at odds with each other and cannot seem to find a way to live in harmony. The movie’s storyline is both comical and heartwarming and has resonated with audiences for generations.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plot and explore some of the key themes and motifs that make The Martins and the Coys such a beloved film. One of the primary themes of the movie is the idea of family and how it can both unite and divide us.

Despite their bitter feud, the Martins and the Coys are both deeply committed to their respective families and will go to great lengths to protect them. This sense of family extends not only to blood relations but also to the larger community to which they belong.

The Martins, for example, are a musical family who love nothing more than to sing together and entertain others. This love of music is not limited to their own family, but they also perform for others in the community, further strengthening the bonds of their extended family.

Another important theme explored in the movie is the power of tradition and how it can be both a source of strength and a hindrance to progress. The feud between the Martins and the Coys has been going on for generations, and both families seem to be stuck in their ways, unable to find a way to move beyond their petty bickering and grudges.

This unwillingness to adapt or let go of the past is a source of frustration for Vance, who is keen to break the cycle and find a way to end the feud once and for all. Despite his efforts, however, Vance finds that tradition and convention are powerful forces that are not easily overcome.

The movie’s plot also touches on the idea of romance and how it can sometimes emerge in unexpected ways. Vance’s relationship with the Coy’s daughter is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers who are caught in the middle of a feud that threatens to tear them apart.

Their love for each other is both sweet and poignant, and it provides a compelling counterpoint to the bitter rivalry between their families. Humor is another key element of the movie’s plot, and it is used to great effect throughout the film.

The comedic genius of Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chase, and the Fregoli Trio is on full display, and their antics are both uproarious and endearing. The interplay between the various characters is often hilarious, and the film’s one-liners and slapstick moments have become iconic in the world of comedy.

In conclusion, The Martins and the Coys is a classic movie that tells a timeless story of family, tradition, romance, and humor. Its plot is both simple and complex, weaving together a range of themes and motifs that resonate as strongly today as they did upon the film’s release in 1931.

As a result, the movie has remained a beloved fixture in the world of comedy and continues to charm and delight audiences of all ages. Behind every great movie is a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to bring the director’s vision to life.

The Martins and the Coys is no exception. This classic movie was made during the early days of Hollywood, and it required a great deal of creativity, ingenuity, and hard work to produce.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the key aspects of the movie’s production, including its cast, crew, and filming locations. Cast:

The cast of The Martins and the Coys is a who’s who of early Hollywood comedy talent.

The movie stars the legendary comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy, who were at the peak of their fame during this era. Alongside them are the talented Charlie Chase and the Fregoli Trio, who add to the movie’s comedic energy with their vibrant performances.

Together, these actors create a dynamic and engaging ensemble that is a joy to watch. Crew:

The crew behind The Martins and the Coys was equally impressive.

The movie was directed by George Marshall, who was known for his comedic chops and his ability to create visually engaging films. The movie’s cinematographer was the legendary Hal Mohr, who went on to win an Oscar for his work on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Filming Locations:

The Martins and the Coys was filmed on location in and around Los Angeles. Many of the movie’s outdoor scenes were shot in the San Fernando Valley, which provided an ideal backdrop for the film’s Wild West setting.

The interior scenes were shot on soundstages at the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, where the movie’s sets were constructed. Costumes:

One of the key elements of any period movie is the costumes, and The Martins and the Coys was no exception.

The movie’s costumes were designed by Eloise Jenssen, who created authentic-looking outfits that helped to transport the audience back to the Wild West era. The costumes were not only functional but also added an additional layer of visual interest to the film.


The music is also an essential part of any movie, and The Martins and the Coys is no exception. The movie’s score was composed by Leroy Shield, who was a frequent collaborator of Laurel and Hardy.

Shield’s music perfectly captures the mood of the film, adding to its comedic energy and underscoring its emotional moments. Special Effects:

While the special effects in The Martins and the Coys may seem rudimentary by today’s standards, they were state-of-the-art for their time.

The movie features several exciting action sequences that required clever use of practical effects such as explosions and gunfire. These scenes were meticulously choreographed and executed to create a sense of realism that would draw the audience into the film.


The production of The Martins and the Coys was a monumental undertaking that required the talent and dedication of a whole host of skilled professionals. From the cast to the crew and the location scouts to the costume designers, every member of the team contributed to the success of the movie.

As a result of their hard work and creativity, The Martins and the Coys is a beloved classic that has entertained audiences for generations.

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