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The Enduring Charm of Flower: A Look at Disney’s Beloved Skunk

Flower – Personality and Appearance

Flower is a beloved Disney character that first appeared in the animated movie Bambi in 1942. This character has a unique personality and appearance that has made him unforgettable over the years.


Flower is a skunk that is known for being shy and timid. He is not very confident, especially when he is around other animals he doesn’t know.

Despite his timid nature, Flower is a loyal and trustworthy friend to those who give him a chance. He is also a bit of a germaphobe and obsesses over keeping himself clean.

These personality traits make Flower a delightful and relatable character. Appearance:

Flower is a male skunk with a distinctive black and white fur coat.

His fur is long, fluffy, and soft. He has big round eyes, small ears, and a small pink nose, which gives him an adorable look.

Despite his cute appearance, Flower is not to be underestimated. He has a powerful stench that he uses as a defense mechanism when he feels threatened.

In conclusion, Flower is a character that has made a lasting impression on fans of all ages. His shy and timid personality, along with his distinctive appearance, make him a character that viewers can’t help but love.

With his unique traits and courage, Flower has become an endearing and unforgettable part of the Disney family. Feature Films or Shows:

Flower first appeared in the 1942 film Bambi, which has become a timeless classic.

He was a minor character in the movie, but his cute and quirky personality stood out to audiences, and he became a fan-favorite. Flower has also made appearances in other Bambi sequels and spinoffs, such as Bambi II and Disneys House of Mouse.


While Flower does not have a specific occupation in any of the films or shows, he is often seen living a carefree life in the forest. His main focus is on staying clean and avoiding any danger.

He spends his time playing with his friends and enjoying the beauty of the forest. Because of his timid nature, Flower does not actively seek out adventure or excitement, but he is always there to support his friends when they need him.

Likes and Dislikes:

Flower has a few distinct likes and dislikes. He is a germaphobe and dislikes getting dirty.

He is also afraid of loud noises and is easily startled. However, he loves his friends and always looks out for them.

Flower is fond of clover and is often seen munching on it in the meadow. He also enjoys singing and has a beautiful voice.

In summary, Flower may not have a specific occupation, but he is a beloved character in the Bambi franchise. His endearing personality, quirky habits, and loyalty to his friends have made him a cherished part of the Disney universe.

While he may be timid, Flower is a character that teaches us the importance of being loyal to your friends and standing up for what is right. In conclusion, Flower is a beloved Disney character known for his shy and timid personality, distinctive appearance, and loyalty to his friends.

Despite not having a specific occupation, Flower’s endearing qualities have made him unforgettable over the years. As fans look back on his appearances in Bambi and other spinoffs, they continue to cherish this delightful woodland creature.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Flower:

1. What kind of animal is Flower?

Flower is a skunk. 2.

What is Flower’s personality? He is shy, timid, germaphobic, and loyal to his friends.

3. What does Flower like?

He likes clover, staying clean, and singing. 4.

Does Flower have a job? He does not have a specific job, but he enjoys playing with his friends and avoiding danger.

5. What is Flower’s role in the Bambi franchise?

He is a minor character, but his memorable personality and appearance have made him a fan-favorite.

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