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The Cunning and Eerie Queen Zonthara: Disney’s Newest Villainess

Meet Queen Zonthara, one of Disney’s powerful female villains who made her on-screen debut in the animated series Elena of Avalor.

Personality-wise, Queen Zonthara is known to be cunning, manipulative, and power-hungry.

She is willing to stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even if it means hurting others in the process. Her hatred towards Elena, the main protagonist of the series, stems from her fear of losing power and control.

She is also known to be arrogant and overconfident in her abilities, as seen in her reluctance to seek help from others despite being in a very tight situation.

Appearance-wise, Queen Zonthara is a dark enchantress with striking purple hair styled in a regal updo.

She has sharp, angular facial features with dark bags under her eyes, which adds to her eerie appeal. Her attire is mostly dark and gothic, with black leather boots and gloves, a long black skirt, and a long-sleeved bodice with a high collar.

One of her most noticeable accessories is her headdress, which features a pair of sharp horns reminiscent of a demon’s.

In conclusion, Queen Zonthara is a powerful villainess with a distinct personality and appearance that sets her apart from other Disney villains.

Her calculating nature and sinister appearance will surely leave a lasting impression on viewers. As previously mentioned, Queen Zonthara made her first appearance in the animated series Elena of Avalor, but she did not make an appearance in any of Disney’s feature films.

She is one of the recurring villains throughout the show, and her actions throughout the series makes her a formidable foe for Elena to overcome. Queen Zonthara’s occupation in the series is primarily as a sorceress and the ruler of the Kingdom of Cordoba.

She wields a powerful scepter that allows her to control dark magic and bend the minds of her enemies. If Queen Zonthara has any likes or dislikes, they are not explicitly stated in the series.

However, given her character, it can be assumed that she dislikes failure and weakness, and likes being in control and achieving her goals.

Throughout the series, Queen Zonthara is constantly scheming and plotting to achieve her own ends.

She seeks to obtain ultimate power and control over everyone around her, and uses her magic to manipulate others to do her bidding. However, despite her efforts to thwart Elena, her plans are always foiled, and she is often left empty-handed.

In conclusion, Queen Zonthara is a fascinating and complex villain who deserves a place in the pantheon of Disney villains. Her personality and appearance are distinct, and her occupation as a sorceress and ruler of a kingdom make her a formidable foe for Elena.

Though she may not have any explicitly stated likes or dislikes, her actions throughout the series make it clear that she is a master manipulator who will stop at nothing to gain power and control. In conclusion, Queen Zonthara is a character that represents power, manipulation, and cunningness.

Her appearance, personality, and occupation as a sorceress in Elena of Avalor make her a memorable villain. Although her likes or dislikes were not explicitly stated, her actions and motivations make her an interesting and complex character.

As a Disney villain, she is a force to be reckoned with, challenging the story’s hero and always keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.


Q: What is Queen Zonthara’s occupation?

A: Queen Zonthara is a sorceress and ruler of the Kingdom of Cordoba. Q: What is Queen Zonthara’s personality like?

A: Queen Zonthara is cunning, manipulative, and arrogant. Q: Does Queen Zonthara have any likes or dislikes?

A: None were explicitly stated in the series. Q: What does Queen Zonthara look like?

A: Queen Zonthara has striking purple hair, sharp angular facial features, and wears a gothic-themed attire with a pair of sharp horns on her headdress.

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