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The Big Green: A Heartwarming Soccer Film for All Ages

The Big Green: A Soccer Film for All Ages

Soccer is known worldwide as “the beautiful game.” It’s a sport that brings people together, inspires passion, and promotes teamwork. The Big Green is no exception.

The 1995 film tells the story of a small Texas town that learns to love soccer thanks to a group of British exchange students.The Big Green is a comedy-adventure film created for all ages. It delivers a timeless message of friendship, diversity, and overcoming challenges through a fun and positive narrative.

The movie follows the adventure of a group of kids who turn their town’s underfunded soccer team into winners. This article will highlight the characters, themes, and lessons from The Big Green that make it a great movie to watch with family and friends.


The Big Green introduces us to a colorful cast of characters that represent different cultures and personalities. We have:

– Miss Anna Mongomery, a British teacher who brings six exchange students (four boys and two girls) to a small Texas town.

– Sheriff Tom Palmer, a local law enforcement officer who is not thrilled about soccer coming to town. – Juan Morales, a Mexican-American kid who is the soccer team captain but lacks confidence.

– Kate Douglas, a tough girl who is the team’s goalie. – Newt Shaw, a mischievous kid who is good at making homemade soccer balls.

– Larry Musgrove, a nerdy kid who knows all about soccer but has never played.


The Big Green addresses several themes that make it relevant and attractive for all ages. These themes include:

– Friendship: The bond between the exchange students and the Texas kids goes beyond soccer.

They learn from each other and become true friends. – Diversity: The movie shows that people from different backgrounds can come together and celebrate their differences.

– Overcoming Challenges: The soccer team faces many obstacles, from a lack of equipment to facing tough opponents. Still, they never give up and keep working hard to improve.


Some of the valuable lessons that viewers can take away from The Big Green are:

– Confidence: Believing in yourself is key to achieving your goals. Juan learns this lesson when he overcomes his fear of failure and steps up as a leader.

– Teamwork: No one can win alone. The kids learn the importance of working together and trusting their teammates.

– Perseverance: Hard work and determination pay off. The soccer team improves and wins games because they don’t give up.


In conclusion, The Big Green is an enjoyable and uplifting movie that shows the power of friendship, diversity, and teamwork. Its universal message resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Watching it can be a great family activity that sparks conversations about themes that are relevant today. So, grab a ball, gather your loved ones, and experience the joy of the beautiful game.

Plot Analysis of The Big Green: How Soccer Changes a Town

The Big Green is a sports comedy-adventure movie that tells a story of how an underdog team of soccer players can make a difference in a small Texas town. The movie’s director Holly Goldberg Sloan presents us with an underdog story that is meant to evoke viewers’ emotional response, empathy, and support for the soccer team.

This article is a plot analysis of The Big Green’s story that contains its subplots, themes, and characters figured.


The movie’s mainstream plot is the underdog soccer team, but the movie also contains subplots that drive the story further. In the first subplot, Miss Anna Mongomery, a British teacher, and her six exchange students arrive at a small Texan school.

The students are surprised to find out that the school does not have a soccer team until Miss Anna decides to create one to help the students connect and break from their social boxes. The second subplot is Sheriff Tom Palmer’s rivalry with Miss Anna Mongomery and the soccer team.

The sheriff is portrayed as an anti-soccer person who is set to sabotage the kids’ soccer practices and games. His desire to protect the town’s golf course from soccer balls proves to be a serious challenge to the students.

The third subplot involves the friendship between Juan and Ricky, poor Mexican-American best friends. Ricky had just lost his dad, and Juan’s support became essential when he lost his soccer shoes before an important soccer game.

Juan showed the true meaning of friendship by sharing his shoes with Ricky and welcoming him and his family to his home.


The Big Green’s themes revolve around friendship, teamwork, and overcoming challenges. The friendship that starts between Miss Anna and the soccer team helps change the students’ lives, with the soccer coaching becoming a creative way for the kids to connect and make new friends.

Through soccer, the exchange students help break down the social barriers that divide the students. The friendship between Juan and Ricky also shows the importance of being there for your friends, even in tough times.

Teamwork is another significant theme in the movie. When the soccer team first starts, the students have no trust in each other.

Everything changes when they start practicing and playing together. The team learns to respect and rely on each other for the team’s success.

The team learns more than just playing soccercollective means most than any individual achievement. Overcoming challenges is another central theme in the movie.

From the beginning, the soccer team faces major obstacles. After the team’s first humiliating loss, the coach’s words inspire everyone to work harder to seek success.

The team gets brand new soccer shoes, which they become grateful for. When they face the unbeaten Knights, Juan’s leadership helps them persevere and win a crucial match.


Miss Anna Mongomery is the soccer team’s coach who inspires the exchange students to connect with other students at the school. Miss Anna saves the soccer team from being abolished and becomes a significant player in the team’s success.

Sheriff Tom Palmer is the anti-soccer person. Palmer represents the town’s norm and is set to prevent the kids from playing soccer on the only football pitch in town.

Juan Morales is the main character of the movie and the soccer team’s captain. Juan struggles with confidence and self-doubt, leading to a shaky start as a captain and player.

Kate Douglas is the goalkeeper whose parents don’t like soccer. She is shown to have a physical toughness that helps the team win a crucial game.


The Big Green is a movie that follows the underdog sports movie formula. It’s predictable yet refreshing with light-hearted humor and a well-delivered message.

The movie teaches us that teamwork, friendship, believing in ourselves, and perseverance can lead us to achieve our goals. Through soccer, the students formed bonds that made them better people.

The Big Green is an example that if we work together, we can get through any challenge, even if we are underdogs. The Production of The Big Green: Bringing the Beautiful Game to Life

The Big Green is a family-friendly sports comedy movie that tells an inspiring story of a small Texas town that learns to love the beautiful game of soccer.

Directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan, the production of The Big Green faced several challenges during filming, but the crew managed to create a movie that delivers a timeless message of friendship, teamwork, and overcoming challenges. This article will examine some of the aspects that went into the production of The Big Green, including the casting, locations, and music.


One of the many things that make The Big Green a beloved classic is its colorful cast that is ideal for families. The movie features established actors like Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d’Abo, John Terry, and Chauncey Leopardi.

The mix of experience and talent helped bring life to the characters in the movie. The Big Green also introduced fresh faces like Bug Hall, who plays goalie and became a fan favorite.

While casting the film, the producers wanted actors who were relatable to kids and could bring humor and heart to the story. The casting of the six exchange students was vital to the movie’s success.

The students provide both comic relief and relatable characters for audiences. Having a diverse group of actors and characters also reflects the movie’s message of embracing our differences and celebrating diversity.

The casting process was well-executed, and the actors portrayed their roles well, making the movie more relatable and enjoyable for viewers.


The Big Green took place mainly in Elgin, Texas, where the production team found the perfect locations to tell the story. The football field where the soccer games took place was an actual Elgin High School football pitch.

The pitch was originally an actual football pitch, transformed and repainted to look like a soccer field for the movie. The production team also used various locations to create the different scenes in the movie.

Some filming occurred in the school hallways, the sheriff’s office, and the town’s golf course. The locations in the movie gave the film a sense of authenticity, making audiences feel like they were part of the soccer team, the town, and their struggles.


The music in The Big Green was an important aspect of the film. The production team picked music that reflected both the soccer field and the Texan feel of the movie.

Big Green fanfare, created by composer Randy Edelman for the film’s soundtrack, gives the movie’s context and makes the movie’s transition much smoother. The music played in different scenes reflects the accompanying mood- upbeat tunes, for example, accompanied the soccer matches’ excitement.

One of the iconic songs used in the movie is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. The song represents the town’s love for country music and reflects how passionate and proud the town is of its roots.

The selection of music in the movie complements the movie’s message and the accompanying emotions perfectly, making viewers enjoy the movie’s rhythm more.


The production of The Big Green presented different challenges from casting to locations to music. Directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan, the team was able to overcome these challenges and produce a movie that captures the audience’s heart and soul.

The mix of established talents and fresh, relatable characters helped bring the story to life, while the authentic locations made viewers feel like they were part of the town. Finally, the selection of music and the accompaniment of the scenes’ moods make it a remarkable movie for all audiences.

The Big Green’s production aspects perfectly complemented each other, resulting in a timeless classic that will forever be remembered. The Release of The Big Green: From the Cinemas to Homes

The release of The Big Green was a critical milestone in its success.

The family-friendly sports comedy film directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan premiered in 1995 and became an instant classic. From its theatrical release to its DVD release, The Big Green has been a crowd-pleaser for more than two decades.

This article looks back at the release of The Big Green, exploring its critical reception, box office performance, and home video release.

Theatrical Release

The Big Green was released on September 29, 1995. The movie was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, one of the most esteemed studios in the entertainment industry.

The movie’s timing worked perfectly, coming out in the fall season, just in time for family-friendly movies to start popping up, which means that the film had minimal competition. Considering The Big Green was a low-budget film made for approximately $12 million, it performed relatively well at the box office.

The movie opened ninth at the box office and amassed $3.6 million in its opening weekend. The Big Green ended up grossing $17.7 million in the US and Canada.

Critical Reception

The Big Green received mixed reviews from critics at the time of its release. Some praised the film for its humor, heart, and positive messages, while others criticized it for its conventionality.

Critics’ consensus is that the film does not break new grounds in the sports genre, given the plot offered nothing new. However, the critic does praise the movie for its execution.

Audiences were particularly receptive to The Big Green’s humor and the touching story. The film’s humor helped make it a family-friendly movie that resonated with both kids and adults.

The Big Green also received overwhelming positive reviews from audiences. The fact that both kids and adults gained an enjoyable experience in the movie was noted as a significant success for The Big Green.

Home Video Release

The success of The Big Green continued long after its theatrical release through a home video release. The movie was released on VHS and later on DVD.

DVD sales were crucial to the movie’s success, with many fans buying the movie to play over and over again. The DVD release of the movie contained many bonus features, including behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with the actors and production crew.

The bonus features helped to deepen the fans’ attachment to the film and provided an opportunity for them to further engage with the movie. Overall, the home video release of The Big Green complemented the film’s theatrical release, leading to its lasting success.

The dvd certification was renewed twice by the American Film Institute: once in 2003 and again in 2013.


The Big Green’s release in 1995 was met with mixed reviews from critics. Despite the initial criticism, the film’s humor, heart, and positive messages have helped the movie become an instant classic for many people.

The fact that it became a crowd-pleaser led to its commercial success and a long-lasting impact. The home video release of the film allowed fans to engage with the movie on a deeper level, making it an even more memorable experience.

The Big Green continues to be enjoyed by audiences today, years after its initial release, demonstrating it is timeless and undoubtedly a classic. The Big Green’s Soundtrack: The Rhythm of the Beautiful Game

The Big Green’s soundtrack played a crucial role in the movie’s success.

The family-friendly sports comedy directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan had just the right music to accompany the story’s emotions, adding an extra layer of fun to the viewing experience. The soundtrack features a mix of different genres that reflects the movie’s themes while bringing the beautiful game to life.

In this article, we will delve into the soundtrack’s details and how it helped to elevate the movie.

Background Information

The Big Green’s soundtrack was created by the composer Randy Edelman, an experienced composer with a long list of credits to his name. Edelman began working on the soundtrack while the movie was still in production, ensuring the music would complement the movie’s scenes perfectly.

The soundtrack primarily used instrumental pieces, which helped to make the movie’s rhythm more noticeable. The main themes reflect the excitement and joy of soccer, conveying the mood the soccer players and viewers wriggle in.

Randy Edelman created a unique soundtrack that reflects the joyful and playful nature of soccer, sticking perfectly with the rhythm of the beautiful game.

Track Listing

1. “The Big Green Fanfare”


“The Birth of the Big Green”

3. “The Soccer Match”


“Meeting Miss Mongomery”

5. “Miss Mongomery Blues”



7. “Prisoners of War”


“Visit with Juan’s Family”

9. “The Big Score”


“Miss Mongomery Returns to England”

11. “The Big Game”


“The Big Green Closes”

13. “Charlie Daniels – The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

The track listing features an exciting musical compilation, composed flawlessly to fit the movie’s different tones.

The Big Green Fanfare is the movie’s theme song, a rousing melody that accompanies the movie’s opening scene, setting the direction of the movie and pumping up viewers. The Birth of the Big Green marks the arrival of the exchange students in the town and the creation of the soccer team, with the eccentric nature of the music capturing the excitement of creating the soccer team.

The music used throughout the soccer match comes together as one, creating an upbeat and energetic atmosphere. The enthusiasm changes when Miss Anna is feeling down and sets into the Miss Mongomery Blues, a somber piece that captures the film’s emotional tone.

Reunion marks the soccer team’s comeback to Texas, with the tune being triumphant and energetic, marking an essential point in the movie. The soundtrack ends with The Big Green Closes, a relaxing instrumental song that takes you away and brings you back, signifying the end of the story, reminding us of the movie’s finer moments.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels is an iconic country-inspired soundtrack used to inspire and represent the town’s musical roots.


The soundtracks used in The Big Green made the movie more memorable. Randy Edelman’s mix of various genres blended perfectly with the movie, giving a firm foundation to the soccer elements in the movie.

The soundscape composed reflects soccer’s playful and exciting nature while soothing listeners during the emotional scenes. The Big Green’s soundtrack captures the essence of the beautiful game, adding another layer to the movie, making it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

In conclusion, The Big Green is a timeless classic that tells an inspiring story of how soccer can unite and transform a community. The movie’s plot, production, release, and soundtrack are all elements that contribute to its lasting success.

The movie’s themes of friendship, teamwork, and overcoming challenges continue to resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether you are a fan of soccer or not, The Big Green’s message is clear: anything is possible with hard work, determination and the support of those around you.


Q: Who directed The Big Green? A: Holly Goldberg Sloan directed The Big Green.

Q: When was The Big Green released? A: The Big Green was released in 1995.

Q: What is the soundtrack of The Big Green? A: The soundtrack of The Big Green features a mix of different genres, composed by Randy Edelman, that reflects the movie’s themes while bringing the beautiful game to life.

Q: Who stars in The Big Green? A: The movie features established actors like Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d’Abo, John Terry, and

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