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Rivalry and Romance: A Look at Mickey’s Classic Animated Short

Mickey’s Rival: A Classic Disney Short Film

Mickey’s Rival is a classic animated short film created by Walt Disney Productions in 1936. Directed by Wilfred Jackson and produced by Walt Disney, it features the iconic character of Mickey Mouse, who has a rival in a new character, Mortimer Mouse.

The storyline

In the film, Mickey Mouse is trying to woo his girlfriend, Minnie Mouse. However, Mortimer Mouse, a suave and flashy mouse, has also set his eyes on Minnie.

He performs several impressive feats to impress Minnie, such as singing and dancing. This creates a rivalry between Mickey and Mortimer, leading to a humorous and entertaining competition between the two.

Throughout the film, Mickey and Mortimer engage in various contests to win Minnie’s favor. They participate in a car race, a boat race, and a horse race, with Mortimer winning in each of them.

However, Mickey prevails in the final round, where he saves Minnie from a perilous situation and wins her heart.

Themes and motifs

Mickey’s Rival explores several themes that were relevant during the time of its creation. One of the primary themes is competition, which is evident in the rivalry between Mickey and Mortimer.

The film portrays the desire to outperform one’s competitors and the lengths people are willing to go to emerge victorious. Another theme that the film touches upon is individuality.

Mickey and Mortimer are distinct characters, with different personalities and mannerisms. Through their rivalry, the film celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and the importance of embracing one’s differences.

The motifs used in the film are typical of Disney’s animation style. The characters are anthropomorphic animals, with exaggerated features and expressions.

The setting and the background are also drawn in vibrant colors, adding to the whimsical world of Disney.

Impact and legacy

Mickey’s Rival was a massive success upon its release in 1936. It was praised for its humor, animation, and storyline, becoming one of the most popular short films produced by Disney.

Moreover, the film introduced the character of Mortimer Mouse, who would go on to make several appearances in subsequent Disney films. Although, later on, the character was renamed as Mickey’s rival is usually referred to as Mortimer Mouse.


Mickey’s Rival is an enduring classic that showcases Disney’s unique animation style and storytelling techniques. The film’s themes and motifs continue to resonate with audiences, making it a timeless piece of entertainment.

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