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Riding the Waves: A Guide to the Surf Culture in Meet the Deedles

Meet the Deedles: A Surprising Adventure

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure through the beautiful landscapes of national parks but with a lot of humor sprinkled in? Then “Meet the Deedles” is the movie for you! Directed by Steve Boyum and starring Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker, this 1998 film follows the story of the Deedles brothers, Stew and Phil, who find themselves in an unexpected adventure in Yellowstone National Park.

The Deedles brothers are rich surfers from Hawaii who have never been to a national park before. However, when their wealthy father discovers their continuous shenanigans, he decides to send them far away from their sunny paradise to work as rangers at Yellowstone National Park.

But Stew and Phil’s arrival at the park couldn’t have been more problematic. The two try to convince their fellow workers to live the good life while they cause chaos, accidents, and create an unexpected geothermal mishap.

All the while, they are unaware of a larger plot unfolding as they unwillingly get involved in stopping a villainous group’s plan to detonate geysers. The movie’s plot might seem conventional, but the humor elevates the typical adventure movie genre.

Van Wormer and Walker portray the Deedles brothers as dimwitted, but charming and beloved individuals. Their chemistry feels natural, which contributes to the overall humor of the movie.

The jokes are silly and slapstick, delivered through exaggerated facial expressions and body movements. The movie might not be for everyone, but it does not attempt to be more than what it is – a fun and entertaining family comedy.

Yellowstone National Park also deserves a special mention. The landscape is breathtaking and serves as a backdrop to most of the movie.

As the movie progresses, the park’s natural wonders come to life with stunning aerial shots of Yellowstone’s landscapes, geysers, and wildlife. Although the park’s portrayal isn’t entirely accurate, it still captured the beauty that makes Yellowstone National Park so special.

The movie’s soundtrack plays a significant role in the comedy and elevates the audience’s enjoyment. The soundtrack includes notable songs like “Surf City” by Jan and Dean, “Rock This Town” by Stray Cats, and “The Saints Go Marching” by The Bob & Tom Band.

The music selections are upbeat and align with the overall comedic tone of the movie. In conclusion, Meet the Deedles is a fun and enjoyable movie with a positive message about trusting and working together.

The movie’s plotline, characters, and humor are its strongest points, with Yellowstone National Park’s beauty serving as a significant extra. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time watching Meet the Deedles, it’s guaranteed to leave you laughing and wanting to visit Yellowstone for yourself.

The plot of “Meet the Deedles” is a classic example of two fish out of water. The Deedles brothers are accustomed to living a life of luxury in Hawaii and have never been to a national park before.

However, their father, Chauncey Deedles, a millionaire tycoon, sends them to Yellowstone National Park to work as park rangers. The plot is straightforward, but the film’s humor, dialogues, and soundtrack make the story intriguing.

After their arrival, the Deedles brothers soon realize that their job will not be as easy as they thought. They face resistance from Jedediah, the park’s Head Ranger, who doesn’t take kindly to their unorthodox style of rangering.

However, Stew and Phil are determined to make the most of their newfound jobs and find ways to have fun while working. The movie’s plot thickens when the Deedles brothers encounter Nemo, a park employee who is also their former high school friend.

Nemo informs them about a nefarious plan to blow up Old Faithful, a popular geyser in the park, and directs them towards the responsible party. But Stew and Phil do not take Nemo’s words seriously and continue with their antics.

Meanwhile, the evil scientist, Elton Beyers, is responsible for the geothermal accidents in the park. Beyers has been drilling to release gas trapped beneath the earth’s surface to use as a renewable energy source.

The drilling causes geysers to erupt at random times, causing havoc and destruction in the park. However, he intends to push his plans further and turn Yellowstone into a massive energy source.

He plans to use a park service plane to drop bombs into Old Faithful, thus causing the geyser to erupt continuously, making the Yellowstone caldera an enormous volcano that would have enough pressure to create energy for the world’s use. It is the perfect setup for a classic hero’s journey, but the Deedles brothers prove to be the unlikely heroes.

They accidentally discover Beyers’ plan and, with the help of their newfound ranger friends, work to put an end to his scheme. The Deedles brothers seem to be in over their heads, but they use their quick thinking and unconventional tactics to save the park.

The final act of the movie is full of suspense, action, and humor. The Deedles brothers airdrop themselves into the villain’s lair and end up trapping themselves inside the plane that is loaded with explosives.

As they try to find a way out, they make unintentional decisions, and through sheer luck and absurdity, they ultimately save the day. The characters in the movie are integral to the plot’s success.

Stew and Phil are the main protagonists, and their journey of self-discovery, from being entitled brats to understanding the importance of responsibility, is the film’s emotional core. The supporting cast serves as a complementary presence to them.

The movie does have some caricatures like the overly officious Head Ranger, Jedediah, the hyperactive Nemo, and the quirky and emo park employees. However, none of them feel out of place, as their roles in the story provide entertaining moments for the audience.

In conclusion, “Meet the Deedles” is more than just a movie about two surfer brothers. The plot is a combination of fish out of water tropes mixed with a classic hero’s journey.

The film’s humor, action, and characters maintain the movie’s pace and provide a fun and entertaining experience. The unpredictable twists and turns in the plot make this movie more than just a typical 90s family comedy.

The production of “Meet the Deedles” was a unique one. The movie’s production started in 1997, and the filming took place over the course of three months, primarily at Yellowstone National Park.

The movie was directed by Steve Boyum, who had worked extensively as a stuntman and second unit director before his directorial debut. One of the movie’s most significant details is the inclusion of the National Park Service’s cooperation.

The production team worked closely with park officials to ensure that the movie portrayed the park’s beauty and uniqueness. The filmmakers initially faced resistance from the park service, but after presenting their proposal, park officials saw the movie as an opportunity to promote Yellowstone National Park.

Filming in Yellowstone National Park turned out to be quite challenging because the park’s wildlife proved to be a hindrance. Due to the need to preserve the park’s wildlife and scenery, the crew worked around the limitations that prevented them from using modern shooting techniques.

This meant that they had to employ traditional filmmaking techniques instead. The filming process also incorporated extensive planning and coordination among the cast and crew.

The star-packed cast, including Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker, underwent extensive training and rehearsals with former Yellowstone park rangers to learn about the park’s geography, wildlife, and park ranger responsibilities. Aside from the challenges involved, shooting the movie was a significant achievement for the production team.

One of the most remarkable scenes is the sequence that shows the characters performing various stunts, including surfing while being pulled by a helicopter and using snowboards to glide down the park’s snow-covered slopes. The production team employed various techniques, including helicopter shots, to achieve the desired sequence.

The film’s production also featured an impressive soundtrack that helped to create the ideal mood for particular scenes. The soundtrack features songs such as “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris, “So Much in Love” by The Tymes, and “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran, among others.

The songs fit perfectly with the movie’s themes and scenes, making it more enjoyable for viewers. In conclusion, the production of “Meet the Deedles” was not an easy task, given the complexities involved in the filming process.

The production team had to work closely with Yellowstone National Park officials, rangers, and wildlife preservationists to ensure that the film stayed true to the park’s unique environment and wildlife. The cast and crew faced several hurdles, including wildlife protection measures, but their commitment to the project never wavered.

Thanks to the comprehensive planning and coordination among the team members, they were able to create a fun, comedic movie that showcases Yellowstone’s beauty. “Meet the Deedles” was released on March 27, 1998, and grossed $4.3 million during its opening weekend.

The movie was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, which put a significant marketing effort behind the film, in hopes of making it a family friendly hit. The film was marketed towards young audiences, particularly teens, and positioned as a fun and adventurous comedy that offered a fresh take on the classic buddy adventure trope.

Disney commissioned several marketing campaigns to promote the movie, including television commercials, trailers, and print advertisements. The movie’s release coincided with the school holidays, making it an ideal time for family trips to the cinema.

It was also aided by placement in Disney theme parks and resorts. Attendees of the park’s nightly Main Street Electrical Parade saw a float featuring characters from the movie.

The float was also present in parades at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California, further leveraging synergy between Disney properties. At the time of its release, the movie received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the movie’s humor and scenery portrayal, while others directly mentioned the weak plot and over the top behavior of the actors.

However, audiences seemed to enjoy the movie, and it ended up grossing $4.3 million in its opening weekend. Despite its modest success, the movie’s gross revenue was unable to recuperate the movie’s budget entirely, prompting mixed reactions from those involved in the movie’s production.

However, the movie’s real success came after its theatrical release. The DVD and VHS release of the movie proved to be much more successful than its initial theatrical run.

The movie’s home release saw sales improve tenfold, becoming a cult classic and popular amongst the younger generation. The overall reaction of the public and economists to the movie was that of “so-so,” considering the movie was made with a $24 million-dollar budget, and the final box office gross was $4.3 million.

However, with DVD and VHS sales increasing the revenue, the movie proved to be a valuable asset for Disney in the long run. In conclusion, the initial reception to “Meet the Deedles” was mediocre.

However, the movie’s home release proved to be highly successful, leading to the film being a cult classic 90s comedy. In hindsight, the movie is an important piece of Disney movie history that portrays the American Western experience and the beauty of Yellowstone National Park.

Although the movie did not attain significant commercial success during its initial release, it has maintained its place as a beloved comedy, and a favourite among families and young adults who grew up watching it. The soundtrack of “Meet the Deedles” is a perfect accompaniment to the movie’s fun and lighthearted tone.

The soundtrack consists of classic 50s and 60s rock n roll tunes that match the movie’s surfing theme. The music is an essential part of the movie, giving it an authentic vibe, which adds to the overall fun and excitement.

The movie’s opening sequence is genuinely memorable, beginning with the song “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris. The song sets the perfect tone, featuring classic surf rock riffs and drum beats, perfect for the surfing scene that follows.

It sets the scene for the Deedles brothers’ arrival in Yellowstone and emphasizes their light-hearted nature, which is essential to the overall comedy of the movie. Another notable song featured in the soundtrack is “So Much in Love” by The Tymes.

The song is heard playing in the background when Stew and Phil first set foot in their office. The melody is a refreshing change, with its mellow vibes and love-themed lyrics.

It highlights the Deedles’ love for surfing, which is their life’s passion, making it an ideal fit for the movie’s light-hearted and laid-back tone. Another standout song is “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran, which is played during one of the film’s funniest moments.

The song plays as Stew and Phil drive a monstrous RV through the park, unaware that it is too tall to pass through some of the park’s tunnels. The scene offers a comical repose, highlighting the brothers’ adventurous spirits.

The movie’s director, Steve Boyum, specifically chose the movie’s songs to fit the surfing theme and seventies vibe. The tracks use traditional 50s and 60s guitar work combined with neo-surf, saxophones, and keyboards to create an upbeat soundtrack.

Boyum even included songs from his personal collection in the tracklist, making the movie’s soundtrack even more personalized. The songs were not only chosen for their sound but for their cultural relevance as well.

The majority of the songs were popular during the 50s and 60s, coinciding with the height of the surfing culture. The songs conjure up nostalgic memories of a grand era in American history, where surfing and rock n roll music resonated as the central elements of youth culture.

The soundtrack album was released on March 24, 1998, under the label Hollywood Records and was produced by Teddy Castellucci and Mark Hudson. The album’s release featured fifteen tracks, which included songs by various artists of the rock genre like The Surfaris, The Turtles and The Champs.

In conclusion, the soundtrack of “Meet the Deedles” is a highlight of the movie and adds to the film’s overall charm. The songs are carefully curated, including recognizable hits that perfectly matches the movie’s surf-inspired humor.

It captures the era’s vibe and characterized the surfing culture while providing a refreshing musical atmosphere. The soundtrack has become a favorite amongst surf rock enthusiasts and a loyal fanbase as it brings back the sounds of rock and rolls golden period.

In conclusion, “Meet the Deedles” is a fun and entertaining movie that follows the adventures of two unwitting brothers. The article highlights the movie’s plot, production, release, and soundtrack.

The movie was made with a $24 million-dollar budget and made $4.3 million during its theatrical run. However, the movie found a loyal fan base through its subsequent home release, making it a cult classic.

The incorporation of classic rock n roll tracks perfectly captures the spirit of the surf culture of the 90s, adding to the movie’s unapologetic unserious nature. The movie’s enduring popularity is a testament to the timelessness of surfing culture and its influence in contemporary entertainment.


Q: Where was “Meet the Deedles” filmed? A: The movie was primarily filmed in Yellowstone National Park.

Q: What is the movie’s plot? A: The movie follows the adventures of two wealthy brothers, Stew and Phil Deedles, sent to Yellowstone National Park to work as park rangers.

The brothers unwittingly find themselves involved in a plot to blow up Old Faithful and have to save the park. Q: Who directed “Meet the Deedles”?

A: The movie was directed by Steve Boyum. Q: When was “Meet the Deedles” released?

A: The movie was released on March 27, 1998. Q: What is the significance of the soundtrack in the movie?

A: The movie’s soundtrack is an essential part of the movie, giving it an authentic surf-inspired vibe, which adds to the overall fun and excitement of the movie.

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