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Rev Up Your Engines: A Thrilling Ride with Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari: A Movie That Will Take You on a Thrilling Ride

If you’re a fan of adrenaline-fueled movies and racing, then Ford v Ferrari is a must-watch film for you. Directed by James Mangold, the movie is based on the true story of how the Ford Motor Company went head to head with Ferrari in the 24-hour Le Mans race in France in 1966.

The film features an impressive ensemble cast led by the likes of Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles, and tells a tale of determination, passion, and the pursuit of Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari is not just a movie about racing and fast cars; it’s a character-driven tale that explores the relationship between two men who share a deep desire to win. At its core, the film is about pushing the limits, overcoming obstacles, and never giving up on your dreams.

If you’re looking for a movie that will captivate your senses and leave you at the edge of your seat, then Ford v Ferrari is definitely worth your time.

The Plot of Ford v Ferrari

The movie begins with the Ford Motor Company’s desperation to create a car that can compete with Ferrari’s dominant line of racing automobiles. The company hires Carroll Shelby, a former racer, and Ken Miles, a British mechanic, to design and build a car that can beat Ferrari at the 24-hour Le Mans race.

But as they dive into the project, they soon realize that there are political and personal obstacles in their way. The movie’s plot explores the behind-the-scenes politics and the challenges that Shelby and Miles face as they try to create a car that can compete with the most dominant racing team in the world.

The movie’s pacing is incredibly well-balanced, and the screenplay does an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire movie.

The Highlights of Ford v Ferrari

One of the movie’s highlights is the performances by the lead actors. Damon and Bale have fantastic chemistry, and their portrayal of Shelby and Miles is nuanced, complex, and utterly believable.

The movie also features excellent cinematography, which showcases the racing scenes with incredible detail and precision. The sound design and score are also superb, and they add to the movie’s immersive experience.

The Themes of Ford v Ferrari

At its core, Ford v Ferrari is a movie about perseverance, determination, and passion. It’s a story that celebrates the human spirit and emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration.

It’s a movie that explores the concept of excellence and how it’s achieved through hard work, sacrifice, and taking risks.


Ford v Ferrari is a must-watch movie for racing fans and anyone who loves a good underdog story. It’s a well-crafted film that provides a thrilling and engaging cinematic experience.

The movie’s themes of perseverance, dedication, and teamwork are universal, making it a movie that anyone can connect with. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to add it to your watchlist.

You won’t be disappointed!

Ford v Ferrari: A High-Octane Plot Summary

Ford v Ferrari is not just a racing movie; it’s a meditation on the limits of human ambition. At its core, the film is about teamwork, passion, and the pursuit of excellence.

The movie is set in the mid-1960s, a time when Ferrari was the reigning champion of the world’s most prestigious car race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The movie tells the story of how Ford, an American car manufacturer, set out to beat Ferrari and build a car that could win the race.

The Plot

The movie begins with Ford’s desire to acquire Ferrari, which had been struggling financially. However, Ferrari canceled the deal at the last minute, causing Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts), the CEO of Ford Motors, to lash out in anger.

As a result, he orders his executives, led by Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal), to find a way to beat Ferrari at its own game. Enter Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), a retired race car driver who runs his own auto-shop and is a close acquaintance of Ford.

Ford hires Shelby to lead the team and design the car that will win Le Mans. Shelby brings in the talented British driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), who is initially dismissed by the Ford executives for his hot-headed personality.

Shelby’s team begins the arduous task of designing and building the car. However, the team faces a lot of obstacles, including a stringent budget, disagreements among the team members, and the strict rules of the racing industry.

Meanwhile, Miles must prove himself by winning races and overcoming personal and professional challenges, including his strained relationship with his son. The tension in the movie builds up to the climactic race at Le Mans.

The Ford team faces stiff competition from Ferrari and other elite racing teams. As the race progresses, the team faces all kinds of challenges, from faulty brakes to a sheer lack of power that jeopardizes their race.

Despite the obstacles, Miles puts on a brave performance and manages to keep the Ford car in the lead position. However, a last-minute decision by Ford’s executives threatens to take away his victory.

Ultimately, Miles manages to outrun his opponents and wins the race for Ford, securing a place in history as a racing legend.

The Themes

Ford v Ferrari is a movie that celebrates the human spirit and the profound impact of teamwork and collaboration. The film emphasizes that winning is not just a matter of individual ability but also a function of trust, sacrifice, and mutual support.

The movie also highlights the importance of taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Another important theme that runs through the movie is that of doing what you love.

Both Shelby and Miles are passionate about racing, and their work on the Ford car represents the culmination of all their hopes and dreams. The movie offers a powerful statement about the satisfaction that comes from pursuing one’s passion, regardless of the risks and challenges involved.

The Characters

Ford v Ferrari is populated by an impressive cast of characters who bring the story to life. There’s Damon’s charming portrayal of the charismatic Shelby, who serves as the glue holding the team together.

Bale delivers an exceptional performance as the hot-headed yet determined Miles, whose natural talent and drive make him an ideal choice for the team. Letts is also excellent as the brash, arrogant Ford, whose ambition for greatness blinds him to the risks involved in the project.

Bernthal’s Iacocca is a clever, fast-talking executive who knows how to get things done. Together, the characters form a complex and engaging ensemble that propels the movie forward.


Ford v Ferrari is a captivating and thrilling movie that offers a unique perspective on the limits of human ambition. The film tells a story of teamwork, passion, and perseverance, and celebrates the human spirit in all its complexities.

With its skilled direction, excellent writing, and top-notch performances, Ford v Ferrari is a movie that is sure to entertain audiences of all ages. Behind the Scenes: The Making of Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari is a masterclass in filmmaking that showcases the best of both worlds, with a captivating narrative and top-notch production values.

The movie’s meticulous attention to detail, exceptional cinematography, and brilliant sound design all contributed to creating a deeply immersive cinematic experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the production of Ford v Ferrari and explore what went into making this cinematic masterpiece.

The Direction

James Mangold, the director of Ford v Ferrari, is known for his excellent work in films such as Logan, Walk the Line, and Cop Land. Mangold brings his considerable expertise to this fast-paced racing drama, showcasing the thrill and danger of high-speed racing, while also portraying the personal struggles of the two main characters.

Mangold’s use of close-up shots and fluid camera movements, combined with his skillful use of sound, creates an immersive and visceral experience for the audience.

The Cinematography

The cinematography of Ford v Ferrari is nothing short of exceptional. The film captures the beauty and intensity of the racing world, with sweeping shots of the race track, close-ups of the drivers in action, and beautifully composed shots of the cars in motion.

The film’s use of natural light, shadows, and reflections all contribute to creating a striking visual experience. The cinematography is a testament to the skill of Phedon Papamichael, who has worked on movies such as Nebraska, Walk the Line, and The Descendants.

The Sound Design

The sound design of Ford v Ferrari is an immersive experience that adds to the film’s realism. The film’s sound mixers and editors have expertly recreated the sound of the racing cars, with the roar of the engines and the squeal of the tires, taking center stage.

The sound design also captures the sounds of the pit crew and the racing crowds, creating an authentic atmosphere that immerses the audience in the world of racing.

The Car Design

The production team behind Ford v Ferrari invested a significant amount of time and effort into designing and building the cars used in the movie. The film features carefully crafted replicas of the racing cars used during the 1960s, including the Ford GT40 and the Ferrari 330 P3.

The filmmakers worked closely with car manufacturers and replicas makers to ensure that every detail was perfect, from the shape of the body to the sound of the engine. The outcome is a film that offers a visually stunning and authentic recreation of the racing world.

The Ensemble Cast

One of the strengths of Ford v Ferrari is its ensemble cast, led by actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale. The supporting members of the cast, including Tracy Letts, Jon Bernthal, and Caitriona Balfe, also deliver outstanding performances that add depth and dimension to the film.

The careful casting of the movie enhances the movie’s authenticity and adds to its overall appeal.


Ford v Ferrari is a cinematic masterpiece that showcases the best of modern filmmaking. The crew behind the movie worked tirelessly to craft a film that captures the thrill of racing while also offering a deeply moving personal story.

The direction of James Mangold, the cinematography of Phedon Papamichael, the sound design, car design, and ensemble cast all contribute to creating a memorable movie experience. Ford v Ferrari is a testament to the art and science of filmmaking, and it’s a movie that will be appreciated by audiences for generations to come.

The Release of Ford v Ferrari: A

Box Office Success

Ford v Ferrari had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on August 30, 2019. It was later released in US theaters on November 15, 2019.

The movie received glowing reviews from critics and audiences, who praised it for its strong performances, thrilling action sequences, and engaging storytelling.

Box Office Success

Ford v Ferrari proved to be a box office hit upon its release, grossing over $225 million worldwide. In the US, the movie grossed over $117 million, making it one of the highest-grossing sports movies of all time.

The film’s success can be attributed to several factors, including its expert production values, compelling storyline, and a stellar cast.

Critical Acclaim

The critical response to Ford v Ferrari was overwhelmingly positive. The film currently holds a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the performances of its lead actors and the stunning cinematography.

The movie was also nominated for several awards, including Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards.

International Release

Ford v Ferrari was a hit not just in the US but also in international markets. The film was released in over 50 countries, with countries like China, Japan, and the UK showing strong box office numbers.

The film’s international success is a testament to its broad appeal, with audiences around the world being captivated by its thrilling racing scenes and engaging characters.

Home Video and Streaming Release

Following the success of the movie’s theatrical run, Ford v Ferrari was released on home video and streaming platforms, including DVD, Blu-ray, and digital release. The home video and streaming release allowed fans to watch the movie again and again, deepening the connection with the characters and the story.

Impact on the Racing World

Ford v Ferrari has had a profound impact on the racing world, as it brought the story of the Ford GT40’s triumph at Le Mans to a new generation of fans. The film reignited interest in the racing world’s history and has inspired fans to learn more about the sport’s past.

The movie also brought attention to the role played by the famous racing driver, Ken Miles, who passed away tragically in a racing accident in 1966.


Ford v Ferrari was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $225 million worldwide and earning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. The film’s box office success, critical acclaim, and international appeal are a testament to its broad appeal and expert storytelling.

With its thrilling racing sequences, engaging characters, and top-notch production values, Ford v Ferrari left an indelible mark on the racing world and on cinema history.

The Heart-Pumping Soundtrack of Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari not only has gripping racing scenes and excellent cinematography but also features a heart-pumping soundtrack that adds to the film’s overall appeal. The movie’s soundtrack was a collaborative effort by many talented composers, and it features an impressive collection of songs that heighten the emotion and drama of the movie.

The Composers

The soundtrack of Ford v Ferrari is composed of several instrumental tracks that capture the excitement and tension of the car races depicted in the movie. The score was written by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, who have previously collaborated on movies such as The Hurt Locker and Logan.

Additionally, the soundtrack includes several classic rock and blues tracks that help set the mood and tone of the movie.

The Tracks

The soundtrack kicks off with the song “Polk Salad Annie” by Tony Joe White. The song sets the mood for the film’s opening scene, which is set in the American South, and gives audiences a sense of the movie’s time and place.

Other notable songs in the soundtrack include “Walking The Floor Over You” by Ernest Tubb, “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and “The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)” by Jan and Dean. The score features instrumental tracks that are both dramatic and captivating, matching the intensity of the racing scenes.

The tracks are designed to enhance the tension and excitement of the races, with the music swelling and subsiding along with the action onscreen. The score features piano, guitar, drums, and other instruments, creating a layered and textured sound.

Impact of the Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Ford v Ferrari adds an element of authenticity to the movie, capturing the mood and feel of the racing world in the 1960s. The classic tracks help transport the audience to that era, while the instrumental tracks heighten the emotion of the film’s most dramatic moments.

The soundtrack also serves as a nod to the era of classic cars and racing, giving fans of the sport a sense of nostalgia.

The Use of Sound

Sound plays a crucial role in Ford v Ferrari, creating an immersive and engaging experience for the audience. The sound of the car engines has been expertly recorded and mixed with the movie’s score to create a 360-degree soundscape that envelops the viewer in the world of high-speed racing.

The movie’s sound design also captures the noises of the pit crew and the cheering crowds, adding to the movie’s authenticity.


The soundtrack of Ford v Ferrari is a masterful combination of classic rock and blues tracks and instrumental score that helps create an authentic and captivating racing experience. The music and sound design of the movie enhances the emotion and drama of the film’s most gripping moments.

Overall, the movie’s soundtrack is a testament to the power and importance of music and sound in storytelling and serves as a fitting accompaniment to the film’s intense racing scenes. In summary, Ford v Ferrari is a thrilling movie that celebrates the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence.

It’s a masterful work of filmmaking, with top-notch production values, a compelling storyline, and a talented cast. The movie’s exceptional direction, cinematography, sound design, soundtrack, and overall production contribute to creating an unforgettable cinematic experience.

If you’re a fan of racing movies or just appreciate great movies in general, then Ford v Ferrari is for you. FAQs:

Q: Is Ford v Ferrari based on a true story?

A: Yes, the film is based on the true story of how the Ford Motor Company set out to beat Ferrari at the 24-hour Le Mans race. Q: Who directs Ford v Ferrari?

A: The film is directed by James Mangold, who has also directed movies such as Logan, Walk the Line, and Cop Land. Q: Who stars in Ford v Ferrari?

A: The movie features an ensemble cast led by Matt Damon and Christian Bale, as well as supporting actors Tracy Letts, Jon Bernthal, and Caitriona Balfe. Q: What is the genre of Ford v Ferrari?

A: The film is a racing drama, mixing pulse-pounding action with engaging characters and a compelling storyline. Q: What is the significance of Ford v Ferrari’s success?

A: The film’s success at the box office and with critics is a testament to its broad appeal and expert storytelling, and it serves as a testament to the importance of filmmaking in our culture.

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