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Purl: Pixar’s Heartwarming Ode to Workplace Inclusion

“Purl” is a heartwarming Pixar animated short film that explores the themes of diversity, inclusion, and teamwork in a corporate setting. Directed by Kristen Lester, the film follows the journey of a bubbly ball of yarn named Purl as she starts her job at a male-dominated company called B.R.O. Capital.

The film opens with a shot of Purl knitting herself a pink suit before heading to her new workplace. Upon arrival, Purl is met with cold stares and exclusion from her male coworkers who stick to their old-fashioned ways of working together.

Undeterred, Purl tries to blend in by adopting their behavior, but finds herself losing her identity in the process. However, a chance encounter with a fellow ball of yarn named Lacy leads Purl to realize she needs to embrace her uniqueness and stand up for what she believes in.

One of the main messages of “Purl” is the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The film highlights how having a diverse team can lead to creativity and innovation.

Purl’s arrival at B.R.O. Capital shakes things up and forces her coworkers to confront their biases and learn to work with someone who is different from them. The film shows that diversity, not conformity, is essential for growth.

Another key theme in the film is the power of teamwork. Purl’s arrival at the company initially creates an uncomfortable environment for her and her coworkers, but as the film progresses, we see Purl and her male colleagues find common ground and work together to create something great.

The film emphasizes how a team that respects and values each other’s differences can achieve great things. As with most Pixar films, “Purl” also features some funny and heartwarming moments.

The film’s characters, which are all balls of yarn, are charming and endearing. We see them unravel, knit, and weave themselves together, creating a visual representation of the film’s themes.

Purl’s bubbly personality and determination to succeed make her a lovable character that viewers will root for. In terms of animation, “Purl” is visually stunning.

The film’s use of color and texture bring the characters and setting to life. From the yarn ball characters to the various office supplies, everything is designed to feel tactile and woven together, creating a unique and immersive viewing experience.

Overall, “Purl” is a thought-provoking and entertaining film that highlights the importance of diversity, inclusion, and teamwork in the workplace. It’s a great example of how animation can be used to convey complex ideas in an accessible and entertaining way.

Watch it with your coworkers or family members and start a conversation about what you can do to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment. In the short film “Purl,” the audience is introduced to the protagonist, a ball of pink yarn, who is excited about starting her new job at B.R.O. Capital.

Purl soon realizes she is the only female employee and her colleagues appear disinterested in getting to know her. Desperate to fit in, Purl undergoes a drastic change in her appearance, transforming from a colorful and vibrant yarn into a monochromatic black and white ball.

She even starts to adopt the same cold and dismissive attitude of her fellow male employees. Purl’s intentions are to belong and succeed, but she quickly discovers that morphing into something she’s not has consequences not only to her but also to others as well.

After a work event leads to an embarrassing moment, Purl meets another colorful ball of yarn named Lacy, who is also new to the company and appears to be struggling like she is. As the two bond over their interests and experiences of not fitting in with the male-dominated work environment, Purl seems to have found a kindred spirit.

Unknowingly, their friendship and bonding moments provide an opening to allow their male colleagues to see Purl and Lacy’s skills plus their potential contribution to the company. The camaraderie that Purl and Lacy begin to build amongst each other strengthens and provides immense support to each other.

One moment, even while facing opposition, they find the courage to stand up for each other and their beliefs. This alone opens new doors to potential growth and greater efficiency for their company.

Through a mix of comedy, heartwarming moments, and an excellent sound score, “Purl” delivers an essential message on inclusion and bonding, especially in the workforce. The film’s efforts to depict the effects of hindering diversity, equity, and inclusion can be felt throughout the plot.

Purl’s transformation sends viewers on an emotional journey that many have experienced in real-life situations in their own workplaces. The film’s resolution is a triumphant one, with Purl realizing the importance of staying true to oneself and the power of inclusion and empathy.

As a result of her actions and the magic of how an empathic environment operates, Purl and Lacy start a knitting club that is not exclusive to any gender. The club provides a more relaxed and informal setting that enables all employees to connect and get to know each other better.

Consequently, the knitting club’s popularity among the employees generates a more innovative culture, encouraging more employees to participate and accept diversity and inclusion. In conclusion, “Purl” is a powerful short film that delivers a profound message about the importance of acceptance, tolerance, and unity in today’s workforce.

The film challenges viewers to reflect on their own attitudes towards those who differ from them and encourages them to embrace the unique perspectives and ideas that each individual brings to the table. Furthermore, “Purl” reminds us that prioritizing an inclusive work culture is not only beneficial for the employees but can also lead to greater productivity and innovation within the company.

“Purl” is a 2019 Pixar animated short directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan. The film is not only notable for its storytelling and themes of diversity and inclusion but also for its impressive production and animation.

To create the film’s yarn-based protagonist and other yarn characters, the animators at Pixar created custom software and modeling techniques to replicate the appearance and behavior of knitted yarn. They went through numerous iterations of design, sound, and pose studies to ensure that every movement of the yarn ball characters looked and felt authentically knitted.

The Pixar team also consulted with experts on knitting and crocheting to ensure that the characters had the realistic look of “knitted fabric.”

Aside from the technicalities of creating yarn characters, “Purl” also boasts a visually stunning animation style that enhances the story’s themes. The film’s art direction is defined by bold contrasts- from its saturated color palettes to the monochromatic motifs that encapsulates Purl’s attempts to blend in.

Even the film’s office setting is creatively designed, with familiar office supplies given a yarn-based twist. The staplers, paper clips, and office stationery breathe new life with knitted textures that make the mundane office setting come alive with personality.

Another notable feature of “Purl” is its sound design. From the subtle sound effects of the yarn characters’ movements to their unique vocalizations that underscore their individual personalities, the soundscape of the film is carefully crafted to elevate the story’s heartwarming moments.

Even the knitting instructions, spoken by Todd a male colleague who initially scoffed at Purl and Lacy’s eagerness to knit were cleverly integrated into the film’s sound design, reinforcing the relentless work culture in the company.

In keeping with Pixar’s tradition of incorporating authentic voice actors to bring their animated characters to life, the film’s voice cast includes comedians Brett Gelman and Emily Davis, who lend their voices to Purl’s male co-worker and friend Lacy, respectively.

Their performances help to flesh out the film’s message of inclusivity and transcending gender barriers to work collaboratively and improve workplace diversity. Overall, the impressive production and animation of “Purl” highlight the creativity and innovation found in the Pixar studio and their ability to tell stories in unique ways.

The production teams’ careful attention to detail, from the yarn characters to the sound design, is essential to the film’s message of celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Their ability to create an believable environment and characters that encapsulate the real-world challenges of embracing diversity and inclusion proves that animation isn’t just for kids.

Instead, it’s a medium that can effectively tell stories for a broader audience, regardless of age. Released in 2019, Pixar’s “Purl” has gained critical acclaim for its important message on inclusion and diversity in the workforce.

The film was initially released on the Disney+ streaming platform and was later shown in theaters, including in front of the feature film “Onward.”

“Purl” premiered at the SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver, Canada, in August 2018, where the short film received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film’s innovative animation style and themes of inclusivity and female empowerment immediately grabbed the attention of those who saw it.

When “Purl” was released on Disney+, it became an instant hit. Many viewers commented on the relatable and timely message that the film conveys, especially in today’s society, where gender equality is an essential issue.

The film’s social relevance, coupled with Pixar’s signature storytelling style and world-class production quality, made it an instant fan favorite. Aside from its message, Pixar’s timing in releasing “Purl” also coincided with the #MeToo movement, which amplified global awareness towards social issues like gender discrimination and diversity in the workplace.

“Purl” serves as a powerful reminder of the fundamental benefits of adding diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace, which bolster collective problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. While originally intended as a standalone short film, “Purl” has since garnered considerable attention, leading to Disney endorsing numerous collaborations that aim to address similar themes.

The success of “Purl” was an impetus for forthcoming Pixar shorts like “Float,” “Out,” “Loop,” and “Wind.” Each film addresses subjects that, in their unique way, relate to inclusion, diversity, and equity and contribute towards normalizing such conversations in films, not just workplace settings. Overall, “Purl” remains a powerful film with a poignant political message that remains relevant today.

Pixar deserves commendation for taking the time to spread a message that stands beyond entertainment and encourages audiences to reflect and reevaluate public attitudes towards workplace engagements. This film continues to be a significant stepping stone for Disney in cementing its position as a company that is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through the mediums of cinema and animation.

Along with its impressive animation and story, “Purl” features a striking musical score composed by the up-and-coming musician Pinar Toprak. The score effectively complements the themes of diversity and inclusivity, heightening the emotional moments of the film.

Before composing the score for “Purl,” Toprak had already become a rising star in the entertainment industry, known for her original scores in films and television series such as “Captain Marvel,” “Fortnite,” and “Krypton.” Pixar drafted Toprak into the project to add a deft touch of musical creativity, which ultimately positioned “Purl” as one of the studio’s most memorable short films. The film’s soundtrack includes several memorable tracks, each conveying the story constructively and empathetically.

The character’s emotions come to life through Toprak’s melodies that resonate with audiences, such as the uplifting “The Ball is in Your Court” and “Knitwit.” The music not only ties into the ambiance of the office but perfectly sets the mood for Purl’s transition from being excluded to included by her male co-workers. These pieces develop into a triumphant score as Purl begins to stand out, with “Rise and Shine” resonating as she gains her co-workers’ respect.

One of the most notable soundtracks in the film is a knitting audio that Toprak ingeniously designed to create a sort of ‘melodic effect.’ The knitting sound effects can be heard at various points throughout the film, simulating an office environment, and helping emphasize Purl’s talent and creativity as a knitter. The sound of knitting even becomes a central narrative element of the film’s story; one scene when Purl decides to knit a suit for herself represents both a way of expressing her personality and her assimilation into her new job.

Toprak’s creativity and attention to detail in developing a knitting sound effect add a pleasant texture to the soundtrack and bring an extra layer of cohesiveness to the entire film production. Toprak’s careful consideration of crafting an authentic-sounding soundtrack for “Purl” results in one of Pixar’s most emotionally impactful efforts yet.

The film’s score brilliantly highlights the film’s themes of empathy and inclusivity, inspiring viewers to consider their relationships with their colleagues seriously. By affording the characters of “Purl” an intimate and effervescent musical score, Pixar and Toprak unequivocally hit a high note with the audience.

Indeed, the music and sound components of “Purl” alone stand out as a technical feat, and arguably represent some of the most valuable aspects of the production.

Overall, Pinar Toprak’s soundtrack is a shining example of music and cinematic entertainment complementing each other.

It orchestrates an intimate tale of individuality, acceptance and inclusion, bringing both aural and emotional satisfaction to the film. Toprak’s work on “Purl” undeniably secured her place in contemporary movie music history, alongside some of the all-time greats such as Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

In summary, Pixar’s “Purl” is not only a visually stunning piece of animation but also conveys an essential message on accepting diversity in the workplace through an engaging storytelling approach. The film’s impactful theme and message of empathy and inclusivity reinforce the significance of embracing diversity and equity in an organization.

Furthermore, the film also highlights the use of innovative production techniques, sound design, and musical scoring to enhance the story’s emotions and messages effectively. By using yarn as a metaphor, Purl underscores the essential, yet often overlooked, importance of promoting inclusivity and equality in a workplace setting.


1. What is “Purl” about?

“Purl” is an animated short film produced by Pixar about a pink ball of yarn named Purl who joins B.R.O. Capital, a male-dominated company, and navigates her way through corporate office culture as she confronts issues related to gender roles and diversity in the workplace. 2.

Who directed “Purl”? “Purl” was directed by Pixar’s Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan.

3. What is the message of “Purl”?

The film’s main message is centered on promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 4.

What was outstanding about the soundtrack for “Purl”? The soundtrack for “Purl,” created by Pinar Toprak, was notable for its musical creativity and the incorporation of knitting sound effects.

5. Where was “Purl” originally released?

“Purl” was first released on Disney+, a streaming service, and then later was screened in theaters before the feature film “Onward.”

6. How does “Purl” contribute to the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

“Purl” is a visual statement confirming that prioritizing an equitable workplace culture promotes growth, creativity, inclusivity, and innovation to solve problems better.

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