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Overcoming Fear and Self-Discovery: The Good Dinosaur Story

The Good Dinosaur: A Heart-Warming Adventure with Remarkable Graphics

The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 American animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Peter Sohn. It is the seventeenth animated feature produced by Pixar, and tells the story of a young dinosaur named Arlo, who after losing his father, embarks on a journey that helps him overcome his fears and find his inner strength.

The film offers incredible graphics and a touching story that will keep viewers captivated from start to finish.


The movie takes place in an alternate universe where the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs never happened, and the creatures evolved into intelligent beings. Arlo, a young and timid Apatosaurus, lives with his parents and siblings on their farm, where they work hard to prepare for the coming winter.

While performing his task of setting traps for a critter that is raiding their corn harvest, Arlo meets a human child who he names Spot. Suddenly, a storm strikes, Arlo gets separated from his family, and the journey across the wilderness begins.


Arlo, voiced by Raymond Ochoa, is a sympathetic and relatable protagonist who starts his adventure with limited physical strength and confidence. As he explores, he gradually builds a bond with Spot, who serves as his loyal companion throughout the journey.

Spot’s character, despite the lack of dialogue, has a significant impact on the story and engages the audience through his actions and facial expressions. The two emerge as an unlikely duo, whose relationship blossoms through adversity.


What distinguishes the Good Dinosaur from other animated films is the visually stunning landscapes that are brought to life. Its one of the few movies that take a photorealistic approach, with every frame being intricately detailed.

The environments and scenes are breathtakingly beautiful, the colors are gorgeous, and the animation is fluid. The setting is the first thing that captures the viewer’s attention.

As the journey unfolds, it takes viewers through extraordinary locations that are rich with breathtaking details.


One of the major themes in the movie is facing one’s fears. Throughout the film, Arlo confronts his struggles and learns to overcome them.

He starts as a timid dinosaur who is afraid of almost everything, but he gradually becomes braver. Arlo learns the importance of self-discovery and confronting challenges, which are valuable lessons for both younger and older audiences.

Its a powerful message that can be highly impactful, so do not underestimate the value of takeaway life-lessons amid a fun and entertaining movie.


In conclusion, The Good Dinosaur is an excellent animated adventure film that hits all the right marks. Its a heart-warming story about friendship, courage, and self-discovery, which features lovable characters, gorgeous animation, and inspiring life-lessons.

This film is suitable for all ages and is perfect for family movie nights. It is a must-watch for anyone seeking an escape into fantastical, heartwarming adventures.

The plot of The Good Dinosaur is a classic coming-of-age story that takes place in an imaginary world where dinosaurs roam the earth and have evolved into intelligent creatures. The film is about Arlo, a young Apatosaurus dinosaur, who is timid and fearful, yet has a strong sense of responsibility and devotion to his family.

When he is separated from his family after a fierce storm, Arlo must overcome his fears, find his courage, and navigate an unknown landscape to make his way back home.

The story begins with Arlo’s family gathering food for the upcoming winter.

Arlo is having trouble keeping up with his siblings, who are already skilled in farm work. His father, Poppa, encourages him to try harder, inspiring Arlo to catch the critter that has been raiding their corn supply.

But during his mission, Arlo gets distracted by a small human child, whom he names Spot. Trying to catch Spot, they accidentally fall into the river and are washed away.

When Arlo wakes up, he discovers that he has been stranded miles from home, with no idea of how to get back. As he travels through the wilderness with Spot, Arlo faces numerous challenges and dangers, including hostile creatures, treacherous terrain, and his own fears and insecurities.

He initially is unable to find help due to his fears and lack of experience in unfamiliar environments. However, he eventually overcomes his shyness and learns to trust himself and his instincts, with the help of Spot, who becomes his loyal companion and friend.

The journey takes them through an array of visually stunning landscapes, ranging from tropical jungles to snow-capped mountains and vast deserts. While these locations ooze with beauty, they are not without peril.

The movie took enormous care to create realistic tensions with the environment that the characters had to navigate. From storms to flash floods, earthquakes and avalanches, there’s always a new obstacle that tests Arlo and Spot’s endurance and resilience.

Throughout their adventures, Arlo learns valuable life lessons that help him to mature and grow. His most important lesson is about facing his fears.

It’s often predicted by seniors that what is outside of our comfort zone is what makes us grow, and Arlo succumbs to this by being thrown into the wilderness. Arlo also learns tolerance and empathy, qualities that are modeled by Spot’s strength and survival skills.

Communication is another valuable skill Arlo develops throughout his journey. From grunting and growling, he develops the sense to communicate with other dinosaur species that live in this imaginary world.

One of the most emotionally charged moments of the movie is the ending when Arlo finally returns home. He receives a heros welcome from his family, which helps him realize that he has accomplished more than just finding his way home.

The journey has helped him gain self-confidence, courage, and strength, as well as love, which give him the keys to unlocking his full potential. In conclusion, The Good Dinosaur is a remarkable, thrilling, and visually-stunning animated movie with an incredible plot that perfectly balances humor, drama, adventure, and emotion.

It is a movie that never fails to excite and captivate audiences, regardless of age. Combining iconic themes of coming of age and overcoming fear, The Good Dinosaur takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery, courage and integrity, all whilst sustaining essential family values, compassion, and empathy.

The production of The Good Dinosaur was a complex and painstaking process that took years to complete. The film represents a groundbreaking achievement in computer graphics.

It provides a unique blend of imagination, creativity, and visual sophistication that demonstrates the state-of-the-art capabilities of computer animation. The movie was directed by Peter Sohn, who worked at Pixar Animation Studios as a storyboard artist before being promoted to director.

The idea for the script came from Bob Peterson, who initially wanted to create the movie about a world where mammals survived the extinction rather than dinosaurs. However, the management team liked the idea of a world with evolved dinosaurs and passed it to the creative team.

The visual style of The Good Dinosaur was inspired by National Geographic photographs, as well as outdoor photography and nature documentaries. The animation used techniques of computer-generated imagery and motion capture, which uses real movements of the actors combined with computer-generated graphics, to capture the realism of the dinosaurs movements.

One of the most striking features of the movie is the attention to detail in the animation. Everything, including the water, leaves, ground textures, and sky, has been designed to be as realistic as possible.

Pixar’s team studied the movement of water to create realistic water movement in the movie, from a river to raindrops. Each of the vegetation models had to be painstakingly rendered calibrated meticulously to appear perfectly realistic.

The biggest technical challenge, though, was the creation of the dinosaurs. The challenge faced was that many dinosaur species had no known depictions in literature, making their visual representation an intricate process.

They did detailed research for every single dinosaur to get a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and, thus, make each one unique. The team spent months studying the skeletal anatomy of different dinosaurs, including the motion of the head, neck, and tail, to make them as realistic as possible.

The movie’s production attracted controversy in 2014 when John Lasseter, Pixar’s chief creative officer, made an announcement that the production would be overhauled. Based on the comments, the movie had gone through major overhauls, and the team went back to the drawing board to revise some critical aspects of the film.

The final product was ultimately released to positive reviews in late 2015. The voice cast also consisted of renowned actors, who brought life to the film’s characters.

Raymond Ochoa voiced the protagonist Arlo, while Jack Bright gave voice to Spot. Jeffrey Wright and Frances McDormand voiced Poppa and Momma, respectively.

The film’s soundtrack was produced by Mychael and Jeff Danna, who brought in the music at the perfect moment to increase the tension and atmosphere of the story. The soundtrack contains a mix of heartwarming and upbeat tracks, customized to suit the changing moods of the storyline.

In conclusion, The Good Dinosaur is one of the most impressive animated movies made by Pixar. Its overwhelming level of detail, incredible animators, and the overall creativity is an astounding accomplishment of computer-generated graphics.

From pre-production to cast selection, and the finished product, the crew worked tirelessly to create a remarkable animated story that stands apart from traditional tales of dinosaurs. The film demonstrated that Pixar has its finger continued to press forward in the constantly evolving world of animation and even further unveil the advantages of a computer-generated visual production technique.

The release of The Good Dinosaur, Pixars seventeenth animated feature film, was highly anticipated and met with mixed reactions from critics and audiences. Released in November 2015, it was the second Pixar movie to be released in the same year after Inside Out, which raised high expectations from the critics and audiences.

The movies release was delayed by eighteen months due to the production challenges of the film. It was originally scheduled for release in November 2013 but later rescheduled for May 2014.

Eventually, it was shifted further ahead to November 2015 after director Peter Sohn pitched a more original storyline that required a lot of work. One of the factors that contributed to the mixed reactions was that the film’s themes and plot were perceived by some to be too simplistic compared to older Pixar creations.

Some reviews labeled the production as a childhood classic with a weak storyline of a timid dinosaur that appealed to younger generations. While some critics were unimpressed, many still pointed out the remarkable nature of the graphics, story and the quality of voice acting.

Nonetheless, Pixar continues to produce films that are predominantly loved by their audiences worldwide, and The Good Dinosaur was no exception. At the global box office, the film grossed over $332 million.

Despite the movie’s mixed critical reception, the movie won numerous awards and nominations such as the Annie Awards. They won the award for Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, and the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature category, the highest accolade at that time.

The movie’s release was preceded by an extensive marketing campaign that showcased the stunning animation, heartwarming story, and lovable characters of the film. The campaign included promotional trailers, posters, behind the scenes production features, videography, merchandise and social media engagement strategies, among others.

The marketing campaign saw viewers excited and eager to get a glimpse of what the film had in store. The movie was released in various formats, with the Bluray Disc release being the most comprehensive with various special features such as audio commentaries, short films and featurette, among others.

The home entertainment release allows the viewer to watch the movie over and over again and get lost in the breathtaking animation and stunning scenery. In conclusion, The Good Dinosaur, despite mixed critical reviews, ultimately won praise from audiences around the globe.

Pixar had a lot to prove, especially with Inside Out due to be released in the same year. The movie’s storyline may have been too simplistic for some critics, but with fantastic animation and heartwarming themes, it appealed to a global audience who praised it.

Pixars meticulous production process and groundbreaking animation technology were most evident in a visually beautiful film that thrills audiences. Although the film may not have clinched a higher critical rating from its release or receive significant box office numbers, it still confirmed Pixar’s commitment to high quality.

The Good Dinosaur’s soundtrack was a collaborative effort by Mychael and Jeff Danna, a talented brotherly duo known for an extensive portfolio of work in the world of film and television scores. The original score was an integral part of the movie, providing the perfect accompaniment to its heartwarming and emotional themes.

The music composition features a blend of traditional elements and fresh new sounds produced by a variety of instruments such as the Native American Flute, Armenian Duduk, and the Banjo. The Danna brothers wanted to capture the sense of the American West by utilizing country music stylings, and thus the score for The Good Dinosaur is considered a western-style score.

The music provides a worthy complement to the stunning animation, seamlessly enhancing the emotions felt in the film. The music is primarily orchestral, but has hints of folk and country music in it, given that it complements the American West theme of the movie.

The first track of the original score, “Homestead,” provides a heartwarming tone for the film, with harmonica and piano melodies gently raising the listener’s spirits. The track “Arlo’s Burden,” which plays whenever Arlo is struggling internally, is heard primarily in scenes where he deals with the weight of the task at hand or the loss of his father.

It is deeply emotive and reflects the vulnerability of Arlo’s situation. Another notable track from the movie is “Swept Away,” which underscores the dramatic scenes of the river rapids that remain central to the film’s action.

The piece features dramatic instrumentation composed of strings and brass, evoking feelings of panic, excitement, and heart-racing anticipation. In contrast, “The Attack,” features heavy percussion, including Native American drums and rattles, building up to a tension-filled climax.

The score’s finale, “Goodbye Spot,” brings the story full circle, highlighting the emotional impact of the bond Arlo has formed with Spot with a poignant piano piece. The soundtrack also features a handful of songs, such as “Thunderclap,” sung by the antagonist of the movie, set to a stomping beat and with lyrics that help solidify the character’s mocking nature.

“Family Bonds” is a folky guitar ballad that uses the harmonies and instruments to convey the binding force that the family has for Arlo’s heart and acts as a bridge between the more orchestral score. The soundtracks overall rhythm and pacing help provide charm, heart, and character to the film.

The blending of the original music with Western and folksy genre inspirations brings a very different auditory experience. The soundtrack of the movie eventually went on to garner huge praise, putting on numerous award nominations and winning accolades such as the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Original Score.

In conclusion, the soundtrack of The Good Dinosaur is a masterful collection of both original compositions and songs that capture the sweep and spirit of the film. The Danna brothers demonstrated that their range and breadth of musical talent knew no limits.

Integrating traditional musical elements with new sounds, the soundtrack elevates the emotional and dramatic stakes in the storyline. They were also able to elicit deep feelings of happiness, joy, sadness, and heartbreak that went very well with the story that played out on the screen.

The score proves that an exceptional musical score and a breathtaking film visual are both ingredients crucial to a film’s success, offering musical catharsis that mirrors the narrative beautifully. In conclusion, The Good Dinosaur is a remarkable animated movie, that although faced production challenges, ultimately delivered a breathtaking, visually stunning, and feel-good film that captivated audiences worldwide.

Between the stunning animation, charming characters, and heartfelt themes, theres something for everyone in this story. It offers valuable lessons for young and older audiences alike, inspiring viewers to overcome their fears, cultivate self-discovery, and find a capacity for courage and empathy.

Its a story that reinforces the importance of family and friends with an engaging soundtrack that elevates the story. If you haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur yet, it’s a must-watch that is guaranteed to leave you feeling emotional and inspired.


Q: When was The Good Dinosaur released? A: The Good Dinosaur was released in November 2015.

Q: Who directed The Good Dinosaur? A: The movie was directed by Peter Sohn.

Q: What is the movie about? A: The movie follows the journey of a young Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo, who, after being stranded miles away from home, overcomes his fears and makes his way back home.

Q: What makes The Good Dinosaur unique? A: The movie is unique due to its stunning animation and its exceptional attention to detail.

The attention paid to each character, making them stand-out, ensures the audiences’ emotional investment in their events. Q: What was praised about The Good Dinosaurs soundtrack?

A: The movies soundtrack was well-received worldwide; accolades included an award for the Best Original Score, and it featured a mix of traditional and modern music inspired by Western Folk and country music.

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