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Netflix Animation: Emerging as a Major Competitor to Disney

Netflix Animation Expansion: What You Need to Know

Netflix has undoubtedly become a household name, with the streaming giant now boasting over 208 million subscribers worldwide. While it has primarily been known for its extensive collection of live-action films and TV series, Netflix has been steadily expanding into the animated entertainment industry, producing its own content and acquiring libraries from animation studios.

Production of Own Content

Netflix has been ramping up its production of original animated films and TV series since 2013. This expansion has been driven by a desire to cater to their younger audience while also attracting a broader demographic.

With the creative freedom offered by animation, Netflix has been able to develop content with more complex themes that challenge traditional age boundaries. In line with this initiative, Netflix has created its own animation studios, including Netflix Animation, which operates in-house.

This effort has been instrumental in Netflix’s push to develop original animated content and strengthen their control over the rights to their own properties. Consequently, they have been able to forge partnerships with some of the most innovative animation creators, including Glen Keane, the legendary Disney animator behind The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Volume of Films and TV Series

With their huge subscriber base, Netflix is increasingly investing in feature animated films and TV series. According to a recent report, Netflixs animated content has increased from 28 original series in 2018 to 40 series in 2020.

This exponential growth is an indication of Netflix’s commitment to introducing more animated content to their platform. Netflix has also acquired the libraries of several animation studios as they expand into the animated entertainment industry.

They now have access to classic animated series such as SpongeBob Squarepants, The Addams Family, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Netflix Animation has also struck deals with DreamWorks Animation and Blue Sky Studios, acquiring libraries of shows such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and Rio.

Netflix Animation’s Movie List

Netflix Animation has a vast library of animated films, with upcoming releases that span across different genres. Some of these upcoming titles include:


Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure – Directed by Richard Linklater

2. The Sea Beast – Directed by Chris Williams


The Magicians Elephant – Directed by Wendy Rogers

4. America: The Motion Picture – Directed by Matt Thompson


Pinocchio – Directed by Guilermo del Toro

6. My Father’s Dragon – Directed by Nora Twomey


Escape From Hat – Directed by Mark Osborne

8. Back to the Outback – Directed by Clare Knight and Harry Cripps


Arlo the Alligator Boy – Directed by Ryan Crego

New Photos and Videos

Netflix Animations official Twitter account constantly posts updates and teasers, featuring new photos and videos from their upcoming releases. Fans can see exclusive images and footage from highly anticipated films like Pinocchio and Escape From Hat, including previews of the animation style and some of the characters.

In Summary

Netflix is making a bold move by investing in the animated entertainment industry and developing its own original content. They have created their own animation studios, acquired the libraries of renowned animated creators and are actively producing highly anticipated animated films and TV series across different genres, including comedy, adventure, and science fiction.

As a subscriber, you can expect to see more animated content on the platform in the coming years. With titles such as Pinocchio, Apollo 10 1/2, and Back to the Outback, Netflix Animation is proving to be a valuable addition to the streaming service.

Keep an eye out for new photos and teasers on their official Twitter page, so you don’t miss a thing. Netflix Animation Future: Expectations and

Competition with Disney

Netflix has been steadily expanding into the animated entertainment industry, producing its own content and acquiring libraries from animation studios.

While they have established themselves as a major player, other animation giants like Disney Animation are still dominant. Here’s what you can expect from Netflix Animation in the future, and how their efforts may position them as a major competitor to Disney.

Expected Releases in 2022

Netflix Animation has a full slate of animated films scheduled for release in 2022. Some of these films include Escape From Hat, My Fathers Dragon, Pinocchio, The Sea Beast, and Wendell & Wild.

Escape From Hat is an inventive and highly anticipated animated film that is described as a madcap adventure taking place in a world where magic and whimsy mix with technology. My Fathers Dragon and Pinocchio are classic stories turned into animated films that promise to be a treat for all age groups.

The Sea Beast is expected to be a thrilling and visually striking underwater adventure. Finally, Wendell & Wild is a creative and unorthodox take on the bromance genre, centering on two demon brothers who are trying to survive in the human world.

Over 12 More Films in Production

In addition to expected releases, Netflix Animation is already working on over a dozen films that are currently in production. With each film giving animators the creative freedom they need, you can expect these upcoming animation projects to have something for everyone.

Some of the projects currently in production include My Father’s Dragon sequel, The Magician’s Elephant, The Crew, and The Witch Boy. Netflix Animation’s slate of upcoming films provides a diverse range of stories that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

Animated TV Series

In addition to their extensive film library, Netflix Animation has produced several outstanding animated series, including Centaurworld and Trash Truck, among others. The second season of Centaurworld has already been confirmed and is expected to release in the near future.

Meanwhile, Trash Truck, a childrens series about a boy and his garbage truck best friend, is set to release its second season on Netflix later this year.

Competition with Disney

While Netflix has already made significant strides in animation production, Disney still dominates the industry. However, recent developments suggest that the media giant is starting to take Netflix seriously as a competitor.

Over the past few years, Netflix has ramped up their production of first-rate animated content, attaining outstanding creative partners and establishing strong relationships with major animation houses. Disney is currently facing a situation where newer platforms like Netflix, that offer subscription-based streaming services are changing the way people consume and shop for media content.

Netflix as the New Animation Giant

Netflix Animation is positioning itself as the new animation giant by offering something truly innovative – content that is sophisticated and has broad appeal across age ranges. With their diverse animation library, Netflix is setting themselves apart from other animation houses, including Disney.

While Disney dominates in the classic children’s animation genre and has a vast library of content, Netflix has been able to produce content with an appeal stretching across all age ranges. With a particular emphasis on animation geared for adults, Netflix has assumed a position of innovation and revolution among animation aficionados.

Other Animation Studios like Disney Animation

Although Disney dominates the animation industry, there are other animation studios worth mentioning. Studios like Dreamworks and Pixar have already established themselves as considerable players.

Dreamworks currently has a multi-year deal with Netflix and is planning to produce several animated series for their platform. Meanwhile, Pixar and Disney Animation still have exclusive deals for their content with Disney+.

A recent trend in the industry, however, is the emergence of independent animation houses that produce unexpected and unique animated content. Netflix has been able to draw indie animation studios out of the shadows, offering them a platform to showcase their work like never before.

In Summary

Netflix Animation has made significant strides in expanding their animated film and series libraries by offering cutting-edge animation content with multi-generational appeal. With an excellent slate of upcoming titles, a strong emphasis on diversity, and an innovative approach to animation, Netflix is emerging as a major competitor to other animation houses like Disney.

Although Disney still dominates the industry, the emergence of new platforms, independent animation houses, and Netflix’s innovative approach is changing the way consumers consume and shop for animation content. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Netflix Animation is transforming animation entertainment with its innovative programming and production.

By creating its own content, acquiring libraries from animation studios, and expanding heavily into animated films and TV series, Netflix’s effort is setting themselves up as the new animation giant. The dynamic and diverse range of upcoming releases combined with the promise of unique, unrivaled programming ensures that Netflix will remain a prominent player in the animation industry.


1. What is Netflix Animation?

Netflix Animation is the animation division of Netflix, responsible for producing and importing animated movies and TV series. 2.

What sets Netflix Animation apart? Netflix Animation is committed to producing mature and multi-generational animated content, presenting a diverse library of programming that distinguishes them from other animation houses.

3. Will Netflix Animation continue to expand?

Yes, as Netflix aims to keep its growth in sync with increased demand. They continue to expand their library with more production deals and the establishment of new internal studios.

4. Does Netflix Animation compete with Disney?

Yes, Netflix Animation is increasingly seen as a competitor to Disney and other major animation houses, with its innovative programming and emphasis on diverse and mature themes setting it apart. 5.

What new animated movies and TV series can we expect? Animated movies and TV series set to be released in the near future include Escape From Hat, My Fathers Dragon, Pinocchio, The Sea Beast, Centaurworld, and Trash Truck, among others.

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