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Model Behavior: Why This Disney Classic Still Resonates Today

Model Behavior is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie that follows the story of a high school student named Alex Burroughs who accidentally switches lives with a famous model named Janine Adams. The film navigates topics like identity, self-discovery, and the complexities of growing up.


The movie starts with Alex Burroughs, a high school student who dreams of becoming a successful artist someday. However, her mother wants her to focus on her studies and become a lawyer instead.

One day, while shopping with her best friend, Janine Adams, a famous model, appears on a magazine cover. Alex comments on her bad behavior, which leads to a confrontation between the two.

The next day, they wake up in each other’s bodies, confused on what to do. Janine, who is happy to get a break from her busy modeling schedule, uses this opportunity to set things right in Alex’s life – she speaks up for her underappreciated art skills, helps her get noticed by her crush, and also helps her bond with her mother.

Meanwhile, Alex, who is living the glamorous life as Janine, discovers that the life of a famous model is not as it seems. Janine’s manager, Monique, is ruthless and controlling, and Janine’s boyfriend, Jason, is only interested in their image as a couple.

As things progress, the two girls start to grow closer and confide in each other. In the end, they switch back to their original bodies, but they both have learned valuable lessons.

Alex learns to stand up for herself and follow her dreams, while Janine realizes that being true to yourself is more important than pleasing others.


Model Behavior explores several themes that are common to many coming-of-age stories. The central theme of the movie is identity.

Alex and Janine are both struggling with their identities and who they are meant to be. Through their journey, they learn to accept themselves for who they are and embrace their unique qualities.

Another theme in the movie is self-discovery. The characters go through a journey of self-discovery to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and values.

They face challenges that help them grow and become better versions of themselves. The movie also touches on the topic of peer pressure.

Janine’s life as a model is not as glamorous as it seems. She feels pressured to maintain an image that is not true to herself, and her relationships are superficial.

This forces her to question her priorities and the people she surrounds herself with.


Model Behavior is an inspiring movie that addresses crucial issues facing teenagers today, like identity, self-discovery, and peer pressure. Through the journey of the two protagonists, Alex and Janine, the movie teaches us to accept ourselves for who we are, follow our dreams, and be true to ourselves.

The movie is a testament to the power of friendship and how it can teach us valuable lessons that shape our identities. Model Behavior is a classic coming-of-age story with a fascinating plot that navigates unconventional body-switching, complex relationships, and self-discovery.

The storyline is entertaining and informative, enabling viewers to identify with the protagonists’ struggles and connect with the story’s underlying themes.

The switch between two polar opposite characters creates several hilarious scenarios.

Alex in the body of Janine fumbles with her high heels and falls on her face in front of the paparazzi, while Janine in Alex’s body struggles to paint a decent picture for her art class. The contrast between two characters’ lifestyles adds a comedic element that balances the story’s overall serious tone.

Moreover, the plot makes excellent use of the body-switching trope to analyze the concept of identity. From the beginning, Alex narrates her struggle to convince her mother to let her pursue her dreams.

Although she enjoys fashion, she is under much pressure to raise her grades and become a lawyer like her mother. Janine, on the other hand, is struggling with her modeling career.

She is constantly under the glare of the media and her fans, trying to maintain a perfect image that is forced upon her. The conflict arises when both characters realize that the life they thought they wanted is not what it is made out to be.

Janine realizes that her modeling career lacks substance, she is too consumed by her image, and her relationship with Jason isn’t doing her any good. Conversely, Alex finds confidence and success in her art and enjoys a meaningful relationship with her mother.

The plot equips the characters with grace and the subtly empowering message that everyone has the ability to take hold of their destiny if they believe in their own capabilities. Scene after scene shows Alex and Janine growing mentally and spiritually as they become more accustomed to each other’s life and experience a newfound sense of belonging.

One pivotal scene is when Janine’s ex-boyfriend, Taylor, kisses Alex, thinking it is Janine. This scene shakes up the storyline and sparks a discussion about consent.

It is commendable how the filmmakers included an educational scene without it being too heavy. It provides a platform for young people to learn the significance of boundaries and consent in healthy relationships.

The story pushes the idea that the journey of self-discovery is not about becoming someone else, but it is about acknowledging your inherent qualities and realizing that they are enough. It is a message that is emphasized throughout the movie as Janine and Alex slowly but surely let go of their insecurities and accept their authentic selves.

Another significant feat of the plot includes delving into superficial societal standards. Janine’s modeling contracts dictate her every move and even decide whom she is supposed to date.

It showcases how societal pressure is too often prioritized over individual aspirations and desires. Through Janine’s character and experience, viewers learn to recognize the tremendous strain society places on people, especially young people, to conform to a particular standard.

In conclusion, Model Behavior is a movie that resonates with young adults to this day. It is a well-written story of friendship, self-discovery, and growth, with a thoughtful, heartfelt message.

Its success can be attributed to its use of relatable occurrences that act as a mirror to the daily struggles and challenges faced by society. This cleverly crafted movie with its well-suited plot is a perfect watch for anyone seeking both entertainment and a reflective experience.

Model Behavior is a well-crafted movie that utilizes a variety of production techniques to convey its message effectively. The movie has a high production value, as expected from a Disney Channel Original Movie, that helps to bring the story to life.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the production is the use of music. The film features an impressive soundtrack that captures the mood of each scene perfectly.

The background music, composed by Christopher Brady, reflects the emotional ups and downs of the story. The movie’s opening theme song, “One and the Same” by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, is catchy and funnotably, it captures the spirit of the two protagonists.

Moreover, the setting is another crucial element of the production that the filmmakers handled well. The movie is set in New York City, which is a perfect backdrop for the story.

The city provides the glamour and the energy needed to emphasize the stark contrast between Alex and Janine’s lives. The busy streets, the bright lights, and elegant stores present a vivid contrast to Alex’s quiet neighborhood and humble abode.

The costume design is another facet of the movie that deserves recognition. The costumes add to the story’s visual appeal and, in many ways, enhance the characters’ personalities.

Janine’s wardrobe features high-end designer clothes, while Alex’s clothes are modest and simple, devoid of any brand name logos. The difference in wardrobe helps to emphasize the disparity between the two girls’ lifestyles and personalities.

Additionally, the movie beautifully captures the emotional aspect of relationships. Multiple scenes underscore human emotions, from jealousy to regret to love.

The scenes are well-directed, with close-ups of the characters’ faces that capture the extent of their emotions. The camera angles are meticulously chosen, and the production team makes use of different props and the environment to create a dramatic effect.

The casting of the movie is another noteworthy aspect of the production. The main roles of Alex and Janine are played by Maggie Lawson and Justin Timberlake, respectively.

They give an excellent performance, convincingly portraying their respective roles. Their acting skills capture and emphasize Janine and Alex’s complex psychological struggles and inner conflicts, making their switch, both mentally and emotionally, realistic and natural.

Finally, the movie is well-directed, making unique use of camera angles and movement. The production team worked hard to make the film appealing with precise shots, excellent lighting, and transitions that keep the story moving.

Each shot is well-framed, with attention given to details so that each scene is visually gripping. In conclusion, Model Behavior’s successful production is due to the excellent work of the production team.

They were intentional about creating a movie that could tug at the audience’s heartstrings while being visually and musically appealing. The catchy soundtrack, setting, costume design, casting, and direction helped to convey the movie’s message and produce a well-rounded product that appeals to a broad range of audiences.

Model Behavior is a movie that is hard to forget, with an unforgettable and top-notch production. Model Behavior is a movie that premiered on the Disney Channel in 2000.

The film quickly gained popularity among its intended audience. In the years that followed its release, the movie has maintained its popularity among viewers across the globe.

Upon its release, the movie was marketed heavily by the Disney Channel, which helped create a buzz among viewers. A series of promotional events and merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to jewelry, ensured that the movie received maximum exposure.

This not only helped attract a broad audience but also garnered a loyal fan base that the filmmakers were not expecting. Moreover, the movie’s release at the height of a teen obsession with body-switching and heartthrob Justin Timberlake’s involvement added to the movie’s success.

At the time, Timberlake was a member of the boyband NSYNC and hence had a particular appeal to teens. The young viewers eagerly awaited the release of the movie, which made it an instant success upon its debut.

The film’s release in 2000 also marked a significant shift in the way Disney produced movies. Model Behavior was one of the first films in Disney’s current trend of “teen flicks” that feature young actors and actresses navigating high school’s complexities.

The movie has since become a benchmark in the teen film genre and serves as a classic for many younger generations. Furthermore, Model Behavior’s impact is felt to this day, and it continues to find an audience among today’s teens and young adults.

The movie is currently available on streaming services like Disney+. This re-release adds a new generation of fans who may not have been old enough to watch it during the initial airing.

The film’s plot, message, and themes still resonate with audiences today, making it a timeless classic. Besides, the release of Model Behavior sparked a renewed interest in the body-switching genre of movies.

The movie’s success led to the production of other popular movies that followed a similar theme, such as Freaky Friday, 17 Again, and The Change-Up. It is no coincidence that some of these movies also feature actors like Lindsay Lohan, Zac Efron, and Ryan Reynolds, who gained popularity among the same audience that enjoyed Model Behavior. To conclude, Model Behavior’s release is significant for the Disney Channel and the teen film genre.

The movie was one of the first teen flicks produced by Disney and made a statement of its own. It cemented a fan base that continues to grow to this day despite being two decades old.

Model Behavior influenced a spate of body-switching movies and has become a timeless classic in its genre. Today, the movie’s successful release continues to pave the way for Disney’s teen film production and its impact on pop culture.

Model Behavior’s soundtrack is undoubtedly one of the most memorable aspects of the movie, adding to the film’s overall entertainment value. The music comprises a great mix of tracks that reflect the mood of each scene, contributing significantly to the movie’s message and tone.

In particular, the opening theme song, “One and the Same” by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, was a hit song of its own and remains a fan-favorite to this day. The track’s upbeat tempo, killer guitar riffs, and empowering lyrics capture the essence of the film’s premise, modeling the connection between the two protagonists and the ideals of their newfound friendship.

The song remains a classic tune that embodies the movie’s spirit and maintains its popularity years after the film’s release. Furthermore, Model Behavior’s introduction features a powerful musical score that prepares the audience for the film’s themes.

The score sets the scene for New York City, where the film is set, with upbeat jazz music that captures the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the city. The music is critical in establishing the setting and reflect the film’s spirit, adding to the movie’s overall entertainment value.

Additionally, the film’s soundtrack features several tracks that complement the scenes they accompany, effectively conveying the emotions of the characters. The song choice demonstrates the movie’s soundtrack curation strategy, which features songs with lyrics that deeply reflect the film’s theme.

For instance, when Janine and Alex switch bodies and start encountering challenges, “When You’re Gone” by Matchbox Twenty makes an appearance. The track’s melancholic tone accentuates the challenge both girls face in adapting to their new lifestyles.

Moreover, the music adds a dynamic twist to the classic body-switching trope, making the already entertaining premise even livelier. The different soundtracks add a range of emotions, and with each new song sets a different pace and tone.

The balances of upbeat tunes and sentimental scores enables the film to keep viewers engaged as it seamlessly transitions between the perspectives of two protagonists. In retrospect, one of the main reasons why Model Behavior’s soundtrack is so effective can be attributed to how it perfectly captures the movie’s core themes.

The movie is about two girls who come from vastly different backgrounds. The soundtrack demonstrates how music can connect people from different worlds in a harmonious way.

It captures the essence of the friends’ connection and helps amplify their character development. To conclude, Model Behavior is a movie whose soundtrack is undoubtedly one of the best components of the movie.

The soundtrack is well-tailored to fit the movie’s different moods, adds great value, casting more depth and value to the experience for audiences, which has helped the movie achieve long-lasting fame. The different music used in the production seamlessly injects a level of dynamism and emotionality that ensures the movie stands the test of time.

In conclusion, Model Behavior is a well-rounded film that expertly conveys its message and addresses several themes that are relevant to young people today. The film’s exceptional production, relatable plot, and dynamic soundtrack make it one of the Disney Channel’s timeless classics.

FAQs regarding the movie include: Who starred in Model Behavior? Justin Timberlake and Maggie Lawson starred in the movie.

Where can I watch Model Behavior? The movie is available on Disney+ streaming service.

What theme does the film explore? The movie explores themes of self-discovery, identity, and peer pressure.

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