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Moana: The Power of its Iconic Songs and Messages

Moana: An Exploration of the Film’s Iconic Songs

Set in a beautiful Polynesian Island, Disney’s Moana tells the story of a young girl who embarks on a quest to save her people by restoring the heart of the goddess, Te Fiti. Along the way, Moana encounters several challenges and situations that put her bravery and determination to the test.

Throughout the film, audiences are treated to an array of catchy and meaningful tunes. In this article, we’ll explore the most iconic songs in Moana and the messages they convey.

Song description

Without a doubt, the most emotional and poignant song in Moana is “Know Who You Are.” This song is sung by Moana, who has just discovered the reason behind Te Ka’s anger and hatred. The song is all about the realization that the goddess Te Fiti, the very same deity whose heart Moana is trying to return, is actually inside of Te Ka. The lyrics of the song are inspiring, and they remind us that even in our darkest moments, we can find hope.

“Know Who You Are” is a beautiful ballad that is both sensible and powerful, and it is sung with such sincerity by Auli’i Cravalho that the listener can’t help but feel emotionally invested.

Performers and songwriters

Several talented performers and songwriters contributed to making Moana’s music one of the best in Disney’s repertoire. Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced Moana, did a fantastic job of bringing to life the character’s spirt and personality through singing.

Matthew Ineleo, Olivia Foai, Opetaia Foai, Vai Mahina, Mancina Mark A, and Foai Opetaia Tavita all share joint credit for the musical direction and songwriting. It’s inspiring to see the blending of Polynesian and contemporary music to create an unforgettable music experience in Moana.

List of songs in Moana

Moana’s soundtrack features a collection of seven original songs, each showcasing different emotions and core themes. “Where You Are” introduces audiences to the vibrant and close-knit community of Moana’s village, while “I Am Moana” is a powerful ballad that celebrates the young protagonist’s identity and sense of purpose.

Other songs in the movie include “How Far I’ll Go,” which is about Moana’s quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti, “Shiny,” which is a playful and energetic tune that showcases the villainous Tamatoa, and “You’re Welcome,” a lighthearted tune sung by Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson).

Popular Moana songs

It’s no surprise that “How Far I’ll Go” is the most iconic song in Moana. The song has been covered by several artists since its release, including Alessia Cara and Jordan Fisher.

Its timeless lyrics, catchy tune, and Auli’i Cravalho’s enchanting voice make it an unforgettable hit. “Shiny” has also become incredibly popular mainly because of its catchy beat and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s witty lyrics.

“You’re Welcome” is also a fan favorite, with Dwayne Johnson’s charismatic performance and the catchy tune adding to the song’s charm. In conclusion, Moana’s soundtrack is a delightful musical masterpiece, showcasing the skills of several talented performers and songwriters.

The songs in the movie are not only entertaining but also convey important messages about identity, courage, and perseverance. Whether you’re a fan of Disney’s animated movies or not, Moana’s songs are worth a listen.

Scene description

One of the most moving and memorable scenes in Disney’s Moana is the “Know Who You Are” scene. This scene occurs towards the end of the movie, where Moana comes face-to-face with the angered goddess Te Ka. As the two stand off against each other, Te Ka unleashes a powerful attack that causes an explosion, launching Moana into the ocean.

Fortunately, the ocean has always been Moana’s strongest ally and it responds to her distress, lifting her out of the water and onto a boulder. With her grandmother’s words echoing in her mind, Moana regains her composure and begins to sing “Know Who You Are.” As she sings, the water responds to her and Te Ka’s fiery rage begins to quell revealing that Te Fiti has been inside Te Ka all along.

The scene is breathtaking and serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can find their inner strength and overcome their challenges with grace and humility.

Video on YouTube

The “Know Who You Are” scene has become such an iconic and treasured moment for Moana fans that a variety of videos of the scene have appeared on YouTube. Some of these videos feature the original version of the scene from the movie, allowing Disney fans to revisit its powerful message.

Meanwhile, other videos provide lyrics to the song, allowing fans to sing along with Moana and embrace the song’s inspiring message. One of the most popular versions of the scene can be found on the official Disney YouTube channel, which not only features the original scene, but also showcases interviews with the filmmakers discussing the inspiration behind the song and film’s cultural significance.

This video offers a deeper understanding of the creative process and helps to bring fans closer to the magic of Moana.

List description

Disney has always been a master of creating iconic music throughout the history of its films. From “When You Wish Upon a Star” to “Circle of Life,” Disney’s songs have become so ingrained in popular culture that it’s hard not to sing along.

One of the best ways to appreciate Disney’s music is by exploring the Disney Song Lyrics list. The Disney Song Lyrics list features the lyrics of all songs from Disney movies, from the earliest animated films to the recent blockbusters.

The list is a treasure trove of nostalgia and provides fans with a chance to sing along to their favorite songs, regardless of their age or the generation from which they come.

More fun videos and lyrics

If you’re a Disney fan and you want to take your appreciation to a whole new level, there are lots of fun videos and lyrics to enjoy. Many of the Disney lyrics videos available on YouTube feature fan-made music videos or covers of Disney songs.

These videos often come in parody form, performed by characters from other films or celebrities. The result is an entertaining and fun way to enjoy Disney music.

Aside from the lyrics videos, there are also several sing-along editions of Disney movies. These sing-along videos allow viewers to sing along with the characters and provide an immersive experience that transports fans right into the heart of Disney’s movies.

They are a fun way to watch the movies and enjoy the music at the same time. In conclusion, Disney’s music has captured the hearts of several generations and continues to inspire and entertain.

Whether its Moana’s powerful “Know Who You Are” scene or the countless classics from Disney’s animated films, the music has been as much a part of the magic as the animation itself. With the Disney Song Lyrics list and the many videos available, fans can revel and immerse themselves in the music of Disney, singing along with the characters and holding on to the magic of their childhood.

In conclusion, Disneys Moana has left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans with its captivating storyline and unforgettable music. The movies music features songs, including the iconic Know Who You Are, that convey powerful messages that resonate with many.

Meanwhile, the Disney Song Lyrics list provides a nostalgic trip through the iconic music of Disney films past and present. The videos and lyrics available for Disney’s music offer a fun way for fans to connect with the songs and immerse themselves in the magic of Disney.


Q: What is the most popular song in Moana? A: The most popular song in Moana is ‘How Far I’ll Go’.

Q: Who sings “Know Who You Are” in Moana? A: Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced Moana in the movie, sings the song “Know Who You Are.”

Q: What is the “Know Who You Are” scene in Moana?

A: The “Know Who You Are” scene in Moana is a significant moment in the movie when Moana realizes the goddess Te Fiti, that she needs to restore the heart of, is inside Te Ka.

Q: Where can I find the Disney Song Lyrics list? A: The Disney Song Lyrics list can be found on various online platforms, including Disney’s official website and several dedicated fan sites.

Q: Are there any sing-along editions of Disney movies? A: Yes, there are several sing-along editions of Disney movies that allow viewers to sing along with the characters and become immersed in the story.

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