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Mike’s New Car: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Pixar Classic

Mike’s New Car is a short animated film created by the Pixar Animation Studio, which features Mike and Sulley from the movie, Monsters, Inc. In just four minutes, the movie tells a story of a hilarious and crazy ride that Mike takes Sulley on in his brand new car.

The movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves animation, and in this article, we will explore the synopsis of this short, entertaining film.


The movie starts with Mike Wazowski, one of the main characters from Monsters, Inc., showing off his brand new car to his best friend Sulley. Sulley is amazed by the car’s various features and cannot resist taking it for a spin.

Mike reluctantly hands over the keys to his friend, and that’s when the fun begins. Sulley, who is much larger than Mike, struggles to fit inside the small car.

He accidentally activates the car’s sunroof, which sends him flying through the roof of the car, and then he lands back inside tangled up in seat belts. Trying to get out of the tangled mess, Sulley accidentally activates all sorts of features in the car.

With each new button he presses, the car transforms into something more ridiculous, from a convertible with a flamenco dancer on the hood, to a car with robotic arms that continuously punch Sulley’s face, and then into a car that splits into two. Mike is at his wit’s end and is frantically trying to stop the chaos as Sulley is thoroughly enjoying the ride.

The more buttons Sulley presses, the crazier the car becomes, and things get even more chaotic when a pizza truck gets in the way of the car, and the two end up interlocking in a bizarre hybrid car. The two friends finally manage to get out of the huge contraption without any harm, and Mike has his car back to the way it was before.

However, Sulley has one last trick up his sleeve, and with a flick of a button, the car transforms one last time into a tiny, childish car which makes Sulley laugh with glee.


Mike’s New Car is a short and fun-filled movie that showcases the troubles that come with owning a new toy. It teaches us that we should let our friends enjoy our possessions, even if it means impending chaos.

This Pixar film is a great addition to their collection of short films and is highly recommended for anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable ride.Mike’s New Car is a delightful animated short film that premiered in 2002. This short, entertaining movie features the two beloved characters from the Monsters, Inc.

film franchise, Mike Wazowski and James “Sulley” Sullivan. The film’s highlights are its innovative plotline, excellent characterizations, and its use of situational comedy that is relatable and enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plot and explore the various twists and turns that make this film a unique and memorable experience. Mike’s New Car

The film starts with Mike Wazowski proudly showing off his new car, a yellow and red little car with tons of functional and interactive features, to his best friend Sulley.

Sulley is in awe of the car and wants to take it for a spin. Mike hesitates but eventually decides to let Sulley drive.

Sulley, who is significantly larger than Mike, struggles to get into the tiny car and accidentally activates a feature that causes the sunroof to open up while he’s wedged in the roof. This event marks the beginning of the hilarious ride that Mike and Sulley are about to embark upon.

The two friends start driving around in the car as Sulley starts experimenting with all the buttons and switches in the car. Sulley’s curiosity and clumsiness lead to hilariously chaotic moments, including a flamenco dancer on the hood of the car and an animatronic arm that punches Sulley in the face.

Meanwhile, Mike is getting increasingly frustrated, trying to keep the car from falling apart and keep Sulley safe. As the journey progresses, things get even more chaotic when a pizza truck crosses their path, causing the two vehicles to combine and create a bizarre hybrid with Sulley stuck in between both cars.

The scenes that follow are jampacked with slapstick humor as the two friends struggle to get out of the car in tact. The climax of the story comes when the car transforms into a tiny childish ride that even Sulley can’t resist.

The film shows how the happiest and funniest moments can come out of mishaps, mayhem, and misadventures, leading to a happy ending for the two friends.


Mike’s New Car is a classic Pixar short film that continues to enchant viewers to this day. The film is a testament to Pixar’s excellence in storytelling and animation.

It’s admirable how the film manages to convey a full-fledged story in just four minutes. The plot of the movie is unique and creatively innovative, providing the audience with a relatable anecdote about the fear of sharing one’s possessions that is both funny and heartwarming.

The film also demonstrates Pixar’s mastery in subtly characterizing the two leads and their distinctive characters. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves animation, storytelling, and great characters.Mike’s New Car is a classic Pixar short film that features two beloved characters from the Monsters, Inc.

film franchise, Mike Wazowski and James “Sulley” Sullivan. Although it is just a four-minute film, it presents a heartwarming and funny story that is appealing to audiences of all ages.

The success of Mike’s New Car is a testament to the meticulous production process of Pixar, which focuses on creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. In this article, we will delve into the production process of the film and explore how Pixar managed to produce this fantastic short film.

Production of Mike’s New Car

The production of Mike’s New Car began in 2000, nearly two years before the film’s release. The animation studio faced a daunting task of producing a short film that would be as entertaining as its feature films in just a fraction of the runtime.

The first step of the production process involved the creation of the script. The writers at Pixar, led by the genius of John Lasseter, developed a storyline that is cohesive, relatable and creative.

The script involved the two main characters from Monsters, Inc. and revolved around Mike’s new car, which is the centerpiece of the story.

The next stage of production was the storyboarding process. The storyboarding process involved creating a rough version of the film visuals, which helped the production team align their vision for the film.

The storyboards helped the team analyze the shots’ length, pacing, and emotion, which laid the foundation for the entire animation process. The animation for the film was created using a combination of traditional and computer animation.

Pixar used advanced tools and technologies to produce the characters and cars, giving them a realistic look that complements the humor in the film. The team at Pixar produced the animation using state-of-the-art software, including Maya and RenderMan, which gave the film a polished and professional look.

The voice acting was another crucial aspect of the production process. Pixar’s long-term partnership with Disney helped them cast John Goodman and Billy Crystal for the roles of James P.

Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, respectively. The talented duo gave life to the characters and added personality to their interactions in the film, creating some truly iconic moments.

The film’s post-production process involved sound design, music score, and final editing. Pixar employed the services of multiple talented creatives to create the sound effects and music for the film.

Mark Mothersbaugh composed the original score, and sound designer Gary Rydstrom created the film’s sound effects, enhancing the emotions felt in the story.


The production process of Mike’s New Car is a testament to the professionalism and creativity at Pixar. Pixar has made producing high-quality, funny, and relatable stories a signature aspect of their brand.

The team’s focus on detail, from the planning and writing stages to the deployment of the latest technology, helped to create a memorable short that has stood the test of time. Mike’s New Car is an excellent example of how effective storytelling can be in conveying a convincing and entertaining story through quality animation.

Pixar’s production process is a well-known and much-respected model within the animation industry, and this film is a perfect example of why.Mike’s New Car is a much-loved Pixar short film featuring the two beloved characters from the Monsters, Inc. film franchise, Mike Wazowski and James “Sulley” Sullivan.

The film premiered in 2002 and was met with widespread acclaim and was shown in theaters as a pre-feature film. The film’s success helped catapult the already renowned studio to even greater heights.

In this article, we will explore the release of Mike’s New Car, its impact, and reception. Release of Mike’s New Car

Mike’s New Car was released on August 16, 2002, as a pre-feature short film for the movie “The Lion King 1 1/2.” Interestingly, the movie release was anticipated to be significantly more successful than Mike’s New Car, which was seen as a fun little addition.

Despite this, the film went on to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide and became an instant fan favorite. The release of the film was met with widespread appreciation and helped introduce Pixar’s creative studio to greater global audiences.

The film was praised for the studio’s extraordinary animation quality and story structure, becoming a hallmark for the studio’s excellence in animated films. Impact and Reception of Mike’s New Car

Mike’s New Car managed to have a significant impact on the viewers despite its short runtime.

The film’s simplistic story narrative helped to communicate the message effectively, making the movie accessible to younger audiences while being funny enough to keep adults captivated. The success of the movie is reflected in its nomination for the 2003 Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film, which it eventually lost to “The ChubbChubbs!”.

The reception of Mike’s New Car was also a testament to Pixar’s ability to capture the hearts of audiences while delivering significant stories. The movie’s legacy lives on as a cherished piece of animation history and continues to be adored by audiences to this day.


Mike’s New Car is a well-known and much-beloved Pixar short. The movie’s release, impact and reception are indicative of Pixar’s excellence and creativity in telling stories through the art of animation.

The story of the short film is an innovative, funny, and heartwarming tale, making it accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Its small scale and simplicity work in its favor, adding to its charm and impressing people with creative and engaging storytelling.

Mike’s New Car continues to be a testament to Pixar’s ability to create a beloved universe and tell relatable stories through impressive animation and style. The continued success and recognition of the film is indicative of the studio’s continued contributions to the animation industry.Mike’s New Car is a beloved Pixar short film featuring the two beloved characters from the Monsters, Inc.

movie franchise, Mike Wazowski and James “Sulley” Sullivan. The short film premiered in 2002 and was praised for its innovative story and unique animation style.

One of the underrated aspects of this short film is its soundtrack, which utilizes music and sound design to enhance the experience for the audience. In this article, we will delve into the details of the soundtrack for Mike’s New Car and explore how it added to the overall success of the film.

Soundtrack of Mike’s New Car

Mark Mothersbaugh composed the music for Mike’s New Car, which is an essential part of the film. The music fits the style and tone of the animation and enhances the audience’s viewing experience.

The soundtrack features a range of sounds, from jazz-inspired music to symphonic sounds to sound effects and atmospheric sounds, that provides the right ambiance for the film’s different scenes. A standout example of the soundtrack’s brilliance is in the introductory scene, which features Mike proudly showing off his new car to Sulley with a whimsical tune playing in the background.

This sequence establishes the foundation of the film’s humor and mood and sets up the audience’s expectations for the subsequent scenes. The soundtrack seamlessly flows along with the film’s visuals, adding an extra dimension and energy to the production with every musical beat.

Mothersbaugh’s original score for Mike’s New Car opts for a music style that uses jazz instrumentation, light percussion, and cheerful arrangements that work in harmony with the film’s whimsical and fun-filled themes. Sound Design for Mike’s New Car

In addition to marking the lively score for the film, the sound design played an important role in heightening the audience’s emotional responses.

The sound design team was tasked with providing unique sounds that reflected the actions of the characters, including the car’s various features. The sound design team expertly programmed the sound effects to keep up with the onscreen movements, bringing visual and auditory elements into unison.

An example of the sound design’s excellence is in the scene where Sulley accidently opens the sunroof and gets jammed in the roof. The sound effect here helps bring the comedy to life, intensifying the collapsing of the roof with the rise and fall of the sound alongside the movement of the characters.


Mike’s New Car is one of Pixar’s exceptionally crafted short films that are memorable for its creative storyline and excellent animation. The music and sound design of this short was a crucial part of the film’s success.

The elements of the soundtrack helped in adding to the overall mood and setting the scene for each instance in the film, helping audiences quickly lose themselves in the story’s immersive experience. The soundtrack and sound design were expertly crafted, both in their synchronization to the on-screen visuals and in capturing the essence of the story’s joyful and lighthearted tone.

Mike’s New Car stands tall in the list of remarkable animated shorts from Pixar and continues to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. In conclusion, Mike’s New Car is a beloved Pixar short that manages to tell an entertaining and engaging story despite its brief runtime.

The film’s production, release, plot, and soundtrack have been significant factors in its success, demonstrating Pixar’s excellence in animation storytelling. With this short film, Pixar has continued to set the benchmark for the animation industry’s quality and creativity.


Q: When was Mike’s New Car released? A: Mike’s New Car premiered on August 16, 2002.

Q: Who voiced the main characters in Mike’s New Car? A: John Goodman and Billy Crystal reprised their roles as James P.

Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, respectively. Q: What is the storyline of Mike’s New Car?

A: The film follows Mike and Sulley on an hilarious and chaotic ride in Mike’s brand new car, and all the mishaps the two perpetrate while driving it. Q: Who composed the soundtrack for Mike’s New Car?

A: Mark Mothersbaugh composed the soundtrack for Mike’s New Car. Q: Was Mike’s New Car successful?

A: Yes, the short film received praise and accolades for its storytelling, animation, music and sound design, and helped establish Pixar’s excellence in the industry.

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