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Meet the Whimsical Characters of Chowder: A Comprehensive Guide

“Chowder Characters: A Comprehensive Guide”

If you’re a fan of the beloved animated series “Chowder,” you’re likely well-acquainted with its many colorful characters. But with so many unique and memorable personalities, it can be tough to keep track of who’s who, and what each character brings to the table.

Fear not! Below, we’ll dive into the main cast of “Chowder,” their defining traits, and what makes each one an essential part of the show’s charm.

Main Characters

Chowder: This purple cat-bear-rabbit mix is the show’s titular character and our main protagonist. Voiced by Nicky Jones, Chowder has an insatiable appetite and an emotional streak that often leads to chaotic situations.

Despite his lack of experience in the culinary world, Chowder shows a willingness to learn and grow throughout the series. Later in the show, he takes over the catering business and eventually marries his longtime love interest, Panini.

Mung Daal: Voiced by Dwight Schultz, Mung is the owner-chef of the catering company where Chowder works. This very old, light blue, and somewhat human-looking character is a culinary master, taking great pride in his work and his trademark mustache.

Mung serves as a mentor and father figure to Chowder, offering advice and guidance as the young apprentice navigates the culinary world.

Shnitzel: This rock monster, voiced by John DiMaggio, is responsible for clean-up duties at the catering company.

He speaks in simple words and wears a double apron for efficiency. Shnitzel is a loyal and hardworking employee, rarely showing any emotion beyond general stoicism.

Truffles: Mung’s wife and the catering company’s bookkeeper, Truffles is a mushroom pixie voiced by Tara Strong. Stern and often insecure, Truffles is a natural-born challenger, always looking for ways to push herself and her colleagues to be better.

She retires with Mung later in the series.

Gazpacho: This wooly mammoth, voiced by Dana Snyder, runs a farmer’s market and is an independent businessman.

Gazpacho is a mild-aged character who lives with his mother and enjoys the occasional pickle. He is a loyal friend to Chowder, always willing to offer a helping trunk.

Kiwi: Chowder’s lovable pet is a stink cloud voiced by C. H.

Greenblatt. Kiwi emits a pungent odor, but Chowder adores him all the same.

Panini: Voiced by Liliana Mumy, this pink cat-bear-rabbit mix is one of Chowder’s friends and love interests. Panini is cute, innocent, and likes to cook, especially for Chowder.

However, she has a darker side, as she tends to become possessive and aggressive when it comes to Chowder’s attention. Later on in the show, she takes over Truffles’ old job and becomes Chowder’s girlfriend and then wife.

Gorgonzola: This green rat-shaped candleholder, voiced by Will Shadley, is Chowder’s rival. Gorgonzola is jealous of Chowder and has an obsession with him, despite the clear difference in the two’s abilities.

He loves money and is constantly trying to get ahead of others.

Ms. Endive: Voiced by Mindy Sterling, this villainous character is a mix of carrot, anteater, and elephant.

Ms. Endive is a snooty and cunning character who wants to compete against Mung Daal and the catering company.

Supporting Characters

Kiwi, Ceviche, Pat, Chestnut, Reuben, Mr. Fugu, and Sergeant Hoagie are some of the other supporting characters who make recurring appearances throughout the show, each bringing their own unique flair. Kiwi, as mentioned, is Chowder’s pungent pet, while Ceviche is a fish salesperson voiced by Alanna Ubach.

Pat is a well-meaning but clumsy character who frequently runs into trouble, played by Carlos Alazraqui. Chestnut is an impulsive, dare-devil character voiced by Nika Futterman.

Reuben is a former apprentice of Mung’s who returns as a rival later in the show, voiced by Jeff Bennett. Mr. Fugu is an intimidating sushi chef with a Japanese accent.

Sergeant Hoagie is voiced by Jim Cummings and serves as an authoritarian figure of the catering company.


Each character of “Chowder” is uniquely crafted, bringing humor, heart, and a dose of weirdness to the show. From the perpetually hungry Chowder to the hardworking and serious Mung, the show’s characters create an engaging world that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Whether you’re new to the show or a longtime fan, the colorful personalities of “Chowder” continue to be a highlight of the animated series.

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