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Meet Rocky: The Playful and Brave Monkey from Swiss Family Robinson


Rocky, from the classic Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson, is a lovable and playful character. He’s courageous, loyal, and helpful to the film’s Robinson family.

Rocky, the youngest member of the family, is depicted as quite playful and mischievous. He’s also brave, as he protects his family from danger and predators.


Rocky is a small, curious, and hairy monkeyhe may have a short tail. Brown fur covers his body, and it complemented by a lighter brown and white face and chest, making him an adorable creature.

Rocky has big brown eyes that make his face appear bigger. His long arms and tails allow him to swing from tree to tree with ease, living up to the typical image of a monkey.

His appearance is in sharp contrast to that of other Robinsons, including the tall and rugged father and the beautiful yet classic Jane. At the same time, he adds a touch of whimsy and adventure to the family’s surroundings in this exotic location.

Overall, Rocky is a delightful character to watch in the Swiss Family Robinson movie. His funny and playful actions mix a good combination of bravery and mischief with a heartwarming sweetness that makes him a favorite Disney character for many young viewers today.

Feature Films or Shows:

Rocky the monkey is an iconic character from the 1960 Disney feature film, Swiss Family Robinson. The film follows a family of six who are shipwrecked on a deserted island and must rely on their wits and survival skills to make a home on the uninhabited land.


As a monkey, Rocky doesn’t have a specific occupation. However, he is an integral part of the Robinson family’s survival on the island.

He helps the family gather food and water and alerts them to any dangers that may be lurking around. Rocky’s nimble fingers also make him useful in creating fishing nets and traps for animals.

Like and Dislikes:

Rocky, being a monkey, has an inquisitive and playful nature, and he often enjoys exploring the island and discovering its many secrets. He is a curious and adventurous spirit, always up for a new challenge and experience.

As for dislikes, Rocky is not particularly fond of snakes or other animals that pose a threat to him or his family members. He has been known to be visibly scared of some of the predators around the island, especially the large predatory birds that often eye the family’s young boys, Fritz and Ernst.

In conclusion, Rocky is a beloved character in Swiss Family Robinson because of his charming personality, curious nature, and playful characteristics. He is always willing to help the Robinson family and does his best to ensure their safety and comfort while they are stranded on the island.

Rocky’s inclusion in the film adds to its overall sense of adventure and excitement, making it a true Disney classic. In conclusion, Rocky the monkey from Swiss Family Robinson is a compelling character for the film due to his curious, playful, and helpful nature.

Rocky has a significant role in the Robinson family’s survival on the deserted island by assisting in gathering food and water, creating fishing nets, and alerting the family of dangers on the island. His entertaining presence added a great charm to the movie and made it a beloved Disney classic.

Here are some frequently asked questions to summarize the article’s main points and clarify concerns that readers may have had:

– What is Rocky’s role in the Swiss Family Robinson film? Rocky plays a key role in helping the family survival on the deserted island by alerting them of any danger and gathering food and water.

– What is Rocky’s personality like? Rocky is a curious, playful, and helpful monkey who is also brave and loyal.

– How does Rocky look like? Rocky is a small, brown-furred monkey with big brown eyes, a light brown and white face and chest, long arms, and a tail.

– Does Rocky have any dislikes? Rocky is not fond of predators such as snakes and predatory birds and often becomes visibly scared when near them.

– What is Rocky’s occupation? Rocky does not have a specific job but helps the Robinson family in various ways when on the island.

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