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Meet McGregor Houghton: The Adventurous Archaeologist in Jungle Cruise


McGregor Houghton is a charming and intelligent character who has a passion for archaeology. He is adventurous, curious and always ready for an expedition to discover the lost city.

Despite his strict upbringing, he is a free thinker and follows his own path. He is highly knowledgeable in ancient cultures and can quickly identify and locate various artifacts.

McGregor also has a likable personality which makes him a great communicator and able to connect with different people. Appearance:

McGregor Houghton is a handsome young man in his early thirties.

He has a tall and athletic build and is well-toned due to his frequent expeditions and archaeological excavation work. McGregor has been described as having a rugged and manly appearance, which is most likely due to his outdoor lifestyle in the field.

He has brown hair that is styled neatly and a well-groomed beard to match. His choice of clothing is casual and appropriate for adventure trips, often wearing a flannel shirt and khaki pants.

Unlike most archaeologists, McGregor has an eye for fashion, opting for well-designed attire that makes him stand out from the crowd. His outfit choices may also be inspired by the cultures he has encountered on his expeditions.

Overall, McGregor Houghton’s appearance fits his personality as a captivating adventurer and an archaeologist with a love for discovery and exploration. Feature Films or Shows:

McGregor Houghton is a character in the Disney+ movie, “Jungle Cruise”.

The movie is based on the Disney theme park attraction, and McGregor appears as an archaeologist who joins the lead characters on their journey through the Amazon jungle to find a mystical tree that holds healing powers. His knowledge of ancient cultures and his proficiency in translating ancient languages prove to be useful in their quest.


McGregor Houghton’s occupation is an archaeologist. He has a love for discovering the history of ancient cultures and searching for lost artifacts.

McGregor has spent most of his life in the field, excavating sites and uncovering important findings. Despite working in a field that requires a great deal of physical labor and patience, McGregor enjoys his career, relishing in each incredible discovery that he makes.

He values the importance of protecting the historical sites he works on while still curating the valuable treasures that he discovers. Likes and Dislikes:

McGregor Houghton has a love for adventure and discovery, and he has explored the world in search of new wonders.

In his free time, he enjoys reading and expanding his knowledge of ancient cultures and archaeology. McGregor also has a love for fashion, and frequently incorporates his own sense of style into his expedition attire.

He appreciates the finer things in life, such as nice clothing and refined tastes in food and wine.

Despite his seemingly upper-class lifestyle, McGregor dislikes the constraints that come with his upbringing and family name.

He dislikes being told what to do and how to live his life, which is why he chose a career that is based on exploration and autonomy. Despite his rebellious streak, McGregor has a good heart and values the connections he makes with those he meets on his expeditions.

He is loyal to his friends and will do anything to help them in their quests. In summary, McGregor Houghton is a charming and intelligent Disney character with a passion for adventure and archeology.

He is an archaeologist who loves exploring historical sites to uncover valuable treasures and artifacts. Besides being knowledgeable in ancient cultures, McGregor also possesses a sense of style that sets him apart from other archaeologists.

His character is featured in the Disney+ movie “Jungle Cruise” as an essential member of the team that searches for a mystical tree that holds healing powers. Frequently asked questions regarding McGregor Houghton’s likes, dislikes, career, and appearance have been addressed with accurate and informative answers to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of this character.

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