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Meet Lady Starblaster: The Tough Commander of the Starblaster Spaceship

Disney Character: Lady Starblaster


Lady Starblaster is a tough, no-nonsense space pilot and commander of the Starblaster spaceship. She’s smart, brave, and dedicated to her mission of protecting her galaxy and all of its inhabitants from intergalactic threats.

She’s a great leader who is respected by her crew and peers. Lady Starblaster is strategic and quick-thinking, able to make tough decisions when the going gets tough.

She’s also fiercely independent and doesn’t rely on anyone else to get the job done. However, behind her tough exterior, she also has a caring side, often taking the time to ensure her crew members are comfortable and safe.

Lady Starblaster is a well-rounded character who exemplifies the best qualities of a space commander. Appearance:

Lady Starblaster is a striking figure with an athletic build and a commanding presence.

She has fair skin, sharp blue eyes, and short, spiky blonde hair. On her right cheek, she sports a small tattoo of a starburst, which adds to her cool and confident aura.

She usually wears a black jumpsuit with gold accents that gives her the freedom to move and fight in battle. Lady Starblaster’s spacesuit is equipped with advanced technology that protects her from the dangers of space travel.

She wears a helmet with a visor that covers her face, making her look even more mysterious and imposing. Overall, Lady Starblaster is a visually impressive character who embodies confidence, strength, and courage.

Feature Films or Shows:

Lady Starblaster is a character in the Disney XD animated series, “Miles from Tomorrowland.” She first appeared in the episode “The Pluto Rescue,” where she and her team arrived to help the Callisto family rescue Pluto from an alien force. Lady Starblaster became a recurring character in the series, where she helped Miles and his family on several space adventures.

The character is popular among fans for her tough and independent personality. Occupation:

As the commander of the Starblaster spaceship, Lady Starblaster’s main occupation is to protect the galaxy from intergalactic threats.

She is responsible for leading her crew and ensuring her spaceship is well-equipped to take on any danger that comes their way. Lady Starblaster is an experienced space pilot and also possesses technical skills that aid her in her missions.

Likes and Dislikes:

Lady Starblaster likes working with a capable and reliable crew that can execute orders without hesitation. She enjoys exploring and discovering new, uncharted regions of the galaxy.

Additionally, Lady Starblaster values honesty and integrity, believing it is essential for her crew to have these traits. She dislikes individuals who are lazy or incompetent, and she can become frustrated with people who do not take their responsibilities seriously.

Lady Starblaster also dislikes dishonesty and betrayal as it can put her crew in danger. In conclusion, Lady Starblaster is a well-crafted character with a unique personality and appearance.

She is a great leader who commands the respect and loyalty of her crew. Lady Starblaster’s occupation reflects her character’s capabilities, and her likes and dislikes provide insights into her behavior.

Her inclusion in the “Miles from Tomorrowland” series adds depth and richness to the show’s world-building. Lady Starblaster remains a fan-favorite, and there’s no doubt that she will continue to inspire future space commander characters.

In conclusion, Lady Starblaster is an impressive Disney character who embodies strength, confidence, and courage. Her personality exudes independence, intelligence, and resilience, making her a great space commander.

Her appearance is striking and reflects her cool and commanding aura. Lady Starblaster’s role in “Miles from Tomorrowland” showcases her impressive occupation and technical expertise.

Overall, Lady Starblaster is a well-crafted character that will continue to inspire the future of character development in animation.


Q: What TV show does Lady Starblaster appear in?

A: Lady Starblaster appears in the Disney XD animated series, “Miles from Tomorrowland.”

Q: What is Lady Starblaster’s occupation? A: Lady Starblaster is the commander of the Starblaster spaceship, tasked with protecting her galaxy from intergalactic threats.

Q: What are Lady Starblaster’s likes and dislikes? A: Lady Starblaster likes having a reliable crew, discovering new regions of the galaxy, and values honesty and integrity.

She dislikes laziness, incompetence, dishonesty, and betrayal. Q: What qualities make Lady Starblaster a great leader?

A: Lady Starblaster is tough, strategic, quick-thinking, and caring towards her crew. She commands respect and loyalty among her team members.

Q: Why is Lady Starblaster a popular character among fans? A: Lady Starblaster’s tough and independent personality, combined with her unique appearance, makes her a fan-favorite character.

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