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Meet Finnick: The Sly and Loyal Hustler from Disney’s Zootopia

Finnick is a character from the Disney animated movie “Zootopia.” He is known for his cunning and sly personality. Finnick is a small, anthropomorphic fennec fox with a knack for hustling and making money.

He is often seen with his partner in crime, Nick Wilde. Finnick is a quick thinker and is skilled in the art of persuasion.

He often acts as the lookout for Nick during their various schemes around the city. Despite his criminal tendencies, Finnick has a heart of gold and is loyal to his friends.

He is also quite humorous, often making sarcastic remarks and witty jokes. In terms of appearance, Finnick is small and petite compared to other animals in Zootopia.

He has a reddish-brown coat of fur with white markings around his eyes and nose. Finnick often wears a green tracksuit and a beanie on his head.

He also has a gold tooth, which adds to his street-smart look. Finnick’s small size and unique appearance make him stand out among the other characters in the movie.

His cunning and quick-thinking personality make him an essential part of Nick’s team. Despite his mischievous nature, Finnick’s friendship and loyalty make him a beloved character among Disney fans.

Finnick is a major character in the Disney animated movie “Zootopia,” which tells the story of a bunny named Judy Hopps who becomes the first rabbit police officer in a city where predators and prey live together in harmony. In the movie, Finnick is a minor character who helps Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox, in his schemes.

Finnick’s occupation in the movie is that of a hustler. He is an expert in using his small size to his advantage, tricking unsuspecting animals into buying expensive items that are worth much less.

In one notable scene, Finnick sells a tiny elephant-shaped popsicle to Nick for a large sum of money, showing how shrewd he can be. While Finnick’s personality makes him a great accomplice to Nick’s schemes, he also has likes and dislikes that make him more than just a criminal.

In the movie, it is revealed that Finnick is a big fan of the hit TV show “Pawpsicles,” and even has a collection of merchandise from the show. He is also shown to be afraid of the “godfather of all crime bosses,” Mr. Big.

Though Finnick’s role in the movie “Zootopia” may be small, his sly personality, cunning intelligence, and sharp wit make him a fan favorite. Disney fans enjoy watching him team up with Nick to cause trouble around the city, and his love for “Pawpsicles” and fear of Mr. Big make him a relatable and endearing character.

In conclusion, Finnick is a beloved character from the Disney movie “Zootopia” known for his cunning personality, small stature, and street-smart look. Though his occupation as a hustler may not be admirable, his loyalty and friendship towards his partner Nick Wilde make him a likable character.

Furthermore, his love for “Pawpsicles” and fear of Mr. Big add to his personality and relatability. As a result, Finnick’s unique appearance and charming personality make him a memorable and entertaining character in the world of Disney.


Q: What is Finnick’s occupation in “Zootopia”? A: Finnick is a hustler in the movie.

Q: What is Finnick’s personality like? A: Finnick is cunning, sly, loyal, humorous, and quick-thinking.

Q: What does Finnick look like? A: Finnick is a small, anthropomorphic fennec fox with a reddish-brown coat of fur, white markings around his eyes and nose, and a gold tooth.

Q: What are Finnick’s likes and dislikes? A: Finnick is a big fan of the TV show “Pawpsicles,” and he is afraid of Mr. Big, the “godfather of all crime bosses.”

Q: Why is Finnick a beloved character among Disney fans?

A: Finnick’s unique appearance, cunning personality, loyalty, and relatability make him an entertaining and memorable character in the world of Disney.

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