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Mainframe Studios: The Self-Sustaining Economic Driver of Des Moines

Mainframe Studios: A Self-Sustaining Economic Driver in Des Moines, Iowa

Mainframe Studios, formerly known as Rainmaker Entertainment, has recently made headlines upon its reabsorption by Mainframe Studios. With its location in Des Moines, Iowa, it has become a self-sustaining economic driver that has been attracting a lot of attention.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the recent developments and assets of Mainframe Studios.

Reabsorption of Rainmaker Entertainment

In 2016, Rainmaker Entertainment, a Vancouver-based animation studio, opened a branch in Des Moines, Iowa. Their goal was to establish an artist-friendly collective that would provide a conducive environment for artists to work on projects collaboratively.

However, due to financial constraints, the company announced in 2020 that they were closing the Des Moines branch. Fortunately, Mainframe Studios stepped in to reabsorb Rainmaker Entertainment and keep its talent pool and expertise in Des Moines.

Mainframe Studios has since taken over the management of the facilities, which spans over 120,000 square feet in downtown Des Moines. With the integration of Mainframe’s team, the studio has become one of the largest animation studios in the Midwest.

According to Chris Prynoski, the co-founder of Titmouse studios, Mainframe’s acquisition of Rainmaker has put the studio on the map and positioned it to become a major player in the animation industry.

Location and Economic Impact of Mainframe Studios

Des Moines, Iowa, may not be an obvious choice for an animation studio, but Mainframe Studios has made it work to their advantage. Its location in downtown Des Moines has proven to be strategic, as it is situated at the heart of an up-and-coming art scene.

The downtown area boasts numerous galleries, museums, and performing arts centers, making it an attractive destination for artists and creatives alike. Moreover, Mainframe’s presence in Des Moines has been a boost to the local economy.

According to a report by the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Mainframe Studios has created over 80 full-time jobs and helped to attract other creative businesses to the area. In fact, local leaders see Mainframe as a key player in the city’s revitalization effort, with Des Moines becoming a hub for creative industries.

Photos and Videos of Mainframe Studios

For those curious about what goes on inside Mainframe Studios, there are plenty of photos and videos available online. The studio’s website has a gallery that showcases their facilities, offices, and workspaces.

They also post updates on their social media pages, giving followers behind-the-scenes glimpses of their projects and team members.

Links to Mainframe Studios

Those interested in looking up more information about Mainframe Studios can visit their website at For updates and news, they have active social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle @Mainframe_Studios.

List of Movies Produced by Mainframe Studios

Mainframe Studios has worked on various animated feature films and television shows over the years. Some of their notable projects include “ReBoot,” “Beast Wars: Transformers,” “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale,” and “Escape from Planet Earth.” Their most recent project, “The Willoughbys,” is a Netflix original movie that premiered in April 2020.

In conclusion, Mainframe Studios has come a long way since its reabsorption of Rainmaker Entertainment. Its location in Des Moines, Iowa has proven to be a strategic move, as it has helped to revitalize the city’s creative industries.

Furthermore, the studio has become a hub for artists and creatives, offering a much-needed space for collaboration and growth. With plenty of projects under their belt, and more on the way, it is clear that Mainframe Studios is poised to make a significant impact in the animation industry.

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