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Life-Size 2: A Heartwarming Holiday Movie That Will Make You Believe in Magic Again

Get ready to celebrate the ultimate holiday season with “Life-Size 2,” starring Tyra Banks and Francia Raisa. This movie is the sequel to the 2000 classic “Life-Size,” which captured the hearts of many viewers.

“Life-Size 2” is produced by Freeform and 10 West Studios and directed by Steven K. Tsuchida.

This movie promises to be a fun and heartwarming experience that is perfect for the whole family.The movie “Life-Size 2” is set to be a nostalgic and fun sequel to the original “Life-Size” that was released in 2000. In this new chapter, Tyra Banks returns as the beloved Eve, and Francia Raisa takes on the leading role as Grace.

“Life-Size 2” follows the same formula as the first movie, with a mixture of humor, heartwarming moments, and valuable life lessons. This article will give you a synopsis of the movie, and highlight what you can expect from this fun-filled holiday sequel.


Grace is a successful CEO of Marathon Toys, a company previously owned by her mother before she passed away. With the holiday season approaching, Grace is determined to take Marathon Toys to the next level by creating an innovative new toy.

Her plan hit a snag after a magical doll named Eve came to life and tried to help her. It suddenly becomes Grace’s responsibility to teach Eve about the importance of living in the real world.

As Eve starts living the human experience, she becomes more than just a toy and helps Grace open her heart while also bringing her family and the whole city together.

Cast and Characters

Tyra Banks reprises her role as Eve, the iconic doll who comes to life to help Grace. Francia Raisa plays Grace, the CEO of Marathon Toys.

Other cast members include Gavin Stenhouse as Jack, Grace’s potential love interest, and Hank Chen as Brendan, Grace’s quirky assistant. Shanica Knowles portrays Tahlia, one of Grace’s employees, and Alison Fernandez plays Lex, Grace’s spunky teenage sister.

Throughout the movie, audiences will see Eve try to understand the human experience better, while Grace discovers that love is possible again after her mother’s death.


The movie “Life-Size 2” tackles themes such as empowerment, self-acceptance, and family values. The movie promotes the idea of learning from mistakes and growing to be better people.

It also emphasizes the importance of living in the moment and cherishing those special moments we have with our loved ones. The message of “Life-Size 2” is simple yet powerful; we should love, respect, and accept ourselves before we can do the same with others.


Overall, “Life-Size 2” is a fun and heartwarming film that celebrates the holiday season with a mix of humorous and sentimental moments. With Tyra Banks reprising her iconic role as Eve, and Francia Raisa impressing audiences with her portrayal of Grace, the movie promises to be a great watch for the whole family.

The movie highlights timely themes such as empowerment, self-love, and cherishing moments we have with loved ones. “Life-Size 2” provides a valuable message that resonates with audiences of different generations.

The plot of “Life-Size 2” is a continuation of the original movie’s storyline that captured numerous fans and families around the globe. The movie starts with Grace, a successful CEO of the company Marathon Toys, who is focused on propelling the company’s growth by introducing an innovative new toy in the market.

However, things suddenly go awry when Grace accidentally recites a spell from a magical spellbook during an interview with a prominent fashion magazine. Grace had inherited the spellbook from her mother, but had never used it before.

The spell’s words were meant to give the writer confidence during the interview but instead brings a life-sized Eve (Tyra Banks) to life. Eve is a magical doll who previously appeared in the original movie, and she is back in an effort to guide Grace through her troubles and provide some comic relief.

Grace is initially shocked at the sight of Eve, whom she had dismissed as nothing more than a childhood toy. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Eve isn’t just any toy.

This life-sized doll has a mind of her own and a personality that Grace instantly finds both endearing and hilarious. Although nervous about the prospect, Eve is desperate to experience the human world and eager to guide Grace through her troubles.

As time passes, it becomes apparent that Eve’s arrival is not just a coincidental act. The life-sized doll has a powerful purpose that unsurprisingly revolves around helping Grace achieve her goals.

Eve’s arrival sets into motion a series of events that culminate in a heartwarming and emotional finale that will undoubtedly move viewers of all ages. The movie explores the importance of learning from mistakes and growing as a person, and it underlines the power of forgiveness and acceptance.

It is a reminder that we all have something special to offer, no matter how small. The story’s pivotal theme is self-acceptance and how it impacts our perception of the world around us.

It centres on Grace’s professional life and how her insecurities impact her relationships and life goals. The writers do an excellent job of showcasing Grace’s character development throughout the film as she learns to embrace her uniqueness and come into her own.

Additionally, the movie highlights Eve’s unique perspective on life as an artificial intelligence being. Her awe and wonder at the world around her contrasted with her almost child-like curiosity provide an excellent backdrop for discussions around the ethics of artificial intelligence and advancements in technology.

The movie employs humor and lighthearted moments to ease the tension and maintain a good balance between drama and humor. The humor is particularly effective in keeping viewers engaged and emotionally invested in the story as it unravels.

Finally, the conclusion of “Life-Size 2” is both heart-warming and inspirational, encapsulating everything that the movie represents. It showcases the power of acceptance, the value of family, and the importance of forgiveness.

In conclusion, “Life-Size 2” is an entertaining and heart-warming movie that builds on the themes and ideas of the original. With a quality cast, a relatable story, and excellent production, it’s a movie that’s perfect for families and anyone who loves a good story.

The movie draws you in, immerses you in the world of its characters, and leaves you feeling uplifted and inspired. The production of “Life-Size 2” is a combination of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

It required a team of talented professionals, including producers, directors, writers, actors, and support staff, to bring the movie’s vision to life. The movie’s production brought back Tyra Banks as the iconic Eve, while welcoming Francia Raisa, Gavin Stenhouse, Hank Chen, Shanica Knowles, and Alison Fernandez as new additions to the cast.

The movie’s director, Steven K. Tsuchida, played a significant role in bringing the story to fruition.

A successful TV director himself, Tsuchida worked collaboratively with the experienced team of producers, including Stephanie Allain and Tyra Banks, to develop the movie’s story and vision. The movie’s production team hit the ground running, working tirelessly throughout the movie’s four-week production schedule.

A significant portion of the film was shot on a soundstage in Los Angeles, while other scenes were filmed in various locations throughout the city. The movie’s special effects, including Eve’s transformation into a human-sized doll, magic spells, and inventive toy designs, were created through a combination of CGI, animatronics, and practical effects.

The team responsible for the visual effects worked tirelessly under the direction of special effects supervisor, Michael Lantieri, who has an impressive track record having worked on other cinematic classics like the Jurassic Park series. The production’s costume designer, Carol Ramsey created a collection of lively and eye-catching outfits that complemented the movie’s theme and season.

Eve’s signature pink lipliner was still present in several scenes, which reminded the audience of her exotic character. The movie’s soundtrack features several new songs, all designed to complement the movie’s tone and themes, and reflect the story’s festive setting.

The tracklist includes popular artists like Katy Perry, Banks, Bebe Rexha, Annaliese Dayes, and many more. In addition, the movie’s cinematographer, Rhet W.

Bear, shot the movie beautifully. The use of different lighting and camera angles created a captivating visual experience for the audience.

The set production was also impressive, highlighted by the attention to detail and the creative use of color palettes. The movie’s final product displays a remarkable level of professionalism and attention to detail that makes it a joy to watch.

Finally, post-production was equally important in ensuring the movie’s success. The use of editing software, sound mixing techniques, and color grading added the perfect finishing touches to the movie, creating a polished final product that surpassed expectations.

In conclusion, the production of “Life-Size 2” is a testament to the collaboration, creativity, and innovation that goes into filmmaking. The movie’s story was brought to life through an impressive combination of CGI, practical effects, animatronics, and motion-tracking technology.

The crew demonstrates the impeccable skill and professionalism required to bring a movie to life, with impressive directorial and cinematographic work, props, animation, and magic spells to incorporate into their production. The movie’s attention to detail, stunning visuals, and excellent soundtrack make it a memorable visual experience that is well-worth-watching.

“Life-Size 2” was released on December 2, 2018, on Freeform, ABC’s family-oriented cable TV network, amid a wave of excitement, hype, and nostalgia among its viewers. The movie was available on various streaming platforms like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

Freeform embarked on an extensive promotional campaign leading up to the movie’s release, featuring interviews with the cast, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and an intensive social media campaign. The fans were heavily involved as well, with Freeform running a fan appreciation campaign, where selected fans received a wide range of merchandise and other fun prizes.

The movie’s release had fans from different parts of the world eagerly anticipating its debut. The premiere was widely attended, with the stars and other influencers, including fans, walking the red-carpet event.

Tyra Banks was particularly thrilled about the sequel’s release and told Variety in an interview that she believes the sequel will fill a void in a world that could use more innocence and positive emotions. Reviews for the movie were mostly positive, with many critics praising the movie’s heartfelt screenplay, witty dialogue, and impressive production.

Many fans appreciated the movie’s themes and how it addresses the issue of self-care, while others praised the acting and the movie’s appropriate timing. The movie’s release was a resounding success, with over a million viewers watching the movie and several tweets and posts expressing their enthusiasm for the return of “Life-Size.” Additionally, viewership rose during the Christmas holiday period, with many viewers tagging others to watch it with loved ones, especially during the festive season.

The movie’s release also saw a series of tie-in merchandise, including “Life-Size” dolls, mugs, T-shirts, and other accessories, appearing in stores across the country. Several lucky fans had the opportunity to win these items through contests organized by Freeform and Tyra Banks.

These tie-in merchandise complemented the release and created ample opportunities for fans to engage with the movie and its characters even more. In conclusion, “Life-Size 2” was an eagerly anticipated release that captivated viewers worldwide.

The movie was a resounding success, with a strong fan base eagerly awaiting its release. The movie’s themes and production genuinely touched the hearts of fans, with many feeling a unique connection to the film.

The film’s positive reviews and its warm-hearted story will ensure its longevity among fans, and its release provides significant momentum for further attraction to the franchise. The movie’s tie-in merchandise provided fans an excellent opportunity to further connect with the movie, making it not just a film, but a cultural movement embraced by fans of all ages.

The soundtrack of “Life-Size 2” plays a crucial role in capturing the movie’s festive and comedic ambiance. The soundtrack features a collection of original songs from popular artists, including Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, and Banks, alongside some original pieces written exclusively for the movie.

The soundtrack features many upbeat and dance-worthy songs, with the first song, “Be A Star 2,” being a catchy and lively tune used as the movie’s opening credits in its music video. The song, which is a revamped version of the original song from the first movie, reflects the movie’s central theme of being confident and comfortable with who you are.

Another standout track is “The Gift,” featuring Bebe Rexha. This song underscores a significant emotional moment in the movie, with its lyrics emphasizing the importance of appreciating loved ones and displaying compassion and love towards them in their moments of need.

Bebe’s powerful vocals complement the song, creating a solemn and emotional piece that a significant portion of the audience will relate with its message. “Life-Size 2” also features a sensational track by “Banks,” titled “Underdog.” Its lyrics of perseverance and determination are a perfect fit for the character of Eve, the life-sized doll who has a considerable heart and will to achieve her goal of becoming human-sized.

The track’s upbeat tempo and energetic beats make it perfect for mood-lifting and dance-worthy moments. Another memorable track is the song “It’s Christmas (Again),” written by Adam Schlesinger, who also wrote songs for the first movie.

This song plays at a significant moment in the movie as it encapsulates the overall yuletide spirit of togetherness and family bonding. The jolly beats and upbeat message of the piece will leave many viewers uplifted and in high spirits.

The last song on the soundtrack is “Runnin’ with the Giants” by Matthew Tishler, which plays during the movie’s closing credits. The song talks about dreaming big, chasing one’s aspirations, and reaching for the stars.

Its lyrics are thought-provoking and relevant to anyone who watched the movie and is contemplating their future prospects. The song’s inspiring lyrics and upbeat tune make it a memorable finish to the heartwarming sequel.

In conclusion, the “Life-Size 2” soundtrack comprises a diverse and impressive collection of songs, fitting for all types of audiences. The songs’ upbeat and lively tempo complement the movie’s comedic and festive ambiance, with many of the pieces’ lyrics touching on several impressive themes woven into the movie’s storyline.

The album features iconic tracks that the fans of the first movie will appreciate, while also adding new material that the new and younger audience will surely enjoy. The inspiring and uplifting nature of the music makes it the perfect soundtrack for viewers who are in for a heartwarming ride filled with messages that transcend the movie’s universe.

Overall, “Life-Size 2” is a heartwarming and comedic holiday movie that builds on the themes and ideas of the original, while also catering to a new and younger audience. The cast, soundtrack, production, and plot work cohesively, resulting in a movie that surpasses expectations and provides a remarkable visual experience for the whole family.

The movie delivers a message of self-acceptance, the value of family, and the importance of forgiveness in a relatable way.


Q: Is “Life-Size 2” appropriate for kids?

A: Yes, “Life-Size 2” is a family-friendly movie perfect for viewers of all ages. Q: Is this movie a continuation of the first Life-Size movie?

A: Yes, this movie is a sequel to the original “Life-Size” movie that released in the year 2000. Q: Does this movie have positive messages?

A: Yes, the movie is centered on themes of self-love, family, and forgiveness, among others. Q: Can I watch the movie online?

A: Yes, the movie can be watched through various online streaming platforms, including Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV. Q: Who are the stars of “Life-Size 2?”

A: Tyra Banks reprises her role as Eve, with Francia Raisa portraying Grace, the CEO of Marathon Toys.

Other cast members include Gavin Stenhouse, Hank Chen, Shanica Knowles, and Alison Fernandez. Q: When was the movie released, and by whom?

A: The movie was released on December 2, 2018, and was produced by Freeform and 10 West Studios, with Steven K. Tsuchida directing it.

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