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Let It Go: Exploring the Multilingual Versions and Meaning Behind the Song

Frozens Let It Go Song: An in-depth Analysis of its Multilingual Versions and Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The music of Frozen has captured the hearts of many viewers worldwide, and one of its hit songs, Let It Go, has transcended its original language and become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The song has been sung in 25 different languages, and the message of letting go has been embraced globally.

In this article, we’ll discuss the songs origin, its multilingual version, and the deep meaning behind the lyrics.

Overview of the Song

Let It Go is a song from the 2013 animated film Frozen, which tells the story of the relationship between two sisters, Elsa and Anna. The song is performed by Tony Award-winning actress Idina Menzel and was written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

The song is an emotional ballad about Elsa experiencing liberation and discovering her true identity. It’s an empowering song that has become a frequent choice for karaoke enthusiasts and performed by individuals worldwide.

Multilingual Version of Let It Go

One of the reasons Let It Go: stands out so much is the way it had been translated into multiple languages: 25 different ones, to be exact. With each language, the nuances and lyrics may have been rewritten according to the cultural context, but the popularity and impact of the song never changed.

Listed below are some of the different versions of the song in various languages, along with the singer who performed it. Language | Title | Singer

— | — | —

Arabic | (Latkhafwa) | Nesma Mahgoub

Cantonese | (Fong hoi sau) | Ting-ting Hu

Danish | Lad Det Ske (Let It Happen) | Maria Lucia

Dutch | Laat Het Gaan (Let It Go) | Willemijn Verkaik

Finnish | Taakse J (Left Behind) | Katja Sirki

French | Libre, dlivre (Freed, Released) | Anas Delva

German | Lass Jetzt Los (Let It Go Now) | Willemijn Verkaik

Hebrew | (Zehabourg) | Shirli Israelov

Hungarian | Legyen H (Let It Snow) | Holls Ilona

Icelandic | etta er ng (This is enough) | Mara Bjrk Sverrisdttir

Italian | All’Alba Sorger (I Will Rise at Dawn) | Serena Autieri

Japanese | (Arinomama De) | Takako Matsu

Korean | Let It Go | Hyorin

Latin American Spanish | Libre Soy (I Am Free) | Martina Stoessel

Mandarin | (Let it be) | G.E.M.

Norwegian | La Det Ske (Let It Happen) | Lisa Stokke

Polish | Mam T Moc (I Have This Power) | Kasia aska

Portuguese | J Passou (It’s over) | Ana Encarnao

Romanian | Hai s facem un zpad (Let’s Make a Snowman) | Ana Munteanu

Russian | (Release and Forget) | Anna Buturlina

Spanish | Sultalo! (Let It Go!) | Gisela Llad Cnovas

Swedish | Sl Dig Fri (Break Free) | Annika Herlitz

Thai | (Let It Go) | Stamp Apiwat

Turkish | Bir Brak (Leave One) | Nebahat ehre

Ukrainian | (Release and Forget) | Larysa Kadochnikova

Elsas Lyrics and Actions in the Song

Throughout the song, Elsa’s journey of self-discovery and overcoming her fears is reflected through her lyrics and actions. From scaling a snow-covered mountain to creating an ice bridge across the ocean, Elsa performs incredible feats to embrace her identity.

All these actions reflect the lyrics of “Let It Go,” where Elsa sings about “becoming the person she is meant to be.”

Elsa’s transformation can also be seen when she sings about building an “ice castle” entirely made out of ice and snow. The lyrics also mention the word “crystals,” which represent Elsa coming into her own power.

Its symbolic of her taking control of something that used to scare her and transforming it into something beautiful and powerful.

Message of the Song

“Let It Go” has grown to become more than just a song from a Disney movie; it’s a philosophy that many people have taken to heart when seeking self-discovery and freedom. The song’s message is about letting go of others’ opinions and being true to oneself.

Elsa singing about being “Let It Go” and becoming who she is meant to be encourages listeners to embrace themselves and let their true selves shine through. The song has become a powerful anthem for people, especially teenagers, who feel the need to stay true to themselves.

Final Thoughts

The multilingual versions and deep meanings behind “Let It Go” have made it not only one of the biggest songs ever in a Disney movie but also a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The song is an anthem for those who want to overcome their fears, embrace their individuality, and, ultimately, be true to who they are.

Whether you listen to the original version or one of its 25 translations, the song continues to inspire and empower people everywhere. The lyrics to the hit song “Let It Go” in Frozen have resonated with listeners worldwide, despite being translated into several different languages.

The lyrics’ themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and liberation have been interpreted by audiences in their native tongues, making the song even more universal. In this article, we will explore the different languages the song has been translated into and some sample lyrics from each.

List of Languages the Song was Translated Into

The lyrics of the song “Let It Go” have been translated into various languages, adding a beautiful cultural layer to the song itself. Here’s a list of all the languages the song was translated into.

1. English



3. German



5. Mandarin



7. Japanese


Latin American Spanish

9. Polish



11. Castilian Spanish



13. Italian



15. Serbian



17. Portuguese


Bahasa Malaysia

19. Russian



21. Bulgarian



23. Thai


Canadian French

25. Flemish

Sample Lyrics in Different Languages

To give readers an idea of how different “Let It Go’s” lyrics are in each language, here are some sample lyrics from a few of the languages listed above. 1.

French: Libre, dlivre

Je ne mentirai plus jamais

Et a fait un bien fou, libre, dlivre

Je suis comme l’oiseau, je suis libre

English Translation:

Freed, released

I will never lie again

And it feels so good, freed, released

I am like a bird, I am free

2. Catalan: Vol Volar

El vent em crida, crida la muntanya

No puc defugir, sc com una vagabunda

I el vent em crida perqu surti el sol

Vol Volar, vol Volar

English Translation:

Want to Fly

The wind calls me, the mountain calls me

I cannot avoid, I’m like a wanderer

And the wind calls me for the sun to come out

Want to fly, want to fly


Dutch: Laat Het Los

Ik sta hier voor jou en laat het los

Laat alles gaan, geef mij de rust

De kou lijkt mij beter dan in dit masker, dit bedrog

Laat het los, laat het los en ren

English Translation:

Let It Go

I stand here for you and let it go

Let everything go, give me rest

The cold seems better to me than this mask, this deceit

Let it go, let it go and run

4. Thai: (Ploih man pai)

English Translation:

Let It Go

Let it go, let it all be gone

Live in this moment like you’ve got a big world and don’t hold on to anything

It’s alright, let whatever happens happen

Let it go


Norwegian: La Det Ske

Let all the storm winds tear up the forest

Let them carry away what’s not important

Let the sky fall and let the sea rise, it doesn’t intimidate me anymore

Let it happen, just let it happen

These five examples of “Let It Go’s” lyrics in other languages show that the song’s core message remains universal and doesn’t change based on language. The song “Let It Go” is about individuality, letting go of self-doubt, and accepting oneself.

The languages might change, but these core themes remain constant.

Final Thoughts

The song “Let It Go” in Frozen showcases the power of music to transcend language barriers. While the lyrics might change, the message of the song remains universal and resonates with individuals worldwide.

Seeing the song’s multilingual versions can inspire us to appreciate different cultures, showcase the beauty of languages, and understand the underlying themes and ideas that unite us as humans. In conclusion, “Let It Go” is a powerful song that has touched the hearts of people worldwide.

From its original English version to the translated lyrics in 25 different languages, the song’s core message of acceptance, self-discovery, and liberation remains universal. Whether we are listening to the original version or one of its various translations, the song’s message has a deep impact on listeners, inspiring us to embrace ourselves and let our true selves shine through.


1. What is “Let It Go” about?

“Let It Go” is about individuality, letting go of self-doubt, and accepting oneself. 2.

How many languages has “Let It Go” been translated to? “Let It Go” has been translated into 25 different languages.

3. What message does “Let It Go” convey?

The song’s message is about letting go of others’ opinions and being true to oneself. 4.

Who sang the English version of “Let It Go”? Idina Menzel sang the English version of “Let It Go.”


What is the significance of the multilingual versions of “Let It Go”? The multilingual versions of “Let It Go” showcase the power of music to transcend language barriers and unite individuals worldwide.

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