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Gun Shy: A Rock Star’s Action-Packed Journey to Rescue His Supermodel Wife

Are you looking for a movie that is action-packed with a touch of hilarious humor? Look no further than the movie “Gun Shy”, which tells the story of a rock and roll superstar the world knows as Turk Henry.


Turk (Antonio Banderas) is a rock star who discovers that his supermodel wife, Sheila (Olga Kurylenko), has been kidnapped while on vacation in Chile. With the help of a retired DEA agent (Martin Dingle Wall), Turk embarks on an action-packed journey to rescue his wife.


Throughout the movie, the themes of trust, loyalty, and love are emphasized. Although Turk is a millionaire, he still values the love and trust he shares with his wife, which fuels his desire to save her.


Antonio Banderas delivers an exceptional performance as Turk, portraying him as a funny yet vulnerable character. Martin Dingle Wall (Danny) serves as a great supporting actor, embodying the role of a retired DEA agent.

Olga Kurylenko does an excellent job of bringing Sheila’s character to life, appearing as a victim of kidnapping who manages to hold her own. Screenplay:

Mark Haskell Smith writes the screenplay for Gun Shy, capturing and blending the blend humor and action into a cohesive storyline.

Haskell Smith’s previous work includes “Sensation” and “The Master Cleanse.”


Simon West directs the film, creating an overall feeling of energy and tension throughout the movie. West’s past directing credits include “Con Air” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.”

Cinematography and Visual Effects:

The visual effects are used minimally and tastefully throughout the film, enhancing the action scenes and making them more realistic.

The cinematography in Gun Shy is also noteworthy, with the beautiful Chilean landscapes providing a striking background for the film. Music:

The music in Gun Shy is integral to the story, with Turk’s background as a rock star making the soundtrack entertaining and unforgettable.

The music includes tracks from Julian Lennon, Asaf Avidan, and Butch Walker. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Gun Shy is a must-watch movie that combines humor and action into a truly memorable cinematic experience.

With beautiful scenery, excellent performances, and a thrilling plot, Gun Shy is a great addition to any movie lover’s collection. Plot:

Turk Henry, a world-renowned rock star, finds out that his supermodel-wife, Sheila, has been kidnapped while on vacation in Chile.

The kidnappers demand a hefty ransom, which Turk is willing to pay. However, as soon as they receive the money, they continue to keep Sheila hostage, causing Turk to take matters into his own hands.

With the help of Danny, a retired DEA agent, Turk enters the criminal underworld of Chile to find his wife. As the story unfolds, they have to deal with corrupt officials, dangerous drug lords, and treacherous double-crossers, making it a perilous journey for Turk and Danny.

The film’s opening scene is a flashback to Turk’s last concert. It illustrates Turk’s character, a rockstar who’s tired of fame and wealth and yearns for a simple life.

The story then switches to Turk’s life after retiring from music. Turk struggles with finding purpose after leaving his rockstar life behind, which heightens his love and appreciation of his wife.

As complications arise, including Sheila’s capture, Turk’s motivations and emotions become stronger until he becomes a force to reckon with. Throughout the film, Turk’s interactions with Danny show how trust and loyalty are essential for anyone’s survival.

Danny proves himself trustworthy and reliable, which earns Turk’s respect and loyalty. The subplot concerning Turk’s relationship with Sheila emphasizes the value of love and trust.

Sheila’s kidnapping proves how love can motivate a person to do the impossible. Turk’s commitment, strength, and bravery manifest because of his love for his wife.

There are a few standout scenes in the movie that viewers shouldn’t miss. One is when Turk tries to communicate with the kidnappers through a transvestite prostitute.

It’s a funny and awkward moment that proves that Turk is a man who is determined to do whatever it takes to save his wife. Another is when Turk and Danny smuggle themselves into a drug lord’s party, where they must pass a dangerous test to join the drug cartel’s inner circle.

The scene is suspenseful and thrilling, with a touch of humor added to it. The climactic scene is when Turk finally reaches the kidnappers’ hideout.

He uses his wit, strength, and cunning to fight off his enemies, while Danny comes to his aid. Sheila plays an essential role in her own rescue, proving herself capable and decisive.

The action-packed scenes of the film are elevated by the stunning Chilean landscapes. The beauty of Chile is captured wonderfully by the movie’s cinematographer, allowing viewers to feel like they’re taking the journey with Turk.

The film’s soundtrack is also noteworthy and adds a unique charm to Gun Shy. The songs include tracks from Julian Lennon and Asaf Avidan, complementing the rockstar theme of the movie.

Gun Shy is a unique blend of humor and action, with a touch of romance thrown in. The film’s fast-paced story, relatable characters, and appealing scenery make it an enjoyable cinematic experience.

It delivers on its promise of being a fun, thrilling, and memorable movie. Production:

The production of “Gun Shy” was a multi-country and multi-studio venture.

The movie was filmed across various locations in Chile and the United Kingdom. Simon West, the film’s director, wanted to capture the beauty of Chile and the authenticity of the story.

The production team scouted locations, including the country’s capital Santiago and the coastal cities of Valparaso and Via del Mar. In addition to the Chilean locations, the crew was also filmed in the heart of London, where they recreated a mini version of Chile’s historic port city, Valparaso.

The crew utilized Pinewood Studios and various outdoor locations around London to film several key scenes. The weather in Chile during filming primarily consisted of clear skies and sunshine.

However, the weather became overcast and rainy, which caused filming delays, especially in the coastal areas where it rained for extended periods. The cast underwent training in various activities required for their roles, which included firearms handling, rock climbing, martial arts, and navigation of hilly terrains.

Antonio Banderas’ training focused more on learning to play the guitar, practicing the drums, and singing. The production team placed a considerable emphasis on the movie’s soundtrack.

The score was composed by David M. Saunders, and the soundtrack features a mix of rock and Latin music, including Julian Lennon’s “Now You’re Mine,” which was used as the film’s opening track.

The production team also collaborated with various Chilean artists, including actor Benjamn Vicua, who played the role of a Chilean rebel, and singer and actress Ana Tijoux, who provided some of the music tracks for the soundtrack album. The film’s visual effects were minimalistic, and the post-production team placed a considerable emphasis on filming in a realistic style.

The primary focus of the visual effects was on creating realistic explosions and gunfire, with the team aiming to make those scenes look as authentic as possible. The production team spent approximately six weeks filming in Chile, followed by an extra month of post-production work.

The movie premiered at the Mandarin Oriental in London in 2017 and opened in theatres across the UK, the US, and South America. Overall, the combination of beautiful Chilean scenery, impressive performances, and clever filmmaking make Gun Shy a visually stunning movie.

West’s direction, Haskell Smith’s script, and the cast and crew’s collaborative efforts resulted in an exciting action-comedy that is enjoyable to watch. Release:

“Gun Shy” was released in theatres in the UK on September 8, 2017, and in the US on September 8, 2017.

Despite its star-studded cast, the movie did not receive a widespread release, and its box office performance was modest. The film was met with mixed reviews from critics.

Some praised the fast-paced action, humor, and performances of the cast, while others criticized the film’s stereotypical portrayal of Chilean culture and the lack of character development. Despite the mixed reviews, the film has developed a cult following and found success in the home video market.

The movie’s DVD and Blu-Ray release includes behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, and a commentary track from West and Haskell Smith. The movie’s release in South America was limited, with the film only opening in Chile in 2018, a year after its initial release.

The decision to release the movie late in Chile was due to its controversial portrayal of the South American nation. The film’s story takes place primarily in Chile, with the country serving as an integral part of the movie’s plot.

Despite the scenic landscape, the portrayal of Chilean culture and people has been criticized for being stereotypical and offensive. The film portrays Chile as a lawless country, with corrupt officials, drug lords, and criminals lurking around every corner.

The film’s portrayal of Chilean culture was so controversial that its working title “Salty” had to be changed ahead of its release in the UK due to concerns it could be perceived as derogatory. The original title was a reference to a fisherman’s term for a good catch, but it was changed to “Gun Shy” just before its release.

Despite the controversy, the film’s release helped to boost Chile’s image as a filming destination. Simon West said in an interview that he hopes the movie will encourage more filmmakers to film in Chile and promote the country’s beauty and diverse landscapes to international audiences.

In conclusion, “Gun Shy” received mixed reviews upon its initial release but has since gained a following among fans of action-comedy movies. Its limited release, controversial portrayal of Chile, and modest box office performance have not dampened its appeal to audiences.

The movie’s DVD and Blu-Ray release includes exclusive content for fans, showing how the film’s production team regarded the movie as a labor of love that should be celebrated. Soundtrack:

The “Gun Shy” soundtrack is a mix of rock and Latin music, showcasing the talents of various artists from around the world.

The film’s score was composed by David M. Saunders, while the soundtrack album includes songs from both South American and international musicians.

The opening track of the movie is Julian Lennon’s “Now You’re Mine,” setting the perfect tone for the rockstar-themed movie. The soundtrack includes a mix of classic rock and Latin-flavored tracks, including Butch Walker’s “Stay Gold,” Santana’s “Evil Ways,” and Mexican pop singer Ximena Sariana’s “Diez cosas.”

The soundtrack also features the Chilean singer and rapper Ana Tijoux, who provided several tracks for the movie, including “1977,” “Shock,” and “La Bala.” Tijoux’s contributions to the movie’s soundtrack showcase the diversity of Chilean music and add a unique flavor to the film’s overall sound.

Other Latin tracks featured in the film include “La Carretilla” by Peruvian group Bareto, “Me Gustas Tu” by French-Cuban duo Tryo, and “Pepper” by Brazilian musician and songwriter Gilberto Gil. The soundtrack also includes instrumental tracks, such as “Hakka Attack,” a Beijing Opera inspired track, and “Cavalry,” which adds an ominous and mysterious feel to the movie’s action scenes.

The use of music in “Gun Shy” is integral to the film’s story and character development. Turk Henry, the film’s main character, is a retired rock star who yearns for a simple life.

His past life as a musician is referenced throughout the movie, and the soundtrack serves as a reminder of his rockstar days. The sounds used in the film’s action scenes are well-timed and add a sense of excitement to the movie’s action sequences.

The use of Latin-flavored tracks in some of the film’s climax scenes is particularly effective, adding a layer of cultural significance to the movie’s story. Overall, the “Gun Shy” soundtrack is a well-curated mix of rock and Latin music that complements the film’s fast-paced story and action scenes.

The use of diverse musical styles adds depth to the movie’s overall sound and reinforces the film’s international appeal. The movie’s soundtrack is a must-listen for anyone who enjoyed the “Gun Shy” movie.

In conclusion, “Gun Shy” is a fun and exciting action-comedy with an excellent cast, stunning visuals, and a diverse music soundtrack. Despite its mixed reviews, the movie has developed a cult following and remains a great addition to any movie lover’s collection.

The movie’s unique blend of humor, action, and cultural commentary makes it a memorable cinematic experience.


Q: Where was “Gun Shy” filmed? A: “Gun Shy” was filmed across various locations in Chile and the United Kingdom.

Q: Who directed “Gun Shy?”

A: Simon West directed “Gun Shy.”

Q: Who stars in “Gun Shy?”

A: Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, and Martin Dingle Wall star in “Gun Shy.”

Q: What is the plot of “Gun Shy?”

A: The plot of “Gun Shy” follows a retired rockstar who embarks on an action-packed journey to rescue his kidnapped supermodel wife in Chile. Q: When was “Gun Shy” released?

A: “Gun Shy” was released in the UK and the US on September 8, 2017. Q: What is on the “Gun Shy” soundtrack?

A: The “Gun Shy” soundtrack is a mix of rock and Latin music and includes tracks from Julian Lennon, Ana Tijoux, Butch Walker, and Santana. Q: What was the controversy surrounding “Gun Shy’s” release?

A: “Gun Shy” received criticism for its stereotypical portrayal of Chilean culture and was delayed in its release in Chile due to concerns regarding its portrayal.

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