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Great Guns: A Timeless Classic of Slapstick Humor

Great Guns: A Synopsis

Looking for a good laugh? Great Guns, a comedy movie released in 1941, is just what you need.

Directed by Monty Banks and starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, this movie has all the silly charm and slapstick humor you would expect from these comedic legends. The story centers around Stan and Ollie, two hapless servants who accidentally get involved in a dangerous mission to save a royal family from a communist revolution in a fictional country called Moronica.

Although they are far from qualified for this task, they set out to do their best to accomplish the impossible. In the opening scenes, we are introduced to the bumbling duo as they are working as caretakers in a shooting range.

They dream of someday becoming soldiers and serving their country, but their clumsiness and lack of skill make that prospect a distant dream. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, a group of revolutionaries led by a man named Miguel (Raul Roulien) are plotting to overthrow the Moronica monarchy.

Through a series of misadventures, Stan and Ollie end up getting hired as personal bodyguards to the young Prince of Moronica, who is visiting the United States to try and buy more weapons for his country’s military defense. They are tasked with making sure the prince stays safe and out of harm’s way, but they quickly realize that this is easier said than done.

As they travel with the prince across the country, they stumble into one ridiculous situation after another, with Miguel and his henchmen hot on their trail. They crash their car, lose their luggage, and even get thrown in jail at one point.

But through it all, they maintain their good-natured humor and determination to succeed. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie takes place at a music store, where Stan and Ollie attempt to buy weapons disguised as musical instruments.

Their incompetence is on full display as they struggle to even hold the instruments, let alone use them for their intended purpose. As the plot thickens, the duo discovers that the prince they are protecting is actually an imposter, and the real prince has been kidnapped and taken hostage by the revolutionaries.

From here, the story takes an unexpected turn, with Stan and Ollie facing real danger as they try to save the day and prevent a violent uprising. In the end, as one would expect from a Laurel and Hardy movie, all’s well that ends well.

The revolution is foiled, the real prince is rescued, and Stan and Ollie live to bumble another day. Overall, Great Guns is a silly and entertaining movie that showcases the comedic talent of Laurel and Hardy.

It may not be the most sophisticated film, but its slapstick humor and charming characters are sure to put a smile on your face. Great Guns: A Hilarious Plot

Great Guns is a classic comedy movie that never fails to make audiences laugh.

The slapstick humor, impressive stunts, and hilarious dialogues ensure that viewers are entertained throughout the movie. Here is a detailed plot of the film.

The opening scene of the movie introduces the audience to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy playing two caretakers at a shooting range. Both of them dream of serving their country and becoming soldiers, but due to their clumsiness and lack of skill, they can only fantasize.

They end up getting fired after accidentally destroying the shooting range. Meanwhile, in the fictional country of Moronica, revolutionaries are plotting to overthrow the monarchy.

Their goal is to take over the government and establish a communist regime. Miguel, the leader of the revolutionaries, wants to kill the young prince of Moronica before he returns from the United States.

The plot thickens when Stan and Ollie are hired as personal bodyguards to the young prince, who is visiting America to purchase weapons for his country’s defense. In a series of unfortunate incidents, they soon lose their prince, their luggage, and their car.

Miguel and his henchmen are in hot pursuit of the prince, who they believe is still with Stan and Ollie. One of the most hilarious scenes in the movie takes place at a music store, where Stan and Ollie attempt to buy weapons disguised as musical instruments.

Their incompetence is on full display as they struggle to hold and play the instruments. The scene culminates in a hilarious confrontation between Stan, Ollie, and a store employee, leaving the audience in stitches.

As Stan and Ollie continue their journey across the country, they stumble into one absurd situation after another. They even get thrown into jail at one point.

However, they do not give up and continue to persevere, even though their inexperience and lack of training leave them at a considerable disadvantage. Upon realizing that Miguel and his henchmen are onto them, they decide to disguise themselves as women to evade detection.

Hilarity ensues as they attempt to pass themselves off as women, leading to some unforgettable comedic moments. As the movie progresses, Stan and Ollie discover that the prince they are protecting is an imposter.

The real prince has been kidnapped and held hostage by the revolutionaries. Stan and Ollie must now embark on a daring mission to rescue the prince and prevent the revolution.

The final act of the movie sees Stan and Ollie in a series of exciting stunts and chase scenes as they try to outwit the revolutionaries. The climax of the movie takes place in a castle, where the revolutionaries have the prince tied up and threatened with imminent death.

Stan and Ollie manage to infiltrate the castle and engage in a hilarious fight with the revolutionaries. Their fumbling and clumsiness never leave them, even at the most crucial moments.

However, their bravery and loyalty towards the prince prove to be their redeeming qualities. In the end, Stan and Ollie are victorious.

The prince is rescued, and the revolutionaries are arrested. The movie’s final scene has the two caretakers return to their old jobs at the shooting range.

The camaraderie and humor between the two protagonists make the audience leave the cinema with a smile on their faces. In conclusion, Great Guns is a classic comedy movie that remains a must-watch for fans of slapstick humor.

The storyline is hilariously absurd, and the characters are unforgettable. Stan and Ollie’s chemistry is unparalleled, and their impeccable comic timing leaves the audience in stitches.

Despite changes in the world and culture, Great Guns remains a timeless classic that continues to bring pure joy and laughter to generations of viewers. Great Guns: Behind the Scenes of Its Production

Great Guns is a classic comedy film that was released in 1941.

Directed by Monty Banks and produced by Sol M. Wurtzel, the film features the comedic duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The movie’s production was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. Filming began in the spring of 1941, with most of the scenes shot on location in Southern California.

The movie was produced by 20th Century Fox, and the production budget was $408,000. This budget was higher than the previous Laurel and Hardy productions, showcasing a commitment to making the movie a success.

Creating the stunts and action scenes for the movie was a significant challenge for the crew. The comedy duo had a history of performing stunts that were risky.

For Great Guns, the production team wanted to incorporate more action scenes that would showcase the duo’s physical comedy. The result was a series of elaborate action sequences that required weeks of rehearsals.

One of the most memorable action scenes in the movie is the jailbreak. In this scene, Stan and Ollie, disguised as women, sneak into a police station to rescue their friend, who has been jailed.

The scene involves a hilarious chase sequence that sees them running around the jail and eluding the police officers. The scene took days to shoot and required innovative camera techniques to pull off.

Another challenge during the production was the occasional disputes between the lead actors. By 1941, the comedy duo had been working together for more than twenty years, and their working relationship was sometimes strained.

Stan Laurel was meticulous about his work, often requiring multiple takes. This desire for perfection sometimes created friction on set, especially with Ollie Hardy, who preferred fewer takes.

Despite the occasional disagreements, the movie’s production team worked to maintain a positive atmosphere on set. The mood of the movie was lighthearted, and the actors and crew members often took breaks to play pranks and joke around.

This camaraderie is reflected in the movie, making it a joyous and entertaining experience. Great Guns featured some impressive special effects for the time.

In one scene, a cannon fires, and Stan is launched high into the air. The scene was achieved using a hydraulic lift that launched the actor several feet off the ground.

The effect was so convincing that it left the audience in awe. The film’s music was composed by Cyril J.

Mockridge, and the score was engaging, whimsical, and perfect for the movie. The infectious theme song, “We’re Off to See the Wizard,” composed by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, also added to the movie’s lightheartedness.

In conclusion, Great Guns was a challenging movie to produce, but the effort was worth it. The decision to have more action sequences and utilize effective special effects made for a magnificent visual spectacle.

The production team’s commitment to showcasing Stan and Ollie’s talents is evidenced in the movie’s hilarious physical comedy. Although the production was not without its challenges, the lighthearted mood on set, the camaraderie between cast and crew, and the musical score all added to the movie’s charm.

All in all, Great Guns stands as a testament to the creativity and passion of its production team. Great Guns: An Iconic Release

Great Guns, the 1941 comedy movie directed by Monty Banks and starring the legendary duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, was released in North America on July 5, 1941.

The film was successful in its day, and its enduring popularity has made it a classic. Here we take a look at its release and reception.

The movie was released by 20th Century Fox, one of the most prominent studios at the time. The studio enlisted a significant advertising campaign to promote the movie.

The production team understood the value of strong marketing, and billboards, posters, and other forms of promotional material flooded the streets leading up to the movie’s release. Great Guns was released in cinemas across the United States and Canada.

The movie premiered in New York before expanding to other cities. Fans of Laurel and Hardy turned up in large numbers, eager to see their comedic heroes in action.

The film was received positively by critics and viewers alike. They praised the film for its slapstick humor, engaging storyline, and the stunning performances of Stan and Ollie, who were at the peak of their powers.

The public response to the film was evident at box offices. Great Guns was a commercial success, earning more than $1 million in box office revenues.

Another factor that contributed to the film’s success was its release time. The movie was released during the summer, a peak season for the movie industry.

With schools closed and people free from work, it was the ideal time to release a movie. Besides its initial release, Great Guns managed to stay relevant in the years that followed.

The film became a staple on television, making it accessible to a new generation of viewers. The movie’s classic humor and timeless appeal have managed to stand the test of time.

Over the years, the film has garnered a reputation as a classic of the comedy genre. It has been re-released in theaters and has been available on home video.

The film has also received positive reviews from modern-day critics. What makes Great Guns exceptional is its ability to appeal to numerous generations.

People who first saw it in the 1940s can share it with their children and even their grandchildren. The movie continues to entertain new generations, and one just needs to Google its title to find that it has numerous positive comments from a diverse range of viewers worldwide.

In conclusion, the release of Great Guns was a significant milestone for cinema. It cemented Laurel and Hardy’s place as one of the most celebrated comedic duos of their generation.

The film was a commercial success and received critical acclaim, both of which led to its longevity. Its enduring popularity has made it an iconic release and a beloved classic that continues to entertain audiences globally.

Great Guns remains a testament to the creativity and charisma of its cast and crew, making it an essential part of cinema history. Great Guns: A Memorable Soundtrack

Great Guns is an iconic comedy movie that has stood the test of time.

One of the driving forces behind the movie’s success is its music. The film’s score was composed by Cyril J.

Mockridge, and the theme song, “We’re Off to See the Wizard,” was written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. The catchy score gives the movie its distinctive tone, adding to its timeless appeal.

The film’s opening sequence begins with the energetic musical number “We’re Off to See the Wizard.” The song, originally composed for the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, has been given a revamp with additional lyrics. The song has a cheerful, upbeat tone, setting a lighthearted mood for the rest of the film.

The rest of the film’s music is composed by Cyril J. Mockridge.

The movie’s lively score complements the on-screen action, adding to the comedy’s overall appeal. The music in the film is mostly instrumental, with the occasional use of vocals in specific scenes.

One of the most memorable musical moments in the movie comes during the scene in the music store. Stan and Ollie are attempting to purchase weapons disguised as musical instruments, leading to a chaotic sequence of events.

The music accompanying this scene is light, whimsical, and perfectly suits the absurdity of the situation. Another scene with remarkable music is when Stan and Ollie are disguised as women.

The sequence has an unusual tempo and harmonic elements that perfectly complement the scene’s frantic atmosphere. The film’s score wasn’t entirely composed by Cyril J.

Mockridge. The movie also features several classic songs from the 1930s and ’40s, which were performed by the likes of Benny Goodman and his orchestra.

These songs are perfectly integrated into the film and add a nostalgic twist to the story. The music in Great Guns adds an extra layer of depth to the movie, creating a unique soundscape to accompany the on-screen comedy.

The blend of different styles, including jazz, swing, and classical music, is a testament to the composer’s versatility. Moreover, the music helps the audience to get immersed in the film, making it a fully immersive and enjoyable experience.

The soundtrack proved to be such a powerful element that it was later released in various formats, including vinyl and CD. The music and the dialogues remain remarkable even after all these decades, making the film even more captivating.

In conclusion, Great Guns’ soundtrack is a classic accompaniment to a classic film. The music’s upbeat and uplifting nature perfectly complements the film’s brand of humor, enhancing the on-screen action and adding an extra dimension to the viewing experience.

The use of classic songs from the period adds a nostalgic element to the movie and is an excellent reflection of the time in which the film was produced. Cyril J.

Mockridge’s score successfully captures the light-hearted and fun spirit of the movie and is a perfect example of expert music composition. Great Guns is significant not only for its hilarious comedy, but also for its exceptional soundtrack, which adds to the movie’s timelessness.

In summary, Great Guns is a comedy classic that has stood the test of time. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its slapstick humor, engaging storyline, strong cast performances, and memorable soundtrack.

The film’s ability to entertain old and new generations of audiences alike is a testament to its significance in cinematic history. FAQs:

Q: Who directed Great Guns?

A: Monty Banks directed Great Guns. Q: Who starred in Great Guns?

A: The movie stars the legendary comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Q: When was Great Guns released?

A: Great Guns was released in 1941. Q: Who composed the score of Great Guns?

A: Cyril J. Mockridge composed the score of Great Guns.

Q: Was Great Guns a commercial success?

A: Yes, Great Guns was a commercial success and earned more than $1 million in box office revenues.

Q: Why is Great Guns significant?

A: Great Guns is significant for its hilarious comedy, memorable soundtrack, and timeless appeal that makes it an iconic release in cinematic history.

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