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Granny Goodness: The Sadistic Hound of Darkseid’s Army

Granny Goodness: The Mastermind Behind Darkseid’s Army

Imagine a world where absolute loyalty and obedience are ingrained into an individual’s mentality. Imagine a world where children are trained to become vile soldiers, serving a cruel and malevolent leader.

Welcome to the world of Granny Goodness and Darkseid, where childhood innocence is extinguished, and brute force reigns supreme.

Training and Initiation:

Granny Goodness is a major character in DC Comics’ beloved New Gods comic book series, where she serves as one of the primary commanders of Apokolips, Darkseid’s home planet.

She is renowned for her fearsome reputation as a Hound, an instructor responsible for training the planet’s most vicious warriors.

As an orphan from Earth, Granny Goodness was trained herself and initiated into the ways of Darkseid by none other than the ruler himself.

Her initiation involved complete and utter submission to Darkseid’s will; she was stripped of her humanity and made into a ruthless weapon serving the godlike ruler.

Rise to Power and Role as Apokolips Orphanage Caretaker:

Granny Goodness swiftly rose up the ranks in Apokolips’ hierarchical structure.

She became the caretaker of the Apokolips orphanage, where she trained innocent children to become ruthless and unforgiving soldiers in Darkseid’s army.

She formed an all-female division called the Female Furies, a group of highly skilled warriors who specialize in different sets of weaponry, and possess various powers like super strength, speed and agility.

Granny’s role as a maternal figure has brought many moments of maternal affection, but these are far and few between, overshadowed by the extreme and often physical training these children must endure.

Granny Goodness often employs torture techniques during her training sessions to break children’s resolve and impose the will of Darkseid upon them.

She uses the children’s innate fear of authority and their need to survive as a weapon to mold them into Darkseid’s loyal subjects.

Creator and Appearances in Comics and TV Shows:

Granny Goodness was created by Jack Kirby and made her first appearance in the New Gods #5 comic book published by DC Comics in 1971.

Since then, she has appeared in numerous DC titles, including Superman/Batman, Justice League, and Young Justice.

Granny Goodness has also been portrayed in television shows.

Her television appearance in Smallville brought, perhaps, her most conniving incarnation. The TV show portrays her as a warden of a girl’s school, where she trains young women to become assassins and manipulate their movements.

In Young Justice, her painful, abusive training methods were shown in significant detail, capturing an aspect of the character never before seen in animation. Darkseid’s Soldiers: Recruitment and Training.

Recruiting children was an essential part of Darkseid’s agenda for his army. Children that showed physical and mental prowess were taken forcibly from their parents or found within the barren wasteland and taken to Apokolips, where they were trained and brainwashed into becoming troops.

The orphanages that Granny Goodness runs act as a hunting ground where she picks out the strongest and most obedient children to join her ranks.

Granny Goodness employs numerous tactics to coerce and break the children’s resolve.

Her methods range from coercion and brainwashing to physical torture and abuse. She uses harsh training regimes to ensure that the children have no time to think and devote themselves entirely to Darkseid’s agenda.

The Female Furies: Purpose and Membership. The Female Furies serve as Darkseid’s elite soldiers, with Granny Goodness as their leader.

The all-female division is specifically created to serve Darkseid’s interests, acting as his personal army. They play a vital role in maintaining Darkseid’s reign by enforcing his laws across Apokolips and seeking out traitors.

Membership in the Female Furies is exclusive and granted only to the most promising trainees. Members must be strong and obedient, possess unwavering loyalty to Darkseid, and possess a unique set of skills.

They excel in different areas of combat, making them a well-rounded and formidable team in battle.

Granny Goodness is essential in Darkseid’s mission to conquer the universe.

Her sadistic training methods, as well as her success in forming the Female Furies, have proven to be invaluable to the ruler. Darkseid and Granny Goodness’ joint pursuit of the annihilation of free will is a perpetual, ongoing mission and their reach extends far beyond the confines of the pages of DC’s comic books.

Scott Free and Barda: A Story of Resistance and Love

Granny Goodness is one of the most manipulative and cruel characters in the DC Universe, with Darkseid as her malevolent boss. However, her plans are challenged when Scott Free, aka Mister Miracle, comes into the picture.

Scott, a character from the New Gods comic book series, is one of the few characters to break free from Granny’s control, aided by Barda, another member of the Furies. Their story is one of rebellion, love, and freedom, with a significant impact on Granny’s plans.

Scott’s Resistance to Granny Goodness’s Manipulations:

Scott’s story starts when he escapes from one of Granny’s orphanages and finds his way to Earth, where he meets Oberon, a talented performer, and high-tech expert. Scott’s life changed when he discovered his unique ability to escape from anything, which earned him his moniker, Mister Miracle.

Darkseid and Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis, signed a peace treaty, with Scott as part of the deal. Granny Goodness, frustrated by her inability to break Scott’s will, tries to use him as a bargaining chip and accuses him of being a spy.

However, Scott’s resistance proved to be too much for her manipulations. He overcame Granny’s techniques with the help of his wife, Barda, who helped him understand the depth of the darkness that Granny had instilled within him.

Together, they were able to escape from Apokolips and continue their lives on Earth. Barda’s Role and Love Interest:

Barda, one of the few members of the Furies to resist Granny’s manipulations, played a crucial role in Scott’s life.

She was a loyal member of the Furies and an accomplished combatant, with equipment and weapons fit for a warrior.

Despite her initial distrust of Scott, Barda’s curiosity led her to learn more about him, and they eventually fell in love while fighting against Darkseid’s tyranny.

Their love proved to be stronger than Darkseid’s will, and they continued their lives together, fighting against evil together. Outcome and Impact on Granny Goodness’s Plans:

Scott and Barda’s defiance of Granny Goodness’s plans threw a wrench into her agenda to create an army of brainwashed soldiers.

It showed that not everyone could be converted to Darkseid’s will, and that free will still existed in the galaxy. The fact that two of the most formidable members of the Furies were able to break free of her grasp and abandon Darkseid’s cause showed that it was possible for others to do the same.

However, Granny’s hopes of training Scott and using him as a spy to undermine Highfather proved fruitless. After Scott’s refusal to break to her manipulations, she began directing her efforts elsewhere.

The schools where she was training new recruits were left abandoned, and Granny’s plans for gaining new soldiers to supplement her army were greatly impacted. Appearances in Comics and TV Shows:

Scott and Barda have made multiple appearances in DC Comics and have become a fan favorite due to their tumultuous and loving relationship.

They have appeared in various animated series, including Young Justice, Superman, and Justice League Unlimited, where their dynamic was on full display as they fought alongside the league against their enemies. In the Smallville series, Granny was portrayed as the leader of a girl’s school where she trained young women to become assassins and spies.

Scott Free appeared sporadically in the Mister Miracle comic book series, where he played a significant role in the series’ central storyline. He was killed, but a loophole in the treaty with New Genesis allowed him to be resurrected.

Scott and Barda will be played by actor Tom King and writer Ava DuVernay in the upcoming New Gods movie, a highly anticipated project for fans of the series. The movie will explore the characters’ origins and their involvement in the larger story of the Fourth World, making it a must-watch for fans of the New Gods and DC comics in general.

Scott and Barda’s story is one of perseverance, love, and rebellion. Their characters have become fan favorites, and their impact on the larger DC Universe is undeniable.

Despite the harsh and unforgiving environment they were brought up in, Scott and Barda were able to find love and defy the odds. They are a testament to the power of love and hope in the DC Universe.

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Who is Granny Goodness in DC Comics? Granny Goodness is a character from DC Comics’ New Gods series.

She serves as one of the primary commanders of Apokolips, Darkseid’s home planet. 2.

What is the role of Granny Goodness in Darkseid’s army? Granny Goodness acts as an instructor, responsible for training the planet’s most vicious warriors, who will eventually become Darkseid’s loyal subjects.

3. Who are the Female Furies?

The Female Furies are Darkseid’s elite soldiers, with Granny Goodness as their leader. They are an all-female division, specifically created to serve Darkseid’s interests, acting as his personal army.

4. What is the story of Scott Free and Barda?

Scott Free and Barda’s story is a tale of rebellion, love, and freedom. They were able to find love and defy the odds despite the harsh and unforgiving environment they were brought up in.

5. What impact did Scott Free and Barda have on Granny Goodness’s plans?

Scott and Barda’s defiance of Granny Goodness’s plans threw a wrench into her agenda to create an army of brainwashed soldiers. Their story showed that not everyone could be converted to Darkseid’s will, and that free will still existed in the galaxy.

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