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Go Figure: How a Disney Movie Inspired a Generation of Figure Skaters

Are you a fan of sports movies that are packed with drama, action, and a strong female lead? If so, you are in for a treat with the Disney Channel Original Movie, Go Figure.

Keep reading for a synopsis of this exciting movie.and Overview

Go Figure is a 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie that follows the story of Katelin Kingsford, a high school figure skater from a small town in Michigan. Katelin dreams of becoming a professional figure skater and is awarded a scholarship to attend a prestigious hockey academy in Denver, Colorado.

Katelin finds herself facing many challenges, both on and off the ice. Will she be able to prove herself and achieve her dream?

Cast and Characters

Go Figure stars Jordan Hinson as Katelin Kingsford, the determined and hardworking figure skater. Whitney Sloan plays Hollywood Henderson, one of Katelin’s roommates, and Cristine Rose plays Coach Joan Carlyle, the strict and no-nonsense coach of the ice hockey team.

Ryan Malgarini plays Bradley Kingsford, Katelin’s younger brother who is always there to support and cheer her on.

The Plot

The movie starts with Katelin, a talented figure skater, competing in a national competition in order to win a scholarship to the prestigious hockey academy. Katelin wins the competition and is awarded the scholarship, which is the beginning of her journey to achieve her dream.

Although she is initially excited about this opportunity, she quickly discovers that the hockey academy is not what she expected.

At the academy, Katelin has to deal with uncooperative roommates, a strict coach, and a team of hockey players who do not take her seriously.

In addition, Katelin finds herself dealing with the problems of being a skater on a competitive hockey team. She is often bullied by the team captain, and the other players resent her because they believe she is taking up a position on the team that should belong to a hockey player.

Despite these challenges, Katelin never gives up on her dream of becoming a professional figure skater. She is determined to prove herself and win the respect of her teammates.

With the help of her younger brother Bradley, she practices tirelessly and overcomes various obstacles. As the hockey season unfolds, a chance injury leads to Katelin taking the ice with her figure skates on, ultimately leading to a successful and thrilling performance.

Throughout the movie, we see Katelin grow and mature as an athlete and a person. She learns valuable lessons about teamwork, trust, and determination, which ultimately help her achieve her dreams.


In conclusion, Go Figure is a movie that is both inspiring and entertaining. It is a perfect movie for anyone who loves sports, especially figure skating and ice hockey.

The movie is full of humor, drama, and action, making it a perfect family movie that everyone can enjoy. If you haven’t already seen Go Figure, it is definitely worth checking out.


The movie proceeds to showcase how Katelin balances her skating and academic life. Being a figure skater on a hockey academy, she undoubtedly learns the importance of time management.

She is seen attending her regular classes and hockey practices before indulging in skating sessions and private coaching. Additionally, the movie stresses the importance of academic advancement and highlights the significance of securing a good education alongside ones extracurricular activities.

Throughout the movie, we also witness considerable character development in Katelin. She is initially portrayed as a somewhat insensitive character towards the feelings of her fellow teammates and colleagues.

However, as the movie progresses, we see her becoming more empathetic and considerate of those around her. She learns to step into their shoes and see things from their perspective, which enables her to become a supportive team player.

The movie also showcases how a seemingly polar opposite sport i.e. ice hockey, and figure skating can be integrated beautifully. Throughout the movie, we see several instances of the two sports blending together.

The hockey players are seen wearing figure skates in practice, and vice versa. Even during matches, the hockey players modified their gameplay to complement the figure skater playing alongside them.

This exchange between the two sports was crucial in breaking down the barriers that existed between the two teams, and ultimately, lead to overall team success. Apart from the team dynamics, the movie also highlights the importance of perseverance.

Katelins journey to becoming a professional figure skater came with several hurdles. From learning new skills to dealing with unsupportive roommates, she encountered and overcame obstacles, pursing her dreams with relentless determination.

In this regard, Go Figure’s message to its audiences is that success never comes easy, and to achieve your dreams, one must work hard and stay committed. The themes of diversity and inclusion are also highlighted in the movie.

At the hockey academy, Katelin encounters roommates from different socio-economic and athletic backgrounds. The movie sends a positive message to its viewers that no matter where youre from, you deserve to be judged for your skills and work ethics alone.

In conclusion, Go Figure is an entertaining and inspiring movie that showcases the power of hard work and determination. It exemplifies the importance of teamwork and highlights how blending contrasting skills can create something beautiful.

With its positive messages about perseverance and inclusion, Go Figure is a movie that is not only enjoyable to watch but also applicable to real-life scenarios. This movie celebrates the beauty of sports diversity, leaving its viewers entertained and emotionally fulfilled for years to come.


The production of Go Figure saw a team of experienced creatives come together, resulting in a movie with an excellent production value. The movie’s director, Francine McDougall, brought her extensive experience from directing several other Disney Channel Original Movies, ensuring Go Figure met the standard for a Disney Channel production.

The movie is backed by impressive cinematography. The production team with the aid of experienced cinematographers utilized wide shots and close-ups in all the right places, bringing out both the beauty of the sport of figure skating and the emotions of the characters.

The film is set mostly on the hockey rink and the ice skating rink, yet the angles used to capture these shots don’t get monotonous. This speaks to the creative prowess of the production team.

The music in Go Figure is another aspect that cannot be ignored. As most Disney-produced movies, Go Figure features a memorable soundtrack that complements the film’s overall mood.

Some notable songs include “You Got Nothing” by Camryn, which plays during crucial scenes and helps to bring out the emotion of the moment. The soundtrack, overall, is perfectly tailored for the type of story that Go Figure tells.

Another aspect that highlights the quality of production in this movie is the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to blend the actors’ skating performance with their stunt doubles. The skating sequences, be it on the hockey rink or the ice skating ring, look authentic.

The special effects and CGI team did an excellent job making everything seamless, and as a viewer, you feel like the actors are actually doing the skating. Thanks to the combination of skillful skating by professional athletes and CGI, the movie strikes a balance between spectacle and realism.

On top of the great production value, another aspect that stands out is the attention to detail. Every scene, from the ice rink to the schools hallways, feels meticulously crafted, emphasizing the small strokes that make up the big picture.

With this, Go Figure manages to add depth to its narrative, making it easier for audiences to immerse themselves in the story. In conclusion, production is one of the aspects of Go Figure that make it a classic Disney movie.

With the help of experienced creatives, the production team delivered a film that showcased the beauty of the sport of figure skating beautifully. The cinematography, CGI, soundtrack, and attention to detail all contribute to making Go Figure a film that is both entertaining and well-crafted.

As a result, its no surprise that the movie has remained a fan favorite among viewers years down the line. Continuation:

Go Figure premiered on the Disney Channel on June 10, 2005, and quickly became a fan favorite.

The movie was released at a time when Disney Channel Original Movies were at their peak popularity, making it a highly anticipated film. Upon its release, audiences were not disappointed.

The movie received positive reviews for its engaging storyline, impressive performances from the actors, and stunning figure skating sequences. Critics praised the movie’s ability to blend sports and drama, and bring its characters to life, making it a relatable and moving story for its young audiences.

Overall, Go Figure solidified its place in the Disney Channel movie hall of fame. The film’s popularity inspired a range of merchandise, including soundtrack CDs, posters, and DVDs, and a novelization of the movie’s storyline.

Fans could not get enough of the movie, and Disney Channel had delivered yet another impossibly charming movie. In the years since its release, Go Figure has remained a fan favorite, with a new generation of young viewers enjoying the film years down the line.

The movie’s relevance to young viewers inspired young individuals to participate in sports that are often overlooked as recreational activities, such as ice skating. Today, Go Figure still stands out as one of Disney’s most successful sports movies, and its impact is felt in the world of figure skating.

The movie had a significant impact on the world of figure skating and caused a spike in popularity for the sport. Additionally, it encourages viewers to follow their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

In conclusion, the release of Go Figure not only brought forth an entertaining and captivating movie but also helped to inspire the younger generation towards figure skating. As the Disney Channel Original Movie’s popularity grew, it became a cultural touchstone, a reference point of nostalgia and entertainment that encompasses the spirit, energy, and liveliness of younger generations.

Now, years after its release, it still attracts new audiences every day and serves as an enduring testament to the magic of storytelling. Perhaps the reason for its longevity is that its timeless message transcends time itself, inspiring young people across all walks of life to pursue their goals relentlessly.


One of the standout features of Go Figure that helped to make it a memorable movie is its soundtrack. The movie’s soundtrack is versatile and energizing, with a mix of upbeat pop songs and emotionally-charged ballads that complement the mood and themes of the movie.

One of the lead songs in the movie’s soundtrack is “You Can’t Do That” by The Tryouts. The song plays over the opening credits and sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Its catchy, upbeat tempo creates a sense of anticipation while the lyrics speak to the movie’s themes of perseverance, determination, and the idea that there’s nothing an individual can’t achieve with hard work. Another notable song in the soundtrack is “No One” by Aly & AJ.

The song is an empowering and emotionally charged ballad that speaks to the movie’s theme of following one’s dreams. The song’s melancholic tempo perfectly evokes Katelin’s struggles and the obstacles she overcomes both on and off the ice rink.

“Go Figure” (the song) by Everlife is another standout track in the soundtrack. It’s an up-tempo pop-rock song that perfectly encapsulates the theme of the movie’s climax scene.

The song is a rallying cry to pursue one’s dreams relentlessly, much like Katelin does during her final performance in the movie. Other tracks in the movie’s soundtrack include “Life is Good” by Junk, “I Always Dream About You,” and “Change” by Kimberly Locke.

The songs complement the movie’s themes, adding depth and emotion to the storyline. The soundtrack was a commercial success, with the disc reaching number one on the Billboard Top Kids Audio chart.

It made a considerable impression on viewers, as many consider the songs an integral part of the movie’s success. The movie’s score was also remarkable.

Composer David C. Williams created a perfect orchestral set that infused the emotional essence of the movie’s different scenes.

The orchestra fits into different scenarios in the movie and enhances the emotions portrayed by the characters. The diversity of the soundtrack and its seamless synchrony with the on-screen action is evidence of the team’s dedication and their resolution to making Go Figure a success.

In conclusion, the Go Figure soundtrack is a sonic treat that perfectly complements the movie’s themes, characters, and storyline. The collaboration of different artists in the soundtrack gives it a diverse range of tones and moods that appeal to various viewers.

The music perfectly blends with the sporting action and enhances the movie’s emotional elements. The Go Figure soundtrack ultimately served as a significant contributor to the widespread popularity of the film.

It remains a testament to the power of music to unite themes and produce an unforgettable experience that still resonates with a new generation of viewers. In conclusion, Go Figure is, without a doubt, an inspirational and captivating movie that has stood the test of time.

Its storyline, performances, production, release, soundtrack, and timeless message still resonate with viewers today. Go Figure tells a powerful story about following one’s dreams, facing challenges head-on, and never giving up.

The movie’s popularity continues to inspire viewers to pursue their passions relentlessly and reminds us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. FAQs:

Q: Is Go Figure a real-life story?

A: No, Go Figure is a fictional movie. Q: Who played Katelin Kingsford in Go Figure?

A: Jordan Hinson played Katelin Kingsford in Go Figure. Q: Did the actors skate themselves?

A: The actors did not do all of the skating themselves as the skating scenes were a blend of their performances and stunt doubles. Q: What is the significance of Go Figure’s soundtrack?

A: The soundtrack complements the movie’s themes and adds depth and emotion to the storyline. Q: Has the movie impacted figure skating?

A: The movie caused a spike in popularity for figure skating, helping inspire a new generation of viewers to pursue the sport. Q: Who directed Go Figure?

A: Francine McDougall directed Go Figure. Q: Is Go Figure available to stream?

A: Yes, Go Figure is available to stream on various platforms such as Disney+, iTunes, and Amazon Prime.

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