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Get Ready to Rock the 80s with the Music of Cruella 2!

Cruella is a classic movie that tells the story of the infamous Cruella De Vil, played by the talented Emma Stone. In the first movie, we saw her journey from being an innocent girl named Estella to transforming into a notorious and ruthless fashion designer.

The movie left us with a cliffhanger, and fans have been waiting for the sequel ever since. Finally, the wait is over, and we get to see the next chapter in the life of Cruella De Vil in the upcoming movie, Cruella 2.

The sequel promises to be even more exciting and thrilling than the first one. In the first movie, we saw how Estella transformed into Cruella, and now we get to see how she handles her new identity and the fallout from her actions in the previous movie.

Cruella 2 is set in the 1980s, and we can expect to see lots of bold fashion statements and gorgeous locations, as we follow Cruella’s journey. Emma Stone will reprise her role as Cruella De Vil, and we can expect to see her bringing her A-game again.

Her portrayal of the character in the first movie was widely praised, and we can expect her to deliver another outstanding performance in the second movie. Alongside Emma Stone, we will also see Emma Thompson returning as the Baroness von Hellman, who was the villain in the first movie.

The dynamic between the two characters promises to be the highlight of the movie, and fans are excited to see what they have in store for us. The plot of the movie is currently under wraps, but we can expect to see lots of twists and turns as Cruella navigates her life as a fashion designer while keeping her secret identity hidden.

The first movie gave us a glimpse of her ruthlessness, and we can expect to see her take it up a notch in this movie. The trailer promises lots of action, drama, and some comedic moments, making it a perfect blend of different genres.

While the movie isn’t out yet, we already know that the soundtrack is going to be epic. The first movie had an excellent soundtrack that perfectly captured the punk rock vibe of the 1970s, and we can expect to see lots of similar music in the second movie.

The trailer featured a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” and it perfectly captured the tone and energy of the movie. In conclusion, Cruella 2 promises to be an exciting and thrilling movie that will keep fans hooked from beginning to end.

With an all-star cast, great soundtrack, and an intriguing storyline, it’s set to be one of the biggest movies of the year. Fans of the first movie won’t be disappointed, and new fans will have a great time experiencing the story for the first time.

It’s a must-watch movie that everyone should add to their watchlist. Cruella 2 promises to be a continuation of the first movie’s dramatic events as we follow Cruella De Vil’s life journey in the 1980s.

We are excited to find out how she balances her fashion career and her secret identity in this era, given all the controversy and tension she has caused in the past. From the snippets we’ve seen in the trailer, we know that Cruella is still very much in the fashion scene, having built her brand after a successful debut in the first movie’s climax.

However, her rival, the Baroness von Hellman, remains a thorn in her side, determined to unmask the secret identity of London’s most infamous fashion designer. The story’s plot also appears to revolve around Cruella’s past and how it catches up with her in the present.

One can assume that there are still unresolved issues with her mother’s death, the two friends with whom she formed a bond in the previous movie, and many other factors that led to her transformation into the ruthless Cruella. We expect new, exciting storylines to unfold as these loose threads are finally tied up.

Cruella’s fashion will, as always, play a vital role in the storyline, and from the glimpse we saw in the trailer, it’s going to be something to look forward to. While the first movie focused on 1970s punk rock fashion, this sequel seems to be a tribute to the 1980s’ wild and eccentric glamour.

Expect to see bold and daring fashion statements that capture the essence of the era, with neon colors and loud prints that showcase the exciting period. Apart from the fashion, the cast of Cruella 2 is shaping up to be an exciting one.

Emma Stone is back in the titular role, with Emma Thompson returning as her nemesis, the Baroness von Hellman. Mark Strong will also be back as John, who we saw in the last film loyal to Cruella.

However, we’re sure to see some new faces joining the cast, and that’s something to look forward to. Aside from the storyline, the movie’s technical aspect promises to be impressive, just as it was in the first movie.

The movie captures the spirit of London perfectly; it is a sight to behold. The carnival celebration scenes featured the classic British red telephone booth and the iconic double-decker buses.

The fine details are impressive, from the cars and streetlights to the clothes and hairstyles that authentically reflect Britain’s unique aura in the early 1980s. The soundtrack of Cruella 2 is also set up to be a remarkable one, as the trailer suggests.

The first film featured popular songs from the 1970s, and we can expect more 80s chart-toppers that will instrumentalise the scenes. Music of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” was cut to unveil the villainous Baroness von Hellman and Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” in the final scene during the credits.

Undoubtedly, the movie’s soundtrack will bring back sweet memories and add extra flavor to the film’s events. In conclusion, there is so much to anticipate in Cruella 2 that it’s hard to mention everything in one article.

With a top-notch cast, exciting storylines, and an 80s-themed soundtrack, the sequel is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year. We hope that the film offers a fitting resolution to the first film’s cliffhanger ending while introducing us to new story arcs, characters, and some pretty great fashion looks.

We’re eager to see what magic Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, and the rest of the cast have in store for us. The production of Cruella 2 is a mystery, and the team behind the movie has been tight-lipped about the sequel, which has been a frustration for fans.

The release date has not been announced yet, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused filming to delay. According to the movie’s director, Craig Gillespie, filming was expected to begin in late 2020, but due to the pandemic, the production was delayed.

Filming is reportedly underway now, and we can expect to see Cruella 2 soon. The first movie’s production process included filming on location across the United Kingdom.

It was thrilling to see the cast and the production team capture the city’s essence as they traveled to several locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Regent’s Park, and other famous London tourist spots. The iconic scenes, both outdoor and indoor captures, were from constructing elaborate sets featuring some of the most amazing, visual spectacle imagery.

For instance, there was a scene set in a departmental store in Regent Street as well as a frantic car chase through Piccadilly Circus that offered thrilling and authentic London experiences. There are few plot details about the sequel available, as the production team is keeping everything under wraps.

However, with the little information we have, fans can expect the sequels production to have a similar level of quality and attention to detail as the first one. Like the first film, it’s expected that the production design and costumes will be detailed and appropriately vibrant since the movie would be set in Londons iconic fashion world during the 1980s.

So far, exclusive images released by the studio show off couture runway looks and streetwear clothing mixed with chic and flashy jackets, skirts, and trousers. We expect the soundtrack to be just as exciting and energetic as it was in the first movie.

The 1970s soundtrack from the previous movie, ranging from Blondie, Iggy Pop, and Queen, perfectly complemented the film and captured its full punk-rock attitude. For Cruella 2, it’s expected that it’ll be an all-time banger mix, representing the high-flying fashion decade that was the 1980s.

The soundtrack should cultivate an authentic ambiance and bring the movie to life. Furthermore, with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson returning to reprise their roles, we expect them to deliver stellar performances that showcase a broader range of emotions.

Based on the villainous characters they played, expect them to display double-crossing and charismatic personalities. They should convey their characters’ depth of rage, anguish, or vulnerability to connect with the audiences as well.

In conclusion, the production team behind Cruella 2 is determined to preserve the previous movies meticulous attention to detail and cinematography. However, the pandemic has caused some changes in the release date but not in the quality of production and performance of the cast.

The London locations, the costumes, the soundtrack, and the actors’ performances are all vital elements that we can expect to be unsurpassed and contribute to the movie’s success once it hits theatres. And while plot details remain under wraps for now, the little we know is enough to keep us anticipating Cruella 2’s release.

Cruella 2, the highly anticipated sequel, has kept fans on their toes with the time of its release. The movie’s release date is yet to be announced by Disney Studios, causing fans to wonder when itll hit the big screen.

The production of Cruella 2, like many productions worldwide, was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although production was expected to begin in 2020, the pandemic led to its suspension, and the shooting had to be rescheduled.

However, despite the delay, the team pushed on with production, with better materials and continued filming at various locations across London. Given the delay in the production timeline, it is unclear when exactly the movie will be released.

The new release date has not been announced by the studio. The pandemic has significantly impacted movie releases since cinemas remain closed, and the rising cases have caused caution and delays in release dates, even though some cinemas have started opening gradually.

However, despite the lack of a concrete release date, fans worldwide are eagerly looking forward to this films release. Cruella 2’s commercial success started before the release date announcement, ensuring that the production delivers the right tone, storyline, characters, and theme from the first movie.

Expect the release date to be in the second half of 2022. The delay could also mean that the studio could use this time to fine-tune the film’s many post-production processes, such as graphic design, sound, editing, and special effects.

Disney has never been one to compromise quality over quantity, and Cruella 2 will show the attention paid to even the smallest details in post-production. Once released, the sequel will likely be available in the cinemas before streaming services.

With several high-budget movies scheduled for release this year and the next, the release of Cruella 2 should be perfectly situated to end the year on a high note. Fans will most likely be treated to a grand red carpet premiere, to good effect, but the details about the event remain unknown.

Expect the sequels advertising campaign to be a continuation of the first movie, with fans being treated to more posters, trailers, and images as the release date approaches. In the last marketing campaign, fans were given glimpses of the Baroness’ ambition, the fashion world, glamorous outfits, streetwear, and an espionage plot that hinted at the highly engaging storyline.

In conclusion, while we await an official announcement from Disney Studios, we can count down the days until we see Cruella 2 on the silver screen. The sequel’s delay does not take away the excitement and high expectations for a thrilling production of a movie set in the fast, creative, and somewhat dangerous 1980s fashion industry.

With the cast’s excellent talent and the relatable storyline accompanied by the incredible soundtrack and fantastic cinematography, its understandable why theres so much anticipation for the movie’s release. As we all wait patiently, we can bank on more promotional videos, teasers, and posters to get us through during the coming months.

The first Cruella movie garnered lots of praise for its musical score and songs of the 1970s punk-rock era. The soundtrack featuring songs from Queen, The Clash, The Stooges, Blondie, and more was a perfect blend of music and story to fit the film’s overall mood.

With the sequel set in 1980s London, fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of music and artists will feature in the soundtrack of Cruella 2. The 80s was an era of musical rebellion, fashion-forward style, and bold energy, and the soundtrack for the movie should bring the vibe of that era to the viewers.

Like the first movie, the sequels music score and soundtrack will be critical in setting the mood and tone of individual scenes. According to the movie director, Craig Gillespie, the songs in Cruella 2 are varied, ranging from up-tempo tracks to beautifully emotional ones.

Unlike the first movie, however, there may be some original tracks and covers from more recent artists on the soundtrack. One of the songs teased in the trailer is “Working for the Weekend” by Canadian rock band Loverboy.

The song conveys the motivational and upbeat feel of the beginning of the film, as Cruella establishes and grows her fashion brand. From the upbeat rhythm to the boisterous chorus line, the song perfectly captures the rebellion and defiance of the period Cruella is set in.

Other rumored songs for the soundtrack include “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Scottish band Simple Minds, “I Want to Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, “Dress You Up” by Madonna, and “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The soundtrack for the sequel should strike a nostalgic chord with fans of the 80s music era, with a mix of classic hits and newer covers to bring some nostalgia to the audiences.

While the power of the music can help urge the story and capture the time’s context, choosing the right song to capture an emotion requires a fusing of visual and audio cues that amplifies the film’s effects. However, it takes masterful hands to piece together a fitting score that sets the desired emotions and intensifies the plot’s depth.

The music coordinator should capture the movie’s tone and style and work together with the movie director and producers to pick the right songs that fit a particular scene perfectly. The result is a soundtrack that helps wrap the audience into a world that encapsulates its era and style.

In conclusion, the soundtrack of Cruella 2 promises to provide us with the perfect blend of the 80s vibe, fashion, and music. From the teases given in the trailer to rumored songs, the music will be top-notch, mixing classic hits with newer ones and a few original tracks.

The incorporation of music into the film should help draw audiences into the movie, creating a nostalgic atmosphere, and augmenting the film’s effects. It promises to be an excellent complement to the movie’s storytelling, and we can’t wait to watch Cruella 2 in theatres.

In conclusion, the anticipation for Cruella 2 continues to grow each day as fans eagerly anticipate its release. The sequel promises to deliver on all fronts and build on the success of the first movie with thrilling plot twists and an epic musical score that will transport viewers to the 1980s fashion scene.

The cast is poised to outdo themselves, bringing the characters to life in ways that will capture the hearts of fans around the world. Fans have many questions about the film, and we’ve addressed some frequently asked ones below.


Q: When will Cruella 2 be released? A: The exact date is currently unknown, but the expected release is in the second half of 2022.

Q: Will the original cast be returning? A: Yes, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson will reprise their roles as Cruella and the Baroness von Hellman, respectively.

Q: Will there be new characters in Cruella 2? A: Yes, expect new characters to be introduced in the sequel.

Q: What can we expect from the soundtrack? A: The soundtrack will include a mix of classic hits and newer covers to bring some nostalgia to the audience.

Q: Will the sequel include extravagant fashion statements like the first movie? A: Yes, viewers can expect bold and daring fashion statements that capture the essence of the 1980s era.

Q: Will the sequel continue the previous movie’s storyline? A: Yes, the sequel will continue the events that happened in the first movie, following Cruella’s journey as she navigates her secret identity in the wake of her actions from the first movie.

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