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Fighting Like a Mole: The Brave and Feisty Juarez of Disney’s G-Force

Disney Character: Juarez


Juarez is a female character from the movie G-Force. She is a tough and brave mole and martial arts expert who works as a member of the G-Force team.

Juarez is a motherly figure and is very protective of her team members and always puts their safety first. She has a tough exterior but is also caring, intelligent, and quick-witted.

Juarez is a team player and knows how to work well under pressure. Even though she is small, she is fearless and does not back down from a challenge.

Juarez has a strong sense of justice and always fights for what is right. Appearance:

Juarez is a mole and stands at 3 inches tall.

She has dark brown fur and large, expressive eyes. She wears a pink vest and a matching bow on her head.

Juarez also has a belt with a star-shaped buckle that holds her weapons. She always wears red lipstick and carries a pair of nunchucks that she uses to fight her enemies.

Despite her petite size, Juarez is a force to be reckoned with and her appearance perfectly matches her feisty personality. She is an excellent example of how even the smallest among us can accomplish great things.

Disney Character: Juarez

Feature Films or Shows:

Juarez appeared in the 2009 movie G-Force as a part of a team of highly trained animals including a guinea pig, a mole, a fly, and a hamster. The movie was a success and received positive reviews from both kids and adults.

Juarez’s character was enjoyed by many viewers for her fierce attitude, loyalty, and unique fighting style. She stood out as one of the strongest and most memorable characters in the movie.


Juarez is a member of the G-Force team, which is a group of animals trained by the government to work as spies. As a mole, Juarez’s ability to tunnel through the ground and walls makes her a valuable member of the team.

Her role in the team is primarily that of a fighter, but she also contributes to the group with her intellect and resourcefulness. Juarez’s skills prove to be invaluable in different missions and she never fails to deliver when it comes to protecting her team.

Likes and Dislikes:

Juarez’s likes include Mexican food, music, and her team. When on a mission, she appreciates a well thought-out plan that will ensure the safety and success of her team.

She also enjoys a good fight and easily gets excited when she knows she gets to use her martial arts skills. On the other hand, Juarez dislikes people who underestimate her, injustice, and danger that puts her team in harm’s way.

She easily gets annoyed when somebody’s trying to make fun of her and her team’s capabilities. Juarez’s dislikes fuel her fiery spirit and make her more determined to succeed in her missions.

In conclusion, Juarez is a brave and resourceful character from the movie G-Force with an important role in her team as a fighter and an intellectual. Her tough exterior, kindness, intelligence, and fierce fighting style make her a force to be reckoned with.

Through her likes and dislikes, Juarez’s fiery spirit is fueled, and she is more determined to succeed in her missions. For those who are fans of Juarez or have just recently discovered her, this article provides an overview of her personality, appearance, feature films or shows, occupation, and likes and dislikes.

Here are some FAQs to answer common questions that readers may have:

1. What is Juarez’s role in the G-Force team?

Juarez is a fighter and an intellectual member of the G-Force team. 2.

What is Juarez’s fighting style? Juarez’s fighting style is based on martial arts, and she primarily uses nunchucks as her weapons.

3. What are Juarez’s likes and dislikes?

Juarez likes Mexican food, music, and her team, while she dislikes people who underestimate her, injustice, and danger that puts her team in harm’s way. 4.

What is Juarez’s personality like? Juarez is kind, smart, brave, and resourceful with a tough exterior and a fierce fighting spirit.

5. What is Juarez’s appearance?

Juarez is a 3-inch mole with dark brown fur, large expressive eyes, and a pink vest with a matching bow on her head. She carries a belt with a star-shaped buckle that holds her weapons, and she always wears red lipstick.

These FAQs and article provide an engaging and informative reading experience for anyone who wants to learn more about Juarez, the mole character from Disney’s G-Force.

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