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Exploring the Power of Pokemon Gravity: Benefits and Strategy Formation

Have you ever heard of Pokemon Gravity? It’s a unique concept that has been around in the Pokemon games for some time now.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Pokemon Gravity. From its definition to the reasons for using it, we will dive into the benefits that come with using gravity in the world of Pokemon.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn about this powerful concept!

to Pokemon Gravity

Definition and Effects of Pokemon Gravity

Pokemon Gravity is a situation in which all the Pokemon on the battlefield are grounded, meaning that they can’t fly or levitate. This effect lasts for five turns, and during this time, all Pokemon that are not immune to Ground-type moves will take damage.

However, the immunity power of some Pokemon to Ground-type moves makes them immune to this damage.

When using Pokemon Gravity, the moves that involve bouncing, flying or levitating are disabled.

This means that all the Pokemon that are affected by this situation will be grounded, enabling the use of ground-based attack capabilities.

Reasons for Using Pokemon Gravity

Skilled Pokemon players use the Pokemon Gravity move for various reasons that benefit their gameplay. One of the primary reasons for using this move is to enhance accuracy.

When the gravity is in play, ground-based attacks, such as Earthquake, have perfect accuracy, making them more effective in battle. The accuracy-enhancing properties of gravity create new opportunities for strategy formation and crucial moves.

Benefits of Using Pokemon Gravity

Impact on Opponent’s Ability to Use Features

One of the significant benefits of using Pokemon Gravity is impacting the opponent’s ability to use their features. With Pokemon Gravity, the moves that require the Pokemon to fly or levitate, such as Bounce, High Jump Kick, Fly, Flying Press, and Magnet Rise, can’t be activated.

This gives the other player a significant advantage in the game because they will know which moves to expect.

Increased Accuracy and Effectiveness

Using Pokemon Gravity to create a sticky web of spikes within the range of your opponent’s Pokemon increases the effectiveness of the strategy. The spikes make it much more difficult for the opponent to work around and stay focused on their targets.

When coupled with other lingering effects such as toxic spikes, the enemy Pokemon will take damage every time they switch in, presenting opportunities for you to make crucial moves.


In conclusion, Pokemon Gravity has many benefits that enhance the overall gameplay experience. From providing new opportunities for strategy formation to impacting the opponent’s ability to use their features, Pokemon Gravity can undoubtedly be a game-changer.

Now that you understand what Pokemon Gravity is and how it works, it’s a good idea to try it out in your next battle!

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