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Exploring the Enduring Charm of ‘Mickey’s Kangaroo’: A Classic Disney Short

Mickey’s Kangaroo: A Fun-Filled Adventure with Mickey and Friends

Mickey’s Kangaroo is an animated short film that was released on December 15, 1935, produced by Walt Disney Productions. It had a box office success upon its release, and it still brings joy to children and adults alike to this day.

In this article, we will explore the plot, characters, and animation style of the movie, and why it remains a classic Disney movie over 80 years later.


The plot of the film begins when Mickey Mouse receives a gift from Australia, a baby kangaroo, whom he decides to name Joey. Mickey and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy quickly become fond of Joey and start to include him in their daily activities.

However, Joey’s mischievous behavior often gets the three friends into trouble. They try to teach Joey good behavior, but he continues to cause chaos.

Eventually, Mickey realizes that Joey misses his mother and decides to send him back to Australia.


The characters in the movie are classic Disney favorites, who bring their unique personalities to the story. Mickey Mouse is the caring and compassionate leader who takes in Joey and tries to teach him right from wrong.

Donald Duck, on the other hand, is easily annoyed by Joey’s behavior and often finds himself in sticky situations because of him. Goofy is always the funny one, providing comic relief to the audience with his goofy antics.

Joey, the baby kangaroo, is the center of attention in the story, providing the mischievous energy that makes the movie fun to watch.

Animation Style

The animation style of Mickey’s Kangaroo is reminiscent of classic Disney animation of its time. The characters are drawn with simple lines and bright colors, making them easy to recognize and distinguish from one another.

The backgrounds are detailed, providing depth to the scenes. The animation captures the characters’ emotions and reactions, making the movie more engaging for the audience.

Overall, Mickey’s Kangaroo is a fun-filled adventure that brings together classic Disney characters, humor, and heart. The story is simple yet effective, and the animation style of that era continues to charm viewers today.

It’s a feel-good movie that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, a timeless classic with elements of humor, adventure, and heart that have stood the test of time. In conclusion, Mickey’s Kangaroo is a classic example of Disney animation, humorous, heartwarming, and a favorite of audiences worldwide.

The film showcases the lovable characters, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, and how they handle the fun yet challenging introduction of Joey to their lives. It’s a movie that’s well worth the watch and will continue to entertain for generations to come.

Mickey’s Kangaroo: A Classic Storyline

Mickey’s Kangaroo has gained its classic status, partially due to its simple and engaging plotline. The movie has a clear structure that follows a classic narrative arc, with a clear beginning, middle and resolution.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the story structure of Mickey’s Kangaroo and explore how the plot engages the audience.

The Beginning

The movie starts with Mickey Mouse receiving a package from Australia, which he opens to find a baby kangaroo inside. Mickey is overjoyed to discover this little creature and decides to give him a name, Joey.

This is where the audience is introduced to the main plotline and the central character of Joey.

The Middle

As the movie progresses, we see the mischief that Joey gets himself into, constantly causing trouble for Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy. However, despite his naive antics, the audience does see something endearing in Joey’s personality.

The characters then try to teach Joey good behavior and manners, but it becomes very hard to achieve. They go through different methods, from using a book of manners to even having Joey undergo some training from Donald Duck.

These attempts at correcting Joey’s behavior create a series of comical scenes that keep the audience engaged. We also see the character’s personalities shine through their interactions with each other and with Joey.

Mickey takes on the role of a compassionate caregiver, always trying to do what’s best for Joey and looking out for him. Donald Duck is his typical short-fused self, getting upset with Joey’s antics and losing his cool.

As for Goofy, he remains the humorous one who experience different trials when Joey gets involved. These character dynamics keep the audience invested in the characters’ actions and how everything will unfold.

The Resolution

The resolution of the story records the characters’ decision to do what’s best for Joey. Joey becomes more sad and homesick, and Mickey realizes that sending him back to his mother in Australia is the best thing for him.

With a heavy heart, Mickey organizes Joey’s journey back home with the help of a letter from Joey’s mother in Australia. The reaction of the cast when they see Joey leaving carries so much emotion, as the characters that were once so frustrated with Joey now humanize him and share a deep, genuine sadness for his departure.

Mickey’s Kangaroo manages to hit all the classic plot points of a narrative story. Every scene adds to the overall narrative of the movie without feeling cluttered or drawn out.

The central plot of Joey and his mischievous behavior creates a light-hearted and comedic tone that still manages to convey a heart-warming story full of emotions.


In conclusion, Mickey’s Kangaroo has a straightforward, entertaining plot that captures the spirit of Disney’s classic animations. The narrative follows a standard character arch while giving each character an engaging story arc that adds depth and variety to the story.

Drawing on strong character dynamics and a simple yet effective storyline, the filmmakers create a movie that is both humorous and heartfelt, which is why it remains a beloved Disney classic to this day. Mickey’s Kangaroo: An Animated Production

Mickey’s Kangaroo was produced by the Walt Disney Productions in 1935 and directed by David Hand.

The movie was created using traditional hand-drawn animation, a technique that was popular in those times. In this article, we will dive into the production of the movie and explore how Walt Disney Productions brought Mickey’s Kangaroo to life.

Animation Technique

Mickey’s Kangaroo was created using traditional hand-drawn animation. During this era, creating an animated film was a manual process that involved many skilled artists, technicians, and animators.

The film had 24 frames per second: each frame was drawn by hand, which is why it took such a long time to create the movie. The animation was created on cels, or sheets of transparent plastic, making the process of adding elements to the background more straightforward than the traditional animation style.

The artists painted on the cells, creating different layers of the backgrounds and characters that would move together in each shot.

Characters and Background

The character design is a classic Disney style that is easy to recognize and distinct. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are all drawn with simple lines and bright colors, which make them easily distinguishable.

The character design compliments the overall animation style of the movie, and the combination of the two gives an authentic vintage feel. The backgrounds in Mickey’s Kangaroo are composed with attention to detail, and the elements in the frames of the movie provide depth that gives life to the story.

The juxtaposition of the character designs and background details created a vivid and engaging setting for the audience.

Musical Score

The musical score for Mickey’s Kangaroo was composed by Frank Churchill and Paul J. Smith, both in-house composers for Walt Disney productions in those times.

The music is catchy and embodies the spirit of the movie, providing support to the tone of each scene. The score was typical of the era, engaging and fun with elements of imagination and storytelling.

Voice Acting

Mickey’s Kangaroo featured voice actors to bring the animated characters to life. Mickey’s voice is provided by Walt Disney himself, creating a more personal and intimate performance.

Voice actor Clarence Nash played the role of Donald Duck, whose voice eventually became the character’s defining feature.

Production Quality

The production quality of Mickey’s Kangaroo is a testament to the quality Disney was known for at the time. The movie was created with attention to detail, and every scene and character were created with great care.

The quality of the animation was maintained from beginning to end, and the final output was seamless.


In conclusion, Mickey’s Kangaroo was produced with attention to detail in every aspect of its creation. The combination of hand-drawn animation, memorable character design, a catchy score, and excellent voice acting made this movie a classic.

The quality of the production is evident in every element from the painting of the cels to the final output. Through this balanced combination of elements, Walt Disney Productions created a timeless Disney movie that still delights audiences today.

Mickey’s Kangaroo: A

Successful Release

Mickey’s Kangaroo was released by Walt Disney Productions on December 15, 1935, and it became a box office success. The movie was critically acclaimed and appreciated by audiences due to its engaging storyline, delightful characters, and exceptional animation quality.

In this article, we will explore the release of the movie and the factors that contributed to its success.

Release Date

Mickey’s Kangaroo was released in December 1935, just in time for the holiday season. Christmas was and still is a peak time for movie releases, as many families enjoy going to the theater for movies together during the festive season.

This release schedule contributed to the movie’s success, as it became a staple of the season for many households.


The promotion of the movie played a significant role in its success. Walt Disney Productions was already an established brand in the movie industry, and their reputation as quality animators preceded the release of each of their movies.

The studio used their reputation as a tool to promote the film and create buzz around its release, which helped draw people to theaters. Popularity of the Disney


Mickey’s Kangaroo featured some of the most beloved Disney characters of the time, along with a new addition, Joey the kangaroo.

This familiarity drew audiences, and the mix of newly introduced elements and classic characters provided a unique challenge that kept audiences invested in the story. Additionally, the voice actors brought the characters to life, adding to the emotional resonance that makes the movie memorable to this day.


The success of Mickey’s Kangaroo stemmed from a combination of factors, including the animation quality, the narrative, and the beloved characters. The movie was the seventh film in the Mickey and Friends series, a growing franchise that was quickly gaining popularity with each new release.

The addition of Joey as a new character brought fresh energy to the franchise and expanded the series’ potential moving forward.

Box Office Revenue

Mickey’s Kangaroo was a commercial success, making a total of $63,000 during its initial release. This may not seem as much now, but this was a considerable amount considering that the price of a movie ticket in 1935 was ten cents!


Mickey’s Kangaroo has had a lasting impact on popular culture, with the characters becoming iconic figures in the movie industry. The franchise continued to grow with numerous sequels and merchandise, further cementing its status as a timeless classic.

The movie continues to be a favorite of many, with the beauty of its animation and engaging storyline keeping its viewing relevant to new generations.


Mickey’s Kangaroo had a successful release, with factors such as release date, promotion, beloved characters and, exceptional animation quality contributing to its triumph in the theaters. The franchise continued to grow with time, and the legacy of the film remains relevant even today.

The success of Mickey’s Kangaroo stands as a testament to the creativity and vision of Walt Disney Productions, who created movies that have become timeless classics. Mickey’s Kangaroo: The Soundtrack that Brings the

Characters to Life

Mickey’s Kangaroo was released in 1935 and featured a musical score composed by Frank Churchill and Paul J.

Smith. The soundtrack of the movie brings to life the characters of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the newest addition, Joey the kangaroo.

In this article, we will explore how the film’s musical score adds to the movie’s overall charm and character. Importance of the Soundtrack in Mickey’s Kangaroo

The soundtrack of Mickey’s Kangaroo is integral to adding depth to the characters and, in turn, the movie’s narrative.

The score captures the playful and energetic nature of the characters, helping to express their emotions. The music blends so well with the animations in the movie to create an immersive and captivating movie experience.

Musical Composers

Frank Churchill and Paul J. Smith composed the score for Mickey’s Kangaroo.

Both of these composers had a significant impact on Disney productions during their time, and their creation for Mickey’s Kangaroo showcases their talents. Churchill was particularly involved in creating music for the Disney animated features of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, and Cinderella.

Smith, on the other hand, contributed to animations like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Musical Style

The musical style of Mickey’s Kangaroo reflects the popular music style of the 1930s. The jazz-inspired melodies and harmonies incorporated elements of swing music with playful instruments such as the flute and xylophones.

The soundtrack also contains a few melodic tunes that work well with the dramatic scenes.

Musical Numbers

The songs from Mickey’s Kangaroo are memorable due to their catchy tunes and playful lyrics. Of these, the most famous song is “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down,” which features in the opening sequence of the movie.

The song’s lyrics are simple and catchy with an upbeat tempo, setting the tone for the rest of the movie. Another notable musical number is “Minnie’s Yoo-Hoo,” which showcases Mickey and Minnie’s energetic duet with the chorus.

The song is catchy and clever, introducing Minnie as a character to the series, much like Joey the Kangaroo. Finally, the musical montage at the end brings resolution to the story with the emotional melody and simple lyrics that express how much the characters have grown to love Joey.

Overall Impact

The music in Mickey’s Kangaroo adds to the overall charm and whimsy of the movie. The upbeat tunes are still quite memorable and engaging, showcasing the full range of emotions from the characters.

The playful and cheerful style of the music balances its dramatic moments, making the scene and the story easier to engage with, strengthening the narrative and bringing it to life. It is through the music that we remember the emotions of the characters and their interactions, adding to the movie’s overall nostalgia long after the credits have rolled.


In conclusion, the musical score of Mickey’s Kangaroo is an integral part of the film’s success, beautifying the movie’s storyline through music that is both playful and memorable. The musical compositions of Frank Churchill and Paul J.

Smith have helped create an iconic soundtrack that stands the test of time. The musical melodies of the soundtrack are whimsical and encourage the viewer to become immersed in the lives of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Joey.

The score contributed to the movie’s success, as the audience can relate to its emotions and are carried along with the story by its beautiful and engaging music. In conclusion, Mickey’s Kangaroo is a classic Disney animated short that has stood the test of time.

The movie has a simple plotline, memorable characters, and an exceptional soundtrack that all contribute to its success and lasting popularity. Its release during the 1930s speaks to its enduring appeal and how it continues to charm and entertain audiences even after all these years.


Q: Who directed Mickey’s Kangaroo? A: David Hand directed Mickey’s Kangaroo.

Q: What was the release date of Mickey’s Kangaroo? A: Mickey’s Kangaroo was released on December 15, 1935.

Q: What animation technique was used in Mickey’s Kangaroo? A: Mickey’s Kangaroo was created using traditional hand-drawn animation.

Q: Who composed the musical score for Mickey’s Kangaroo? A: Frank Churchill and Paul J.

Smith composed the musical score for Mickey’s Kangaroo. Q: What is the significance of Mickey’s Kangaroo in popular culture?

A: Mickey’s Kangaroo is significant in popular culture as it has become a timeless classic that continues to entertain audiences of all ages.

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