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Experience the Magic: The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits

The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits!

For more than a century, Disney has been one of the world’s most beloved entertainment companies. Their animated films, theme parks, and live-action movies have captured the hearts of millions of people around the globe.

From classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to modern hits like Frozen, the stories and characters created by Disney have become a part of our cultural history. Recently, Disney announced that they would be hosting a festival to celebrate their greatest hits.

The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits will take place over two weeks and will feature screenings of some of Disney’s most iconic films, as well as live performances and other events. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting event:

Week One: The Classics

The first week of the festival will focus on Disney’s earliest animated films.

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Sleeping Beauty, these movies laid the foundation for everything that came later. Fans will be able to see these movies on the big screen, which is a rare opportunity for many people.

There will also be panel discussions and interviews with animators and other Disney insiders, providing a rare behind-the-scenes look at these timeless classics. Week Two: The Modern Era

The second week of the festival will feature more recent hits, including movies from the Disney Renaissance era like The Lion King and Aladdin, as well as newer classics like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen.

In addition to screenings of these movies, there will be live performances of some of the most beloved songs from these films. Fans can expect to sing along with hits like “Let it Go” and “Hakuna Matata”, performed by professional singers and dancers.

Other Festivities

In addition to the movie screenings and live performances, the festival will feature a host of other activities for fans of all ages. There will be interactive exhibits that explore the history of Disney, as well as fun games and activities for kids.

There will also be food and drinks inspired by Disney movies, providing a chance to experience some of the magic of these films in a new way. Whether you’re a diehard Disney fan or just someone who loves a good movie, the Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits is an event not to be missed.

With two weeks of screenings, performances, and other festivities, this festival is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate the stories and characters that have captured our hearts for generations. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience the magic of Disney in a whole new way!

The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits promises to be an unforgettable event that will celebrate the great stories that Disney has brought to the world over the years.

With so much excitement on the horizon, the festival’s organizers have been carefully planning all the details to ensure that the audience will have an experience unlike any other they’ve had before. Week One: The Classics

The first week of the festival will open with a gala event that celebrates Disney’s earliest animations and feature films.

Attendees can expect a showcase of classic characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and other early Disney films. There will be an opportunity to meet the actors that voiced the characters and the animators who brought them to life.

One particular highlight of this week will be the screening of the recently restored and remastered edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney’s first-ever feature film was released in 1937 and is a true masterpiece of its time.

To see it on the big screen will be a perfect way to lose oneself in the magic of the old classics. Week Two: The Modern Era

The second week of the festival will feature films from the Disney Renaissance era, including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

These films, created in the late 80s and into the early 90s, were a cultural phenomenon of their time. In addition to screenings of these films, there will be live performances by theater groups, which will bring the films to life in front of the audience.

These performances are sure to be a highlight of the festival, with professional actors and acrobats performing iconic scenes from the films.

Other Festivities

In addition to the screenings and live performances, Disney enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to take part in other festival activities. Interactive exhibits will be available, focusing on the creativity and technical innovation behind the Disney creations that have enchanted audiences for years.

For kids especially, there will be fun activities such as face painting and workshops that allow them to learn some of the skills needed to create the magic of Disney. To taste some of the most famous Disney movie-inspired treats, food stalls will be available to serve dishes like Thai noodles from Mulan, Dole Whip and Churros.

The festival will also feature a special screening of the upcoming Disney movie which is much awaited by many Raya and The Last Dragon. This Southeast Asian-inspired animated adventure is generating much buzz and anticipation, and being able to watch it as part of the festival is sure to be a unique experience.


The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits is an exceptional event that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who attend. The two-week festival will be a celebration of Disney’s legacy- from its earliest feature films, to its modern-day hits.

Each screening and performance will transport the audience back to these films’ original releases in a cinema-like experience, allowing Disney fans to immerse themselves in the films like they never have before. The festival fosters a community of movie enthusiasts and will be a highlight of the year for those who have been waiting to experience Disney magic again.

Producing an event of the scale of The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits requires a tremendous amount of effort and resources. Over the past year, Disney’s production team has been working diligently to ensure that the festival is an unparalleled experience for both fans and guests.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of what goes into producing an event like this:


The festival is slated to take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, a location that provides the perfect backdrop for a festival that celebrates the magic of cinema. This location has been chosen specifically with the intention to create an immersive experience for the attendees; it will transform the theme park into a Disney-centric movie wonderland for the duration of the festival.


The preparations for this event began months before the festival goers arrive. The production team set up and tested various technologies for lighting, sounds, and visuals, mapping the park and assigning specific locations for different activities.

They also enlisted the help of third-party vendors for particular event features. For example, they hired Disney costume designers to create costumes to be worn by performers for the live performances.

Additionally, they bought incredible amounts of equipment and decorations to provide a memorable experience that befits the reputation of the world’s largest entertainment company.


The live performances are an essential part of the festival experience. Disney has brought on top-notch performers from all over the world to provide a unique and unforgettable interactive experience for all visitors.

The performers are from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, including professional actors, prominent circus artists, dancers, and singers. Each performer has been brought on board for their exceptional skills and style that compliments the Disney brand.

Film Screenings

The film screenings are another crucial component of the festival. Disney and other film studios have provided the Disney production team with high-quality copies of their films to ensure an excellent screening experience.

Since Disney has its in-house experts in film editing for creating special snippets, video walls, and other promotional assets, they have worked on the promotional assets for various films to showcase during the festival. Their production team has also crafted special materials to include in the pre-movie programming that help audiences connect with the themes of the films that will be screening.


Creating an event of this size and complexity involves managing a vast range of variables and stakeholders. Disney’s production team is working closely with vendors, suppliers, and event services companies to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the festival, from security and catering to ticket sales.

They are also managing the crowd for each event, which is no small task given the number of visitors expected.


The production of The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits is a significant undertaking. From selecting the location and performers to screen films, managing logistics, and preparing the theme park, everything was done with care.

Disney’s commitment to creating an immersive and unforgettable experience is a testament to their dedication to their audience. For two weeks, visitors can look forward to a fantastic journey through the story of Disney’s cinematic history, all in one place.

Whether it’s the opening gala celebrating the early films, the live performances from The Lion King and Aladdin, or the food inspired by movies, the festival promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits has been anticipated by Disney fans worldwide since the announcement of the event.

The event has been in production for the past year, and Disney has left no stone unturned to create a stunning visual world to showcase its movie history. The festival is scheduled to take place over two weeks, and Disney has been building excitement over the event through various releases.


Disney released teasers and trailers highlighting the different aspects of the festival to create a buzz about the event. The teaser showcased the early animation era of Disney and what the audience should expect from week one of the festival.

The teaser for week two focused on the modern era and highlighted the live performances that are scheduled to take place. Disney also released snippets of the food and activities that the audience can expect to experience at the festival.


Disney enthusiasts are always in search of limited edition merchandise, and the festival has provided plenty of opportunities to acquire Disney memorabilia. The release of limited edition merchandise has been carefully scheduled to coincide with different aspects of the festival.

For example, Disney released a line of classic animation-themed merchandise leading to Week One and a line of modern animation-themed merchandise leading to Week Two. In addition, special limited edition merchandise is available exclusively at the festival to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to festival attendees.

Ticket Sales

Disney ratcheted up excitement when it began selling the event tickets well in advance of the event days. They divided the ticket sales into different categories like single day tickets, multi-day passes, and limited edition VIP tickets that provide more access and exclusive perks to people who purchase them.

Disney also included special ticket packages that include a Disney-themed hotel stay that provides attendees a chance to get an all-encompassing experience worthy of the Disney name.

Social Media

Finally, Disney has been promoting the festival actively on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They use these media as a tool to engage audiences and provide behind the scenes glimpses of what goes on while preparing the spectacular event.

Over time, Disney has shared an insight into each aspect of the event from the preparation to the buildup. They have also invited fans to participate in giveaways and contests, offering them a chance to win limited edition merchandise and tickets to the event.


The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits has undoubtedly been one of the most highly anticipated events this year. Disney has been successful in generating tremendous excitement and interest leading up to the event.

The teasers, merchandise releases, ticket sales, and social media promotions have all been strategically deployed to create a massive buildup to the festival. The result is bound to be a memorable experience that lives up to the Disney name.

Through careful management of the event and the enthusiasm via promotions, Disney has ensured that the festival will become a shining beacon in the history of the Disney franchise. Undoubtedly, people will continue to talk about and remember this event fondly for many years to come.

Disney has always held music at the core of its movies and entertainment. That’s why it comes as no surprise that as part of The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits, Disney is releasing a new soundtrack to celebrate some of the most iconic songs.

Fans of Disney music will be in for a treat as they get to listen to some of their favorite Disney songs played live at the festival. The Soundtrack: A Celebration of Disney Music

The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits soundtrack features recordings of the live performances that will take place at the festival, allowing guests to relive the fantastic performances after the event concludes.

The soundtrack pairs live versions of Disney classic hits and modern songs, recorded during the festival, to bring the spirit of Disney alive. The live recordings include the festival’s dynamic opening number, a performance featuring classic songs from early Disney films, and an array of hits from Disney’s modern era.

Other recording highlights include “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas, “Let It Go” from Frozen, and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. These songs will be performed by a mix of professional singers and actors that will wow the audience.

The soundtrack is more than just a collection of songs; it is a celebration of the music that Disney has brought into our world. The sound designers have created a soundscape that enables the audience to connect with the music and experience the festival as if they were there in person.

Fans will be able to listen to songs performed live as they immerse themselves in the movie themes.

Release Date

The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits soundtrack is set to release on the final day of the festival and will be available as both a digital and physical release. Impatient fans may download singles or the entire album by pre-purchasing the album ahead of the festival’s last day.


Disney is also releasing a line of limited edition merchandise that celebrates the great songs that will be performed at the festival. The merchandise includes posters, t-shirts, keychains, and other souvenirs that will serve as keepsakes to commemorate everyone’s time at the festival.

The limited edition merchandise is sure to become collector’s items and will be exclusively available on-site at the festival.


The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits soundtrack will be a phenomenal collection of some of the most iconic Disney songs that have captured audiences throughout the decades. The sound designers are pulling out all the stops to bring the magic of Disney music to the audience, long after the festival ends.

The live recordings of the performances will allow the fans to relive the live festival performances, wherever and whenever they want. The soundtrack and merchandise will serve as mementos that allow fans to bring a little piece of the magic home with them.

Disney’s commitment to creating a sensory experience is yet again evident, as it provides a feast for both the eyes and the ears of every attendee. The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits promises to be an unforgettable event for fans of Disney movies and entertainment.

The two-week festival features a wide range of activities, including screenings of classic and modern Disney movies and live performances that showcase the talents of some of the world’s best actors, singers, and dancers. Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in interactive exhibits and activities, enjoy themed food and drinks, and purchase limited edition merchandise to commemorate the event.

The festival is a celebration of Disney’s cultural legacy and is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing unforgettable entertainment to its audience. FAQs:


Where is the festival taking place? The festival is taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

2. What can I expect to see at the festival?

The festival will feature screenings of classic and modern Disney movies, live performances, interactive exhibits, themed food, and limited edition merchandise. 3.

Who will be performing at the festival? The festival will feature a mix of professional actors, singers, and dancers who have been brought on board to provide an exceptional entertainment experience.

4. When is the festival taking place?

The festival is scheduled to take place over two weeks, with the exact dates specified on the festival’s website. 5.

Can I purchase tickets in advance? Yes, tickets can be purchased in advance on the festival’s website.

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